Jamaican Poems and Poetry from Jamaica

Jamaican poems and poetry from Jamaica. Read examples of jamaican poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Tired JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya02/26/2017
I forgive myself JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya02/26/2017
Work Hard JamaicanJamaicaHarrison-Jackson, Anoush02/23/2017
Crying Soul JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya02/21/2017
Missing you Daddy JamaicanJamaicaThomas , Oneil 02/17/2017
Thankful JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya02/17/2017
My Invisible Feelings JamaicanJamaicaThomas , Oneil 02/17/2017
The Moment JamaicanJamaicaThomas , Oneil 02/16/2017
Breakthrough JamaicanJamaicaThomas , Oneil 02/16/2017
Judas JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/28/2017
You are Eternal JamaicanJamaicaMessam, John01/22/2017
Dark Days JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/21/2017
Premium Member Poem Daddy's Little Girl JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 01/15/2017
Questioning Self Harm JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Sedain01/09/2017
SHOCKED, ASHAMED AND MORTIFIED JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/07/2017
MEANINGLESS JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/07/2017
THERE IS NO HOPE JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/07/2017
Dancing with the Devil JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Sedain01/02/2017
TO BE LOVED JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya01/02/2017
Yes I Am Suicidal JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Sedain12/29/2016
WALL JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/29/2016
Hakuna Matata JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/25/2016
Scars dedicated to you, I love you JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/23/2016
Insomnia JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/23/2016
Sorry JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/23/2016
TAKING RESPONSIBILITY JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/23/2016
Pain JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/22/2016
Poker face JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/22/2016
Burning book JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/22/2016
HERE IS MY HEART JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/22/2016
Premium Member Poem It's the Season JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 12/22/2016
Paranoid love JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
Choose JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/21/2016
Release JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
Escape JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
Death note JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
Play time JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
Not an apology JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/21/2016
FATHER GOD JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/20/2016
SHES NOT YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/20/2016
Dancing with the devil JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/19/2016
On Fire JamaicanJamaicaWilliams, Akilah 12/18/2016
WEB OF DECEIT JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/17/2016
i wished for you to love me JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Sedain12/16/2016
THEY DONT CARE JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/15/2016
MY REBIRTH JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/15/2016
WISH JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/13/2016
BLAMELESS JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/11/2016
Welcome Home JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/08/2016
BARACK OBAMA MY PRESIDENT JamaicanJamaicaStewart, sonya12/07/2016