Swede Poems and Poetry from Sweden

Swede poems and poetry from Sweden. Read examples of swede poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Cheesy Love Rhyme Attempt SwedeSwedenCommune, The End11/06/2017
The Bottom Feeders SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/27/2017
Augury of the Great Eagle atop the Tree, part II SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/27/2017
Augury of the Great Eagle atop the Tree, part I SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/27/2017
Without Purpose SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/25/2017
The Love of Tiamat SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/25/2017
To the East of Eden SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/25/2017
Poem to Lautreamont SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
Poem Number 12 SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
Four Questions to the Third King of Uruk SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
Poem to Lal Ded SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
Homecoming SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
In Search of a Bird SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
The Boreal Night SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/24/2017
Destroying Something Beautiful SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/22/2017
The Inherent Corruptibility of Communication SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/22/2017
True Love is Hell - A Poem to Cleo SwedeSwedenCommune, The End10/22/2017
A day on the Airport SwedeSwedenRASHID, KAMRAN10/16/2017
Predicted Pain SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin09/07/2017
Everywhere I Look, Everything Seems So Alive SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin08/24/2017
Emotions That Bear No Name SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin08/24/2017
Pain Is All I Know SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin08/24/2017
Paranoid Delusion SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin08/24/2017
Colourless Rainbow SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin08/24/2017
Unconscious And Not Breathing SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin07/08/2017
To Kamran SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva07/04/2017
Under the tree SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva06/22/2017
Names given SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva06/22/2017
Starchild SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva06/21/2017
Home SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva06/21/2017
Guiltiness SwedeSwedenRuben, Mukhia Deva06/21/2017
Finally SwedeSwedenEriksson, Viktoria06/12/2017
- What if SwedeSwedenEriksson, Rickard05/27/2017
Depression Stole My Life SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/24/2017
Sadness SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/24/2017
Die SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/24/2017
Red SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/24/2017
Black Rose Stained Red SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Bleeding Heart SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Impaled Wolf SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Beheaded Rabbit SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
That Is Not A Window SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
It's Not The Cat SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Hatred SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Depressed Boy SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Creature SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Alone and Depressed SwedeSwedenSundelin, Kevin05/23/2017
Spirit SwedeSwedenEriksson, Rickard05/21/2017
Illusory Realm Vagaries SwedeSwedenSmoljanovic, Alexander04/14/2017
I Can Not Take Back What Was Said SwedeSwedenSmoljanovic, Alexander04/14/2017