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Introspection Narrative Poems

These Introspection Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Narrative Introspection poems written by international poets.

Premium Member You Are My Soul Family
So many people help me.  They are concerned, they rush to see if I am okay.
They listen when I want to tell my truth....

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Categories: introspection, poetry,

Space and Time
Just for tonight
Let me be on my own.

No looks of
"Are you alright?"
I need my time.

Space is a dear friend.
I rely on their presence.
It's like a...

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Categories: angst, care, introspection, night,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part III
For a month Laurie mulled and brooded,
even tried to think it wasn’t her fault,
if Stan had just told her the things he did
maybe she wouldn’t...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part II
She thought he would rage, clean blow his stack,
but he just nodded with a sad look,
said,”After what I saw, I can’t go back,
there are many...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part I
When Laurie was just eighteen years of age
she fell in love with a brazen young man,
rode his own bike, knew just what to say,
ever quick...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

The Kave-in Part 1
Sitting watching the world, weary, contemplating life cold and dreary, 
Upon a rock within a mountain which I'd often tread upon before,
As I wallowed, spirit...

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Categories: angst, depression, emotions, father

Cherry Tree Music Coop
Cherry Tree Music Co-op
(Saint Mary's Church -
3916 Locust Walk; City)
(Circa mid nineteen nineteen eighties
after the common lee
washed out tide dull era - CODA).

Naughty bits and...

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Categories: 8th grade, adventure, animal,

Premium Member Mystery Of The Poltergeist
Mystery Of The Poltergeist

It is said, “All things in balance”,
yin has it’s yang, plus has it’s minus,
all things in balance is natures way.

There is however...

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Categories: death, introspection, mystery,

Meet On The Upper Floor
What would the rich do without the poor?
If there was no poor to clean the floor
What would the rich do without the poor?
If there was...

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Categories: beauty, change, emotions, friendship

Summer Recollections
Summer Recollections
by Lemuel R. Griffiths
25th June, 2,108

Ah., to remember.., 
Whilst in the presence of a majestic tree, 
The single moment of a first-love-kiss-hearts beat.
Ere, the...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, emotions, introspection,

The Ritual
Oh my darling, a white picket fence,
Oh my darling, a polite cricket wench,
In my face, you can't see, my soul.

Oh, my darling, oh, my darling,...

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© Robert Fox  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: betrayal, community, fantasy, hurt,

The Other Side of Yesterday
She looked in the mirror, searching for the person she was before another line became etched overnight in the road map of her years. Living...

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© Steve Zak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection, life, woman,

The Beating Heart
She needed to believe her heart would beat again, but the words she heard were matched with unfulfilled, meaningless gestures. At end of the night...

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© Steve Zak  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection, life,

The nature of man
What prey tell is the nature of man

Is it to enslave, oppress and cause genocide

Or is it to love to share and to unite

It's hard...

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Categories: dark, humanity, inspiration, introspection,

Premium Member Seven Years
     When are our best years? So many in this society seem to think it is their youth, or their twenties....

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Categories: appreciation, depression, husband, introspection,

Premium Member The Hotel Caretaker
How unparticular the day had particularly been,
On March the third of two-thousand and eighteen,
For the caretaker at an historic Adirondack Inn,
Had lacked company, and therefore,...

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Categories: death, grief, introspection, march,

Touching Senses
    Loves, Gentle Sway
             Drift softly. 

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Categories: desire, emotions, fantasy, happiness,

Midnight Skies
Midnight Skies 

The sun enveloped in a black shroud 
The dead of night hardly makes a sound 
Hopeless with silent cry's of the midnight sky...

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© Judy Emery  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: voice, writing,

A Lonely Star
O’ bright, and lonely heavenly star, 
You warm my soul from there afar, 
In height and darkness of the sky, 
As darkness fades I sadly...

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Categories: allusion, beauty, cheer up,

Everybody believes in magic , isn't it ?
You would if you aren't barren with wit ,
Something which excites me to take up the risk ,

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Categories: encouraging, fate, happiness, introspection,