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Forgiveness Narrative Poems

These Forgiveness Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Forgiveness. These are the best examples of Narrative Forgiveness poems written by international poets.

He Did Not Come Back The Same, Part III
For a month Laurie mulled and brooded,
even tried to think it wasn’t her fault,
if Stan had just told her the things he did
maybe she wouldn’t...

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Categories: growth, introspection, loss, love,

My Mental Handstand
Maybe I just needed a hand 
A hand to show there is someone 
Someone who genuinely cares
Cares that I lack trust
Cares that I lack faith...

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Categories: absence, confidence, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member To the GOD of All Creation
To the GOD of all creation: 

First of all PAPA GOD, I ask YOU to forgive me and cleanse
me from all unrighteousness and cleanse my...

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Categories: christian,

I'm Going Get God
When the devil comes under attack and you know he will, don't be discouraged or be dismayed, just say to him, "I'm going get God."


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Categories: bible, encouraging, god, growth,

Chester Miller's Final Fight, Part II
...He turned back to see all four of his gang
staring at him, in anger and shock.
“That boy was worth thousands,”seethed out mad Bret,
his hand shifting...

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Categories: narrative, change, conflict, courage, death,

Chester Miller's Final Fight, Part I
In the desert waste Chester Miller looked out,
saw the rest of the gang riding back slow,
fresh from the bank job in Copperstone Creek,
a place that...

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Categories: narrative, change, conflict, courage, death,

I am Barabbas II
“In my hands, to I have the power over the destiny of these two men,
One to live and one to die, is it not written...

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Categories: christian, father, forgiveness, jesus,

I am Barabbas
The spirit of God guided me,
To the love of Christ and the love of the Father for me,
Made known of the condition of my heart;

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Categories: christian, forgiveness, truth,

Family is Togetherness -
Where there is hardship, struggle and heartbreak - There is Family
Where there is sorrow, tears and disappointment - There is Family
Where there...

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Categories: appreciation, encouraging, family, love,

This One Is Mine, Part II
..Nobody in that neighborhood
knew what happened to those three,
but they all scoffed in disgust
when Neal staggered high down the street.
He had been in and out...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

This One Is Mine, Part I
Luisa ran from where she’d stood
at the approach of the crowd,
they wanted no whores on their street,
and had told her so fairly loud.
Some threw metal...

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Categories: corruption, encouraging, forgiveness, religious,

Premium Member Rassphrass and LeRoy's Love Story
Rassaphrass’s husband LeRoy went out for garlic bread on a Tuesday.  She ate all the spaghetti and meatballs before he returned, to teach him...

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Categories: fun,

I was working my way north through Kansas,
selling hot dogs at a traveling fair,
the pay wasn’t great, but it was still a job,
and I met...

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Categories: adventure, conflict, drink, forgiveness,

Mariah of Magdala
Continuation of 

Today Mariah of Magdala,
It is written not only of you but of your enemies
Do you discover Mariah of Magdala
We are all...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, celebration, community,

Mariah of Magdala

“Rabii! Rabii! Rabii!
What suppose you of this woman?
Caught in the act of sin
Our society out cast such
She must be thrashed to the non-living

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Categories: blessing, character, conflict, endurance,

Haunting The Ghost
I’ve been haunting this old gothic
since nineteen eighty,
when I died from a brain tumor
at the age of sixty-three.

I cannot leave this antique home,
I am well-bound...

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Categories: death, forgiveness, heaven, house,

Premium Member What you say
All I ever wanted and all I ever had were never the same
I tried my best to be perfect
Trying to be what they wanted and...

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Categories: betrayal, confidence, forgiveness, i

Premium Member Jesus Is Coming
A thought about the times that we are living in"


Who wants to go to Heaven when you die, can I see a...

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Categories: faith, forgiveness,

Car Number Sixteen
This train is coming down the main
This train is rocking my brain
This train is the overcrowded train
This train is washing in the rain
This train is...

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Categories: confidence, desire, endurance, forgiveness,

Just Let It Be
There are those who speak without thinking. I have often thought, "If I could only be such a person sometimes".  I cannot be that...

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Categories: anger, forgiveness, friendship,