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Angst Monorhyme Poems

These Angst Monorhyme poems are examples of Monorhyme poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Monorhyme Angst poems written by international poets.

Be a man to lead
Peace of mind is all I need
In this world full of greed
Just want soon to get rid
Of unwanted folks indeed
Hard work is key as I...

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Categories: anger, angst, august,

Convince yourself that everything is fine
Get high on leaves and drunk off sweet wine,
invite the starving wolves to dine

Feed your body to their teeth
Our Garden,...

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© Jaz Yeats  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, addiction, allegory, angst,

Premium Member Not so Easy Rider
I wish to return to beauty
instead of the mundane
To marvel at rainbows
glistening in the rain

To feel melancholy 
Life’s mysteries to explain
Choo Choo engine progress
days chugging...

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Categories: angst, appreciation, beauty, desire,

Premium Member Vitriol
Vendetta formed in words and a hot paste
Intends to subject a foe to a baste
Teeth-tearing, throwing the pieces to waste
Read for someone to have a...

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Categories: abuse, anger, angst, violence,

Red Light
I do not like a red light, No!
I just want to go
Especially long ones, so slow!
It is like they don't know
There are places to show

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Categories: angst, time,

Premium Member Distrust
Why is there so much distrust,
Fueling hatred, malice and lust?

We're caught up in every scam's gust
Leaving many financially bust

Including telemarketers' thrusts
Continuously feeding disgust

We're riding social...

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© Mark Toney  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, future,

I have been lifted up in space

I have felt so much vast grace

You have sweat roll off your face

Keep pace with me on this race


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Categories: angst,

While You Slept
Fret not my friend for while you slept
Birds chirped and fish leapt.
Memories were made and promises kept.
People laughed and people wept.
Toward morning the sun slowly...

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Categories: angst, life, uplifting,

Premium Member Spring
I waited... I surmised
I know I agonized
Of course... I never realized
Springtime was disguised

I pondered... I personalized
I know I criticized
Of course... I never recognized
Spring had improvised


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Categories: angst, april, conflict, nature,

Premium Member Showdown

A sure shot, he sets up a can, and digs his heels in the sand,
with feet spread, a hat on his head and gun in...

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Categories: angst, anxiety, break up,


Work Work    Work Work    Work Work

Long weeks with a boss who is such a jerk
The world might end if...

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Categories: abuse, angst, endurance, family,

Premium Member Metaphorical daggers
Paroxysm of pain inflicts this pen,
tears cry poetic allusion.
When petal hearts are misunderstood,
life is full of confusion.

Distasteful thoughts set camp in my mind,
an unwelcome intrusion.

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, angst, dark, fate,

Premium Member Bad Bargain Made
I welcome death I'm not afraid
Ten years within this cell I've stayed
My wealth immense a cruel game's been played
Innocent but still a debt it must...

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Categories: angst, evil, fear, fire,

The Rhyme of Time
The sun is glowing
I'm still growing
My smile is showing
The people think they're all-knowing

Writing this song 
I do belong
Knowing right from wrong
I am strong
All along, I...

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Categories: angst, deep, depression, desire,

In the end
When earth starts to rumble
And the ground begins to crumble
Surrounded by images that are implausible
The destruction so inconceivable
Maybe I will stumble through the rubble 

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Categories: adventure, angst, conflict, god,

Premium Member Here's My Whine - Now Pass The Cheese
Here is my whine, now pass along the cheese!
My list is short on things that do not please.
But greatest of those few that bring unease,

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Categories: angst, hair, wind,

How desperate is desperate
Sorrow tumbled into words, an antidote
When sobs choked; venom in the throat.
I hear in wrath, again, his disgusting gloat.
Follows, her muffled groans upon each smote....

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Categories: abuse, angst, betrayal, relationship,

Premium Member Our 2016 Dilemma
Our 2016 Dilemma

Hope and change fell through
   A new selection due
Our choices will not do...
   No trust in shouting shrew 

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Categories: angst, political,

I loathe the feeling of resentment
Loneliness reigns over me and I need to repent
It reigns over my once high spirits and my heart’s bent!
Stop bringing...

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Categories: angst, change, confusion, courage,

Premium Member The Rose
Gray bleached the color from the day
all that was bright has gone away:
my mood darkens, fills with dismay
sullen and gray, sullen and gray.

Sounds muffled by...

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Categories: angst,