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Long Tritina Poems

Long Tritina Poems. Below are the most popular long Tritina by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Tritina poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Wind and Sea
The Wind and Sea

The mighty wind unleashed its gusty song 
     across the tranquil, undulating sea,
and stirred her body with his breath-filled kiss.

Set out to resurrect the dormant wave,

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Categories: sea, wind,
Form: Tritina

Premium Member That Time Of Year
The elves were busy, packing up Santa’s red sleigh for his annual trip.
The year had been busy, as usual, for the residents of the North Pole.
With the last load on the sleigh; reindeer hitched and...

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Categories: celebration, child, children, christmas, giving, holiday, myth,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Told Tales
Riding the rails was memorable they say; in the days of the old iron horse.
Those old steam trains make a good mystery; all sorts of things could happen, while riding across the plains.
To see the...

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Categories: appreciation, history, image, imagery, people, places, poetry,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member The Champs Visit
He walked slowly, taking in the sight and smell of the field.
The memories of games gone by, filled his heart with joy as he recalled his many turns at bat.
Baseball was his first love and...

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Categories: baseball, games, imagery, poems, poetry, sports,
Form: Tritina
If I could wave a magic wand to bring her back to us again
A time before a monster came and slowly took her brain away
Malevolence incarnate an unwelcome guest on a sunny day

Secretly arriving, silently...

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Categories: how i feel, love hurts, memory, smile,
Form: Tritina

Date With The Chaperon of Moonlight
You illuminate our hearts as you brightly smile
A splendid feeling for us lovers in the night
We’re completely snuggled  under your light.

Sitting beside each other at the park with your light
We look at one another...

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© lg ds  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love, relationship, romantic,
Form: Tritina
The lost little Angel was fell into the urban slums
Walking aimlessly with nothing but her broken wings
Blossom into granules of dusts, intangible as a vagabond

Her heaven plucked as the moonlight stolen, the intangible vagabond
Her sanctity...

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Categories: imagination, inspirational, angel, angel,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Docteur Bovary: Blessed Are The Meek

Madame Bovary is the première novel of French writer Gustave Flaubert, published in 1856. It tells the melancholy story of the entitled marriage into a lackluster middle-class lifestyle that ends in tragedy.

Docteur Bovary: Blessed Are...

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Categories: character, muse,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Calm In The Woods
It is calm in the woods and on the pond,
where mother swan and her baby glide in peace;
my camera has captured this amazing love.

The woods, meadows and trees are full of love,
I am entranced by...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nature,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member ANGELS


                 Does an angel descend from Heaven?

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Categories: 10th grade, appreciation,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Sky Then And Now
Once there were billions of them; dotting our night skies; stars.
So few are seen today; thanks to smog and city lights.
Back then, I thought they were Gods eyes; not heavenly bodies.

There are many constellations; formed...

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Categories: appreciation, environment, nature, sky, space, star, stars,
Form: Tritina

                            The glass of wine drinks a murmur...

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Categories: beauty, color, drink, light, night, red, wine,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Her Captain's Call

She cast her silken shadow in the moonlight

                    To trace her cursive odes on tiptoes, tender


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Categories: dance, lost love, moon, ocean, sea, soulmate,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Renewing
Listen to the tap…tap…tapping; the music of falling rain.
Sky rinses out it’s watering cans; It’s sprinklers are the clouds.
Gaia’s children are thirsty; roots stretch and heartily drink.

Gardeners collect water for the drier days; the children...

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Categories: drink, earth, earth day, environment, life, nature,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Never Deal With A Fairy
The fairies harbor secrets; many humans should not know.
Some will give one away for a price; that trade is very rare.
Make a deal with a fairy and it’s for life.

No self-respecting fairy, would take less...

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Categories: adventure, fairy, fantasy, image, magic, myth, mythology,
Form: Tritina
A Boatful of Hope
Day has sunk and the old fisherman, like a well-trained athlete, rows his rugged boat.
Defying starry night's turbulent waves,
It cruises seaward, smooth and swift, like an agile proud fish.

Then, into his net a shooting star...

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Categories: tritina, boat, daughter, family, father, father daughter, fish,
Form: Sestina
Premium Member They Sing - The Tritina Style
~They Sing~
(The Tritina)

This morn I seem to hear the warblers sing
And it is one of the loveliest things
To think they build their nests among the trees

Then you can hear them singing from the trees
And with...

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Categories: beautiful, bird, summer, tree,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Time For Tears
The wait has been too long but now it’s time
To hold with love what she yearned for
No words for joy but grateful tears.

The radiant face aglow with sparkling tears
Cradling her child for the first time

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Categories: baby, joy,
Form: Tritina
God be praised and thanked for His wondrous grace
Surely awesome with His marvelous love
Always available to match His might.

Upon Him do I brace up my work’s might
While excelling as steward of His grace
Faithful in sharing...

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Categories: appreciation, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual, thanksgiving,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Winters White Lace Flakes in Its Grace

Magical  winter and truly prodigious place of grace.
Pleasant poetic pleasure with a trace of lace. 
Youthful eidetic memories chasing snow-white flakes.

Children engage in its white undisturbed lace.
Tats lace patterns on windows, charismatic in its...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: children, snow, winter,
Form: Tritina
She (tritina)
Within this place, the eye forever makes
the canvas where the poor reflected me
can see beyond the mirror to the whole

and wonder if the shadows are the whole
or if the observation is what makes
the conquest of...

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Categories: introspection, love, philosophy, mirror,
Form: Tritina
The seawater rushes inland at the height of the tides.
It is the lateness of the day the moon begin its rise.
Morning sun takes out the seawater and start its decline.

Studies by astronomers note the ascent...

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Categories: 12th grade, moon, nature, ocean, science, sea,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member Baby's Eyes Shine
Baby's Eyes Shine

Baby's sweet sky glows glitteringly blue.
Beautiful mirrors reflect in her eyes!
Such grace trumps any rainbow that may shine.

That newly born smile casts a rainbow shine,
reflection in those soft crystal clear eyes
decorates her hair...

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Categories: tritina, angel, baby, beautiful, birthday, blessing, child, love,
Form: Triolet
Premium Member Must Have Butter
I once saw a UFO; an unidentified flying object.
When I told my family, they thought that I was nutty.
An object can be anything; even simple butter.

When I got up this morning; I wanted toast with...

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Categories: appreciation, food, how i feel, poems, poetry,
Form: Tritina
Premium Member I Love You Forever And Ever -Tritina

You know by now just how much I do love 
You because you mean more than you 
will know and I'll always love you forever 

Looking in your eyes I see love forever...

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Categories: dream, love, romance,
Form: Tritina