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Long Nostalgia Poems

Long Nostalgia Poems. Below are the most popular long Nostalgia by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Nostalgia poems by poem length and keyword.

My Love My All
World's Longest Love Poem (second edition)

Title: My love my all

Edited by Izunna Okafor

Editor's Note:

Out of their ardency, eighteen poets and poetry lovers identified with the need to give the 2020 Valentine celebration a poetic taste...

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Categories: nostalgia, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Once Upon a Halloween in the 50's
The excitement mounted as we rummaged around in the attic looking through old steamer trunks for discarded clothes and props to make Halloween costumes. With an old suit and hat of Granddads, I became a...

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Forever Forgive Me
Forever forgive me
For my one and only iniquity
Please forgive me
With forbearance eternally

Lots of anger and lust
Got a hold of me…
So, I must...oh, I must…
Set my soul free

Forever forgive me
Determine my footsteps to the light
Emotionally unhappy

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Categories: nostalgia, courage, emotions, encouraging, endurance, hope, longing, solitude,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Amberina Ballerina

A born lioness
my untamed heart.. ha! 
wild this pulsing token ruled by unruly wants
at times given, traded or stolen - sometimes
thrown down on a dare to be won or lost 
till it became a paper...

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Categories: nostalgia, destiny, emotions, inspiration, introspection, memory, metaphor, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Once Upon a Christmas 1954 - Part One - a short story from my memoir
Each year as Christmas rolls around, as I buckle under the pressure and stress of shopping for gifts for people that already  have everything, I find myself remembering that Christmas of 1954.

Dad had joined...

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Categories: christmas, nostalgia,
Form: Narrative

WINTER, 1948
WINTER, 1948 [40 Saxton Street]

for W.W

The winter nights that pass now
are so unlike the winter nights
that passed before, that I often
struggle back in those suspended moments
when sleep grapples for a hold,
to once again hear the...

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Categories: age, childhood, family, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Proof
We are the days that we’ve become. 
moments dripping gifted from
the lounging clocks in rolling melted sightings, 
given by the gifted madness of a soulmate’s fightings. 

Our lives wrapped up in phrases coined
in books like,...

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Categories: nostalgia, allegory, america, computer, crazy, extended metaphor, irony,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Legend of the Red October Run
Dedicated to the 2000 National College Football Champions, the Oklahoma Sooners 


Over fifty years, boy and man, I’ve been a Sooners fan
Watched and reveled in their glories, every one;
But there’s no more glorious “Sooner Magic”...

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Categories: nostalgia, adventure, autumn, desire, football, games, heart, history,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Jack of Hearts

 Jack of Hearts - Skeet         Big John - John           Snake Eyes - Rich
 Diamond Jim -...

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Categories: humorous, nostalgia,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member PART ONE - A Gunshot Wound to the Heat - A short story from my memoir

From a two-room schoolhouse high on a hill over the Fundy Bay, I sat at an old wooden desk daydreaming. The ink stains and etchings which were dug deep into...

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Righteous Loyalty
Environment of elegance emerges and Solar System shimmers anew in our lives
We need and want to shine...waiting till the Kingdom of Glory arrives...arrives...

Burn negativity into the flames
I’m sick of your silly little games
Burn negativity into...

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Categories: nostalgia, depression, hope, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Mobile in Alabama
Those were such happy days, for I had lately been deeded a farm,
My aunt and uncle were retiring, so tillage had lost its charm.

Since they were childless, and to a retirement community bound,
It seemed I...

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Categories: nostalgia, beauty, dream, home, imagery, night, sleep, travel,
Form: Couplet
Oppressor and the oppressed
Oppressor and the oppressed.

Who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor?
Who has the right to beat a random person on the street?
Who has the right when to pronounce a person guilty or to see...

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Categories: bird, character, corruption, future, nostalgia, drug,
Form: Free verse
By Julia Shaw

At seventy-two my life has been so very fine,
That I'd like to push a button and just rewind.
I'd go back to my wedding day so exciting
And marry again the man I found so...

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© Julia Shaw  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, child, daughter, life, nostalgia, time, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
The Hills of Reverie
Speechless because you’ve gone away
I woke up, so out of breath today
Hold me safely in the blissfulness of yesterday
Can you just forgive me for my negative ray?

Cast me away into the sea of hope
I roam...

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Categories: angst, hope, nostalgia, pain, passion, surreal, truth,
Form: Rhyme
My fifty years in a nut shell
I was born fifty years ago on April 10th 1964
Looking back through the years I began to explore

My mama said when it was time for me to be born
I decided to come early and fast...

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Categories: family, life, nostalgia,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Cruisin' the Drag
Sipping cherry limeade, driving in the car parade, 
we're cruising in the Lone Star state.
Didn't want a bucket seat; the thing it couldn't beat, 
was sitting up close to your date.
One hand on the wheel...

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© Roy Jerden  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: nostalgia, car, funny, growing up, high school, me,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member PART TWO- Gunshot Wound to the Heart- a short story from my Memoir - A journey of Roses and Thorns
It was a hot summer day.  Harry had stopped by Grandma's house and offered to take the two little girls down to the store and treat them to an ice-cream cone.  Grandma, thinking...

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Narrative
Letter from a Son to His Late Mother
Why do I need to apostrophize you? Why did you flew away into the celestial regions so earlier? Is it because you are from a land where ‘twenty is plenty’ for women? And hence, ignoring...

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Categories: nostalgia, emotions, family, loss, mother son,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Road Trip
Road Trip

The country, people, and the village,
All equal, as if, for the first time, 
All of that gave a fresher image,
Nay, 'tis but a relative vantage.
Save fresh road, to its left bears a sign.

"A few...

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Categories: adventure, allegory, childhood, grandfather, meaningful, nostalgia, remember,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member GL Trestrail and Co Ltd
The rising sun burns like a solar pyre

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Categories: nostalgia,
Form: Couplet
The country, people, and the village,
All equal, as if, for the first time, 
All of that gave a fresher image,
Nay, 'tis but a relative vantage.
Save fresh road, to its left bears a sign.

"A few more...

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Categories: allegory, beach, childhood, grandfather, nostalgia, remember, travel,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Healthy Aside Benefits
Social distancing,
including global apartheid,
brings us to Zoom
into each Other, virtually,

More virtuously win/win
or uncivilly win/lose?

For remote educational,
organizing and planning
social communication
and exercise
and meditation
and therapeutic circles,

and secular humanitarian
win/win physical
political health systems
for ecological/theological
democratic wealthcare receiving
and co-giving
remote green-therapeutic
non-violent communication

Delivered with...

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Categories: nostalgia, earth, health, light, mother, power, wisdom, women,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Hay un dia feliz by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T Wignesan
       Hay un dia feliz by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T. Wignesan

      To come by a happy day

(In this poem, Parra maintains lines of...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: childhood, family, father, feelings, music, nostalgia, philosophy,
Form: Quatrain

My first french kiss; I was lanky, skinny, barely fifteen
I had the hots for the popcorn girl, she was eighteen
She made and sold the popcorn at the Strand Theater
Our mutual...

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Categories: nostalgia, first love, girl, girlfriend, growing up, kiss,
Form: Rhyme