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Long Entomb Poems

Long Entomb Poems. Below are the most popular long Entomb by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Entomb poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member ECCENTRIC MINTS - 150 varieties
1.	Abolish Mints
2.	Abut Mints
3.	Accomplish Mints
4.	Accouter Mints
5.	Acknowledge Mints
6.	Ada Mints
7.	Adjust Mints
8.	Admonish Mints
9.	Adorn Mints
10.	Advance Mints
11.	Advertise Mints
12.	Agree Mints
13.	Ail Mints
14.	Align Mints
15.	Announce Mints
16.	Annul Mints
17.	Apart Mints
18.	Appease Mints 
19.	Appoint Mints
20.	Arma Mints
21.	Argu Mints
22.	Arrange Mints
23.	Assess Mints
24.	Astonish Mints
25.	Atone Mints
26.	Attain Mints
27.	Banish Mints
28.	Battle Mints
29.	Befuddle Mints
30.	Bereve Mints
31.	Better Mints
32.	Bewilder Mints
33.	Blandish Mints
34.	Command...

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Categories: entomb, humor, word play,
Form: List

       GOOD TIME ( translated in  two other languages)
Good time lies in onerous tracts
Where the minds reject
It shelters in a solitary world
Fidgets like a hovering danger
Reluctance, the only...

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Categories: entomb, age, art, beach,
Form: Ode
Peripeteia Personified
What mountain’s top holds truth’s last stand,
 its vista viewed as life’s specific grandeur;
 promised above earth’s horizon,
 soon home to you, this present era’s raconteur;
 prized perch upon and soon so manned,
 spirits to...

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Categories: entomb, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
My room forever more
In this house so ominous, I did hear a hiss.
What could it in this, alone in house and room.
It was a sound of a crack, like shivers go down the back.
There it is again, a...

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© Chris Matt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: entomb, life, mystery, house, sound, body, hope, house,
Form: Rhyme
Your throne awaits your ascension oh my Queen!
Aye, retreat to this immutable secretive place
rise, yes come forth from your lethal darkness
from shadows and bask in eternal rooted glory!

Ruler of my emotions I beseech you to...

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Categories: entomb, myth,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Dark Halls

these corridors 
echoed with life
a citadel for restoration
of body and mind
a bastion of promise
for the tormented
to the outside world
it had many names
Forest Lawn Sanitarium
was its Nome de plume

I--- simply called it--- home

In its day
it was...

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Categories: entomb, betrayal, death, horror, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
My Life, my apprehension
                            My life, my apprehension   ...

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© Mya Thein  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: entomb, life, life, old, life, old,
Form: Verse
Destiny of the dispossessed
As you flee behind you hear
Your hate filled screaming foes
Pillaging and burning
Their tutored hatred beyond reason
For no reason
Loudspeakers hastily erected amongst the rubble
Play a dirge of victory
As they hold a pyrrhic parade

As you flee to...

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Categories: entomb, courage, farewell, grief, immigration, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Wink Me Farewell


Here I am ...
A glum ghost ...
A somber shadow ... 
I have come to dream,

To pledge duty, your gleam,
To venerate your foreday liturgy ...
Ah, and mend the mist - the magical mist!
Another mercurial morn creature...

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Categories: entomb, analogy, appreciation, beauty, goodbye, light, metaphor,
Form: Free verse

You stoned to death
A barren hen - crowing for mate
We ceased your womb
Made it arid of semen.

You butchered a pregnant hen
Finding Haven to labor her eggs
For her groan & wail pried into your...

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Categories: entomb, 1st grade, rap,
Form: Free verse
Unicorn in a can

Now he will use his magical can
One more item, he needs for his plan
He has two pieces, one in a box, one in a bag
The last one needed, from a unicorn stag


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Categories: entomb, adventure,
Form: I do not know?
The Director
The Director 

By Sy Roth 


The directors--  

For want of a nail 

They were not wanting 


So many nails,  

A cache of nails 

To drive into their coffins 


Paid in...

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© Sy Roth  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: entomb, anger, angst,
Form: Free verse
Romulus and Remus

In similar kind the blood of violent dynasty's
remains distinct without conscience 
its empire of centuries
branded hot upon the slave born sweat 
and to dictatorship
bring the mind and soul of greed
for in the bestial mouth
ever shall...

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Categories: entomb, analogy, society, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love, Blood Red
"Love, Blood Red"

I trusted with you my heart.
I trusted with you my Special Love.
I trusted with you, with YOU..
Everything I'm made to, for, and of... 

I was willing to wipe all your mistakes entirely away,

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Categories: entomb, abuse, character, evil,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member LOVE AND FOLLY
The Lover's love bred many memories
 It's fragrance filled the air around
 As its tree blossomed  secret sounds
That created chemistry and mysteries

Like children in games quarrels would arise
Forgetting their mild griefs  it bore...

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Categories: entomb, love,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member When I Died
When I died a queen in ancient Egypt it was the custom,
           To entomb the powerful with all their earthly wealth;
On the walls of my...

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Categories: entomb, imagination,
Form: Verse
An Ostrich That I Am
Trust an airborne Ostrich like myself with clean wings as the boar
I have seen the lion sing and the songbird roar
But I stood in disbelief behold the bald eagles fly
Above the firmament’s heights implausibly the...

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Categories: entomb, africa, allegory, courage, fear, fire, flying,
Form: Narrative
Money is better than barter
Money is better than share
Money takes you further than you dare
Though hands,  not money built my walls
Hands put together materials to paint my hall
Metals I dug came before all.

I fell...

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Categories: entomb, betrayal, funny, how i feel, marriage, money,
Form: Narrative
In the Cave of the Madonna ( Village of Topollia Crete 1994 )
In the Cave of the Madonna ( Village of Topollia Crete 1994 )
I formed a square of brick 
a block house of the future
and the years like dust lay thick 
around my door
many footsteps...

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Categories: entomb, history, life, mystery, naturehouse, house, time,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member There is an elephant in the room
The big headlines cause sensation,
Media’s chosen information.
Manipulative, they entomb
the big elephant in the room.

Stress is put on the suggestive
keeping tongue and the mind active.
They sweep aside with furtive broom
the big elephant in the room.

Gain is...

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Categories: entomb, silence,
Form: Kyrielle
Premium Member Tip tip
It’s midnight by the clock
I am lying in the bed like a rock

Silence____but soft sounds of the light rain
As if drops are falling like little grains

Yet creating an atmosphere of tranquility 
The one that heals...

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Categories: entomb, poetry, rain,
Form: Rhyme
IN another world
In another world
In another world ,would i be the same?
why cant i live in my illusional paradise
and invent my own world with a painted shelter?
with a grass so green and roses that glow
with a mother's...

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Categories: entomb, farewell, hurt, love,
Form: Free verse
Black Widow Love

My love is black widow spun
Got a red hourglass abdomen,
and a deadly sac of emotional poison

Don’t let my eight millimeter eyes
zoom it’s spider focus on you
Or my Daddy long-legged slender fingers
will digitally creep closer to...

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Categories: entomb, dark, horror, psychological, symbolism, , cute,
Form: Personification
Late at night when the universe is asleep,
I stay up and reflect about you,
I gaze at the darkest night stars and crave that I was in yours arms,
But no matter how much...

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Categories: entomb, absence, heart, lonely, lost love, love, sad
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The 24 Knives of September
Twilight, the phantoms of the past cavort
Willow trees bending to the winds of change
Eternity in the darkness of autumn nights
Never knowing whether I shall live or die
Tell me why my blood must feed the piercing...

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Categories: entomb, art, bereavement, grave, memory,
Form: Epitaph