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Girl List Poems

These Girl List poems are examples of List poems about Girl. These are the best examples of List Girl poems written by international poets.

Premium Member When I Am Done I Am Done
fish, lizard, rainbow, cat, pirate, witch,
hat, broom, Peter Pan, Jesus, gypsy, flowers,
starfish, mermaid, peddler man, drums, 

monsters, angels, faeries, fish, babies, raccoons,
skunk, hot air balloons,...

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Categories: art, self,

call me on my butterscotch
1. heath ledger resides in my closet
2. i don't smoke
3. my weight worries me
4. i tell them everything
5. cats are better than dogs
6. cats should...

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Categories: judgement, nonsense, old, school,

Premium Member The Old Fat Cat

I have an old, fat calico cat.  Her days are numbered but she does not care.  She is
total tranquility, at peace with herself...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: cat,

Second on his List
Got the time to take a three-week break
Before the next 'hoorah'.
Spent most of his time on the ego line
With the girl behind the bar.
Mixed twenty...

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Categories: list, culture, lonely,

Premium Member A Day In My Life

Not sure what I do but I sure am exhausted at the end of the day,
so I decided to think about it and made...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection,

A Little List
With apologies to Sir W.S. Gilbert

As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
I've got a little list--I've got a little list.

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Categories: list, hilarious, satire,

Premium Member Feeting Shadows Moonlight Mists , You Reject That Deathbringing List
Feeting Shadows Moonlight Mists , You Reject That Deathbringing List

Fleeting glimpses, much like visions of foggy distant shores
 flashing about , vanishing behind imaginary doors

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Categories: list, death, life, loss, time,

Lost in Youth
Lost in Youth

Rainbows in the clouds, walking on  railroad tracks , locomotives up close 
Kickball games , I am left footed, spooky reflections in...

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© jim joyce  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: introspection, school, graduation, games,

wishing and seeking
You try and do what you can in life, living each day.
Not seeking all you really do.
That's where he comes in, opening your eyes to...

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Categories: hope, life, love, mystery,

in ur eyes
In the night i closed my eyes
i was trying to sleep
after sometime a message beeped..
he said i cannot be yours coz now i love someone...

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Categories: lost love, love,

stealing my love
This is a small request to you oh girl
why don't u just leave my precious pearl!!

Pain is all what you gave him
and this is what...

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Categories: passion, me,

Heavy Baggage
I carry this 30 pound bag wherever I go,
Some call this item a purse,
I say burden!
pink wallet with metallic stars
  (not alot within except...

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© Gina Young  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: funny,

Six Flags Over GA
Handicapped access and Six Flags is an oximoron

Overheard in the exit line of the mine train ride:
Four year old girl states "That ride made my...

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Categories: funny

shes stuck  in a basement
she cries for help 
she yells STOP!
but no one hears her 
she wishes she was  dead and never born...

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Categories: deathnight, friend, night,


Oxydimwits  believe  in lovers slimming with diet  cheeseburgers

Oxybuffoons  ask in the supermarket for water lite for their girlfriend

Oxyfools   ...

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Categories: on writing and words

You should know that

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Categories: caregiving

You Look So Tired
8:12      The machine carries me 
             Where I...

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Categories: healthme, me, sleep,

The List
How do I love thee,,
Let me count the ways
That seems even hokey for a poet to say
But hearing your voice and feeling your heart
Brings the...

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Categories: list, lovelife, words, god, heart,

a letter from suicide
why did she have to blow me away like that
she was my first friend when i got here
now she acting like shes never seen me...

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Categories: caregiving, confusion, death, forgiveness,

Listen to Blue World's Gift
Spiced between
your teeth
like a doorknob
and mother's knee.
Vacation hats
and photographs.
A legend lives on
inside your history,
uptown girl.
Lessons ruled out,
new words taught
better learn how 
to walk that walk

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Categories: visionary,