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Fear Lay Poems

These Fear Lay poems are examples of Lay poems about Fear. These are the best examples of Lay Fear poems written by international poets.

The new becouthed, betrothed washer of the whites. 
The groove internal brew,
sours over scrapes turbulence and the dance

The new smooch of the latent potent precursuror...

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Categories: cute, fear, future, gender,

Premium Member When I Shall Someday Lay Under Frost On The Ground
When I Shall Someday Lay Under Frost On The Ground

In with dead and dying leaves I pass my time
Drink my strong coffee, write my truth,...

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Categories: lay, art, character, fate, humanity,

The Bricks You Lay
Is your house built out of certainty,
   are the walls made thin or stout

Is your mind filled up with questions,
  do you...

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Categories: lay, love,

Premium Member He lay down defeated by lover
He was tough, he’d been raised to be big, fit and strong, 
To hide any hurt, pain or fear.
He’d prepared for this fight, bottling his...

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Categories: lay, emotions, love,

The Lay of the Land

The Lay of the Land

Sophie Boswell

The lay of the land in the Snowy Mountains
Where a blue serpent slides and creates icy fountains
Is a picture in...

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Categories: lay, poetry,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 4
The Lay of The Best Man - Part 4

I ask you this: Have you ever known a man to ‘buckle under stress’?
Or have you never...

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Categories: bullying, character, corruption, discrimination,

A soldier lay dying for his country
A soldier boy was calling me
His faint cry heard all around
The air was still and silent
And dusty sand lay on the ground. 

The far outstretched...

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Categories: lay, hero,

Premium Member The Lay of The Best Man - Part 5
The Lay of The Best Man - Part Five

Have you heard about the bespectacled man who wore his glasses to bed?
Because when he awoke mornings...

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Categories: humanity, men,

I Lay There in the Dirty Bath Water
I lay there in the dirty bath water;
unable to raise myself up, like a
dog in quicksand, I wondered if I 
should just yelp, or die,...

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Categories: lay, fear, psychological,

Premium Member Impart


A key to unlock the heart in loving thought to impart
of simple...

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Categories: desire, love,

Booming Night
Bang! Bang!
A roaring sound erupted from downstairs awakening my sister and I, 
Silence over filled the house.
My sister and I laid in our bed immobile,...

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Categories: cry, dark, daughter, deep,

Breaking Through
I drifted to this place	 
When might I drift away?			
Am lost in time and space		
Cold feet encased in clay		

Afraid.  I am offbeat			
Next year I...

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Categories: inspirational,

The Fate of Ancient Egypt
Warriors are no longer raging,
Women are no longer singing.
Firelight prances inside Seth's eyes,
dancing over Giza he cries:

"Fire! Fire! It will find you all
Even those who...

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Categories: arabic, bereavement, dance, death,

Just Be
‘To be or not to be was the question’,
That’s today’s challenge.
When I am truly myself,
I am truly divine.

When I am,
I let thou be I am.

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Categories: identity, image,

foul mouth
As each day pass by it hurts to even attempt to smile, some take it for granted...blessed with pearly white and aligned so perfect. Each...

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Categories: abuse, anger, body,

Rhyme Scheme:

I took a journey in life to see the world.

I was just a nature freak culturally in love.

I knew when I reached my peak;...

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Categories: baptism, beautiful, birth, business,

I lay sleeping
I lay sleeping with eyes wide open,
I lay sleeping with dreams that have no meaning,
I lay sleeping with nothing to dream about.
I lay sleeping with...

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Categories: lay, absence, beautiful, beauty, blue,

Lay OFF of Me
You are under his roof now...
Deny it not
You are his own comforter
Lay off of me, you stubborn child -
You feel perfect
When he's near...
When I...

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Categories: lay, angst, confusion, dark, depression,

Naked Me
Standing before you oh grand one
Jehovah, God of my forefathers
The one who chose David
The least of one of Jesse’s sons.

Standing before you oh awesome God.

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Categories: god, evil, me,

Premium Member Where Skeletons Lay
The witch and her black cat stir up some evil
In the darkness and the stillness of the night
The old graveyard brings up feelings that are...

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Categories: lay, holiday, life,