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Sea Italian Sonnet Poems

These Sea Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Sea. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Sea poems written by international poets.

Upon Ancient Skies


It was love at first sight,
With smile that wins her eyes,
Like a diamond, hanging in a crystal night.

With love so sudden and so...

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Categories: angel, appreciation, crush, cute

In Contemplation of Mortality

Each time our eyes the fading skyline draw,  		
Those hollow waters of that black-lit sea,
That worries wits with nous and bid us see,
The model...

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© THE BARON  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death,

A Lullaby for the Drowned
Moon kisses blown by evening’s silver lips
caress the ocean's pricked up ears. They hear
a mute rage, frothy hackles raised to spear
a passing fleet of ghostly...

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Categories: death, lust, moon, night,

Premium Member Seahorses
They are the chariots of mermaids, the undersea calliopes
They grace the waves with their ballet
They are the turquoise flash within the spray
They are the steeds...

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, horse, magic,

Premium Member Hope For Spring

He thought on all the attributes of Spring

          The landscapes deliquescing, day-by-day

On white and gray and...

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Categories: earth, environment, future, spring,

Premium Member Resurrected
So close to death in Winter's cold embrace
Within a frozen dream I lie below
A pristine eiderdown of  fallen snow
Where ice has formed in patterns...

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Categories: spring,

Premium Member Seeds For Peace Sonnet collaboration with Silent One
When I say peace, what comes into your mind?
Some fantasy, a world where there's no wars
No soldiers setting foot on foreign shores
Where weapons of destruction...

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Categories: peace,

With closed eyes,because this burning light,
The clouds will go beyond the golden day,
And sun will rest in your hair, a playful ray,   ...

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Categories: beauty, dream, feelings, imagery,

Gracious Damsel
I wonder whether this is love or lust,
If rain reigns in the day or dark night,
Confused as I lay low without foresight,
My soul sails through...

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Categories: life, love,

 The king sits on a wooden throne on a turf of
dry land, his country has been swallowed up
by the sea, turns to his...

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Categories: humor,

Premium Member Dear Juliet
Dear Juliet is on her balcony -
awash in moonlight. Do you see her there?
Her form - how graceful, and her face - how fair!
She is...

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Categories: romance,

Answer It
Bobby is an amputee
He's got no elbows got no knees
But Bobby moves- to some degree
When Bobby bobs across the sea...

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Categories: abuse, addiction, allah,

Premium Member Sufficient Unto the Day
Let the evils of the day suffice to themselves,
And the dark not descend to deeper depths.
Let our better angels draw their subtle breaths,
To softly sing...

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Categories: introspection, life, peace, psychological,

Premium Member My Perfect Pearl
The life of this pearl, how it grew from the sand
Is a wonderful story to tell
For it bothered the flesh in an oyster's grey shell

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Categories: beauty, nature, ocean, sea,

An Ode to an Insidious Sensation
Beneath the translucent veil of placidity, emerged that sound
To all is pure evil forecasting the prelude of a prolonged agony
Of flashy tear drops falling from...

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© Guru Jad  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: relationship, romance,


When I die,

Remember me in your actions and words you speak,

How I used to kiss your sweet lips,

How I held you tightly and left you...

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© Mash Mulla  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, me,

Premium Member Shield Mate
Upon the Earth in sky or sea, n'er lived
a fairer wonder formed, than such as she. 
Oh, Shield Mate, Mother Mary, child of Eve
who is...

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Categories: dedication, faith,

Tropical Romance
Tropical Romance

White crowned waves wash upon the wet seashore
The Palm fronds shiver in the stiff sea breeze
Moonlight shimmers across midnight blue seas
Black sky twinkles with...

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© Linda Barr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fantasy, imagination, inspirational, love,

The Pirate and the Sea
The Pirate and the Sea

Come sail to sea with me
Let me show ye how it’s done
Sailing that is, I’m not the only one
Let’s go sailing...

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© Linda Barr  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: adventure, life, parody, people,

Waterfall Above
Waterfall cascades from above
And rainbows in the mist we see.
Together, you and me,
Enjoying new found love.
Raging waters push and shove,
Flowing fast out to the sea

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Categories: romance