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Lost Italian Sonnet Poems

These Lost Italian Sonnet poems are examples of Italian Sonnet poems about Lost. These are the best examples of Italian Sonnet Lost poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Her to Her to I
In my bedroom the three of us all high:
her, her, and I: pass methamphetamine
in circle, her to her to I, our lean
mannequin forms pressed hand...

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Categories: drug, lost love,

American Dreams
For God and country, swaying toe to line.
Like whispers lost upon a mighty wind.
A cadence echoes; “soldiers ‘til the end.”
Why bestow our youth upon the...

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Categories: patriotic,

The other side of the wind
I grasp it’s there, somewhere beyond the clouds,
Afar from scattered thoughts that drift and fall
On mental power’s shoulders as a pall,
And strangle sprouts of standpoints...

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Categories: dream, muse, perspective,

lost love
love is deep 

love is cherish 

love is love 

then suddenly its gone 

my lost love is gone in the wind 

i know he is...

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Categories: age, cute love,

Premium Member The Burden of Perfection
Common wisdom states no one must take
Or receive more than can carry
Without pause or delay, a sin to tarry
For under that stay, avarice can overtake

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Categories: philosophy, pride,

Premium Member Spring Peekaboo
Today, the long lost sun plays peekaboo,
prodding patches of snow to evaporate.
Green tinges on trees faintly accentuate
bare branches with a halo effect in view.
Yawning yellow...

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Categories: absence, environment, light, snow,

Premium Member Asparagus
Asparagus shoots, tender, and green~ killed
By late winter's artic blast and hoar's frost
All that intensive work, tossed aside, lost
The natural world rode in so skilled

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Categories: love,

The dull drip, drip, drip of thick, blackened blood pours
into the veins that beat a path to my heart,
with each feeble pulse, bit by bit,...

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Categories: anger, angst, anxiety, betrayal,

Dirty Angels Lost
Hear the untold song we sing at any cost,
Though the crowd may laugh and children, jeer:
Through the parting clouds, lascivious angels leer,
Till a fall from...

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Categories: angel, assonance, fantasy, heaven,

Out of Quicksand of Sin

Face darkened in smear of murky disdain
You walked on slimy soil of cardinal sin
Life trampled by defiant footsteps within
At the road’s...

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Categories: life, sin,

An immortal bubble
An immortal bubble it was when you
And I were on the edge of getting lost
In some intense musk of our heat and frost
As immortal moments...

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Categories: bird, dance, freedom, star,

The Bridge of Dire Necessity
Moist jungle's steaming breath assaults my face
Molasses air I struggle to inhale
Your ruddy visage slowly drains to pale
Sharp cliff, black knife wound in the verdant...

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Categories: adventure, courage,

Premium Member Prayer For A Lonely Dove
I heard the sad song of a lonely dove
My heart grew heavy as she softly cried
Her lover gone no longer by her side
She coos a...

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Categories: feelings, lost love, prayer,

Premium Member When Fantasy Overcomes Reality
My heart is writing on a tear soaked page
Love is vicious and life is so unfair
Truth is, the more you love the more you care

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Categories: depression, fantasy, love hurts,

Premium Member Night Angel - Collaborating Sonnets with Lin Lane
In deep slumber madness, she comforts me
Appearing, unencumbered, from the mist
Subconscious suspension our nightly tryst
Erasing my mind of bad memories
She mends and warms my soul...

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Categories: dream, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member How Do I Love Thee Contest - Response
Here is the poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1806 - 1861

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth...

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Categories: love,

Premium Member Insidious
I feel your presence in the air  

A lingering void

Your step is your demise

Cloaked by your arrogance

Dominant illusions is the goal

 You will lose...

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Categories: deep, destiny, farewell, truth,

Premium Member God's Christmas Angel
God’s Christmas Angel

God’s Christmas Angel is full of His love; 
A Guardian to those lost to His light.
Restore them to God’s path of divine right,

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Categories: angel, devotion, faith, god,

I Lost My Love's Ship
The news came to me as hell
On your fake ship my sails fell 
You broke my heart 
Wafted from you treason smell   ...

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Categories: courage, crush, feelings, hurt,

be my girl
Be my girl

Make me whole again. Take my love .hold my hand lets drink love
And lose ourselves into love. Girl lets for once forget about...

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Categories: allusion, beautiful, crazy, crush,