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Freedom Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Freedom Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Freedom. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Freedom poems written by international poets.

Mystic Colour's Blight
If amber green haze may comfort me now,
in the pit of distress without counsel. 
And rampant me strength from this soulless life, 
where one is...

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Categories: anxiety, depression, faith, freedom,

My Mortal Muse My wife
To my love of nigh four decades of bliss,
I can't take you with me you've life to live,
live it, let love be your guide, be remiss!

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Categories: iambic pentameter, freedom, love, muse, poetry,

My First English Poem
A Realization

Once upon a time, a baby was born
In a small town near the green mountains. 
He was living life off from thorn.
Blessed! But he’s...

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Categories: god, heaven,

Premium Member Free to Write
why criticize when you don't even know
the pain inside I feel, I do not show
you just assume and think that it's alright
to voice opinions though...

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Categories: freedom, poetry, , literature,

Genghis Khan
Ride, ride, ride thou figure from the East
In thy curse hath many a mother wept
On thy brow the furrows of distant steppes
Yield unto a steely...

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Categories: adventure, education, history, writing,

Let Us Paint, World
What I am is a body of water,
I am fluid; always moving matter,
Eroding the earth I change the world
even if only the heart of a...

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Categories: confidence, creation, destiny, encouraging,

Listen And Obey
Silent words and invisible smiles now,
Rule the tiny world under your dark cowl, 
Teach its people to fear you, it's success!
Drain all the pus from...

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Categories: dark, evil, freedom, inspirational,

Lighthouse on the Rock
He lived on the stairs behind the old house,
Sheltered from the storms in his small retreat.
There were four wood steps shaded from the light;
This old...

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Categories: deep, feelings, freedom, growth,

Premium Member Distant Things
I think of distant things and start to cry.
Why must my heart be grieved by many miles?
To place where I was born, I will not...

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Categories: freedom,

Spirit's Journey
Spirit’s Journey 
I’m sailing on the sea upon a sunbeam; 
I’m hovering on a cloud that’s made of snow; 
I’m flying on an asteroid round...

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Categories: deep, heaven, universe,

Premium Member Press the Button
Now press that button, press it if you dare
Before you do that though, are you aware...
that when you press that button, you agree
That there are...

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Categories: freedom, humorous,

Timing is Everything
To balance on a bike

you've gotta keep moving



since we can't

always move


our lives will improve

if we learn just when

it's time time time

to put a...

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Categories: christian, dream, faith, father,

Premium Member Engraved upon his stone
She danced upon the ground above his grave.
Freedom had been the goal to be achieved!
Within his drink her poison had been placed.
For he was old...

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Categories: bereavement, celebration, farewell, relationship,

Broken Wings
As the sun arose in the eastern skies 
a fairy princess sits rubbing her eyes.
Yawning she glimpses her magical isle 
and her tiny lips, curl...

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Categories: beautiful, fairy, fantasy, freedom,

Societal Shackles
Have you pondered why the world still bleeds red
Despite how we see a need for a change?
"Wise" men will say; 'You want to change the...

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Categories: abuse, anger, angst, freedom,

At sunset on the gray suburban street,
The only sounds are sounds of scraping feet.
My dog and I tread slowly on the black
Asphalt. I feel something...

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Categories: freedom, dog, dog,

Stop Fighting
Relax and let the mind go. 
Stop fighting for freedom; 
As pointless as striving for structure. 
Resist, and opposition strengthens 
Contend to break free in...

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Categories: life


Book me a ticket I’m going to Nirvana
On through the dark tunnel into the light
Key the journey in my route planner
On the...

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Categories: inspirationalme, journey, me,

In and out
A young Shepardflees fascist Italy,
in a boat crossing a tereachorous sea.
His rudimentary education,
ending sheep in Abruzzi, Italy.
His venture, to seek a life of freedom,
on the...

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Categories: allegory

It started in Stirling, English blood was shed 
A hero was named, All around men lay dead 
The claymore was wielded against many a foe...

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Categories: lovehero, london, , cute,