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Guinea Pig Poems

Guinea Pig Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of guinea pig poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for guinea pig.

New Poems

Premium Member The Town Gossip Gets it Wrong Again
There is a gopher hiding in the gooseberry bushes,
Kaie, the town gossip told me.
I looked hard.
Got prickled by the bush’s thorns too.
Got bloody.
Hey! Someone said.
It was a snappily dressed gorilla. 

He was wearing a Stetson with a paisley hat band.
He...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th
Form: Narrative

Nature Finds A Way
The birds meet the morning with a song,
The guinea pig chirps for her food. 
The owl sleeps all day long,
The duck gathers her brood. 
Day in and day out, simplest routines. 
Animalistic survivors living in their means. 
I sit in...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, storm, stress, suicide,
Form: Rhyme
guinea pig test 2

                                       ...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, muse,
Form: Haiku
guinea pig test

                                       now...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, muse,
Form: Haiku
Skin Tag fiasco
So I found a small skin tag on my inner thigh a few weeks ago and me being the YouTube king ‘Do it yourself-er’ started researching on how to remove skin tags without going to a dermatologist. I came across...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, crazy, funny, giggle, hilarious, hurt, uplifting, vanity,
Form: Narrative

Lucubrations Fuels Ebullience
Unsolicited, revered, and praised
potential literary fete,
(yes a bit hyperbolic),
sans mine posted poems that perambulate
such feedback, whither donning trumped
("FAKE") facade, Oriel sincere

twittering, nonetheless tis great
for an ego striving to maintain
hum bull modesty, yet I hate
to be misperceived as
arrogant, boastful, pretentious,...wait
et cetera,...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, birth, celebration, devotion, encouraging, fun, howl, humor,
Form: Free verse
My Trip to Heaven
So, I took a trip to Heaven,
But I took the trip in my mind.
I wanted to see what it was like,
To leave you all behind.
When I arrived at the gates,
I could see the streets of gold….
I could see the mansions...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, heaven,
Form: Blank verse
PECO Philadelphia Electric Company
PECO (Philadelphia Electric Company)... 
wont get a red cent from me
(explained by following words you see)

No...not until the 
     bitter cold temperature, 
     sans iron maiden 
     (Polar Vortex) grips 
Southeastern Montgomery County 
     (Perkiomen Valley) Pennsylvania 
     will this foo fighting 
 ...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, adventure, death, fate, goodbye, humor, october, sleep,
Form: Free verse
from three miles away
the unmistakable sounds~
of howlers chorus  

a slithering snake. 
crushing prey without mercy~
green anaconda  

small eyed black caiman
twenty foot alligator  ~
watching and waiting 

waiting in the trees  
unsuspecting deer walks by~
a jaguar strikes ...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, animal, insect, nature, rainforest, river,
Form: Haiku

Nicotine paid 
by the experimental hour
Diseased lungs’ biopsy displayed
never made 
this lab rat’s attitude 
turn breath analyzer sour

Snuff was a lemon grass puff charmer,
in pursuit
of a higher dollar yield
for the tobacco crop corporate farmer

Double blind Snuff
loved to puff
the addictive, leafy...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, allegory, character, death, wisdom,
Form: Elegy

'Mummy' such a simple word, I used to hear it often.
'Mummy' a mellifluous sound which causes hearts to soften.
'Mummy, can I have a cat or guinea pig instead?'
'Mummy, can you read to me then tuck me up in bed?'
'Mummy' ;...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, mum, time,
Form: Couplet
Attica to Alcatraz

From sea to shining sea,
‘Merica ain’t never been nothin’ but
a prison for
angry black boys like me

Childish rage moved my hands,
hateful oppression reaction expression
made me feel iron containment

Understanding finally came,
when I began to reason as a man,
not a beast ... a...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, history, prison, slavery, truth,
Form: Bio
From Plantation to Implantation

Looks like dem old ugly chains
got a new modern face
Beauty upgrade ... high-end cosmetic tech;
low-cost dressed in labor modest, 
minimum maintentance convenience
From da delta plain sugar cane fields,
to the glamorous Silicon Valley hills:
Ancient bigotry of blood biochemistry
required some thinking ahead
Remove...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, imagery, slavery, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Boink Goes This Ratty Guinea Pig
Aye pride myself
     being sui generis 
     verb hose subject for a zoologist,
cuz webbed phalanges

     branch handsomely
     from mine feet and wrist,
where perforce great...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FACE OF PAIN -

I find hope from a small ray of sunshine
It's my comfort from God through distress
I can rest with some peace for the moment
And know that each day I am doing my best

I find strength when the sun shines upon me
And...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, betrayal, birth, blessing, faith, god, jesus, success,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Guinea Pig Is Dead
In 1985, we had three daughters.
They were 5, 10, and 11.
So life was fun, of course.
Each daughter had a gerbil.
Flopsy, Crumbone and Taylor.
Don’t ask me which is which.
They are rodents.

I broke my leg on a Thursday.
In 5 places, trying to...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, 7th grade, 8th grade, fun, funny, humor,
Form: I do not know?
Walk away
Cheap wine dimmed in the candle light thinking my life's bleak like her dreams keep cramping my sleep and I've had it with uncleaned teeth clamping when they bite like a dog with a lock jaw slamming tight.
Remote needs batteries...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, break up, courage, feelings, hip hop, wife,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Dear Santa, I Want
Dear Santa, I want a guinea pig,
One that can handle his sup.
I'd like one that can overeat,
And doesn't sleep belly up.

And, Dear Santa, our toilet won't flush,
It's really quite a wonder,
So could you bring for my mom,
A brand new toilet...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, animal, christmas, funny, holiday, humor, humorous, kid,
Form: Rhyme
Fabrics finding fabrications
A prawn masquerading as a peanut can be quite disturbing. So many times a peel is a garment used to shroud. A tentacle hidden. Here and there. Then to reappear with an often violent burst of becoming. A burst of...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, animal,
Form: I do not know?
Why, do we call it
Something it’s not
If we’re going to name things
Let’s give it, some thought

If it’s called a chilli
Then why is it so hot
And I can say this
A guinea pig, is not

A prairie dog
He only digs holes
But this dog...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, humorous, nature,
Form: Narrative
A goose tale is not a gooseberry
A goose in a noose got loose today. At last. At times he had watched as bodies of his fellow feathers had been brought out of the shed having walked in just fine. On the promise of a treat. And...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, baseball,
Form: I do not know?
Embrace Good Health
 Healthy people you better think twice. While you are feeling so good go out and enjoy your life.                     ...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, depression, encouraging, fate,
Form: Rhyme
On the run, again
Being chased by rogue police
I got to protest
That I’m innocent
I’m a law-abiding criminal
I mean citizen
On the last exit to wonderland
I ended up all banged up in hospital
After this constant battle
With guns and knives
Another one bites the dust
On...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, adventure, change, character, conflict, courage, deep, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Don't Do It
Don't jinx my janx,
don't stop my go
Don't criss my cross,
don't stem my flow

Don't try to hurt my heart,
don't try to make me love pain
Don't try to torture my mind,
don't try to play no sadistic game

Don't do it,
don't try to do...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, conflict, freedom, life, truth,
Form: Ballad
Big Pharma's Side Effects
I heard that Big Pharma's got
so much money in their greedy little hands,
that they are buying up hugh chunks 
of property across the land,
one of them in particular,
a popular honeymoon tourist attraction,
located on the NY Canadian border,
where honeymooners like to...Read More
Categories: guinea pig, health, humor, money,
Form: Light Verse