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New Poems

Fess up
Fess up! You demonic influx of tolerance on the balcony of desire! 
A pang is felt in a faint smile of an orphan that awakens senses.
I speak the prescriptions of the heart, provoking and extravagant,
While deprecating the intensity of defiance,...Read More
Categories: foresee, inspiration,
Form: Free verse

Unexpected Saviors, Part I
I am a quantum physicist,
and my name is Hamilton Kerr,
I am cursed with having knowledge
of what is going to occur.

Yes, I am talking time travel,
see I worked on a DARPA-team,
our job: to foresee the future,
a strategists ultimate dream.

We were considered...Read More
Categories: foresee, computer, future, humanity, sad, science fiction, time,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Eternally Grateful
Hebrews 13:15 – By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.

He is the wisdom that gives me the chance
To learn and grow and...Read More
Categories: foresee, blessing, christian, faith, god, inspirational, jesus, joy,
Form: Free verse
The Crystal Ball

He is like that, mild and choosy,
He will not change
Till he runs out of options.

Out of the three,
He chose the crystal ball,
He had learnt to foresee the future.

The present makes fun of him,
Gives him intense pain;
He can hide his pain
And...Read More
Categories: foresee, courage,
Form: Free verse
I had a dream
of meeting a prince charming
or a killer queen
then one day, when I was fifteen
I beheld the person who filled me up with glee

I finally found the person for me
wouldn't want anyone by my side but he
his heart...Read More
Categories: foresee, cute, cute love, gender, identity, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Adios, Summer
You brought joy to our longing souls

How we cherished thy languid days

Thy bright sun and blooming flora

And thy life-sustaining showers

Yet, thy season was all too brief

Winter storms we foresee with dread

Oh! How we yearn for thy return

Entry for nette onclaud's...Read More
Categories: foresee, seasons, summer,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cancer at Twenty Eight
Cancer at Twenty-Eight
(alive at Eighty)
Written: by Miracle Man

A diagnosis of Cancer,
Had me at life’s turning point.
I sought the face of Jesus,
Believing He’d anoint.
All I saw were steep odds, 
Stacked against my person.
And without divine help,
 My situation would worsen.
I sought...Read More
Categories: foresee, cancer,
Form: Lyric
The Way up is Down
Being Desperate to succeed,
Means desperate to foresee.

To foresee the rudiments of success,
On steady look and not on swift races.

Though sense organs react to tranny's pains,
If they endure, it results to plenty gains.

As tolerance life's span has no limit,
That's why success...Read More
Categories: foresee, allusion, anger, blessing, books, care, character, courage,
Form: ABC
Catalyst dreams
catalyst- a substance serving as the agent in catalysis
              anything bringing about or hastening a result

           ...Read More
Categories: foresee, change, creation, dream, future, growth, mental illness,
Form: I do not know?
A Moments Glance
Today I watched a couple, shop for a ring
The tenderness of new love, a life, a dream.

I remembered the newness of love first
known and how through the years we
stand and look back on how it has grown.

I thought of how...Read More
Categories: foresee, heart, hope, love, marriage,
Form: Rhyme
The Reality of depressions hold
The Reality of Depressions Hold

The heart throbs with every beat it yearns to be loved,

To feel that butterfly flutter of affection, a touch of love,

The soul yearns and searches for happiness and comfort,

To feel at home, to feel at peace...Read More
Categories: foresee, anxiety, deep, depression, emotions, mental illness, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Silent sleeping song
For this is it, it’s all I am.
I can’t foresee the future - there’s no master plan.
Days go by unnoticed to the world.
Thoughts stay silent and secret in the little worlds.

How many dreams we have that can’t come true.
How many...Read More
Categories: foresee, age, care, devotion, growth, life, love, wife,
Form: Free verse
Death, Death And Death
I see the death everyday
Death in relations
Death in religion and faith
Death of man in man
Everyday, everywhere, every moment
Death, death and death.

I experience the death around me
Millions and billions of ceremonies
The smoke on maps of mankind
Death in temple and streets
Death in...Read More
Categories: foresee, death, irony, society,
Form: Blank verse
I saw the underground imaginary place of my generation destroyed
how I mourned the afterword.
Does the afterword make you shiver?
when I think of the animality, I foresee a natural necessity.
An animality is dishonorable, 
it’s colored it’s yellowish, however. 
you take my...Read More
Categories: foresee, political,
Form: Political Verse
How Much Joy
Having everything you need,
  how much richer could you get

Feeling everything God given,
  how much luckier even yet

Knowing everything presented,
  how much smarter might you be

Your life shared with then another
  —how much joy could you...Read More
Categories: foresee, prayer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Not My Intent
I realize that I have hurt you.
Please know it was not my intent.
But what we sometimes do.
May have lasting effects we never meant.

Although you may not believe me.
At least listen to what I have to say.
I was insensitive, I did...Read More
Categories: foresee, feelings, forgiveness, meaningful, sorrow, truth,
Form: Quatrain
The Curtain of Pain Fell Upon Us
Scream, Vomit, Cry, and Cuss
As the curtain of pain fell upon us
  Yet it covered nothing for me
Each person outside still peered inside
     ~   my soul to see  ~
It persisted, It literally...Read More
Categories: foresee, betrayal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What about me
I heard ‘sorry for your loss”
I replied’ thank you for your condolence”

Is my life also over?
It is for the departed
Is life now worth living? 
I am so broken hearted.

No words to hear
Or touches to feel
Life is a burden
It’s so unreal.

A...Read More
Categories: foresee, faith,
Form: Rhyme
Reaching out to you -
Can you hear my voice,
on the other side?
I call quietly out to reach your ear, 
and hope your heart will listen.
I don't care to reach the masses, 
just one just you will do.
I'm a solitude writer, 
as company can crowd...Read More
Categories: foresee, absence, adventure, analogy, appreciation,
Form: Prose
Isn't it a pity
labour in obscurity
for modern maturity
stashing more security
for unknown futurity

of planned paternity
some clothes for maternity
stay in indemnity
for here to eternity

live not in enmity
foresee the calamity
there is no deformity
in displaying conformity...Read More
Categories: foresee, family, future, work,
Form: Monorhyme
Is That It
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 2/24/2019

went around to the outskirts of the country
and it smells of babyhood
a reminiscence of poems
about the stream and with Konopnicka*
from the sad chamber

the lucky ones 
walk around in the glow of the spotlight
look - like wedding
guests...Read More
Categories: foresee, philosophy, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Feelings Of Passion
The coolness of my basement makes me hyped
And the warmth of heaters makes me depressed.
The presence of my family makes me stressed,
Yet the remembrance of my semi-lover
Is what makes me foresee 
The ripening of my arousing essence.
I am who I...Read More
Categories: foresee, crush, lust, passion,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member My Recognition of Hope
I hold confidence that my life shall be showered in ivory dreams, 
especially when my life is not as kind as it seems.
When I fail, I shall fail with pride, as my awesome Creator redeems.
I shall believe that I will...Read More
Categories: foresee, hope,
Form: Rhyme
Flesh and blood-Ian Munywe©
Though I do not say,
I can see.
Though I am mum,
I take notice.
Though I am still,
I tremble.
Though I do not sing,
I can hear.
Though I stay,
I could be leaving.
than later.
Though I transgress,
I am seeking redemption.
Though I seek truth,
I lie.
Though...Read More
Categories: foresee, childhood, inspiration, inspirational, life,
Form: Free verse
The Eightieth Trimester, Part II
Hux said,"My mother realized
that I was a being apart,
but if you’re all sure I’m a mistake,
then please, come stab me in the heart.”

To ensure that he drove home his point
he then pulled out his pocket knife,
said,”Back then nobody wanted me,
so...Read More
Categories: foresee, abortion, conflict, courage, culture, growth, political, truth,
Form: Narrative