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Love For Him Poems

These Love For Him poems are examples of For Him poems about Love. These are the best examples of For Him Love poems written by international poets.

Loving You Is Easy
Holding you is tranquil
Holding you is calm
Holding you is wonderful
Soft and safe and warm

Kissing you is magical
Kissing you is dreamy
Kissing you is perfect
How is was...

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Categories: for him, appreciation, cute love, emotions,

Premium Member My child
My child…

My child newborn
	Feels earthly warmth
	My joy abounds.

My child now young
	Hears yes, no, maybe
	My sky’s the limit.
My child gains stature
	Sees viewpoints, images, illusions
	My world surrounds.


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Categories: for him, abortion, birth, children, for

Name your light
All those stars out there tonight.
Billions of miles of fading light.

All those hearts out there tonight.
Billions of tears and a billion smiles.

Raindrops fall then disappear.

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Categories: for him, beautiful, courage, for her,

Premium Member Libby Was Christened
Cicada shell needed discarding, fast
Desperately ready for what she will become 
Stepping rapidly out of her pitchy past
Towards freshness, her chance to succumb 

Wavered mirage...

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Categories: for him, adventure, beautiful, blessing, emotions,

I Love You
I Love You

I love you and you love me,
We came together,
It was meant to be...
You opened my eyes,
You opened my heart,
Which God gave you from...

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Categories: feelings, for him,

Flesh covered by dark brown skin
Teeth that could outshine The Great Sun 
Voice deep like right-side piano keys 
A laugh created by Gods 
Facial hair...

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© Toni Abner  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, emotions, for him,

so much for staying strong
i dont know what to do, im an absolute mess.
his heart is of gold and his eyes of perfection.
thing is, i am not easy to...

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Categories: for him,

Words Shroud My Memory
Words shroud my memory 
Of late spring that we broke
The glasses of wine 
With beauty so bespoke

Words shroud my memory
Of the time we last met
The benign soul 

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Categories: deep, for him, heartbreak,

Premium Member We Felt Sorry For Him
We felt sorry for him; he was out of work and related.
So we gave him a job. It was our pleasure. 
Then he took advantage...

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Categories: for him, sad love,

Premium Member FIRST CRUSH-
She just called me  "handsome"  guess I'm feeling warm all over I am not blushing

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr © 2020...

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Categories: appreciation, encouraging, for him,

Knife sinks deep, 
I no longer want to sleep,
Little lacerations,
My heart weeps,
Blood droplets like tears,

 absorb into my skin,
Love begins only to soon end.


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Categories: for him, absence, boyfriend, conflict, cry,

A Poem You Never Read
To a man I've been loving
more than ten lunar eclipse,
In a cold morning and in a tranquill nights. 
You just never know, the most heartbreaking

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© Awfa Rabya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: fate, for him, heartbreak,

Premium Member Four Leaf Clover
In the soldiers' honor burial grounds in March,
of a love who passed, and sleeps with 
brethren of the uniform,
I knelt in springtime grasses lovingly,
and found...

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Categories: america, bereavement, for him,

Greatest love story never written
Feeling alone as if my soul were ripped in to, and made to scour the Earth searching desperately to fill this void. 

No matter even...

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Categories: bereavement, for him, loneliness,

Doing Job's time
"Doing Job's time"

I try to run but it keeps following me, running out of breath and out of stamina it grabs me and l deteriorate....


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Categories: for him, betrayal, christian, deep, for