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Fly Poems

Fly Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of fly poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for fly.

New Poems

Avian Art

The day breaks on the edge of azure sea,
squalling seagulls sip the morning sunshine.
Flapping feathered wings in cadence of glee,
venture out for prey far from the shoreline.

Squalling seagulls sip the morning sunshine,
gliding through the satin sheen of brine air,
venture out...Read More
Categories: fly, bird, imagery, sea,
Form: Pantoum

Premium Member What Causes Me to Love a Poem
What Causes Me to Love a Poem

What causes me to love a poem 
Is one that lingers in my mind, 
A poem of a kindred spirit kind,
The kind that makes me feel at home.

A solemn poem that makes me cry,
Or...Read More
Categories: fly, love, poetry,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
I Am Envious of the Sky Bird
It all began one afternoon

The ground was hot and the world seemed bounded
But up the sky the boastful sky bird glided gaily
Enjoying the boundless splendour of the universe
Huh! If only I had wings like that bird!
The bird heard me, swooped...Read More
Categories: fly, allegory, anger, bird, imagery, jealousy,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Foraging Bee
out for a heartfelt flutter

for bits of bread and butter

in a cool light rain shower 

for ought to get under cover

before caught in a shutter


The honey bees are good at predicting the weather. In fact, honey bees seem to be...Read More
Categories: fly, flower, rain,
Form: Rhyme
Words of A Dying God, Part IV
...‘But for existence to continue on
a deity must always exist,
and each will consume all that went before,
then remake it, so that all will persist.

‘That is why you die, and why you struggle,
and though the process seems ugly and cruel,
one of...Read More
Categories: fly, depression, god, life, sad, spiritual, universe, wisdom,
Form: Epic

Premium Member Candlelight

Candlelight burns in this quiet space
I imagine the smile, glowing on your face
I feel you are here, from many miles away
As the sun has returned to brighten the day
Kiss me like there is no tomorrow
Let’s share love to eliminate sorrow
Let’s...Read More
Categories: fly, dream, feelings, light, love,
Form: Rhyme

Ahh, romance from the hand of God -
Oh how does he keep finding more ways
To stoke and stir the scents of perfection,
To dab perfume on pulse points each day.

Good Mornings and Good Nights released
Like lovebirds from a...Read More
Categories: fly, tribute,
Form: Rhyme
Vacationing Fly
A fly on vacation calls home to complain:
The weather’s fine, sunshine and blue sky,
just as the brochure guaranteed every fly.
To my appetite, dogs are plentiful
but leashed, owners scrupulously dutiful,
carry poop bags, so there’s not a scrap
of fresh dog doo anywhere....Read More
Categories: fly, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member The Sheep Before Christmas
'Twas the night before Christmas and all were asleep,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a sheep.
The cattle were snoozing, the pigs were at rest
And the chickens were settled asleep on the nest.

Apart from some snoring the night air was...Read More
Categories: fly, adventure, animal, christmas, december, fantasy, farm, night,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Fly On The Wall
I am a fly upon the wall
Of the White House Oval Office,
Secretly listening to all
The interesting White House gossip,
And that was how one day I heard -
I swear that I heard Dubya say -
Although I know it sounds absurd:
"You know,...Read More
Categories: fly, america, confusion, house, insect, september,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Rendezvous
The Rendezvous 

He sat in a yellow chair 
staring through an open window,
staring to the distant west with lights bobbing 
in a shifting sea of emerging fog,
He saw thick black power lines 
stretching across the trees out back,
Stretching and reaching...Read More
Categories: fly, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Four minutes to do what you want
What ya gonna do?
Listen to a pop song
Get half a blow job
Smoke a cigarette
Drive round the block
Read two pages of a book
Do fifty press-ups
Recite a poem or two
Watch most of Tom and Jerry 
Fly...Read More
Categories: fly, conflict, farewell, military, society,
Form: Blank verse
Never Forgotten
Tears still drop memories replayed heart string pulling old still new
For the heart knows no better for the taste is bitter alone 
Time heals all wounds so they say still rock the scare that represents 
A past so deeply rooted...Read More
Categories: fly, absence, angel, appreciation,
Form: Blank verse
I wish I could fly
I wish that I could fly.
I would do back flips in the sky.
I'd be superman Lois' hero.
Dashing through restaurants grabbing a churro.
One bad thing though, I might get struck by lightning.
That would be very frightning....Read More
Categories: fly, funny,
Form: Rhyme
Soar And Fly


Topic: Poetess (Safiyyah Manjra)
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: fly, poetess,
Form: Acrostic

The monk was nursing trees in the monastery
when the king came up the hill with a query.
The monk smiled on King’s query.
Can you bring peace in my mind?
In a low tone the monk spoke,
My child, none can bring peace for...Read More
Categories: fly, peace,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Living By The Sword

It seems to me that my life has been a war,
since a little girl I have held a warning sword;
all sorts of bullies I have had to endure,
and loneliness has been my sweet reward.

My sword is not a dagger but...Read More
Categories: fly, life,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sky Blue
Today the summer sky is wearing
a dress of clear, brilliant blue,
adorned by a golden sun,
and trimmed with tiny clouds
of unblemished white,
and in the sky,
on this day,
birds fly

December 10 2019
"Blue Dress"
Sponsor: Anthony Slausin...Read More
Categories: fly, bird, blue, day, environment,
Form: Nonet
Premium Member A world tomorrow
As I watch the sun descend from view,
cast shadows across the land anew, 
Floating warehouses engulf the sky
thus the shadows never die.

The drones which fill the evening air,
aren’t drones of old to thus compare,
but silent, programmed to communicate,
delivering goods and...Read More
Categories: fly, future, life,
Form: Rhyme
Will I fly free
I want to fly free like a bird 
Breaking this wall of Jericho into dust,
Transcending my limitations and boundaries above the sky
Escaping from this miserable prison I just want to fly.

All those catapults of prying eyes on my flesh
Each and...Read More
Categories: fly, 12th grade, abuse,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member SHE GREW UP
Her parents use to read her Fairy Tales
she remember their voices…
their joy…
their laughter
which is why, she imagines, she grew up
believing in happily ever after.

She believes in bears that talk…
in trees that dance…
in wizards who can fly...
She believes a kiss can...Read More
Categories: fly, dream, happy,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Contagious Laughter Lost Tempers
If You Live By The Sword 
Then You Die By The Sword 
          How do you explain that to a child?
Do on to others as they do on to you.

An audience...Read More
Categories: fly, children,
Form: Free verse
17 little poems

A bird blares in the garden,
he creates the gorgeous world.
when the peom stayed 
in a lonely dewy twig,
he turned pale face to mourn
for those withered dream.
Oh,winter comes,he doesn't fly,
He just want to be a quietist

I just want my poem
could be...Read More
Categories: fly, addiction, beautiful, love, simple,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Who
writes with emotion, imagery, compassion, and depth
and reaches out to readers of poetry
with verses, rhymes, and forms . . . 
leaving tears on pages written, words that fly, and truths
and fears of the unknown, and love of the unknown- ...Read More
Categories: fly, poets,
Form: Bio
Premium Member What I want for Christmas
	meal for two
	hat, coat and shoes
	with a door and 
	a good roof to stop the rain.
	and keep out the sound of bombs and bullets
	place to bear my baby
	and a warm crib to...Read More
Categories: fly, christmas,
Form: Concrete