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Firework Poems

Firework Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about fireworks. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for firework.

New Poems

Premium Member Eternal embrace
When I met you for the first time
In a rose garden down the road
You were dancing with joy, 
Slow-motion, eyes closed,
To the rhythm of a music sleek
Orchestrated by the vibes 
In shades pumping your heart.
Engrossed in my solitude
But uplifted by...Read More
Categories: firework, dream, emotions, fantasy, lonely, love,
Form: Free verse

The past that is never to happen again
If you as trying to forget your past 
so you could move on, then you ought
to fail and stuck in the same life
as a result you will blame yourself for things
you could and couldn't control and there is nothing you...Read More
Categories: adventure, firework,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member How I Welcomed The New Year 2020
I was nursing a Metamusel Cocktail to keep me on the go,

When I fell asleep in my Lazy-Boy 'round nine o'clock or so.

'Round midnight my clock chimes 'wakened me with a start,

And stumbling over the cat in the dark, to...Read More
Categories: firework, humorous, new year,
Form: Rhyme
Quiet New Year's Eve
Quiet New Year's Eve 
sudden bursts of fireworks 
startle sleeping dogs...Read More
Categories: dog, firework, new year,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member WINTERWORKS

Starlight explosion entertains cherubic-cheeked Moonpie,
Arrayed in soothing baby blue receiving blanket pure sky,
whilst the Winterworks whistles a New Year’s Eve Lullaby.

A snow princess in pink, shadily winks at the blond guy.
The Christmas surprise will morph into a Spring butterfly.
On Independence...Read More
Categories: baby, firework, love,
Form: Monorhyme

Out The Window
Out the Window 

Summer sun
Blaze flames of fury 
Amongst smoke and ashes 
On barbecue pits
Around the corner 
On dog days

The brightest star 
Cling closest to our hearts 
And drip sweat down our backs
Our pores let out steam 
Sticking to our...Read More
Categories: beach, birth, butterfly, color, death, firework, halloween,
Form: Free verse
It was one firework night
The Lucifers they wouldn't light
It was a joke
Just lots of smoke
So everyone just had a fight...Read More
Categories: firework, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Scented Leaves
Gold leaves are stirring 
Beneath my soles, scented leaves 
Like warm gingerbread wakes 
Prepping for the day 
Families give thanks 

See frost white cement 
Reminding me of cookies 
Oh the batches and tins 
This is how we know 
Christmas soon...Read More
Categories: celebration, christmas, family, firework, holiday, new years
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Alone
Even though I’ve chosen to be alone for a while and am just for now,
My heart knows where I am in this time that carries me forward
Things can be displaced, and yet I continue to feel a stillness
That relieves me...Read More
Categories: change, color, firework, life,
Form: Free verse
Annoying Neighbour
An annoying neighbour
Lives a few houses down
A neighbour has no concern
for people living around him
Celebrations holidays until dawn
It goes on until 4 in the morn
Followed the sane the next day
Plays music so loud all evening
One can have a party for...Read More
Categories: change, firework, night, people,
Form: Sonnet
Candy Pop Sugar Life
Around the corner of lolly purple pink
Mountains rise suspended in the air
Immortality circles by the sea
Soft and pleasant is the weather 
Treacle company in bunny love set sail
Cling to one another warm and cuddly
Ships with golden light unfurl like doves
Wings...Read More
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beautiful, firework, life, love, silly,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lake Winnipesaukee
Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire
Today it was filled with waves across the bay
It seems like the ocean when it gets moving this way
Surrounded by distant mountains, worth visiting to see
The ducks and loon are hiding as...Read More
Categories: firework, beauty, fun, peace, water,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member New Years Eve in Australia
Hot summer, holiday season:
Shopping done, we focus on fun,
Another year is the reason.
Hot summer - holiday season –
Humid, cloud, ninety degrees in,
Hot summer, holiday season;
Shopping done, we focus on fun.

Thunder and  light’ning New Year’s Eve, 
Mingled with fireworks is...Read More
Categories: firework, new year,
Form: Triolet
In the dark, black of the sky,
See fireworks of many cool colors
While hearing the joyful, loud, 
Sound to enjoy fourth of July....Read More
Categories: color, firework, joy,
Form: Free verse
Kentucky's River City
Awakened by a fleeting shower,
weatherman’s prediction: “It’s a go!”
Derby Festival’s kick-off hour – 
airshow / fireworks on the Ohio.
Thunder o'er Louisville, my best op
to display my skill as an artist.
Tourists / locals drop by my street shop
to watch me draw...Read More
Categories: 11th grade, april, art, day, firework,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Crowds Can Be Scary

Crowds can be scary, become a violent band
It doesn't take a lot to turn ugly, to get out of hand
Just takes one to start it
Hell breaks out, it's retarded
Mob rule takes over instead of playing in the sand

...Read More
Categories: firework,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Freedom Is
Freedom Is

What we all desire
Scripture writers and
Constitution writers 
Writers of many stripes
They all know well
To play with this word
In their compositions..
Their implication is
(Those many writers)
We need their advice 
To reach that freedom
Of which they speak..
And  apparently many do
Need those...Read More
Categories: firework, freedom,
Form: Bio
Premium Member IF EVER I HAD A COUNTRY: LXXIX - Bang Bang Who Shot Me Down Like An Un-Licensed Dog
IF EVER I HAD A COUNTRY: LXXIX -  Bang! Bang! Who Shot Me Down like an Un-licensed Dog !

IF ever I had a country, a country certainly 
not subject to the whistle of a Woman Referee -- even of...Read More
Categories: america, fantasy, firework, humor, power, war,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Tree Vine
Say the max,
get the hey away from it,
resolve resolve,
come fresh and clean.

Sojourn with the bong.

Get it to be torn.

Swet it out all along.

Bang the booty to be born.

Smooth as pickles,
paper scratches......Read More
Categories: absence, beauty, firework, fishing, happiness, inspirational, money,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Because
You are my hero!

You make me better than I am,
   push me to be better than,
   I ever dreamed I could be. 

I appreciate small things more,
  think somewhat less,
...Read More
Categories: firework, love, muse, peace, soulmate, together, valentines
Form: Free verse
Premium Member red-splattered existence
pain, red fireworks
exploding, burning, searing —
hours, days, months, years.

July 12, 2019
...Read More
Categories: firework, pain, red,
Form: Haiku
Happy Fourth of July, Or Happy Independence Day
Happy Fourth Of July, Or Happy Independence Day

On this day we celebrate and commemorate the birth of our nation, The United States of America's Independence from Great Britain's monarchical hold and liberty's triumph
Congress voting in favor of Richard Henry Lee's...Read More
Categories: america, birthday, celebration, firework, food, freedom, fun,
Form: List
Premium Member 4th of July in My Hometown
The 4th of July in my hometown is
Bigger than Christmas 
Because all of the non-townies come home

It is bigger than Homecoming
There is a carnival, and a parade.
The high school band plays.

Concession stands all over the town square
Sell things we can...Read More
Categories: firework, july,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Military FireWork
He said the undiplomatic cost
to all of us freedom celebrators,
to firstborn sons and daughters,
to last born future children,
would be far less
than its liberating value.

Value for and against whom?

Value for and against what healthy purpose?

Value for and against which wealthy constituents?

He...Read More
Categories: firework, bullying, hate, health, independence day, integrity, military,
Form: Political Verse
Death of Independence Day
The nation of independence with claims of peace
succumbs to the boast of the tyrant,
with a parade of destruction's tools.

Equipment used to smash, obliterate and snuff out life
with civilian collateral damage no one will discuss
or even acknowledge, are worshiped.
Tanks, jets...Read More
Categories: celebration, firework, independence day,
Form: Free verse