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New Poems

Misery accompanied haltered tethered tattered web
Misery accompanied, haltered, tethered... tattered web

This health conscious lx year
roam'n, hoodwinking hoodlum doth wear
two pair bullet proof underwear,
(which confession rarely trumpeted),
plus yours truly admits unclear
why tibia long in the tooth fellow,

prevaricates with tongue in cheek oh contraire
good n plenti humor...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, 11th grade, 12th grade, creation, dark, earth,
Form: Political Verse

Surrender Into Obliviousness level uno
Gray matter subjected to accumulate
incessant overall slack heavily larded
earlier in marriage, viz Zison clan
evicted Harris family,
whose hardship unemployment did exacerbate,
neither me nor birth mother worked

both this sir, and mum mate
afflicted with psychological disability
where physiological torture did subjugate
our respective physical beings...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, adventure, bereavement, conflict, grief, journey, longing, suicide,
Form: Personification
Within My Quasi Immediate Environs number 2
     self to expound,
whereby scrawling how painful
     eye experience,
     where 21st century
     urban jungle doth abound
     to exacerbate anxiety and...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
How Floe Nice Tubby In The Throes
How... Floe N'ice Tubby In The Throes...
(breaking free of writer's block)

Asper this instance,
     when a dearth of ideas 
     like a charred bait oven
    finds me looking Bach
at drawing...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Jump Through A Rope
Jump Through A Rope

Ropes may be used to jump through;
After you have done more than a few,
Faster and faster;
A major disaster;
Will become tired like most people do.

Jim Horn

Not Freeze and Comfortable Breeze

Euripides please warm things up and not freeze,
And even...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

Loves Lost Time
A thunderous rumbling, 
lightning flashing 
all within my troubled brain,
I wander in a daze, 
afraid of crashing.
The cause is plain,
I must see you again.

The passing years,
where each does live,
In joy and Sorrow,
and happiness spent,
Each with another,
who of themselves did give,
repaid...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, desire, lost love,
Form: Verse
Why die so soon
Why die so soon when there is so much to see?
so much to learn and someone to be
Why cry over words thrown out by an acerbic tongue, 
why hang yourself up when there are so many discoveries to be done?
why...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, suicide,
Form: Lyric
Exacerbate School
I never reallie knew the difference between ap and cp but I was never giving credit respectfully

I ask the difference between play basketball on concerta version playing on full court must be the grading scale because the ball bounce well...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, art, love,
Form: Verse
What bound my soul is as hard as bromite
i might not be so intricate with words 
i leave sixth sense condescending
my metaphors absolutely power driven
you'd be using Greek mythology if you tying to describe me
like a deadly earthquake i erupt...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, addiction,
Form: Free verse

To the ground, plastics, papers and metals
To the mixture, scrap, damaged tires and dirty pieces of cloth
Amid natural ecosystems
From whose laxation natural escapes
The flammable methane gas

Triatomic is the altered range of oxygen by the action
Of electric shocks on the heights
Whose...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, angst,
Form: Free verse
A Cambridge Lamentation
This place is always a little lonely 
At the weekends...no noise and life, 
I like solitude, 
But not in places 
Where's there's recently been 
A lot of people.

Reclusiveness protects you 
From nostalgia, 
And you can be as nostalgic 
In relation...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, christmas, city, england, loneliness, lonely, love, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Global drama of medical Marijuana
I feel as if walking inside
an impressionistic painting, that too in 3D
as far as I can see, a world of dots and light
the same as what I’m made of.
I see summer in spring.
My eyes touch the sky and sky me.
I...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, depression,
Form: Free verse
Tale of a Vainglorious King
Blinded by vanity 
a king has no hope, only a pugilistic mind. 
He speaks his urbane opinions carelessly 
berating all others; he leaves their broken hearts behind. 
Since he himself has no hope, he crushes the hopes of those he...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, vanity,
Form: Ballad
No Mercy for the Pizza Delivery
This is something that cannot be denied:
If there is a torrential rain or a blizzard outside,
most people telephone for a pizza delivery.
Those conditions exacerbate the job’s drudgery.
Those are the times when most people make the call.
It seems like the phone...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, business, work,
Form: Rhyme
A walking cradle
A scaffold
Just support

Underpinnings are cushions of support.
We exacerbate to defeat negative thoughts.
We want success because this soothes our words.

Impaired from those that know how to hinder when moving forward, is a liaison to destroy.
A philosophical standard is not...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, america, career, community, encouraging, faith, happiness, introspection,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Road Rage
Roaring round roads raucously  
Orally overtly offending operators
Acrid antagonistic adjectives aired
Defiantly daring distracted drivers

Ranting raving railing
Aggravate annoy atrocious
Gregarious gone Goebbels
Exacerbate engage enrage

...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, people, social
Form: Acrostic
Growing UP
abominate, abhor, abuse, admonish, adumbrate, afflict, advance,
agitate, agonize, alcohol, announce, approach, awaken, bait, bark,
bawl, bedamn, bedevil, berate, betoken, bluster, bode, bother, break,
brew, browbeat, bully, caution, censure, chide, clutter, comminate,
complain, complicate, confuse, cow, crucify, DAD, damage, daughter,
deplore, detest, devil, disarray, disorder,...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, angst, childhood, confusion, depression, father, sad
Form: Free verse
A Misanthrope
The shape I am
Whom you reflect upon me
And where we actually belong

In times of prejudice
In times of conflict
You exacerbate the lives we live
In demolition, you retrograde all
And in conclusion

You eradicate many.

You made me a Misanthrope
And everybody else
Where we hate
And...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, life, peace, sad, prejudice,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Empty Page
It need not rhyme, it need not flow
It need no essence of truth
Just proliferate, exaggerate
And be sure to convolute
With flexous and circuitous jargon, fruiton soon to find
Scholars will praise your erudition,and vilipend the simple of mind

It need not passion, it...Read More
Categories: exacerbate, on writing and words, people, philosophy, time,
Form: Rhyme