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Ballet Dance Poems

These Ballet Dance poems are examples of Dance poems about Ballet. These are the best examples of Dance Ballet poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Dancer Annoys Grandma
Table top dancer was as graceful as every hippo I knew
She did a waltz, a ballet, and an old familiar soft shoe
The people at the...

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Categories: dance,

Ballet, beer and bees.
It's good to keep the Bs together.
The Bs can be good company.

Ballet, we watch; beer, we quaff;
bees, we keep; veil, we wear.

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Categories: dance, drink, games,

Premium Member Smooth Performance
smooth elegance
harmonious, fluid
passionate, majestic, rhythmic

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Categories: dance,

Premium Member Immortal Ballet
Just lay back and I’ll be your atlas 
let’s explore the craters of Saturn;
Beauty lies in so smokey a burn
erupting into perfect stained glass;

Wild rose...

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Categories: beauty, dance, feelings,

	IN THE NIGHTS OF TIME. By: Godwill Larry. December 23, 2023.

	People dance in life, unrestricted by a single melody; 
a tapestry woven with threads of...

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Categories: dance, adventure, allusion, analogy, extended

Ballet In Time
In loops of time, a dance unfolds,
Reversible dynamics, tales retold.
Curves closed in time's embrace,
A journey through the temporal space.

Past and future intertwine,
Echoes of moments, a...

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Categories: dance, 12th grade,

Premium Member When Butterflies Dance to Moon's Song
Curving, swirling, in moonlit stance, butterflies merrily dance,
Undulating tenor of nocturnal music, beneath stellar expanse,
When celestial orchestra plays, occult notes of galactic tune,
As titillations of...

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Categories: dance, butterfly, love, moon,

Premium Member Urban Ballet: Komorebi's Dance
Beneath the city's concrete awning,
Sunlight pirouettes through the urban sprawl.
A danseuse of shadows on an asphalt stage,
Nature's pulsations thrum through it all.

Skyscrapers, leviathan bellwethers,
Forge an...

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Categories: dance, appreciation, confidence, language, light,

Premium Member Fluttering in Moonlight
Their fluttering starts in moonlight
When Luna reaches zenith height
She croons as butterflies take flight
Magical night         Magical night


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Categories: butterfly, dance, moon,

Premium Member Fractured Footles 1257
Extremely Fractured Footles.

Grose art
Faint heart

Write poem
Rhyme time

Compose song
Sing along

Opening night
Stage fright

Break leg Superstition
Big Audition

Ballet dance
On toes prance

Gymnast Cartwheel
No big deal

Tap dancer approaches
Kill those roaches

Featherweight fighter

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Categories: dance,

Premium Member To Dance In Fall
The falling leaves serenade and ballet 
Whilst the harvest moon slowly waves good-bye 
The sky; a straw-like yellow chardonnay 
As the "Good morning" sun rises...

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Categories: dance, autumn,

Premium Member Born To Dance
Born wearing ballet shoes
without knowing,
far in the deep nature, 
in the Sakhalin Islands,
a ballet star opened his eyes
for the first time.

Warmed by the love of...

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Categories: absence, allegory, blessing, dance,

Spectral Dance of Twilight
In the crepuscular embrace, where day and night entwine,
Dances a spectral ballet, in a twilight so divine.
Shadows caress the amber light, where contrasts boldly play,

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Categories: dance, nature,

Premium Member - The Swan Princess -
                       Every day...

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Categories: beauty, dance, music,

Premium Member Ballet of Living Light
One day in a trance meditation state,
ego fell like a dead leaf from a tree,
even as rhythm of bliss magnetism chaste,
frolicked amidst lilac flowers carefree.


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Categories: autumn, dance, love, purple,