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Ballet Dance Poems

These Ballet Dance poems are examples of Dance poems about Ballet. These are the best examples of Dance Ballet poems written by international poets.

Dance of the Windchimes
A unique and unrehearsed lullaby 
That wind and storms amplify 
A confined and precise ballet
That illuminate in shadow-play
A sun-kissed and bright sail
That awaits a melodic...

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Categories: childhood, dance, happiness, life,

Premium Member The Dance Of Love

How does one describe true love
But a feeling deep down in our soul
Intangible, a mystery, a true enigma
Just actors playing a role

It's why the world...

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Categories: dance, love,

Space Odyssey Of Love

Two drifting hearts 
pining to be one,
hover on the convergent surge 
of the winds of yearning.
Once fused, the primal passion 
drives their propulsion,
taking them to...

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Categories: body, dance, desire, space,

Premium Member The Trumpeter's Ballet

How popular is the big attraction today
By all accounts, it's “The Trumpeters Ballet”
It's classified first-rate
Though a bit overweight
His followers too, southern cooking on a plate


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Categories: dance,

The floor is tiled in white and green
Outside the ballet class
Where all the girls run up and down
To make the minutes pass.

Today a new game...

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Categories: dance, fun,

Premium Member Butterflies Soar

When I was a child and attending ballet classes I was giving a small note by my teacher to give to my mum, it...

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Categories: beautiful, dance,

Premium Member Plover dance
Piping Plovers run
receding surf yields food
ballet on wet sand...

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Categories: beach, beautiful, bird, dance,

Premium Member THE DANCE OF TIME
a little girl, learns to walk.
then at weddings,Daddy has
her on top of his shoes
she looks up at him
she is only four
as she moves with him

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Categories: age, dance, time,

In Lavender
For this term they're in lavender,
Though last year it was pink.
The little ballerinas 
Grow up quicker than you'd think.

They line up in their leotards
With energy...

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Categories: dance, girl,

Dance For Me
I hear the whispers at night,

And I tell you i'm alright.

But what you can't

see it this is killing me.

I'm here now,

In a bed so cold,


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Categories: dance, dark, death, how

Premium Member The Pirouette Begins
Dancer’s grace and wisdom
Tens of thousands of minutes of practice
        Mystical hush from the crowd

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Categories: age, dance,

Premium Member - When Will The Last Dance Come -

     No one can make you feel old
     without your own consent

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Categories: dance, age, happiness, health,

Premium Member Those Dazzling Gold Shoes

I am a shoe-freak, 'tis true.
I think it stems from my youth as a ballet dancer.
When I was far younger and leafy lithe!
I jumped and...

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Categories: dance, how i feel,

Premium Member California Sunrise Surprise
             California Sunrise Surprise


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Categories: allusion, dance, garden, rain,

Poem For That Lindsay
She floats about on dancer toes
She spins and splits 
          and dips and flows
She glides and...

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Categories: dance, girl, muse,

Gliding gracefully over the lake
pirouetting as their show begins
hundreds exquisitely take to the stage
for this their ballet is theirs to perform 

The ‘Liberum Divisa above...

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Categories: beautiful, dance, imagery, water,

Premium Member Twilight Abandon
Husband and wife dance away
Twilight abandon; spirited ballet

Crystal Clear Poetry Contest
Pic Chosen: 2
Sponsored by: Joseph May 
Date written and posted: 04/28/2019...

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Categories: art, dance, husband, night,

Dance through
May I choose your lips so my kiss can be subject to you, may I feel your touch so we can strum through our problems...

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Categories: best friend, dance, first

Gazing across still waters 
I sit and dream my day away
no ripples upon this glass mirrored lake
serene tranquility seeping within

Yet somewhere from the distance
a gentle...

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Categories: beauty, dance, surreal, water,

Premium Member Sand Dance
Oh, oft' times did I watch her in the sand
          Trace sweeping loops with ballerina toes

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Categories: appreciation, dance, heart, ocean,