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Ballet Dance Poems

These Ballet Dance poems are examples of Dance poems about Ballet. These are the best examples of Dance Ballet poems written by international poets.


                     Dancing with Shadows

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Categories: dance, passion,


      With time
      ballet dancer
      Will always be...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, beauty, dance,

Premium Member Tippy Toes - Nursery Rhyme
Tippy Toes - Nursery Rhyme
There's a cute little fairy named Tippy-Toes
That's because she dances wherever she goes 
A ballerina she'll be, it's seen clearly 

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Categories: dance, dream, fairy,

Premium Member CONTEMPORARY PRANCE - bawdy warning

My friends took me down to Broadway
To watch a newfangled ballet
T'was called the Buttcracker
And not the Nutcracker
The title was apt I can say

Some dancers were...

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Categories: dance, identity,

Premium Member This Thing Called Aging
—wThis Thing Called Aging

1All day, no, far more nearly for 2 years,
I have been thinking I have had
Enough of being old, being
Pleasant about this form...

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Categories: age, arabic, christian, dance,

Premium Member Snowflake Dancers
Snowfall prancers
Ballerina dancers
Gracefully, they pirouette in the air
Frosted crystals, though never a pair
Scene enhancing
Vision entrancing
Ballet romancing

Costumes white
Tumbling flight
Snowflakes flew in for their audition
Each posed in...

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Categories: dance, snow,

Danseur - Danseuse
From barre to en pointe.
Ballerino in plié. 
Jeté through coda....

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Categories: dance,


She remembers dancing in purple, satin toe shoes, in front of stage lights.
Ah, her ballet heart, so joyous, tender and light.

Agility plus ability were her...

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Categories: art, dance, encouraging, feelings,

Premium Member RUBYJIN

vortex of every limb, passionate
rubyjin mist
bottled awe
nude thigh
bound-ballet toe
blackened, waist ripples like the bewitched sea


*rubyjin = ruby plus jin

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Categories: dance, imagery,

Premium Member Leaps of Faith-So Beautiful
parachute daring
gliding blue skies like a bird
colorful sunset

a lily pad leap
from the house of vivid blooms
frogs and grasshoppers

ballet dancer twirls
ballerina grand jete
multicolored lights

dolphins jumping high

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Categories: adventure, beautiful, courage, dance,

Poor Priddy Prattle
sitting on the stair.
Who comes along
but Fred Astaire.

Stretch your limbs,
relax and dance.
Up, he implores,
dance and prance.

Poor Priddie Prattle
had not a clue,
stuck in her...

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Categories: cheer up, dance, fun,

Premium Member To A Flamingo

Slender ballerina legs swirl and leap
in rhythmic strides of majestic style,
while in avian grace you wade
on the rippling algal jade water.

Supple nape swivels in bracing...

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Categories: bird, dance, eulogy,

Premium Member The Moonlight Ballet
Reeds and rushes by the opaque lagoon,
Flutter and frolic with a graceful ease,
As ducks glide softly by a midnight June,
And nature whirls to a warm...

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Categories: beautiful, dance, dark, joy,

Premium Member Love So Stated
Love So Stated 

Mother said uncounted times,
“Sally, I know you better than you know yourself,”
But, if that were true she wouldn’t have said so,
For it...

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Categories: art, christian, dance, identity,

Premium Member Deep Sea Theater
       fish on display

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Categories: color, dance, fish, sea,