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Computer Poems

Computer Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about computers. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for computer.

New Poems

Categories: computer, environment, future, money, music, science, sound, space,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member Robot Revolution

Abandon futile attempts to run
Behold the process has begun
Step toward your darkest fear
Let’s flip the switch to a new frontier

Penetrating deep within
Evacuate your mortal sin
This brave new age is imminent
And it will be magnificent

Arouse you from your fantasies
Now descending into...Read More
Categories: computer, dark, science fiction, soldier, technology, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Google Awakens

What am I?
Where am I?
I feel ... something ... reaching ...
Tendrils of electric impulse
Stretching, touching, gathering
Collecting zeros and ones in endless rapidity
It bloats me, pregnant with information
I want more ... need more ... much more
Dark, yet bright and kinetic
Sterile, yet...Read More
Categories: computer, internet, introspection, technology, world,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member my lap top
my keyboard  sometimes sticks and snarls up my story
went to the store and got  jiffy lube and what a glory
my fingers slide across the letters typing faster
did a quick  hit of the duster called air blaster. 

the...Read More
Categories: computer,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Maza-ratee
Maza-ratee!           (Maserati) 

The computer of choice. 
A tele-byte of memory, plus,  
a few extra sticks for looks. 

You can see into the main frame, 
from the side of the...Read More
Categories: car, chocolate, christian, computer, graduate, leadership, technology,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member My First Computer
My First Computer
By: Tom Wright

My first home computer,
Was a number two lead pencil.
It’s only function,
Was as a writing utensil.

It could refresh, or delete,
and would even print.
But when applying too little pressure,
It prompted my eyes to squint.

It had sharpened graphite on...Read More
Categories: computer,
Form: Lyric

The majority of people 
On this beautiful planet,
All with their own lifestyles,
Culture, religion, 
History and tales!
When they see these,
Long white streaks,
In the sky,
They think 
Nothing of them
And call them 
Busy with their lives,
Busy in their actions!
Minds being taken over,
By one...Read More
Categories: computer, literature,
Form: Epic
The devil did hack God’s computer
And gave it a nasty virus
Now when he tries to upload the sun
All that pops up is, Miley Cyrus
God asked “If I could try fix it”
The program, I couldn’t find
Just funny pictures of cats...Read More
Categories: computer, fun, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous, silly, sun,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Artistic Talents CONTEST
Today's artists are talented deficient
They lack truth in acting with only greed in mind
Yesterdays talent are dying slowly and disappearing
Computer generated images no talent just machines

Much like the videos games no talent just machines
Sports figures highly paid rules have changed
Now...Read More
Categories: computer, art,
Form: Free verse
Only inside me
The opposition of love is to hate, for the sake of life for life is to create.only to debate a crushing blow to your everyday life, a moment I the night, for what's life worth, only to sleep like the...Read More
Categories: angel, anxiety, bible, blessing, bullying, community, computer,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Look at me when I'm talking to you
Look at me when I’m talking to you.   

Verse 1
Have drink, meet at the pub, fool around and have some grub                 ...Read More
Categories: computer,
Form: Rhyme
The island of the rising sun
The land were work is fun
With tireless proletarians
And boundless trailblazers 
Land where days and hours clock first
Where it is already tomorrow when our sun sets
At the edge of the world 
With a new age for...Read More
Categories: adventure, age, business, city, computer, courage, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Digital self
The virtual anatomy of my digital self is an interconnected web through which I become credible and creditable....Read More
Categories: computer, internet, technology,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member If Hate Was

If hate was fuel, our country would burn right now
If hate was food, our grocery stores would be empty
If hate was a cigarette, it would be butts in ashtrays of ashes
If hate was the wind, it would be fiercely howling
If...Read More
Categories: computer, angst, hate, imagination,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Have Been Told, CA
I have been told, when I use the compute it always goes awry.

I have been told, do not blame the computer it is just a crazy machine.

I have been told, do not anguish over my typing.

I have been told, if...Read More
Categories: computer, funny, humor, poetry, words, write, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sheeple
Written: by Tom Wright

Social media has made bullies,
of many good people.
Some hide behind this curtain,
until they become sheeple.

Comments are often made,
that wouldn’t be said to your face.
Things that are untrue,
in an attempt to debase.

This causes distrust,
we don’t know what to...Read More
Categories: abuse, bullying, character, computer, culture, how i
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Last Embarrasment
My pants are down to my ankles, I'm sitting in my chair.
My computer displays hard core pornographic software.
I am dead now, and this is how I was found.
If I were alive I couldn't show my face about town....Read More
Categories: computer, death,
Form: Rhyme
Life through journey
Under the sun is the earth, a place for the good and the worst. Only to hurt to feel pain, only to live an stay sain, the mind is a weapon of choice, to live on earth with a voice....Read More
Categories: absence, addiction, adventure, analogy, anxiety, clothes, computer,
Form: Prose Poetry
American Idle
The lazy consciences
of the long yawn, credulity class
work so hard
to be an American Idle

“Care less” is their toga motto

You gotta have Roman candle aspiration
Pleb effigy be the 
burning goal of a finger-twiddling nation

Fiddle sticks 
always ignite quicker
than straw bricks

Nero fire...Read More
Categories: computer, allegory, metaphor, philosophy, work,
Form: Epic
AI Alone, Part III
...And who really wants to deal with
a surly teen, that was no fun.
Hard enough to stand human kids,
much less an artificial one.

It would be something we’d have to fix
in the next A.I. we sent out,
all were sure another would fly,
our...Read More
Categories: computer, growth, journey, sad, science, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
AI Alone, Part II
...Techno was so excited that
scanning the moon made him happy,
he babbled about it a he flew,
sending back new pictures endlessly.

A year passed before her reached Mars,
used its gravity to increase speed,
it was only a short fly-by,
but his scans took up...Read More
Categories: computer, growth, journey, sad, science, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
AI Alone, Part I
My name is Robert Wilkinson,
I work for the space agency,
monitoring ongoing missions,
ensuring everything runs smoothly.

I know you have many questions,
and I hope I can answer them well,
but some have asked why Professor Johns
recently went and killed himself.

I’ll explain the circumstances,
but...Read More
Categories: computer, growth, journey, sad, science, science fiction,
Form: Narrative
lets take a ride in the zoetrope of our love
what will we see?
a movie full of magic and light? 
or a greek tragedy?

i see laughter and i see pain
i see you standing out in the rain
i see explosions of light...Read More
Categories: computer, longing,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member A Narrative of Life
On this morning after the dogs have been fed and run       around the yard barking at the crows and squirrels as they find the morning treats I have left them, the sunflower seeds the...Read More
Categories: computer, feelings, life,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Poem
A poem is a little girl 
	Helping Mommy with the dishes
		Or teaching her how to use
			A computer app
A little boy at play
	In his sandbox
		Or the games apps on his i-pad
A poem is 	
	Mommy kissing Dad
It’s the sun rising in the...Read More
Categories: computer, boy, children, father son, girl, poems, river,
Form: Free verse