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Long Chant royal Poems

Long Chant royal Poems. Below are the most popular long Chant royal by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Chant royal poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member The Face of the Lord God Almighty
 The Face of "The Lord God Almighty" who is the only "LIVING GOD"
is "The True GOD" because "THE LIVING GOD" is "The Lord GOD Almighty and there is none else!Any who call themselve "GOD"...

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Categories: 11th grade, 1st grade, adventure, allah, america,
Form: Chant Royal

Premium Member The Beauty of the Seasons
Summer magic, Winter delight, Spring fresh, and beautiful Fall.
The diverseness of the assorted seasons tends to delight us.
Each has its own ambiance and nuances, after all.
Some years they arrive with less fuss and muss.
Summer is...

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Categories: seasons,
Form: Chant Royal
Corner of the Street
Pedestrians are moving ups and downs the day can define the differences he experiences in the bathroom, cars buzzing their noise, around my understanding I cannot keep on thrusting for answers which has to be...

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Categories: appreciation, butterfly, candy,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Pyramus-Thisbe - a Selfless Love-W
Pyramus was the handsome young man
Thisbe the fair maiden of Babylon.
The houses of their parents did adjoin 
Neighborhood brought the two in relation.
And the acquaintance ripened into love
And the fire within them burnt with bright...

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Categories: death, fire, for her, lost love, love,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member They Call Me Nelson
Acquah Vicki on Sunday March 31, 2013

No man can keep the spirit contained 

He herded sheep when they 

called him by name (Rolihlahla)
His teacher gave him a new name...

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Categories: dedication,
Form: Chant Royal

Premium Member How Did Wiccans Acquire a Bad Rep
How Wiccans acquired a bad rep is not clear.
Misogynist bullies afraid of these women’s light,
A young teen with an ugly heart of jealous fear,
Might point a finger under cover of night.
But in Salem Massachusetts, hysteria...

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Categories: america,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Wait Until You Meet Lucinda Shaw
Wait until you meet Lucinda Shaw
Curious how many said this to me.
People reported her with a bit of awe,
Forecasting maybe I would fully see.
Depth of her soul which was unusually old.
I did too. She was...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Chant Royal
Chant Royal
Life flashes by in a moment of time.
Late twilight’s rose fades, the sweet songbirds leave.
Though we strive to remain in reasoned rhyme
All living will die, the joyful will grieve.
What vision can guide us? What blinding...

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Categories: allusion, death, inspiration, life, truth, uplifting, wisdom,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Pi - Inspired By the Movie
THREE year olds know about circles. They play
ring around the rosy and here we go round
the mulberry bush. And if one should say 
that in reality nowhere is found
a perfect circle, they either don’t hear

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Categories: death, faith, history, life, mystery, philosophy, social,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Paying For Lies With Lives
"Sing to me, Muse, of the wrath of Achilles." - Iliad, Line 1

Western dreams were born in wrath,
Overmastering all the noble aims of reason.
The bloom of youth, cut from its proper path,
Fallen wasted in full...

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Categories: angst, death, history, introspection, loss, sadmen, world,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member A Soulful Dance
We deemed that we could never be beaten.
Our flaws, too, turned out to be an asset.
I would grant you a drink once you've eaten.
Passionfruit, to recall which silhouette
My confidence sustains me through my tears.
For poise,...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: appreciation, beauty, confidence, forgiveness, inspirational,
Form: Chant Royal
The Golden Talus
Dear GreenKollar Peeplez

l' home qui doit nous unir
il rendra l' alliance
forte a nouveau
les promoteurs du monde
enteir le soutiennent
les gens doivent
les rende riches
levr arrogance sera
que de les faire forger
de nouvelles assocatoins

sign by
Wealth Steeples
the Grappling Prophet

Twelve named...

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Categories: analogy, anniversary, art, business, celebrity, courage, engagement,
Form: Chant Royal
The Castle of Carcass
This diary I do not wish to share
For fear that I would be a tortured slave
A servant of a menace though I dare
To let this ink concede the castle's grave
A servant of a menace who...

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Categories: mystery, death, beauty, beauty, death, fear, moon,
Form: Chant Royal
Measuring Years
"measuring years"

how do I measure the years
do I start at the beginning or the end
will it cover the many tears
anger and bitterness I will not defend
just let me be to have my mind
as the years...

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© Lisa Ricci  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: change, endurance, life, moving on,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Contemplation Is a Heartfelt Thing
On wings of twilight her hopes flew away
As day eagerly swam into night
Simply had not been a wonderful day
Stars in the sky were a glorious sight
Filling ethereal heavens completely
Showing her optimism so sweetly
Feelings of pure...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, self,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Try and Know and Realize What Is Important
 Do you realize that your "LIFE IS IMPORTANT": SO BE IT AND SO IT IS!Will you in your understanding realize and try to have some "Happiness" and have "GOOD INTENTIONS" for your fellow human...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade, allah, america, anger,
Form: Chant Royal
Binky and Danker Dunker Dew

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Categories: business, fashion, music, sports,
Form: Chant Royal
I am homeward bound
Lusty thoughts, for the love I miss
It’s a surprise, I am coming ‘round
I’m expected two days beyond this
Being away, day after day, left a hole
Being away, hollowed my soul
I rush towards your...

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Categories: angst, death, lost love, lovelove,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member A King Who Neither Prances Or Preens
He is the one, the only King.
All play-mates leave him quite alone.
No matter what morning doth bring,
He tends to play on his I-phone.
Stabbing red buttons, click, click, click,
He is so regal, and oh, so quick!

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Chant Royal
Talus Championship

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Categories: adventure, appreciation, drink, encouraging, food, inspirational, language,
Form: Chant Royal
Danny Salazar In Leavenworth
They could have ranged together foreever, in just that way
The moment of experience, un-cloaked and with innocent play
In co-creation perfect, when the Lord frequently appeared With approval and fulness of strength, and nothing he feared

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Categories: addiction, appreciation, arabic, beauty, black love, character,
Form: Chant Royal
I head you but I can't find you my mind is wondering in the dark storm,I am siting in this chair just staring at this big wall it seem like, I am being covered in...

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Categories: absence, america, angel, betrayal, bible, blessing, confidence,
Form: Chant Royal
I Saw the Devil
I saw the devil 

The mirror dont lie 
Yet men can't see through the reflection 
Of their soul from the mirrors of life
Could it be they dont have the third eye 
Or could it be...

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Categories: abuse, analogy, betrayal, devotion, murder, power,
Form: Chant Royal
Premium Member Doctors Of The Eyes And The Eye Clinic
We need our "Eyeglasses",or we must learn to function in "Darkness"if necessary,and that is not liked,but can be adjusted to so that we can continue through faith to do what we need to do!"Some Doctors...

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Categories: 12th grade, 1st grade, 8th grade, absence,
Form: Chant Royal
Mystery Ship
The Disappearance 
It was a hot afternoon when a big bulk carrier left a harbour
 on the coast of Bengali bound for Sydney, Australia, with a cargo 
of scrap iron of ships that once had...

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Categories: dedication, miracle, voyage, water,
Form: Chant Royal

Book: Shattered Sighs