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Long Canzone Poems

Long Canzone Poems. Below are the most popular long Canzone by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Canzone poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Neil
Canadian-born in 1945,
Born following the closure of hateful war,
In which so many brave men had lost their lives,
And born to witness the effect of many more:
The man with a "Heart of Gold", a metaphor
For his...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: career, children, crazy, environment, sad, song,
Form: Canzone

Premium Member The Journey to the Cosmic Beyond
The Journey to the Cosmic Beyond

God’s divine spark heralds our mortal presence on this Earth,
Whilst angels sing their mystic paeans to our cosmic rebirth.
The soul’s constant transformation transcends all mortality,
As it brings each of us...

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Categories: allegory, death, god, heaven, life, religious, symbolism,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member Letters Home
I am writing letters home,
And will enclose in each a poem.
Here is my selection
For my verse connection.

I think for Maybelline
My best Alexandrine,
Six syllables per line,
That I'll polish till they shine.

Something different for Fritz,
I am sending...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: canzone, animal, cat, day, home, nonsense, poems,
Form: List
Within The Dead Of Night, I Find My Joy - Part - 1 - Valentine's Collection - 2020
Oh, what joy, to find you within my arms, 
to know throughout the night, all of your charms, 
Oh, blessed shall be the hours of the night. 
Let the joy of our love forever shine,...

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Categories: love,
Form: Canzone
Let’s be honest, I’m not that honest.
Be honest, 
Just this once.
Forget all the dilutions of grandeur,
The noise.
Eat it so hard in the teeth that your mouth has a voice.
Unclench your tongue just long enough to...

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© Ryan ROBBY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 1st grade, anger, boy, cute love, good
Form: Canzone

Staying Sober
I know this is the hardest *****for me to ever do
I know alcohol has always been apart of my life it's like it's the only truth
sometimes I drink so much I can't even remember you


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Categories: devotion, imagination, life, father, me, father, life,
Form: Canzone
A change in Me
i've always been one to have his head on straight 
maybe i've done a few things that was quite irate
but regaurdless i've always kept my faith
even when life was'nt so great.

to me growing up in...

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Categories: life, life, mom, god, god, life, me,
Form: Canzone
The Breath Of Life
The breath of life, by my belief, sight to the smell
and then the sun, gives give you to feel as you would  speak to the wind as you
Moving, Left and right and they come...

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Categories: art, poetry,
Form: Canzone
You know... because I always wanted to draw... so many different paintings occurs before the eyes
I tried the pencil...even the brush had tried to take
But strokes strokes remain... not fit the pattern picture
And not...

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Categories: love, sad love,
Form: Canzone
But I
his mind was programmed to notice the slightest change
he stayed alert, and would often sit in the dark corner
of a dark room, monitoring the shadow of the moon.
 I thought he was crazy, my instincts...

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Categories: introspection, music,
Form: Canzone
a set of electric pains by FREE CEE
There have been songs, poems and discussions ad infinitum on this subject, here’s my attempt at being whatever the rest of you are and I ain’t


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Categories: angst, me,
Form: Canzone
The WORLD beyond WORDS
WHY she doesn’t understand?
I want to speak something,
Unfortunately she gets something.
Why is there a gap,
between our thoughts?
I went for a nap,
Hoping everything will be fine afterwards
But…nothing has changed
As if I am cursed,
I am back to...

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Categories: forgiveness, hope, sorryme, me,
Form: Canzone
the curse's ASSISTANT

Did you know there are places our old folk are kept?
And if sadly they have no one else a guardian must decline...

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Categories: black african american, old, me, old, places,
Form: Canzone
Within The Dead Of Night, I Find My Joy - The End - Valentine's Collection - 2020
My Valentine, you shall ever be mine, 
Luna’s love, upon you, shall ever shine, 
we shall find our joy within passion’s spheres. beloved, we share precious love, 
it shall always be shared, in stars...

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Categories: love,
Form: Canzone

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Categories: beautiful, crush, cute, deep, love, love hurts,
Form: Canzone

I can’t believe she remained on the telephone~
For years she’d been telling me to leave her alone~
But my heart did the dialing while I could hardly speak~
Words etched from her beauty for a...

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Categories: angst, body, me,
Form: Canzone
The Unwanted Visitor

He is slow and fast and always comes so sudden
If he pays you a visit, he will be an inevitable burden
He visits everybody he wants to, there is never exclusion
There is no age-bound;...

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Categories: death, time,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member The Bewitching Call of the Siren
The Bewitching Call of the Siren

She ululates a forlorn desire for a human love;
She’s pure evil, not from God’s Heaven above.
This siren’s seductive melody is heard on all seas,
And even on the largest lakes and...

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Categories: dark, death, evil, god, heaven, myth, symbolism,
Form: Canzone
There’s an addict residing deep within me-
Seeking and probing for the seventh si,
In the abode of the Conscious Spirit~
Solmizate a song which on my life writ.
Probing for one single way of rhythm,
My strivings to...

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Categories: spiritual,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member City of the Dead
The  p o r t a l  to the PAST exists beyond an  O L D  gate,
          in the city of the...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death,
Form: Canzone
Premium Member There Is No Time Like The Present
Time, time, it is free for all but is so priceless,
We must let go of the past- live in the present;
The crazy thing is that it does not cost a cent,
Now, right now is the...

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© Dear Heart  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: time,
Form: Canzone
hi vie-not about u but hi nonetheless

Wandered my way walked a wondrous woman
A lady with laughter in  her enticing eyes
Sauntered aside me strolled a scintillating soul
A winsome woman who is...

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Categories: funeral, me, woman, forgiveness, me,
Form: Canzone
If I have to listen
One more time
To your voice it grinds
If you hate it then go
Who has told you that it isn’t so?
Who holds your feet under your desk?
What is forcing you to sit and...

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Categories: angst, imagination, on work and working, people,
Form: Canzone
Inside the pot of the poet
Is the soup to maw
Prepared of stew during dew
Fishes and beefs crave for
Survival off poet's mouth.
In the soup of the poet,
Ingredient abounds in the pot.

Rhyme pepper appears along Haiku
Epigram stewed...

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Categories: canzone, allegory, art, imagination, life, passion, people,
Form: Free verse
Resurrection Of Love
I live to love you my 'Love'
I breathe to keep you alive,
I smile to see you ebullient,
I talk to keep you thrive.

Hence I see you drowning to death,
The worries have become thy controller,
You are levitating...

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Categories: for him, love,
Form: Canzone