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A canzone is a type of poem which literally means a song and it originated in medieval Italy and France. This type of poem usually consists of hendecasyllabic lines that have end rhymes.

Stanzas contained in the canzone are five twelve-line stanzas that contain repeated end words and is finished by a five-line envoi, it also runs from one to seven stanzas that contain a variety of rhyme schemes in it, mostly the lines contain around ten or eleven-syllable but this vary sometimes because canzone is not fixed. The earliest version of this poem included Petrarch’s five to six lines stanzas, an envoi, and Dante modification.

The poem has five twelve-line stanzas that contain repeated end words and it is finished .the canzone poem greatly influenced the development of the sonnet (sonnet is poem that has a very strict rhyme scheme and structure, that is, it has fourteen rhyming lines and in each line it uses the iambic meter and line ending rhymes) and later great writers. 

Medieval Italian lyric style poetry with five or six stanzas and a shorter ending stanza.

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