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Blowing Smoke Poems

Blowing Smoke Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of blowing smoke poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for blowing smoke.

New Poems

Premium Member Under the Christmas tree
The trees have shed their multi coloured coats
There’s People  walking round like dragons blowing smoke
The big coats pockets checked 
And last year’s cough sweets found and scoffed
The black Friday sale been and gone
Presents bought, and  useless gadgets you...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, christmas,
Form: Free verse

A second stored
Here we
Here we
Here we ing go
Snarled from within the orange
comfort glow
as i passed
by local pub
Churlish laughter
from a lass
searching for the knight
to give her forever after
ends up with a bastard
Cough and sneezed diseased
Staring at their feet
drawing on paper sleeves
deformed amber gargoyles...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Red Alert
POEM "RED ALERT" by martin gedge

Sector seven red alert
the devils on the loose
been hell and back and on the track
with spit and jungle juice
this burning rage and if engaged
will cut you down to size
and make your bed among the dead
right...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, body, evil, fire, power, science,
Form: Rhyme
A vaper does not really care
If anyone can breathe fresh air
With flavoured dung
Dusting a lung
They're happy just to have a spare!

Vaping delights their lungs and blood
Like blowing smoke as thick as mud
Repeated use
Tightens the noose
Until their heart can't beat the...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, for teens, health,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Directions



Folded tight
sharp corners,

“I read maps” the traveller said

She wasn’t convinced, it was obvious
he’d been hauled up for years in his
“Man Shed”

“Yeah, I do, I read maps”, he said

“hmmm, you’re not a risk taker”, she said

“What?”, he said

“like, man,...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, angel, cool, crazy, psychological, sexy,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Notes May Not Be The Best Way
When they are blowing smoke out of their ears because they are so angry with me
It is my job to calm them down.
It rarely happens except when I write a little note.
When they come at me fast and furious it...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Menthol Breakdown

Warlords love the crack cackling sound ...
faint vapors smelled worldwide, 
when twine toking on the choking peace pipe

Lying lips huffing and puffing,
blowing smoke out the barrel rear end

Frontal sphincter holes
open and close ... 
Pre-negotiated spoils fanning the wind

Rub two cancer...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, dark, death, truth, wisdom,
Form: Ode
I need some time alone with my own thoughts
Cause it’s more artistic than Mona Lisa’s portrait,
Love has no secret, but we had our own
Good mourning to our love,
It’s haunting me at night,
It’s wanting me to fight
For you,
I’ve been throwing stones...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, life, lonely, love, love hurts, words,
Form: I do not know?
Blowing Smoke
I must chuckle over the girls who say they don't fart
This is all while boys are competing turning it into an art
Girls feeling embarrassed so they duck off and hide
Boys excited because they ripped one off the loudest so they...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, funny,
Form: Rhyme
finding others like me
I can't believe how much I've grown
From the little girl I've known
Who was very scared and shy
Hoping one day I could try
To find others who could be
Part of a community
I was in for quite a while
Showing all my unique style
And...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, feelings, friendship, lonely,
Form: Rhyme
High Noon Antics
High Noon Antics

High noon, the time was set upon this arid, sultry day
The guns would set against the other, quick-draw style
In speedy rivalry and bid to have their final say
With keen eyed rapid movement versatile

This Western town could not contain...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Buck N for Glory
Your searching for something you can touch;
Looking for the same things to love, with no results;
and it's hard to believe;
Hard to receive;
Your shucking and jiving;
ducking and diving;
wondering and why ing. . . your trying to
Buck N for Glory;

What you are...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, analogy, appreciation, celebration, celebrity, character, farewell,
Form: Ballad
Venting Crow
One day goes by and you would think my luck sustained from before would carry over
but erupt goes the bad luck and my emotions run amuck
'till it's time to go home
It's simply easier to quit, take me home
I admit this...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, recovery from, repetition, riddle,
Form: Free verse
Let's Do This
With eyes the size of saucers
Spirits hanging low
Drool dripping downward
Lump in the throat

Face of confusion
Mass hysteria
Doubled down delusion
Mostly unaware

Left side a-twitching
Head spinning round
Frontal lobe missing
Knuckles dragging the ground

Temperature rising
Ears blowing smoke
With this there's no denying
I'm now ready to vote!

Just thinking...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, depression, humor, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Smoke Rings
Late on a cold winter's night I sit here
perplexed by old issues of life and death.
It's not my age clinging to life so dear,
determined to hold on to the last breath,
I've never really cared how long I lived,
I did vow...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, allusion, analogy,
Form: Sonnet

As the day bade its circadian farewell, the fleeing sun 
withdrew its glow from weary war worn trees; 
on distant plains, vacant honey hives no longer  
buzz with...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, angst, death, horror, scary, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Speaking Of Michael Brown

Through the mist ...
vision blurred by the bias of our views
clouding our reason
unable to walk in another men's shoes.
Blinded by the fog ... 
thoughts offered by signs in hand
daring others to cross
convinced we are right, our dissenters lost.

War is declared ...
the air...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Hot Pants
can you imagine my disappointment...I believed her
...she might of been the one...that one woman 
that has eluded me my whole lifetime...but...
...she...she was...

she was just blowing smoke up my ass...

story of my's just never many frauds...
but her....well her I trusted...I...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, cry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member on our streets
through the mist
vision blurred by the bias of our views
intelligently present our clouded vision
never attempting to walk in another men's shoes.

blinded by the fog inhabits our thoughts
signs in hand we offer our misted words.
convinced we are right 
our dissenters lost
so...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, conflict,
Form: Free verse
jewelry and make up
give us glamor
cigaretts and smoke
drink and laughter
how distinguished we look 
with ciggy in claws
blowing smoke into faces
waiting for applause
just for effect
you pucker and blow 
and the other half of the smoke
comes out your nose
who care where it...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, chocolate,
Form: I do not know?
Hand painted pintos
Fierce Im a fire blazing 
Heat sweeping through the plains 
Singed wheat blowing smoke signals

Powerful Im the rain storming
Downpour letting out the aches and pain
Flood water washing the evidence away

Gentle Im the wind pushing 
Drying the blood from battles played
Gusts...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Gather Round Kiddies

Gather around all you kiddies
Got a wonderful tale to tell
Bout people who are always happy
As if they're under a spell

As spells go this one seems magic
Seems like a kind of trance
Holding hands and singing out loud
Performing a magical dance

Some people...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, hope,
Form: Quatrain
Professionals Name
New Release,
Thin line,
Time descease,
Bright shine.
Ahead of the game,
Shown by evidence,
Professionals name,
Body filled; tense.
I'm clear of doubt,
Finally here,
All about, 
The rippled sheer.
Unraveling down West,
Opening up; tall,
Best of the best,
If I can't walk, I'll crawl.
There's intense steam,
Blowing smoke,
Common ground; team,
Haters will hit;but...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, dream, write,
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Kiss the Rain
Like any family, mine’s the same, they leave Mama with the dirty Chores.
You’d think with Trolls, and Dragons, and such… There’d be magic galore!
But I concede defeat at Pooper Scooping Time, my sons taught everyone well.
You’d think just once, they...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, adventure, fantasy, funny, humorous, imagination, magic, old,
Form: Light Verse
I feel free
Running ransacks on the quick stop 
Blowing smoke stacks in the winter abyss 
Collecting marvels like beads on a lace
Bartering love for timeless escape

Singing free as the forest comes aloud
And infinity bulges to the space of Now
Spine lifted divine just...Read More
Categories: blowing smoke, art,
Form: Free verse