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Bling Bling Poems

Bling Bling Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bling bling poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bling bling.

New Poems

Day By Day
Waning love is a cold diamond thing
The hurt pressure 
from the thought of losing you
is such a hard burden
Squeezing the hope out of me

Heavy-hearted acceptance ain’t easy,
especially when the weeping pang of separation 
comes prematurely rushing through

Day by day,
I get...Read More
Categories: bling bling, emotions, hurt, pain, sad love,
Form: Free verse

byes and cries
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah bye bye
don't you turn that head as i pass you by
emmm byes and cries
yaaaah no no no sad whys
don't your lips part for I'm like gin I'm dry
emmm byes and cries
yeaaah I know them white lies
don't...Read More
Categories: bling bling, betrayal, black love, cool, deep, irony, satire,
Form: ABC
Apoplectic Begat Comatose

Eh, Bebe ... 
clueless you with the wide eyes open, 
which can’t see

So apoplectic of heart,
paralyzed by the cobra sway
of changeling channel charmer words

Gen Z baby gloomer 
remote diaphragm controlled,
go back to analog sleep

Oh  oh ... video comatose —...Read More
Categories: bling bling, allusion, imagery, perspective, words,
Form: Free verse
Razzle Dazzle Me With Kisses

Razzle dazzle me with kisses 
face to face we cannot miss 
bye and bye the world erases 
two by two, we win the race 
Toddy Toddy tie the knotty  
Your a sizzlin' hottie hottie 
Pitter patter goes my heart...Read More
Categories: bling bling, fun,
Form: Rhyme
Got up at four
Scored some fresh bait the night before
Boat and tackle are loaded offshore
Going derby fishing at the reservoir
Needing to stop at the store
For some beverages ice and more

This is coming together so nice
Been looking forward to it for...Read More
Categories: bling bling, appreciation, cool, deep, fishing, good morning, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme

They say that fifty
Is over the hill
I don't sway that way
So take a chill pill
Let me show you
Just how real
It all makes me feel

What turning fifty can be
According to me
Everything is nifty and free
Couldn't wait to see
What it had in...Read More
Categories: bling bling, fun, happy, life,
Form: Rhyme
Ain't Got a Clue

Who cut the curd cyanide cheese,
thinning out the rank suspect crowd?
Who gassed death in the air bleed,
releasing an odor murder most foul?

Follow the phew olfactory clues,
motive scented everywhere ghoul smell
Mrs. White was it your grey hairs ...
leaving a poison bottom...Read More
Categories: bling bling, fun, humorous, mystery, word play,
Form: Light Verse
I always wake up feeling paranoid but never alone,
How many faces and shapes will I take?
Like a snake which sheds its skin, I change every time from one country to another, 
Wearing different faces, different masks,
I feel...Read More
Categories: bling bling, conflict,
Form: Classicism
Your nothing but a nobody
Tryin’ to step to somebody
Swaggerin’ with your bling-bling glistening’ in the shade
Sportin’ last year’s Jordan’s with untied laces

Spittin’ venom and ejecting weak game
Day dreamin’ fantasies…talkin’ jive 
Pushin’ hard to be my hero

Camouflaging deceit drippin’ out of...Read More
Categories: bling bling, abuse, betrayal, lost, rude, urban,
Form: Rhyme
Trifling juvenile players harping silly tunes
Trifling juvenile players harping silly tunes
Guns and bling-bling, fake love and stuff like that
I'm no candy man, never been, but I know this
You will need to cut back on the crap

Or we will forever hear your lives going drip-drip
All over...Read More
Categories: bling bling, music, poetry, poets, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Death Dealer

She’s the neighborhood dope dealer,
always dressing good
Wearing her bling-bling ... 
and her 9-mil Five-O squealer killer
She runs with the night dirty boys,
she’s a death dealer
Vampire priestess soul stealer
In her thigh V-cut Cleopatra dress,
black Grim Reaper brim lowered ... 
Always got...Read More
Categories: bling bling, culture, dark, death, drug,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Twin Flames
I need me some Dutch chocolate in my life.
That Tyrese chocolate.
I'm talking that coffee black.
Once you had it like that.
Ain't no coming back.
White teeth shining.
As bright as the sun.
With you there's no doubt 
The prize has been won.
That love that...Read More
Categories: bling bling, angel, best friend, black african american, boyfriend,
Form: ABC
War Pipe Bong

It’s so serious,
it ain’t even funny
High times going on
in a White House underground bunker,
where Archie is glassblowing
American taxpayers’ money
He got heavy munchies
of Jughead hero dreams
Telling his kitchen cabinet
to kiss the silver signet 
of his fingered bling-bling
And pass the smoky salmon...Read More
Categories: bling bling, humor, political, truth, word play,
Form: Narrative
So many of us will sell ourselves for the "hype"
Just for a moment in the limelight 
Selling their souls for minute of fame,  just to see their names  in the big bright lights
It can't be easy living in...Read More
Categories: bling bling, anger,
Form: Free verse

Mi have a serious problem with you young people that have no clue about our history or our culture. 

"Mi nuh wear tablecloth like Miss Lou".... Dear Lord help the clueless... Send help father God if yuh nuh busy 

Miss...Read More
Categories: bling bling, culture,
Form: Free verse
If I could sing
If I could sing I'd be king
But I'd never wear my bling bling
Or even keep it in a safe
I mean, what's the point?

If I were a king and rich
Wearing the best cloth next to my skin
Perhaps my siblings would look...Read More
Categories: bling bling, muse, rap, society, song,
Form: I do not know?

I don't believe in no bad man thing,
No bling bling or shallow thinking, 
No skulduggery, artificiality , and red-nosed vanity
I believe in the brain man thing,
Yes, the one without the bling,
The one with real seasoning, 
real artical reasonig
Where we devise...Read More
Categories: bling bling, allegory, encouraging, integrity,
Form: Free verse
Baub's Baubling Bling Bling
Baub in all his flashy curio                                  ...Read More
Categories: bling bling, christmas, humor, rap, satire, song,
Form: Lyric
hold the phone
My girl Friday is here,
and the eagle has flown
Got an increase in my cash flow;
now I can do some things,
the weekend's here, lots of places to go
First I got to swing by my buddy's house,
find out what's coming...Read More
Categories: bling bling, cool, humorous, money, satire,
Form: Light Verse
I'm Going To Be a Rap Star
That's it I've had it
Tired of being ignored with a wink on the side
I'm tired of being told what old men should do
Going to start taking life on the flea..or is that the fly

I'm going to hit the streets of...Read More
Categories: bling bling, funny, humor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love so Baffling
The dragon’s time table comes with lots of bubbling
no other way of reaching Life’s horizon
other than chilling with iniquity’s agents.
Lust comes with lots of Gifts so appealing
and my thoughts in full acceptance of lure into evil’s modeling
makes me a master...Read More
Categories: bling bling, christian, god, spiritual,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member SPARKLE

Bling bling
Wealth sings

Fine gems
Spark trends

Sheer glitz
Fine blitz

Rare stuff
Nice graph

So fine
Poise lines

Cash speaks
Grand tweaks

Meet shine
Joy pines

True fact
Bright tact

More flash
Sparks dash

Cold feel
Yet thrills

Odd lots
Bright spots

See more
Fit spores

Leon Enriquez
15 November 2015
...Read More
Categories: bling bling, change,
Form: Couplet
Culture in Bean Town was part of the City bling, bling! They socialized and told about what was happening in their lives and party until sunrise.  These extravaganzas [usually] happen on Thursday night and when all was tired; they...Read More
Categories: bling bling, appreciation, best friend, birth, business, celebration, courage,
Form: Ballad
Those women
Boys boys boys boys

She has red hair
She was blonde last month
She maybe another next month, next week, or tomorrow 
She loves them boys
She always goes for the married ones, mostly
She likes them small, short
Well maybe not small but short
 ...Read More
Categories: bling bling, slam, woman, , cute,
Form: Prose Poetry
Gone is the girl I truly loved
Someone as simple and lovely as a dove
Gone is the shy smile I used to adore
She had changed a lot, she's my girl no more

What happened to you my dearest friend
I liked the way...Read More
Categories: bling bling, beauty,
Form: Couplet