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Bitter End Poems

Bitter End Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bitter end poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bitter end.

New Poems

Premium Member Remembering The Spread In The West Ham United Relegation Debt
It is at the half 
And the Hammies have not taken a bath 
Due to the rain 
Schedule was changed and that was a pain 
You see the UK had swamps like in Florida 
Delaying the little piggy’s invitation to...Read More
Categories: bitter end, blue, boy, city, england, london, rain, soccer,
Form: Rhyme Royal

See the squealing of the gentleman,
I think he's angry at the baker man.
He finds it hard to see the passionflowers,
Overshadowed by the fair devours,

Who is that hiding near the queen?
I think she'd like to reread the magazine.
She is but a...Read More
Categories: bitter end, analogy, appreciation, desire,
Form: Couplet
A Warrior's Fight
It's been said that
God gives his hardest battles
To his strongest soldiers.
Those who endure
The seemingly impossible
And unimaginable
Continue to faithfully fight
To the bitter end.
A warrior's valor tested
Time and time again
Ends in the same result.
Like an eternal flame
The fighter within them remains
Giving up...Read More
Categories: bitter end, character, courage, faith, inspirational,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Alzheimers II
I'm going to share a truth...that will shock you my friends.
It's about when my Grandma...when she reached her bitter end.
She died in a hospital...she had Alzheimer's disease.
But that's not what killed'll find this hard to believe.

When I got to...Read More
Categories: bitter end, betrayal, death, old,
Form: Free verse
New Day
Have you ever come to the end of the day,
and can run the clock back play by play,
and can add it up that supposedly 
it was the day it was suppose to be,
but somehow it seems that no time has...Read More
Categories: bitter end, life,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Russian Roulette of The Heart
Load the chamber with your love bullet and spin the cylinder and aim the muzzle at my heart see if when you pull the trigger if everything shatters apart
Every time you fall in love, you’re playing a deadly, foolish game...Read More
Categories: bitter end, death, fear, heartbreak, hurt, love hurts, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Mortal Sins
This carcase
This corpse
This empty shell

Shorn of its spirit
Its ready smile
Those twinkling eyes
Soft voice
And steely mind.

Tears stung his eyes
Misting the grim scene
Where was the young lad
Entrusted to his care
Destined now
For the ferryman

A ready listener
Careful observer
Easy learner
What he had been taught
Now all...Read More
Categories: bitter end, war,
Form: Free verse
Dust in the Clouds
Dust in the Clouds

Where could he have gone for cover now
Wherever he is
He’s home for the night 
Down the road or further away from the house
Where he’d reside since a child 
Within a place free of sound 
Now collecting dust...Read More
Categories: bitter end, 8th grade, age, anxiety, celebration, change, creation,
Form: Free verse
Suicidal sadness
Into the dark depths that I now stumble
The road that I have Ventured
Has brought me to its end.
I plundered into darkness
And into its depths of blindness I now blend.

The darkness overcomes me
Shutting out all signs of light.
I stumble on my...Read More
Categories: bitter end, abuse, anxiety, conflict, heartbroken,
Form: Blank verse
Gnostic Thirst

The Lord is never threatened by the devil's ability to deceive and destroy,                           ...Read More
Categories: bitter end, 10th grade, bible, christian, god, longing,
Form: Free verse
That Final Day
You've been with me
Through thick and thin
Come hell or high water
Till the bitter end

Through good times and bad
Whether you wanted to or not
You warmed me and cooled me
When I was cold and hot

You were my shelter
Through life's wind and rain
You...Read More
Categories: bitter end, death, goodbye, hope, life, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member No giddy up

Whoa .. I’ve need for some hay
then a trip to the trough to quench my thirst.
I’ve not eaten much;  I need to rest this very day
will stop at Laramie, must have a stable first

My saddle is heavy, will need...Read More
Categories: bitter end, horse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Divorce
Who am I?
I am the wife 
The hidden victim
The unheard voice
Who made the wrong choice?
To become that hurtful victim,
Who am I?
I am the pen
That will reveal all lustful men
For choosing the wrong hen
For taking the wrong bend
And becoming their families’...Read More
Categories: bitter end, anger, change, children, divorce, family, loneliness, lust,
Form: Rhyme
No end
The lapdog is our friend
The laptop is our mend

There’s no end
We are trapped in a pen
Maybe this is a trend
We don’t need to spend
However, we need to pretend
We enjoy our weekend
Although it’s only a bitter end

When we’re at a loose...Read More
Categories: bitter end, community,
Form: Free verse
My mind hurts to - chronic pain the mental implications
Nothing But Sorrow

There is no longer any sign of hope,

The truth of reality is to much to bare,

My mangled mind can no longer cope,

As I'm filled with nothing but despair,

I long for the fortune of a normal life,

To bare a...Read More
Categories: bitter end, health, how i feel, recovery from, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Wishful thinking brings only sorrow
There is no longer any sign of hope,

The truth of reality are to much to bare,

My mangled mind can no longer cope,

As i am filled with nothing but despair.

I long for the fortune of a normal life,

To bare a babe...Read More
Categories: bitter end, baby, child, cry, dark, deep, depression, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme
Nothing Lasts
My faithful friend
that I believed in
has our relationship in suspend.
It has been in a downwards trend.
It has been,
A dead end.
Alas, he does not even pretend.
Like talking to me is a sin,
this relationship is far too hard to mend.
So i shall...Read More
Categories: bitter end, 11th grade, betrayal, cry,
Form: Villanelle
I am a woman who can follow, but I normally choose to lead.
For I am a phenomenal woman, Yesss indeed, I am a Rare Breed.

I wear many Hats and can...Read More
Categories: bitter end, character, encouraging, self,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member remberance of our veterans
Of all the best, there’s many at rest
What matters most, they stood their post
They are the brave, they did not waive
To those who serve, such honor they deserve

Charging from the front line, more troops followed behind
Never in the clear, did...Read More
Categories: bitter end, military, remembrance day, veterans day,
Form: Free verse
Lizabeth's Henry Is Down And Gone Part I
Some think of rings and things, I s’pose – I’m riled!
And I have lost more than a diamond, or
That special piece of wood, I once looked for,
My hands embrace my head, my hair is wild,

A friendship bracelet, made by dying...Read More
Categories: bitter end, courage, faith, hope, love,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Shadowy GIRLFRIEND--JQ

See the flirting of those eyes;
He's angry at the emprise;
Finds hard to see his girlfriend;
Shadowed by weak bitter end;

She is but an active mouth,
As she sits in the deep south;
The dove likes to chase a pen,
One that's in the...Read More
Categories: bitter end, adventure, break up, girlfriend, heartbreak,
Form: Jueju
it gabs
you into
this place.
into the 
end of
the pool.
of birth. 
Force fed 
to be
who you become.
keeping head
above water.
No chance 
to think,
to question.
What’s going
No answers, 
promise answers.
 have none.
to the
bitter end.
Wow!...Read More
Categories: bitter end, art,
Form: Prose Poetry
Sometimes My Words

they’re sensitive my words
exposed wires
like veins hidden 
under the scars
of too many verbal attacks 
like swarms of vampire bats 
who puncture the night
turn the downpour red

you’ve never been able to stay on key
or open doors that needed one
like the beating...Read More
Categories: bitter end, introspection,
Form: Free verse
I am a woman who can follow, but I normally choose to lead.
For I am a phenomenal woman, Yesss indeed, I am a Rare Breed.

I wear many Hats and can be...Read More
Categories: bitter end, appreciation, black african american, for her, inspirational,
Form: Couplet
Listen to Your Heart
When you gonna wake up from - the nightmare we’re living in
You know the one I’m speaking of, it’s the one with the bitter end
You know you gotta lift your voice, raise it up loud and clear
You gotta make enough...Read More
Categories: bitter end, change, conflict, native american, planet,
Form: Verse