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Bits And Pieces Poems

Bits And Pieces Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of bits and pieces poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for bits and pieces.

New Poems

Premium Member Fairytales
I wish I had been born in the days of
	unicorns and dragons,
	witches and ogres,
	goddesses and gods.

Before all the travel of the world
leaving no sites un-plundered.
         Before cellphones, 
    ...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, fantasy,
Form: Free verse

A Battle For Peace
Embrace my soul
Make me whole again
Free my mind of negative thoughts.
Bits and pieces are slowly
Tearing away from me.
I'm trying to put them back
But its hard to see.
Scar tissue seems to grow
Whenever my anger makes the ink flow.
Time has taken its...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, anger, conflict, courage, hurt, pain,
Form: Prose Poetry
Small Hill
Launch light flashing
Bombs on the way
Fire in the hole

Rockets heading down range
Anything that can be fired 
And kill is sent to do the job

That of enemy eradication
The landscape is like the Moon
All vegetation ceases to exist

As does most of the...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, conflict, history, men, military,
Form: Verse
Where am I
Where am I?
It’s a new year;
In its first month;
It’s a new day;
Maybe a new season too.
Where am I?

Sitting on an old wooden bench;
Rotted by age and weather, 
Indeed, I’ve survived all five seasons.
This bench is neither safe nor comfortable...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, africa, career, confusion,
Form: Lyric
The Funeral Procession
This is the closest that I have ever been to  a funeral for more than forty years, a young boy just eighteen was shot dead for stealing
I sat quietly on the school veranda and watch the hearse drive into...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, age, character, community, death, funeral, judgement, violence,
Form: Narrative

The Journey
The Journey

It’s a phenomenon that we are
confident  we know it all 
at a time when we are actually
inexperienced and naive
like a child needing to learn not 
to put their hand to a hot stove
we get burned in those early...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, age, appreciation, change, growing up,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Checking Out
Checking Out

         by Edmund Siejka

In the dimming of twilight
My wife holds the phone close to her ear
Lines of worry crisscross her face
She is talking to her sister
Whose husband is in the hospital
And...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, life,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Oranges Yum Yum
During the depression if you got an orange in your sock
You could feel blessed and lucky, and it felt like Christmas. 
Orange tea and orange cake delight me in all kind of ways but 
Marmalade I eat every morning on...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, food,
Form: Free verse
Star of the show Part 3
The universe and all of it's inhabitants therein, i.e. the galaxies, stars, suns, solar systems,
the planets, Basically everything that is or ever will be, represent life outside the box of
this reality...The universe is a fiercely chaotic place outside of our...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, analogy, metaphor, philosophy, planet, remember, spiritual, stars,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I HAD A DREAM
I had a dream last night…
I know dreams aren’t always as they appear…
this one had me teaching……and I’ve been retired for 6 years.

For me to remember a dream…is extraordinarily rare
and I don’t remember this entire dream…just bits and pieces here...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, dream, inspiration, teacher, wisdom,
Form: Verse
Premium Member My Crumbling Inner Space
Deep within me are rusty, crumbling memories and grief,
like a pile of rubbish the dregs of yesterday decay;
all the bits and pieces of my life deep and inner lay,
but under withering sadness I can find a flower or green leaf.
A...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, grief, memory, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
Counterbalancing Self
Counterbalancing Self

I found her in absent withdrawal
A study of confusion and nerves
Countermanding the calm exterior
Presented to face the day

Hand applied radiance 
Giving her face a glow
While the eyes struggled
To balance minds overflow

I heard her in a sing song voice
greeting others...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, conflict, courage, image, introspection, woman,
Form: Free verse
Mi Bano Bonita
It’s wonderful to look upon me,
exactly at moment of my entry.
Stepping into the light to decide my fate _
Thinking of which bold move do I make.

Hummm, Shall washing my face be of my first choice;
Then brush and gargle to freshen...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, 1st grade, appreciation, life, places, today,
Form: Couplet
We are dog/house sitting for friends of ours while they are on a cruise
I’ve heard it said you don’t really know a person until you walk a mile in their shoes…

I imagine that is true…in their shoes you walk, you...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, family, home, house, memory,
Form: Verse
Where did you go
This hurt keeps me awake
The pills can't dissipate this emotion
This alcohol can't black me out 
If only I could give a magic potion

I see your face everywhere I look
Like an angel beguiling a glimmer of hope

Will I ever clasp your...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, absence, betrayal, lost love, sad,
Form: Cowboy
Premium Member Losing Myself
I wander away from myself.
In slivers and slips
Bits and pieces.
Tiny fragments,
diamond shaped,
in shards.

Slowly at first, 
then in earnest,
Faster and faster.

Spinning my wheels
Running toward nothingness
Throwing myself on the edge of train tracks
Waiting for the train that never comes

Wondering at the ridiculousness...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, emotions, feelings,
Form: Free verse
JULY 14, 2019

My memories are vivid
I can really remember my childhood
I only remember bits and pieces

Flashes of good things
Like my dad
When he was still alive

The laughter of my sister
Her jokes and
How beautiful she was

My grandmother’s toughness
With her hard core...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, childhood, memory,
Form: Free verse
Political Rant
To the American people let me begin by saying
That this is not a game we're playing
This is not a contest of team vs. team
And our reality is more than a meme
See, we have this notion it doesn't matter
Even as the...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, america, how i feel, political, spoken word,
Form: Free verse
The Night The Stars Fell From Heaven
at last something broke you
and that something, it was you
you were closing your eyes
you were seeing it through

you blew up and sold
the world outside and within
and i fell on your black day
you showed me how to live

you showed me how...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, death, eulogy, hero, loss, memorial, suicide, surreal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shangri La
Yellow lilies in turquoise pots. Smiling happily, smug even.
But as happy as their cocky orange spotted cousins? Maybe not.
Their blue-red dark lily cousins had appeared for the first time this year.
They were outstanding; so remarkable, it was practically embarrassing.

The yard...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, garden,
Form: Imagism
My Reverie
Swinburne form

Suspended on a hilltop,
I sit in reverie
considering my future.
How life is just a vapor,
yet worlds continue nonstop. 
Is this how things must be?
Suspended on a hilltop,
I sit in reverie.

What can I do that matters
for good before I’m gone?
Lasting legacy,...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, destiny, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member THIS OLD BODY

This old body's not state of the art
Served me well but now's falling apart
Like Reeses pieces
In bits and pieces
Only thing that works well's the kickstart

posted on March 5, 2019...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, age, appreciation, body, old, time,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member The Five Stages of My Grief
I have lost three loves and my life is grief,
denial fills my thoughts-  shock overwhelms;
my life floats in meaningless dark, dark realms,
there is no grace in awful disbelief.

Anger has no limits to painful pain,
I feel so abandoned and deserted;
my...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, grief,
Form: Canzone
She Took Me
She took me to the place where memories are all erased 
A place where broken bits and pieces of promises where stored up
She took me to the place where mistakes are all erased,
'fessed up 
And cleared up
For what we messed...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, love,
Form: Free verse
Snippets Of The Mind
That's all we have when you come right down to it:
little pieces of life, random moments we dare call--

But what are these fragments, these snippets of the mind?
Just sort of, kind of bright flashes in the pan lighting up
the brain,...Read More
Categories: bits and pieces, allusion, appreciation, introspection, memory, time,
Form: Prose Poetry