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(Chorus) You think you've got swagger but really you hobble, you've got the jet lagger and you're drunk so you wobble, don't start on me mate 'cus I will bring trouble, to put it into slang words I'm Barney Rubble. (Verse) I will ruffle trouble 'cus I'm on another level that bombs with the base and stings with the treble, I'll strut face to face with any ace rebel, and put them in their place with their constant bull. When I rhyme with my contortionist wrist it expels a mist that sits around my fist, I spell magic out on paper, I'm playing with danger, Mr. Wizardry the word selectionist, squiggling fiction at speeds that feed friction into rhymes that are non stop hot and cool, so flames don't flame on the table top, journey with me to witness the plot, the earth shaker creator of perfected hip hop, starting revolutions so that mumble is forgot, dislodging the rust and rot it coughs that clots and instating my Barney Rubble at the top. (Chorus x2) (Verse) That last verse was just a small handful, a sample of something that you cannot handle, a scan like a bar code, so lets open up the road and I'll unload these words, I can't conceal this skill that rolls like wheels, a Rolls Royce wearing heels, in fancy halls doing dancing drills, with golden walls to an old skool beat treat. I wont get signed up by any record label, but I'm still rhyming better than mumble's able, just admit you're tapping your feet to the beat while my rhyme sits on top solid like concrete, with the dancefloor crammed full, they're pulling at all angles, making the memories that'll last 'til they're O A P's, they think they've got swagger and they're like Mick Jagger, they're more like Sepp Blatter but a little bit fatter. (Chorus x2) (Verse) You can call me Trimendous and true, you thought I'd flew crashed and was screwed, but I took it back to what inspired my act, an old skool hip hop sick rhyme attack, I rhymed in flight with this write and its smile's wild with sublime delight, there are no poetic rare words and I don't need swear words in this dictionary spared verse with airstream rhythm you can't burst, I'm wearing this deserved set of words that pilots and surges to my re-emergence, a certainty that was never urgent and not an encore from behind the curtains. (Chorus x2)
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