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Best Polluted Poems

Below are the all-time best Polluted poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of polluted poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member On My Mother Passing


i wanted to keep my mother physically with me
but it would be like trying to hold the sun
like in life she still...

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Categories: polluted, cheer up, mother, mother
Form: Narrative

Premium Member The Night I Fell Like Rain

You had that future retro look:  two thousand seventeen,
There was a slow and sultry permanence, a little slouchy lean
As you eased out of the...

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Categories: polluted, destiny, water, , cute,
Form: Rhyme
Poets of a New Dawn

Taking a long ink dip in a desert pond,
rejected drake words
ripple echoes in the wilderness: Tread with care!
Dreadnought thoughts silicate crystalized,
glass menagerie opens to a...

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Categories: polluted, poets, truth, visionary, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Elicit Illicit Lucid Dreams -contains nudity-
~JSLambert does not (currently:) use, or encourage hallucinogenic drug use.

    Telepathic psilocybin prescription erasing elastic depression. Competition 
wanes, just when nocturnal emission...

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Categories: polluted, allegory, allusion, appreciation, beauty,
Form: Carpe Diem
Premium Member A Willow Tree
Someday I'd like to wander free
like butterfly, like bumblebee,
perhaps to plant a willow tree
beside the silent solemn sea,

before these things exist no more,
from mountain top...

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Categories: polluted, daffodils, nature,
Form: Rhyme

I see that acacia tree 
and I get vacuumed back to the past.

When we both had 
a different type of light in our eyes,
with the...

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Categories: polluted, recovery from..., me, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member - Dark Brainstorm -

Being strong is his only option
Satisfaction is not always the fulfillment of what you want
when you gets stuck in an unwanted situation
Witch hunting and lynsjing

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Categories: polluted, angst, confusion, dark, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Her Senior Year
*for AG

Last leg home, the sun setting in the polluted haze of the city,
looks Like I feel, my thoughts a golden glow, every brushstroke


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Categories: polluted, daughter
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A WISH FOR FISH

Washed up on shores around the world
Already dead, a whale, a dolphin a shark, 
All marine life is suffering, the situation

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Categories: polluted, fish,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Someone said, Hey Christopher

Someone said, Hey Christopher

Someone said, “Hey Christopher,
what’s up with all this love
It seems in every poem
that is all you’re thinking of

Why are you always dreaming,

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Categories: polluted, humor, life, love,
Form: Rhyme

Careless whispers from sordid lips
Echo through the wooded landscape of hearts.
Destructive wants and needless needs,
Carried on the remnants of rust and bone,
Discarded amongst the fallen...

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Categories: polluted, betrayal, lost love, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Grand Ancient Rivers
Flow mighty rivers, what all have you seen
Rise and fall of empires, string of storied kings
As veins carry blood, you give Earth its life
Carving the...

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Categories: polluted, nature,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Puppeteers
Wars and crimes,
Hunger and thirst,
Sad for the world,
My heart bursts.

Holding onto hope by my fingertips,
Drinking polluted water by sips.

Blood of the wounded,
Blood of the dead,

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Categories: polluted, political, pollution, war,
Form: Free verse
Silver spoon
Born with a silver spoon
In his mouth
But it's rusted now
By the heroin flame
A world of possibilities
Washed away by pain

The blue blood
In his veins
Is polluted by...

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Categories: polluted, loss, people
Form: Verse
Premium Member Inner City
Broken windows give no reflection
graffiti for those who can read

concrete streets are polluted rivers
passing shoes leave bodies in need

disillusion is a crumbled sidewalk
stretching to an...

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Categories: polluted, city,
Form: Free verse
God makes perfect everything on earth 
for humans and plants to coexist with each other
plants give humans the power to heal and the nutrients to survive 
humans provide the CO2...

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Categories: polluted, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Dark Side Of Canada
I do not have to go far away
 but just look within canada     to see
there is starvation    ...

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Categories: polluted, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
Give Peace A Chance
The rich are getting richer
The poor are losing hope
Mother Earth is dying
Over populated
War Torn
Anybody notice?

Is the Garden of Eden gone for good?

It starts with You

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Categories: polluted, care, hope,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member O Word-W
O’ Word

O’ word, for my Bibliogenesis 
‘My Dolly’
You are not fatherless
That I love you in the
Mouth of dear one Aesthesiogenically.
I feel you in my Parthenogenesis...

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Categories: polluted, i love you,
Form: Free verse
The River
Sometimes The River is long
at places mighty deep
The currents not always steady,
into the ground, water will seep

Along the way the water rushes,
there's a need to...

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© Karla Null  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: polluted, inspirationalwater, life, river, water,
Form: Rhyme
*Another oldie, yet not as ancient as the last one; I sometimes wonder if I should have
stayed like this...then I read myself and say "...I'm...

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Categories: polluted, imagination, life
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Black void prey
The spirit of memories polluted 
fingerprints crossing over your spine

Ghouls that crawl eerily creeping
from an abyss of the darkest claws scratching 

Consuming with fire...

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Categories: polluted, animal, conflict, corruption, dark,
Form: Couplet
Sea of Love
In this stormy sea that we call life, you calm the waters.

As I drifted along you cushioned each blow that I received.

In the mist of...

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© Karla Null  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: polluted, faith, inspirationalme, sea, water,
Form: Free verse
   ~the dark piece~

For them there is no clemency
As they desired the daughters of men
Abandoning the heavenly abode
They cohabited with the women

They are...

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Categories: polluted, angel, religion, religious, ,
Form: Free verse
We have moved to The Mountains
We have moved to higher Grounds.

The ridge enclave in mist and cold
Sight is poor as in jackets we fold
Peering below at the stagnant pools
-Covering to...

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Categories: polluted, change, imagination, poets,
Form: Rhyme