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Looking back to memories bright, I remember she’d teach me wrong from right. “Clean your plate. There are others who have none.” “Do your homework, and let me know when you’re done.” “Look at me when I’m talking to you.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Save your money for a rainy day.” “It’s beautiful outside, so go out and play.” “Let me show you how to clean and cook.” “If you’re really bored, you can read a good book.” “Don’t you know that I was young once, too?” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Take some time to read this book, son. I think it’s time you know where they come from.” “Girls are spice and everything nice.” “If you’re smart, you’ll take my advice.” “You don’t have to do as others do.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “My grandfather gave us all we would need. When spring rolled around he would plant seed. He shot game and lived off the land. He wasn’t afraid to make a stand. You could learn a few things from him, too.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “I used to walk a mile to school. It won’t hurt you to walk a little, too.” “Do your chores and be nice to your sister.” “Address adults as Misses or Mister.” “Do you know that I love you?” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Why do you want to be in a rock and roll band?” “Be a leader. Lend a helping hand.” “How old is she? What is her name? Do you care for her deeply? Does she feel the same?” “Where have you been? I was worried about you!” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “How many hours? How much does it pay? Think of your future. In school you should stay.” “Do you have food? You’ve lost a lot of weight.” “Be on time. You shouldn’t be late.” “Did you get the letter that I sent you?” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “You’re too young to get married. Won’t you wait till later? Yes, I think she’s nice. No, I don’t hate her.” “You need a good job. Where will you live?” “How much do you need? How much can I give?” “Isn’t life great when love is new?” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “I’m going to be a grandma?!! You must be joking!” “How’s the job going? Are you still smoking?” “We’re all fine. How is she? I was foolish to think she’d replace me. Tell her that I’m thinking of her, too.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “You sound funny. Are they all right? How long was she in labor? Was it a long night? She’ll be okay. She just needs time to heal. You’ll be a good father. When was your last meal? Give her my love, and to the baby, too.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Tell her not to fuss. I won’t be a bother. I remember a few things. You were once a toddler. The living room is fine. You sleep in your own room. I’ll get her some groceries. Where does she keep her broom? It was nice seeing you. I’ll miss you, too. Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “They’re growing like weeds. I wish you weren’t so far away.” “Pay attention to your wife . . . A good husband doesn’t stray.” “Call me if you need someone to talk to.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Get you some stocks, bonds, or an IRA. If you stuff it under the mattress, that’ll be okay. You must think of their future . . . and yours and hers, too. It’ll take planning to see it all through. Don’t worry about me, son. I’ve planned some, too.” Yes, Mother . . . I hear you. “Are you happy, boy? It’s important that you are. There’s more to life than a career or a new car.” “I’m proud of you and of who you’ve become. You’re all that I dreamed of and even more, son. But tell me the truth. Did I ever get through? Did you ever listen when I was talking to you?” Yes, Mother . . . I listened. I even took your advice. In many of my choices, I didn’t have to think twice. I haven’t always been as good as I could be. There were times that I was glad you weren’t there to see. Of one thing I’m certain . . . you passed a lot on. You taught me to be caring, happy, and strong. Your thoughts are with me in all that I do. Yes, Mother . . . I heard you.
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