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I walk through the life of silent dreams
A museum of sorts
I passed by my reflection
Not a mirror in site
I was horrified
As I stared into my face
No, no, I could not
My eyes could not view such horrors
Shut tight for fear of light
The journey was long ago
Where emotions floated or not
The soul fell into the sea

I belong to no one
Thus they say I am free

I belong no where
Thus I am in a prison

I float inside a bottle
Like a goldfish in bowl
Waiting to be painted

Knowing too well
The drawing will never be done

The wilted rose shall weep
One more time

For the face no one shall seek

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2015

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The Last Red Balloon

Dad can I have that big red balloon?
There's only one left, and he'll sell it soon
It's not like a goldfish, it won't have to be fed
or that pink candy floss, which sticks to my head

Dad can I have that big red balloon?
I won't ask for anything else 'till next June
Not even a ride on the ghost train today
A balloon would be better in every way

Dad can I have that big red balloon?
Don't want to fly in a ship to the moon
Dodging green men as we whizz on the way
I'd probably be sick for the rest of the day

Dad can I have that big red balloon?
Yes my boy, I'll buy you that balloon
I'm not a mean man I just wanted to know
that you really want it, come on let's go

Son here you go, a big red balloon
your hearts great desire fulfilled before noon
We've gone to the fair, we'll have such fun
With you and your balloon out in the sun

Dad, can I have some pink candy floss?

Copyright © Nick Bagnall | Year Posted 2012

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Worming the Cat and Dog

Once again it’s Saturday; the day when footy reigns supreme.
The Dogs are up against the Cats, the premier favoured team,
but I’ve got no doubts the mighty Dogs will surely cope with that.
I couldn’t think of nothing worse than being beaten by a Cat.

But then I am reminded by the one who reigns supreme,
when she reads out the date that will affect me footy dream.
It’s the day our Cat and Dog must have, or so my wife confirms,
their little pill preserving health to stop them getting worms.  

Now this simple operation should only take a tick or two
for the tablets are just tiny things, so there should be no ado,
but at times our Cat can be cantankerous for reasons of its own 
and because today the footy’s on, all reasoning has been blown.

The blasted Cat would not cooperate and then threw a hissy fit,
when I cradled it just like a baby, and expected it to sit
while I applied some pressure so it’s mouth would open wide,
and with my other hand that’s free I’d easily pop the pill inside.  

But the pill was knocked out of me hand and rolled across the floor
while the Cat scarped across the sofa and then hid behind the door,
and even though I had it cornered I could tell things were not right
when it spat and scratched me arm to win this battle in the fight.

I retrieved it from the bedroom, and with more force put on a grip
with its front paws held together, and pushed down tight into me hip,
I forced its jaws to open and then popped the pill inside its gob  
and clamped its mouth; counted to ten, then watched the tablet lob -
- into the blasted goldfish bowl, and saw the Cat scarp up the hall,
to hide somewhere on a wardrobe with its back hard against a wall,
so it’s time to gather re-enforcements with two tablets wasted now,
and with my wife to back me up we’ll get the tablet down somehow.

I wedged the Cat between me knees and with its head just sticking out,
I made sure its claws are disengaged because its growling left no doubt,
when my wife pushed a funnel in its mouth and with the pill to follow.
I rubbed its neck quite vigorously, now the cat will have to swallow.

I eyed the Cat up on the curtain rail until I’m handed the third pill,
and with the torn lace through the curtains my wife had lost the will
to maximise a healthy Cat because of damage scattered everywhere,
with figurines and vases now in pieces, and are way beyond repair.

It appears we must get serious, and so the Cat is wrapped up in a towel,
with just the head and ears appearing, and we can ignore its howl.
I placed the pill inside a drinking straw, but before I got to blow,
the bloody Cats’ one step ahead, now there are answers I should know.

Are these pills harmful to humans? Do they have some side effects?
Does it hurt to mix with alcohol? Do they dissolve when stuck in necks?
I had to drink two cans of beer to try and take the taste away.
My wife’s wrapped up in band-aids and furious with lots to say.

For there’s blood stains on the carpet from deep scratch marks on her head,   
and now I’ve got permission to search inside our neighbours shed,
where I dragged it from a rafter and shoved it in a hessian sack,
and while carrying the Cat back home I mused a new plan of attack.

Into a cupboard goes the Cat, and with the door closed on its neck,
there’s just its head poking out so I’ll have it fixed up in a ‘sec,’
and with the fourth pill in my left hand, and some pliers in me right
to prise the Cats’ mouth open wide and so at last I’ll win this fight.

But for now I must forget the Cat while I replace the cupboard hinges,
and use my whisky so to disinfect; which is a double dose of cringes,
then check my tetanus records just in case I may need another shot,
and replace my T-shirt torn to shreds - then find I’ve been put on the spot.

A car swerved into a neighbour’s fence to avoid the Cat that chose to flee.
Now the fire brigade is here to help because the damn Cats’ up a tree.
And once the scene was cleared up and with the Cat back home alive,
it growled and spat at me in anger when I held up tablet number five.

But before I made me final thrust, I needed courage that’s in beer.
And after half a dozen full strength to this Cat I made it clear,
that I won’t take any of its Tommyrot, and my threat is not a fable,
so with hay band wound around all paws I tied it to the dining table.

And wearing heavy duty garden gloves I took to the bloody Cat;
forced the pill down in its throat and then some raw steak followed that,
before I poured near half a gallon of water down the mongrel’s throat.
It’s a wonder that it didn’t drown but the cursed Cat did stay afloat.
I drank whisky from the bottle when being driven by my wife
to outpatients where a doctor will revive me disappearing life. 	
I need stitches in me fingers and me forearm, and to regain me sight,
they must remove the remnants of the pill that shot me in the fight.

We need to buy another dining table to replace our splintered one,
and the Cat’s about to find a new home for the damage that it’s done.
So there’s not one once of pity for the Cat I’d love to dearly flog,
but that stays in the background ‘cause it’s time to worm the dog.

So with a sixth pill in me hand the Dog has begging eyes on me, 
but I don’t need grief the Cat gave us so used a simple strategy.
I wrapped the tablet in some bacon; the Dog wagged his tail and spun,
then I tossed the bacon high into the air - now all the wormings’ done.  

Copyright © Lindsay Laurie | Year Posted 2016

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The One That Got Away

Was cleaning my goldfish bowl
in the bathroom one day,
put "Goldie" in the bathroom
sink temporarily to play,

Tried to hurry so I could
put her back in the bowl,
when unknowingly she leapt 
like a dolphin into the commode,

Meantime, my weak bladder was a disruption,
so stopped what I was doing before it erupted,
finishing up and giving the royal flush,
not realizing Goldie was gone forever with a swift "GUSH!"

Felt guilty when I eventually found out,
should've known something was up by Goldie's pout,
if I had known would've brought her to fish therapy,
instead of accidentally having had her a burial at sea,

Then I thought maybe she's still alive,
maybe she'll be like that fish Nemo and survive,
swimming around somewhere making new friends,
hopefully not swimming into a dead end,

Wondering if she would get bullied or eaten,
I walked around sobbing like I'd been beaten,
feeling like a criminal who was pet negligent,
I finally made an appointment to see a fish therapist!

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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Say something funny

Sir ! say something funny , the little boy said .
'Cause Mom is now dying and Daddy is dead .
Grandad has piles and he can't sit down .
Gran's on a bender , somewhere on the town .
The dog just had kittens , and the hen , she wont lay .
The toilet is flooded and the rent we can't pay .
My brother has acne ; picking pimples all week .
The goldfish can't swim and the budgie wont speak .
My best funny friend , just sits with a frown .
My frog has just croaked it , my last duck just drowned .
My Y~fronts need changing after 3 months or more .
I've got ire on my thighs from the skidmarks galore .
My red nose is running and my sleeve is green blue .
There's a hole in my sock and 2 more in my shoe .
Sister Sue's on the game and she's got a bad rash .
She's making the bucks , but spending the cash .
My invisable friend , disappeared late last night .
Saying , he must see a Shrink , I have made him uptight .
Our Priest got the last rites ; the new Vicar just sinned .
She breaks with tradition and also breaks wind ! 
But apart from  all that , things aint so bad .
My corns still flake and happyhour aint so sad .
So please Sir !  say something funny to unmask this frown .......

" GET LOST , you bad penny !! . I need a good ... long ... liedown ."

Copyright © Sean Kelly | Year Posted 2008

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Coconut shy at Reece Fair...
Auntie Margaret is sure she'll win this time.

A shy goldfish travels home
in ornate container.

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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Street corner grand scheme
she don’t need no tattoos
words all written on her tongue
make nuff dollar to ride her dream


Bareback, she’s pushin'
stars in her eyes, pupils eclipsin’
green bucks, so fried evergreen 
by the hour, glamour puss admission

circling her pole
cat back arched bored 
rendition splits captivation
slides tempation’s scales

holy collared
fistful of green

thinks he’ll save her 
sitting perfect on his stool 
observing through the glass 
she’s "his" pretty Goldfish
swimming in her fish bowl

season of the wolf walks in
he’s her bareback 
souls for admission
with grinning ambition
schooling "his" pocketful of Goldfish
to keep on swimmin'

(Lovejoy-Burton/Jan 2018)

Copyright © Leanne Lovejoy-Burton | Year Posted 2018

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A Painting of Words

Let the paper be a canvas and the pen, a brush
The words fill  the mind like a young girl’s blush
Every color on the palette of the imagination
Becomes a vibrant idea of luscious creation

Open a door of stained glass with swans of white
Made more brilliant by the glowing sunlight
Surrounded by a pool of sapphire blue
Water lilies afloat with teardrops of dew

Beyond the door a walled brick terrace of burgundy red 
With a gray flagstone floor in which to tread
Terra cotta pots at the edges with mixed colored flowers
Above a dogwood in blooms like a canopy towers

Wide steps lead to a large flowing fountain
Three flowing tiers sparkle like a crystalline mountain
It towers within a large oval pool
A goldfish swimming like a small orange jewel

Beyond the fountain, a cobblestone path
Followed by a fence of latticework lath
An open field on the other side of the fence
Beyond the field is a forest, dark and dense 

Two Belgian horses graze on clover patches of red
Near a large gray stone two-story shed
Nearby a pond of sparkling blue
Reflecting  the clouds of a dusky pink hue

The blue sky fades into pink streaks of sunset
Turning the forest trees to a darker silhouette
And the grass to bright emerald green
All to create  a tranquil pastoral scene

The words fill the mind like young girl’s blush
With the paper as a canvas and the pen, a brush.

Copyright © Jeanne Berger | Year Posted 2007

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What If A bedtime poem for kids

What If?

What if guppies and goldfish could swim through the air?
What if birds could only relax by sitting in a chair?

What if spider webs looked like charming bungalows?
What if cheese sticks had to be hunted out in the jungle-os?

What if curtains were carefully hung up in the Maple trees?
What if cookies only came from buzzing little bees?

What if horses were allowed to take rides on our backs?
What if skateboards could take a ride on the rail road tracks?

What if Saturdays came more than just once a week?
What if at your birthday presents you could take a peek?

What if alligators played music every time they’d sneeze?
What if teachers taught Algebra to the chimpanzees?

What if delicious gumballs grew out in the yard?
What if scoring soccer goals wasn’t all that hard?

What if arching rainbows were something you could touch?
What if with each of the colors you could skip Double Dutch?

What if the medicine that the doctor gave you tasted like ice cream?
What if you and your best friend could go to sleep and dream the same dream?

What if all of these things were completely true?
It wouldn’t matter at all to me because I would still love you.

Copyright © Tony Lane | Year Posted 2011

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Girl with the Red Parasol

Pretty girl in pink dress, was fair with curly hair, 
Her red parasol was open, though sun wasn't there.

	Sitting on rocks, she gazed at sea and silently cried,
	I asked her what made her cry, she never replied.

Sea was roaring, violent waters touched the shore,
Step by step she came to me, with her tears so pure.

	In her quietness, some sorrow she tried to hide,
	Then I came to know, her little goldfish had died.

Deeply she loved her pet, tears didn't stop to roll,
While the strong winds blew away her red parasol. 

	She ran, got the grip and I could hear her laugh,
	As the callous winds had torn the parasol to half.

She left the shore and waved me with empty hand,
I watched the tides erasing her foot prints on sand.


June 30, 2016.
The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Eve Roper

CONTEST NO 204 any form-theme max of 16 lines - Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

Copyright © Meenakshi Raina | Year Posted 2016

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Leviathan Lucidity

And I saw a new heaven and a 
new earth: for the first heaven
and the first earth were passed
away; and there was no more sea
— Rev. 21:1

Satan is king of the sea
When he was cast out of heaven,
his star fell into the midst of the deep
And the dreaded armor-scaled whale arose,
with destroying breaker waves
An unholy submarine terror is he
Jellyfish can fatally sting,
and Great white sharks 
are devouring deadly
But the biggest, baddest fish in the sea
is Leviathan ... he’s the one
who swallowed up Jaws, baby
Moby Dick ain’t nothing but a mere goldfish
compared to this dark-scaled monstrosity
This hulking behemoth rules the sea — 
King Poseidon ain’t nothing but a cabin boy,
his trident weapon is just a plastic fork toy
Mythical tales 
drawn from the deep fountain fears of man
It’s frighteningly obvious indeed,
Leviathan rules the sea
King Neptune ain’t nothing but a fable,
a man-made up story water balloon
I’m sorry to burst the bubble,
all you doubters
Mythical tales 
drawn from the deep fear wells of man
Yes, Leviathan is bad as they come ...
he will drag you 20,000 leagues under the sea,
my doubting daughter and son
Leviathan ain’t no tall tale;
he will swallow you whole,
then vomit your soul 
into the bowels of hell
It’s scary obvious to me,
Leviathan rules the sea
Wake up from your watery sleep, people
Satan is real ...when will you believe?!
No worries though ...
in the end, God prevails over the Devil
This is so comforting to me — 
for in the new earth there will be no sea

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2017

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I'd Give You

You've stood by me through everything,
And that really means a lot.
And now it is my turn
To give you all that I've got.

I'd give you a dozen roses,
But what does that really mean?
I'd give you a tractor,
But do you want red or green?

I'd give you a power tool,
But you already have a drill.
I'd give you a million dollars,
But would you leave it in your will?

I'd give you a hat,
But you already have many.
I'd give you a goldfish,
But do you want any?

If I possibly could,
I'd give you all these for a start.
So I'll just give you my love
That comes straight from the heart.

Copyright © Valerie Swartz | Year Posted 2006

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Work In Progress

Finally tears of joy swim from these tired eyes
No longer am I drowning in murky waters
Nor trapped in a crowded school of goldfish 
Today I dive into fresh invigorating waters
Hoping to make a huge splash 
To pay forward a path for others
Never will I forget those who kept me a float
For they are my hero's and they always fed me hope

Copyright © Carol B. | Year Posted 2018

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For my friend Trevor

A lovely morning’s knocking on the door
Come here, Trev, it’s time to make a wish
Your birthday’s dancing rumba on the floor
And for your dreams is waiting a goldfish.

So many gifts from family and friends
So many words are filled with love and joy
Let all the best things never end
And life gives daily presents to enjoy .

Let a wonderful princess in a nice dress
With hands that aren’t scared of some work 
Says that your heart’s exactly her address
To raise the children and do the housework.

And let your home be comfortable and warm 
And let the children’s voices there  sound 
Your parents in “grandparents uniform”
Let every weekend come around .

Let God and Angels always take your hand
And give you health and a good fate
You’re worth of everything the best on our land
Good things won’t make you long await 

Copyright © Victoria Stasiv | Year Posted 2017

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Shark in the Soup

 When I ordered fish soup I hadn't a clue
 That a predator lurked within the brew
 I was ready to taste it so I dipped my spoon in
 But rising from the bowl was a dorsal fin!

 I took up a fork to spear this fish
 Which was swimming around making my soup swish
 The waiter came over to see what was wrong
 I said "there's a shark in my soup, he doesn't belong"

 The waiter decided to take the bowl back
 I told him to bring something that didn't attack
 The waiter returned and granted my wish
 And brought me a bowl filled with goldfish!
 Shark in the Soup Contest
 Sponsor.. Anthony Slausin


Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2018

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All time low

There's more than one Alex at an all time low 
Trying to stay up because I know some people want to see me fall like snow 
But then depression kicks in and it's off the walls I go 
I hope you understand when I say there's more than one Alex at an all time low

Trapped inside these 4 walls as my music blares
The volume turned up so the outside world can't hear the abuse in here
Depression beating me, but the lyrics to the songs remove my fears 
I got caught in a daydream so now depression wants to prove my nightmares 

When it comes to my mistakes I've always been forthcoming 
But depression still wants to ridicule me for my shortcomings 
Depression doesn't want me to live them down
Constantly reminding me of the princess I was dating that I didn't crown 

"You can't handle a goldfish, but now you want to bait a Piranha" 
"you had your heartbroken by a regular girl, but now you want a date with Rihanna"
I reply I'm strong enough to face my karma 
I'm just trying to think good thoughts to erase the drama 

I would have took a bullet for her, but I didn't realise she'd be holding the gun, now it's poor me I'm shot 
I can't deal with this sober, someone tell the bartender to pour me a shot
The more that I learn about love, the more that I'm shocked 
My love for you is dead, I'm putting everything of yours in a box

I feel like screaming, but I don't want anyone to hear all the noise
Depression has me at an all time low saying soon we'll really fall out boy
I've been lost for a while, now I'm trying to find somewhere to call my home
Now you know my battle, you'll understand why Alex Gaskarth isn't the only Alex at an all time low  

Copyright © Alex Duffy | Year Posted 2018

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Fresh Water Goldfish Whales

Hubby will NEVER let Dragon and me go to a pet store! Ever! Again!
It started when we needed Dog chow for all our really big dogs… then…
Dragon found the fish, with some being sold for only 15 cents apiece…
We were told; they’re sold for others to eat. Oh, No! Say it isn’t so! EEP!

Now, we believe, in save the whales, and every other gall darn thing.
And Dragon and I believe that the heart grows with everyone added in.
We were ready to cry, so we made a simple Momma and Dragon, foray.
We decided to save two more lives and then to bring them home. Yeah!

Don’t know how it happened, our plan got out of hand, but it was so grim!
We went back, many times, buying them all, filling our tank to the brim,  
We spread the word, to help the goldfish, and so others hearts could grow.
Hubby said they had to go, so we gave them to people every where, so… 

With 4 remaining, we decided to keep them at our house, safe and sound.
But low and behold, they kept growing quickly bigger, as they swam around!
Dragon wanted to take the goldfish for a walk, and to play with Santa Jack.
And the penguins kept coming around, looking for their midnight snack!

OK, maybe we didn’t think this thru, Yet, Tho, Still, Something wasn’t right!
They’re growing way to fast! From a 10 gallon tank to 150… In a week? 
OK! Dragon what did you do? You took your Elvin magic gift, given to you?
OK! Spit it out! What did you do! You sprinkled the four fish, a little, did you?

Oh! NO! So we put them into the lake! And before The Elfin King was found…
We had the first Fresh Water Goldfish Whales, ever were or are… to be found!
We started the first Midwest Whale herding society, and when the Elvin King…
Was found, He & Grandpa Troll, were joyously rolling, in tears, on the ground!

By this time, like Dragon, they needed tons of food to eat…so we decided  to…
Rent them out, to eat Asian Carp, who are, menacing, destructive & misguided!
Darned if it didn’t work! You know! Serendipity, low and behold! The answer!
The Agricultural Department was happily beside themselves… That is after…

They got over, that quirky and somewhat strange, Goldfish Whale, thingy part!
So, life goes on happily, especially for those Goldfish Whales munching on carp.
And yes, they’ve finally stopped growing, I am happy to say, and have big hearts.
And those menacing Asian Carp won’t be such a menace, from now on... Today!

As, ‘Alls well, that ends well’… and with great relief… I am wont to say...
And now Nobody's eating these babies, after Dragon had his way!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2014

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the goldfish

the goldfish 
looks out 
at the distorted world 
through a glass bowl
and tries to make sense of it 

he watches the room about him 
and those that feed him
with self satisfaction  
unknowingly waiting for death
and a burial at sea

Copyright © RUDOLPH RINALDI | Year Posted 2014

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My Pet Donkey Kim

As children are
They all want a pet
I wanted a horse
My little sister wanted a pony
Our parents compromised
They got us a goldfish
Of course we had to name our new pet
We compromised yet again and called him

Now turtle would spend hours and hours
Running and jumping around an around in his watery fields
A very fast Turtle he was
We decided to film our little turtle and so we did
The show off would make jokes and acrobats
Turns out he was a real comedian 
(also an expert at cards, especially Go Fish)
To out surprise, an evil man didn’t like our wee turtle
Why he called him a darn little monkey
He said he would shatter our fish bowl
Well he called it a Monkey bowel

Then one day we saw something miraculous
A second gold fish
Turns out he was a she
Happily now my sister and I both had pets
She a wee little pony and me
A great big beautiful black stallion
She name her Pony Grasshopper
So worried she was, that the evil man from far away
Would do great harm to us, Grasshopper and Turtle
She said we should get on our pony and horse
And ride away on the ocean, far away and safe

Then all of a sudden, our neighbors Korean Siamese cat jumped
Right through the window, and right smack into the fish bowl
Poor Turtle and Grasshopper, all over the floor
My sister cried her little heart out that day
From that moment forward, I just could never get myself
To drink Orange crush again

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2014

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A Cat's Life

In a cat's life.We get a rubber mouse, 
a shoe string, or a butterfly to play with.
In a cat's life.We get names like Sylvester, 
Felix, Tom And Jerry, Morris, and Garfield.
In a cat's life.We chase hamsters, mice, and
rats, anything loose, with a string attached.
In a cat's life.We like a big bowl of warm milk.
Crunchy cat food nuggets.All filled with love.
We like tuna oil, and tuna fish, and goldfish.
Straight from the living room fish tank.In a 
cat's life.We like to curl up next to our master, 
like a fluffy pillow, weeping willow on a sofa
bed.In a cat's life.We take off our mittens and
booties.As we leave our paw prints in the 
muddy soil.In a cat's life.

Cat's Life Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2011,2014..
All rights reserved

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

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Orange here and there
Winter's rest now ended
Eating from my hand

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

It's true.  Our goldfish will come to us at feeding time.  Pretty cool.

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Praying Mantis Pet

Hello, I am a praying mantis from the tropics,
a killer really, once I bit off the head of my lover;
and then I ate him, yummy and then I was caught,
I ended up in a pet store until one day she bought me.
I am a strange pet for a girl to have and love,
but it is so, few people realize we make amazing pets;
no weirder than a rat or ferret or snake.
My species is known for courage and fearlessness,
in ancient times we were considered supernatural gods;
but I have no powers except my praying posture,
I like to be perfectly still with my for arms folded in prayer.
Usually my girl feeds me small insects she finds,
once when I was on a stroll I reached into her goldfish bowl;
and ate her goldfish, oh my, was she upset with me,
I like to grip her finger with my long legs.
One day I escaped into the garden, oh delight,
I ate a bunch of bugs by ambush and camouflage;
you see I am the master of disguise,
I can blend into the foliage and any background.
My girl found me when I was trying to resemble a flower,
she said I was a giveaway with my two bulging eyes;
(and three small ones) darn it anyways, almost had freedom,
but in truth I love my girl and the lovely nest she made for me.
She has made it look like my tropical homeland,
with a heater and plants on which I crawl and pray;
there is never a lack of bugs to eat and I do love the light above,
so yes I am an odd pet for a girl to love;
but she calls me beautiful and that makes my wings flutter,
and I go into my praying poise for her to praise . . . 
August 12, 2016

Poetry/Personification/Praying Mantis Pet
Copyright Protected, ID 16-817-962-0
All Rights Reserved.  Written under Pseudonym.

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2016

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Fish With A Wish

Splish! Splash!
Went the little goldfish.
As she flipped,
and she flopped,
right out of her dish.

across the room, 
came a threatening sound.
And she wished, 
oh, she wished,
she was back in her dish!

The house cat pranced
and swished his tail,
as he played with his squeaky toy,
and his playmate, little Dale.

Then the cat paused.
He sniffed the air.
He leaped for joy.
He smelled a live fish,
and not a rubber toy!

With a happy prance,
on cat feet that danced,
across the room,
he quickly advanced.

But the boy heard
the wish! The wish! 
of his little gold fish.
And he flipped, 
and he flopped
her back in her dish.

Lucky Fish!
Lucky Fish!
With a wish!

Copyright © Darlene Gifford | Year Posted 2014

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Far far away
Solitary existence;
Lakeside pagoda


August going away
Bumper harvest;
Mangosteens and durians


Because she loves me
Moving commentary;
Grumbles at something


Garden snail
Crawling at my feet;
Doing your rounds


Show flat visit
Buying a new house;
Location fits budget


Lovely moonrise
Sends me messages;
Love forgets pain


Feverish flu attack
Body senses dreary;
Mental whiplash


Strong medicine
Moon dancing sky;
Dizzy focus


So many colours;
Enjoying the sun


Bush scrub hedge
Nice array fencing;
Outside from inside


August rain
Wet ink stains;
Moving haiku


Carp in this lake;
Calm in swift current


Secular world affairs
Conflict hammers;
Non-negotiable stance


Sit quietly still
Wait for word pulse;
No haiku moment


Images in a dream
Misty morning pattern;
Awaken unremembering


Goldfish bowl
Two swirling fishes;
Romantic interlude


Birthday sunrise
Twenty-nine today;
May blessings abide


Joy fills my heart
Sorrow is too great;
Purge now all burdens


Leon Enriquez
29 August 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Teddy Bears

Me and my brother had teddy bears
Both were shorn and bald of hairs
The tale to you I will describe
It’s not one that fills me with pride

My dad had a pair of manual hair clippers
Which he kept hid from us nippers
But I’d found them once before
The goldfish found upon the floor

I had tried to give his fin a trim
After which on one side he did swim
The teddy bears were next in line
All their golden hair so soft and fine

I took the clippers to our room
I thought it time they had a groom
Sat down clippers at the ready
Picked up first my brothers teddy

Shaved them bald as they could be
My brother was not pleased with me
As I sat there like the barber of Seville
I was glad a look could not kill

I don’t  know what happened to the clippers
With the rubber handle grippers
Or the lovely teddy bears
Who ended up as teddy bares

Owen Yeates

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2013