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It's Fine, Really

I guess I’m narcissistic
I suppose I’m masochistic.
Fitting into just another statistic. 

Hah, go figure.

I guess this is my delusion.
I suppose I enjoy seclusion. 
Pardoning me from inclusion. 

I like being alone.

I guess I am depressed.
I suppose I am obsessed,
With this I am possessed. 

It is my only friend.


Copyright © Enya Trader | Year Posted 2013

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Raging at the Machine

You say it's not working again, dear
Curse that piece of metal junk,
it only works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Part-time dishwashing machine ...
and half of the time when it do work, it only get the dishes half-clean
It decided to go on labor strike,
two months after the warranty expired
Go figure ...
it need to be put on the back of a salvage truck,
with a sign saying: Lazy machine for hire
Don't know why the missus so loves you
If I had three wishes, here's what I'd do ---
number one: 
permanently pull your plug
number two:
cover you in the garage with a mechanic's rug
number three:
sell your parts without so much as a shrug
Then knowing that I put you down, I'd be satisfied
with having to wash and rinse my own drinking mug
I hate your nuts and bolts ...
if it was up to me, this would be murder she wrote
But luckily for you, my wife doesn't feel that way,
and you get to have an execution stay
You also get to rattle and shake for another day
Well, guess it's time to call a repairman,
then call the manufacturer and get an extended warranty plan

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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All Over the Place

Go figure.
Numerous trips to Disneyland in childhood?
Now part of me,
Shake him off?
Gave up long ago.
My face is lifted in warped muse,
Monty Python,
Where did that all come from?
Blame it on the Tucson breeze of carrying silly sand spells,
Only to be caught right between my mind's eyes.
Like the Los Angeles traffic is not enough writing over the edge.
Loving laughing-
What Heaven will do to bring smiling moments through friends.
Than out of the clear blue sky of nowhere,
Little child mentor,
Never heard nor read,
Joan from France,
Beauty of heroism.
Who am I to be blessed in your taunting loveliness?
Walking the voyage from the dark corridor of history,
Never picked up one of your books,
No desire of reading.
Seen in movies,
Close as I came.
Tell me Shakespeare,
How do you manage,
With him,
How big is my floppy disk brain anyway?
Who's next?
You walked in my life,
Poetry Her-
You carried the key,
Pen to write to release,
All I am in life,
And what is seen by the eyes.
It could be worst,
One channel of Reality Thinking,
Caught up in this world in my head,
Now I am awake!
Thank God,
I am blessed!
As I laugh,
I dare not asks what makes you tick in the poetry writing-
Here on the Soup Web,
I have a head-full already.

P.S. Having fun and letting it all grow wings and fly-
Mystery, what makes a person up to live life to the fullness?

Copyright © Mark Hansen | Year Posted 2006

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Inside the Mind of a Woman

A gaggle of Mad Scientists
Shrunk me down in size
Placed me in a tiny syringe
Injected me into a woman's mind

They gave me special instructions
While there to  look around
Report back to them immediately 
All the mystery's to be found

I entered into this giant room
Dozens of doors surrounding the sides
I believe to be the main control center
I am a man in a woman's mind
(Wait a minute...that doesn't sound right)

No need to open those
I've seen what they can do to a person
Best to keep them locked and forever closed

I come to the door labeled SEX
Being a man I try the knob first
Of course it's locked so I knocked and knocked
Go figure, there was no answer...

Before I realized what I was doing
I opened the door labeled NAGGING
All my ears hear is Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah
What in the world was I even thinking

I may be crazy but I ain't stupid
I also pass by the door I'M UGLY, I'M FAT
Why can't women see what the rest of us see
The inner beauty that they all seem to have

Right next door is the room that holds her feelings
I've never been so scared in my life
I do this in the name of science
And for the better of all mankind

As soon as the door swings open
I immediately break down and cry
I've got all of these mixed emotions
And I don't even really know why

I'm not sure if science was ready for this
As I climb out the ear canal blocked by a phone
Not much that a man can do in there
Best to leave well enough alone

Copyright © Mike Hauser | Year Posted 2018

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Hi Jesus

You are my Lord and Savior, my only redeeming quality
A thought I'd savor, but that You died for me to be free
The pain they put you through all in part on my behalf
If they only knew that it was YOU at Whom they laugh

But even to this day, the crowd has only gotten bigger
Of those people who don't pray, I tell them to go figure
That You are the Almighty and that You are the Creator 
That You came to set mankind free, just open that door

But they won't listen stuck on a cover of Time Magazine
Today if it doesn't glisten then it's not going to get seen
And if it doesn't pay dividends why would they invest
Helps us Lord make amends or we'd all fail Your Test

Thank You for this week You carried me the whole time
Every time I am weak, Lord You know my every rhyme
I felt You by my side each time brings me to my knees
So through our insufferable pride, Lord hear their pleas

If you're not talking to Jesus...
 that is the saddest story I ever heard
See, He's Talking to you
 your just not responding, least not now.

One day, every knee will bend.
But if you haven't talked to Jesus,
 then that day will be too late.

His Peace Glistens and His Hope, pays Dividends
Know one who came to Jesus was ever sorry
If fact it is quiet the opposite
I owe Him everything, without Him,                       i am nothing

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2017

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I'm sitting here all alone,
emotions numb, with words  you've shown.
You chose to leave our bed last night,
precious time wasted, to hold me tight....

I'm still in shock of what you said,
how you cared for her, when tears she shed?
You're probably right, when you confessed,
you shouldn't have pulled me into your mess!...

You honestly believe that it's okay?
to care for lovers, that went away.
I ask if it, would be alright,
if I cared this much for an "ex" tonight?...

You lie and say it wouldn't bother you!
if I showed compassion, while he's so blue.
I'm lost in thoughts of how to feel?
your words ring loud, as they reveal....

"You care for her, is what you say",
those words still sting, I must convey.
What was I thinking?.. to let you in,
my heart is broken yet again....

I don't need lovers, from past gone by,
to talk me through tears I cry.
The way I see it, they had their chance,
but you need 'her' more, than our romance...
                      Go figure?....

Copyright © dixie fallin | Year Posted 2011

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My Last Party

Go figure,
My very last party,
And no one knows I'm here,
And they're all talking
about me,
Seems they really care...

If only I could get
over to that chair...
They might recognize me,
That I'm really there

I mean, I'm dressed in
my finest clothes,
My skin and hair are perfect

There's lots I'd like to share
What it's like to die,
And yet I am still there,
The tranquility that I've
never before felt
The Oneness with God,
who welcomes me to his
Explaining wordlessly,
why my cards were so dealt

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Go Figure

Her figure of speech like an hour glass                                                                          Shapely and flowing as body of water cascading                                                            Merging into one as it runs through it                                                                                       The tingling desert comes alive                                                                                                           As the sands of time grow                                                                                                                               Found within the flow where was I                                                                                                                    Oh yes her inspiring bodily language                                                                                        Articulate thought provoking and well rounded

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2016

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Perfect Six form Abstract art

go figure

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2011

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My name is Catastrophe

Hell hath no replete replica like an Ohiohell
memom memoboys dispelled with lovelessloss lorn laments
measured in misgiven gravid neutral grautities of cool compromised cruel
capsid cascades of dreary demented drowsy dump deep demented deny desires
with wilfull wallowing in unsupposed not to be here
herein two boys born to a numbnuts army husbodad and a 
WTF what is happening in/outside this family 50's acircle
what comes next in the uneducated female nonintuition of a
deaddad accidential with a pity piss payoff and a whatdoIdo **** attitude
totally in reverse of an arkansas hope of upheaveal. GDMFSOB, who could I/we haVE
BeeN in the assinine scheme of things with someone in an intersomewhateducated semistate of minimal MFconsciousness. We play the hand we are dealt in the vast unscheme of unness. 
WTF, and where/why does God take part and lessen a small boy's dream of donated dadhood by taking it away and leave him left to faulterflounder in a boyhood abyss. Dead, devoid, denied to the manmale circumstance of what the future folds to be delivered to doting descendents, like my three sons. with whom I struggled to 
shower, impart, enable, enbibe, instill, foster, enliven, and all that I did not experience yet faux provide with an inner soulsense to a measured milestone of mannered man manufactured love and tendered texture of all mine to give with that that is mustered macro from a micro counteanace of humocapped coperal deliverance. All's fair they say unless u have been there and then it's every man for himself---and then, I dare u to get in my way---------no holds barred, look out for I am a survivor, all the way.   
Hi, my name is Dave, and according to my grandparents, I wasn't supposed to live to be raised. Go figure.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2013

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The Alphabet 5-0

                           >>1111>>The Alphabet 5-0<<1111<<

                      Right, Poetry Soup check it, before you wreck it,
                        On this trek to present for you, and show you, 
                   Day after day, week after week with everlasting flow, 
                             Never slow, I'm on the low low, lol lol,
                         You better get on it, quick before ya stack it, 
                                 Yeah bestow, THE ALPHABET 5-0!

                                                Dam... what a blow, but getting back to it, 
                                             Spitting words onto it, narrated and carrying it, 
                                                         In this given form informing,
                                                   Written raps rapping it back onto track,
                                             You know who it is, Quincy Mac on the attack...

        Presenting to you, showing you, your ignorance and neglect!
           So respect as I dissect with statistically sound aspects,
              Radical connotations from mathematical equations,
             I'm..... Coming in peace, deep and steep so start climbing, 
                I say it again and again, as I'm forever rhyming, 
                            As the collective mind is dying, 
                         We gotta keep trying and trying,……
               Try and consider……. Yeah that’s right, stop lying,
                        Really? But why? Haha……. Go figure,
        Unwell sick, a cherry picker, ignore scripture, never consider
                      Anything!!!!! Worth while……………….Dam!

                                               So look listen and observe,
                                             Or your life will just be a blur,
                                          If you look to the physical to serve,
                                           You see, I’m a word entrepreneur,
                              Here to converse every verse while you’re in ya curse,
                                 Your unconcerned, need to unlearn, Let me affirm,
                        You haven’t learnt anything! Your world is going to burn.........!!!

........If we don’t change and arrange using our inner flame,
             Stop the blame, treat this like a game,
      or truth be told, you will forever remain the same!

                 >>1111>>Quincy Mac<<1111<<

date written:11.24.2015

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2015

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Attack of the Worst Jejemon: Go Figure

4T4k uv d (w0Rs+) Jej3M0n! ((60 f16Ur3 ))

d1s !z gohNna 
beEh kUreZzi

1 D0n\'+ kn0w h0wZ 
+0 +yp3 1n j3j3m0n  

m3 saDz nhow
m4k3 m3 $m173 
Az iNn NowhZ NaHHH

$0 1\'m U$1n6 
+h1$ +R4nzL4+0r 

60 f16Ur3 

c0hmb1n1n6 my 0wn 
+r4n$74+10n 4$ w377 

60 f16Ur3 

1 D0n\'+ +3x+
 +h1$ w4y 

r34D1n6 +h1$ 
61v3$ m3 4 h34D4ch3 

60 f16Ur3 

+17 n3x+ +1m3 
D4 j3j3m0n 
4++4ck$ 4641n 

cge nah p0h
Im/'z G0iHN nahhhh!!

Worst poem
would be 

the absoulute
is came out
from my earS

cram 'as 'alwyas

No holds barred~
ok i'm lying...

good luck
to those who tried 
to figure the above poem


**for pd's contest :)

---haha I sort of cheated on this one?
used a jejemon translator-- aaAcckKK I never KNEW there even was one O_O!!
but I inserted some more into it jejejejeje (hehehehe)

Jejemon is sort of trend here with some people with regards to texting-- 
typing in words using symbols & numbers to make them look cuter(?!?),
& using a slew of H's, Z's...

Copyright © kabuteng P.iNk k. | Year Posted 2010

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Being a dreamer

Being a dreamer is never boring,
	Its like a boat without its mooring,
You can pretend to be a fish,
	Swim a bit, laugh, act so childish,
Or you can fly to the nearest tower,
	Dig a hole and plant a flower.
When the moon is howling full,
	Pensive ideas make their pull,
Grinding, grueling, gritty grains
	Stenciled stuttering standing stains.
Eyes transfixed by things oblique,
	Ennui is only of and for the weak.
In rapid jests of poemy words,
	Vowels flutter like milky birds,
A leap of faith in corrupted phrases,
	The rhythm amiss like crooked faces.
You take an apple but taste a pear,
	You brush your teeth but get white hair,
It’s never boring like I said,
	A pickled world can’t raise its dead.
(Which methinks is kind of like saying:
	Signs and symptoms are always dismaying)
Play is a losers infinite no-end game,
	You draw some circles straight and same,
Make from the hip and cross a heart,
	Go figure out how, just promise to start.

Copyright © Yorn Called | Year Posted 2014

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dakarai cobb - The Poetic Chump

OK fellow soupers, sit back and relax;
I'm about to smash this "SAMURAI" with the "AFRO."
So with this POETIC ANTHRAX,
watch how I poison him with my sick FLOW.

dakarai your slams are for the city dump.
I wouldn't dare get beat by no poetic chump!

dakarai open this surprise envelope,
and enjoy what I now have to say.
I'm picking up that "SOAP,"
and I'm throwing it back your way!

"Inmate this" and "inmate that"
Your slam was a hit and miss for I'm a Poetic Acrobat!
Come on dude I expected something new.
Show some "gratitude" that I'm even "slamming" with you!

Soupers know you "bit" off "P.D.,"
because she first mentioned the "SOAP!"
Where's the originality?
Let me just tell you your horoscope...

Today is the day that you have extreme bad luck.
For you're finally being hit by a poetic MACK TRUCK!

I see I have you mad,
because I said you and Chris like to dry-hump!
I'm crash landing on your heliopad -
You poetic chump!

You mentioned "G.I. Joe,"
A 'cartoon' - go figure!
You say you're "Rambo,"
But why am I pulling this trigger?

"Boy," you don't "shine," I've distinguished your "shark."
So you FRANKENSTEIN, enjoy the dark!

You say you "blessed my soul" like the "Pope" in Rome.
Give me a drum roll as I take these shots to your dome!

You say "My pen moves too slow"
Chump I focus on other stuff too.
I'm getting Billy-the-kid to shave that afro,
because I'm not soley thinking about you!

I'm leaving your "writing hand" a bloodied stump.
I wouldn't get beat by no poetic chump!

Ok forget "slam," we can ask soupers who's the better poet - you or me?
They can have a poll for the Romeo and Troll (who writes the best poetry!)

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2011

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Eric’s revitalised me and my home Over his body my fingers would roam He’s great at fixing and gluing Expert at banging and screwing I’m so happy that I sparkle like chrome All my friends are pretty jealous of me They ring with jobs asking ‘Is Eric free’… He may be a handy man But he belongs to me Jan If he’s home late he gets the third degree! 09~03~16 WRITTEN BY JAN ALLISON My goodness, Jan! Why are you being so greedy? You should share Eric with friends who are needy You can't stake a claim On the heat of his flame Eric's hot and we all want a share of that sweetie. WRITTEN BY LIN LANE I race in my chair, scoop up Eric And off we both go, and I kick His helmet aside I then smile wide Darren's house will soon look pretty slick WRITTEN BY DARREN WHITE Jan asked me to work on her walls, Quite simply because I am tall, But my balance was poor, Almost fell to the floor, Good job that she was holding my legs THIS CHEEKY LITTLE NUMBER WAS WRITTEN BY VIV WIGLEY Hi, I just got your number from Jan Get back with me as fast as you can My house is an awful sight It could probably take all night You never know what else I may plan WRITTEN BY ALEXIS Y A plasterer is just what I need Take your time Eric don't speed Am watching your butt move Like melons in a groove A cold shower is needed full speed WRITTEN BY SEREN ROBERTS I better go stop up my sink Then I'll change into something pink When he gets on his back I'll rub that six pack And tell him what I really think. WRITTEN BY DANIEL TURNER Mouth has become bigger and bigger And thinks he is pretty like Trigger Really has case of low self-esteem Only for self is such a great dream Rest of him will have to go figure. WRITTEN BY JAMES HORN I remember that man known as Eric He does make your life so atmospheric The one who can fix anything Never let him make your heart sing Because he has a lover named Derek. WRITTEN BY VLADISLAV RAVEN I heard rumors this hunk is a Monk. That theory I hereby debunk. Once at a party we tippled. Eric, he wriggled and rippled while I played with his elephant's trunk! WRITTEN BY H PENELOPE SWIFTLOCK Talk talk talk is all that I hear Don't be shy there's nothing to fear Fix it I will No need to shrill I lost my shirt I must go bare. WRITTEN BY TIM SMITH Now ladies to be fair to me, Please consider me on my knee, I have a six pack in the fridge, And a beer belly like a bridge, Built for comfort and speed you see. This latest craze about six pack Eric, Is only temporarily magnetic, An insult to real men alike, Leave and get on your bike, You make the beer belly men hysteric. BOTH POEMS WRITTEN BY MARK PAUL VAN DER MERWE When Eric came down with the flu There was nothing much he could do So when Jan's car wouldn't start I rushed over with the part And I gave her a tune up too WRITTEN BY JOSEPH MAY And now Jan is dressing quite spiffy But thoughts of her leaving, quite iffy Cause while she’s at work His tool goes berserk Which means he’ll be HERE in a jiffy! WRITTEN BY NICOLA BYRNE IF ANYONE IS TEMPTED TO WRITE A LIMERICK AND MAKE IT INTO A COLLABORATION FEEL FREE!!!

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Legend of Bog Hollow

They’d crossed the great divide, to the other side of the ‘Oh My God River’.
Our Trolls were struck by the ‘Bridge Too Far’, it set their hearts, to quiver.
Yes, their curiosity and their great big Troll hearts; were pounding all a twitter.
Well, surely you must see, it’s a bridge; they are Trolls, after all! So go figure!
And you must understand the mighty ‘Oh My God River” is so very wide… 
That when on the bridge… You can’t see… not even close…to other side…
Where mists, run so very deep, that your sanity will never again, be found.
I ask you? How could a Troll not see this as anything, but absolutely profound!

Under the bridge, lies scary Bog Hollow, covered in mists and a smothering fog.
There, the Legend says, lies a monster supreme, both ancient and old, in the bog.
Scary as all get out… We have always… always been… Very, thoroughly told.
Its’ said: curiosity is both a scary and most dangerous thing when it’s on crusade.
And the Trolls and Dragon have it a plenty, in great big gobs… and great spades.
Late one night, Dragon and the Trolls snuck out of the house, as my story goes…
A clean get-a-way… on a moonless night to check this all out… But one by one…
The Trolls would go into the mist, and disappear… F.O.R.E.V.E.R!!! I shiver!!! 

As Dragon was about to be left alone, a truck came careening from the fog and mist.
On the narrow bridge the last two Trolls, were thrown into the muck, and the Goop.
They came up, covered in mud, until the mist hit. One moment there, the next gone! 
Dragon worried: OH what was he to do? Well, that was answered, quickly enough.
Dragon was bumped by a truck and thrown onto its top! Clinging and screaming!
As the truck careened about… Rounding a tight corner…Dragon was flung off.
He continued to scream as he flew all the way home. Terrified, near almost to death!
He knew the Bog Monster had got them! Little did he know, that the dear Trolls…

Had made friends with the monster, and were enjoying the bog’s great ambiance. 
The story continues… as Dragon got home, he grabbed Grandpa Troll’s big hand.
Jumping up and down, he yelled, ‘The Bog Monster had taken his beloved Trolls!’ 
Saying, ‘He had a great big tongue, a big mouth, and humongous great, green hand!
We ran to the spot, with the usual flashlight in hand, and were pulled in the bog!
For a fun filled mud bath! … By the Hulk and his lovely, pet Beelzebub Frog.
Yep… We’d all found the Monster of Bog Hollow, as we all partied away!
The next day the driver would spread the word, that as he passed the bog…

The monster had screamed, jumped upon his truck… and tried to take him…
Over and down… In the end, he’d escaped by shaking off the monster’s hand.
The great story would be passed around, by the local town, of Nodding-Off-Ham,
Wanting to keep people away and them, forever, both serene and quite sane…
They would perpetuate the legend just the same, and the moral they would quote?
“Believe the myths of the Monster of Bogs Hollow, always run the other way.”
Especially since Trolls have now joined him, setting up a toll bridge along, its way.

Written by Michael & Carol Eastman 6-20-2016

National Geo News: Beezeabufo, Frog from Hell. 75 Million year old Madagascar giant horned frog. Weighed 10 pounds, size of a beach ball, believed to have killed hatchling dinosaurs. An aggressive ambush predator, grabbing anything passing by him. Also called the Pac-Man Frog.

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2016

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Well Here We Are

at last he knows what
has been kicking his *** all these years
living a slow trauma smelling of empire
guardians of civilization on strike or asleep
concluding that non-conformists are all alike
but wait I am harsh this is all from memory 
must have been the Kristalnacht last night
the simple concept fire is hot 
does not have a subjective alternative
I tell you this with both lips
eyes watering from the smoke and prayers
in an instructive grand demonstration 
of just the right amount
at just the right time
fortunately the farm subsidies
kept his garden of delight
in full Amsterdam trim
until Dr. Schnitt opened his skull
in a state sanctioned inquiry
involving all manner of pageantry
gave me a jolly good boot up the spizzerinctum
I'll tell you that right here right there
tweetering bluebirds now circle my head
the hum of life in there somewhere
most thoughts are unoriginal anyhow
you don't need a text balloon to survive 
but it's a lot more contemporary 
makes the aerodynamics a little smoother
my geneticist says I must be careful
several members of my family
have perished from documented cases
of spontaneous human combustion
must have fallen off the chameleon ride
but no matter they love you one day
hate your ashes the next go figure
not all internal signal input is valid
for this reason scalpels have been handed out
a National Dissection Day special
Nurse Lefty in her lightning bug suit
was just trying to get the job done
after the renunciation of befuddlement
and the realization she had fingers
that were much different from her toes
oh boy we're on another subject already
rhyming crocodile and Nile somehow
fighting fire with smoke see above
partially eaten in spite of the effort
even the effort was eaten
cough cough

From "Engine of Didactic Beauty" available on Amazon
Artist Portfolio:

Copyright © Walter Alter | Year Posted 2016

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' Do The Math ... ' ( 35th Senryu )

‘Do The Math … ’      35th   Senryu

          Defeating Censure
   Thru All My Years of Tenure
       Tells You … ‘ Go Figure ! ‘

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2009

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Haiku: Political Commentary

near cultural shock
fall rain brings thunder...lightning?
San Francisco weird

Brian Johnston
November 9, 2015

Poet's Note:
In the Bay Area rain itself is unusual, but thunder and lightning are very rare here. On the other hand, gay people, strange political ideas (to you), super-rich people, and fashion absurdities are normal to us. Go figure! Ha!

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

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Haiku - Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory, Your Choice

Sometimes I just like
to have fun with syllables
and call it haiku

Seventeen is big
number in my family
stuff happens that age

Epilepsy for
one, then there's eye surgery
two don't forget how

cutting is frowned on.
Some things you must avoid in
order to follow

rules.  So go figure
punctuation is option
no matter who nots.

Sometimes I just like
to say what I think and get
feedback from kindreds.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2011

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A Quick Thought

The fool
if I catch him will
be me

This Annoyance
in soup server error is pain in
ones ****

The arrogant
never return compliment
what wrong

the wit
I often use is misunderstood
go figure

fat cat
has more than he needs his
hands greedy

Copyright © Jack Ross jr. | Year Posted 2011

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My Journey in Christ

Picture by Pinterest
My Journey in Christ 
I wasn’t forced to follow Christ, I Decided it,
I don’t worship to hear my voice,
I worship because He deserves it. 
I don’t read his word because it is 
A story I read it because it is true.
I love my God, and I won’t ever 
deny it to anyone, for any reason.
I read in Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you;
Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my 
Righteous right hand.
Did you know never once in the Bible
Does is say,” You buddy go figure it out.”
However, the phrase
“Do not be afraid”
Is written in Bible 365 times.
That a daily reminder from God of His 
Love, to live every day being fearless.
Sometimes God’s blessings are not 
In what He gives; but in what he takes away.
Like our sins though Jesus His Son!
He must have really loved us to done that;
To give His Son for our wicked ways
Man that is real love!
Steve L. Siegel 
February 9,2016  

Copyright © Steven Siegel | Year Posted 2016

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Shady Sadie

Just a saggy-sad dumbfounded Basset Hound
Got claimed at the doggone-it lost puppy pound
Just hangin' out now and nosing around
Waiting for my supper to get back from town
Hooray! A dog's life for an ole' English lass

Can't hear very good, my rep's rather jaded
Sprawl out by a tree where it's cooler and shaded
Spread eagle, ya' know? Who cares, I been spaded
(I just rolled in something bio-degraded)
Ah so! A dog's life for an ole' English lass

My pack leaders walk on their hind-quarter parts
Go figure how they mastered THAT get-around art
I tried it once ( No it weren't very smart)
Threw out my back, God bless my British heart
Sacre bleu! A dog's life for an ole' English lass

Ah ha! Do I hear the purring of a car?
Door slamming, uh-oh, this is rather bizarre
The big one is carrying that smelly little bar!
C'est la...Wait! That's French (What a POODLE I are)
Blimey! A dog's life for an ole' English Lass

For Tanya Harrington's "Dog Gone Tales" contest

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2012

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Go-Figure, It's God

Memory sometimes blank
Point of work? Almst crazy!
Wish to talk; somehow aggrivated
What love, peace?
Damnation constant rain

God working 
Fight confusion, sin
Accept high school D's, F's
Open gift within
Love splashing onto life

Copyright © Joshua Lacey | Year Posted 2012

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Twenty seconds time
Is the time that it takes me
To update Facebook

Twenty minutes time
I could have written poems
Instead, arguments

In twenty days time
To Russia, China and back
But no, mostly naps

In twenty more months
I might go study abroad
I’m safer back home

It’s been twenty years
I thought by now I’d be rich
I’m working at it

Twenty more years gone
I thought I’d be married now
Go figure, I’m sick

They say twenty months
But two years if I’m lucky
Hardly long enough

Twenty day respite
Then awful physicians

Twenty minutes pass
And I forget the last five
But I still take naps

Count back from twenty
I should update my status
My eyes are drowsy

Copyright © James Marion | Year Posted 2010