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  Elections are less than a week away
  And all the candidates have something to say.

  With nervy tenure the ads were on the wing
  Tossing the dirt as far and as much as they could fling.

  When the signs are all up with their names posted there
  I always say..."Voter, Beware!"

  It's not their programs that they'll try to move
  But the largess in their pockets that they'll try to improve.

  I won't say I'm not cynical about election day
  I work as a judge during that crazed fray.

  Candidates all quote Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln for sure
  It would be better for us, if they knew who they were!

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Straw Man, The 2012 Presidential Campaign

       ......a strange color, green

   Become better informed, listen to your teachers,
educate yourself....which branch will the bluejay
survey from? 
The hawk, circling, choose his best option?

   Bleeding soldiers depend on doctors, rich men
depend on accountants, souls depend on preachers,
tap water depends on scientists and engineers,
nourishing the parched vagaries of citizens
and houseplants.

   Words fall like acid-rain, seemingly harmless,
we thought we understood rain, it falls, it
nourishes, fills our reservoirs....then leaves a stain,
a clear outline of abuse, like evaporated salt, clinging
to our shirts after a hard day, sound bite upon bite.

   Still, we wade through flooded streets, hoping the 
tides will descend, rhetoric return to sanity, our lives 
safe, from future floods.

  after the elephants parade through every mind 

        the straw left behind

                               collects promises dumped in the streets

        polled, polished,perfumed

                               ready to sweep it all up on election day
        hit pause... wait four years


                                                wait four years


6:09 pm

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2012

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            Today is voting day, I must make it a goal
            I'd rather take up residence at the north pole
                             All the cat fighting 
                              And name calling
         To be honest ,I don't want neither one in control

Alexis Y

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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On Election Day

Whither those songs of patriotism 
Of which they so freely spoke?
They new-breeds have been fully clad
In old and worn-out costumes
The rickety customs are on the thrive!

Surely we are in a new heaven:
There many things must be amiss,
The old chant-songs of undue death,
Of rigorous riggers and their thugs,
Of vagabonds, vandals and more!

Where are the voters?
Those sands of men whose presence
Have been acknowledged in today’s books?
Voters indeed: they were there!
Isn’t today like former days?

Copyright © Canny Amah | Year Posted 2009

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Special Days

Special Days Written: by Tom Wright 4/13/2006 It seems that for almost everything We’ve set aside a special day. We recognize others for their work And sometimes for their play; There’s a day set aside for Mothers And likewise for Fathers too; I’m sure that in this hodgepodge There’s one that will cover you. There’s a day to honor our Veterans, Our police, firemen and teachers; A National Fan Day even exists For those who fill the bleachers. There is New Years, and Ash Wednesday, And Saint Valentine’s Day too. And yes, the hard working Secretary At last has been given her due. We honor a few past Presidents, Palm Sunday and beginning of Lent; Our calendar has gotten so crowded But Easter Sunday is time well spent. We’ve Christmas, and Thanksgiving And we recognize Flag Day too. Then there’s Martin Luther King Day And I suspect for a Boy Named Sue. Armed forces and Daylight Savings Each has their very own day. Labor Day and Columbus too Are remembered in this special way; We’ve Election Day, and Bosses Day, We honor the Devil on Halloween. And then there’s old St. Patrick’s For the donning of the green; There’s Boxing Day and Yom Kipper And the gobs between I’ve missed. That I classify as the minor ones I could name if you should insist. Birthdays, and Anniversaries, We treat really special too. With all these days to remember Just what is a guy to do? Even old Phil the Ground Hog His day has long been real. It’s enough to cause a country boy To shout, Hey, what’s the deal?

Copyright © Tom Wright | Year Posted 2015

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What if - An Election Day Riddle

If doctrine and dogma
held a conference with reality 
and an agreement was reached  
on a common philosophy and set of tenants
Would that be a paradox or paradigm shift?

Copyright © Ann Roske | Year Posted 2012

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Awaiting Election Day

I long for Tuesday.
Politics invade through calls
each hour, begging votes.

Copyright © Brittany Reynolds | Year Posted 2012

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RICE SLAM new democracy african election rallies nairobi, kenya

Nairobi, Kenya  Nov 2012 (election rallies held Sept 2012 until March 2013 election day)

hey hey
voting day
go on strike
take a hike
smash a bike
wave a spike
hey hey
voting day

grab a bat
bat a man
smash and steal
if you can
man its fun
on the run
run and fight
fight all night
start a fire
slash a tire
man its fun
on the run
grab a bat
bat a vote
bat a cop
steal a boat
hope this day
will never stop
love to smash
smash and bash
smash and bash
the cop, cop
hey hey
voting day
call your chums
to play play

call your chum
he will come
tote a gun
twice the fun
knife and gun
day is won
slash a guy
smash a girl
life is in
a voting whirl

vote it once
vote it twice
then i'll switch 
fingers itch
make me rich

then i'll switch
scream another
candidate has
changed his brothers
scream another
stronger brother

one more switch
make me rich
make me rich
on beans and rice
ain't it nice
to be rich
fingers twitch
money itch
love the rich
rulers switch
vote vote
twice twice
more red beans
rice rice

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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Nigerian Independence Celebration

As October 1 approaches, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY……………………
I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but cannot feed myself.
So I spend $1 billion to import rice and another $2 billion on milk.
I produce rice, but don’t eat it. I have millions of cows but no milk.
I am 53, please celebrate me.
I drive the best cars in the world but have no roads,
so I crush my best brains in the caverns,
craters and crevasses they crash into daily.
I am in unending mourning, please celebrate me.
My school has no teacher and my classroom has no roof.
I take lectures through windows and live with 15 others in one room.
All my professors have gone abroad, and the rest are awaiting visas.
I am a university graduate, but I am illiterate. I want a future, please celebrate me.
Preventable diseases send me to hospitals without doctors, medicines or power.
All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go also.
I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world;
and future generations are dying before me. I am hopeless, hapless and helpless,
please celebrate me.
For democracy’s sake I stood all day on Election Day.
But before I could ink my thumb, results had been broadcast.
When I dared to speak out, silence was enthroned by bullets.
My leaders are my oppressors, and my policemen are my terrors.
I am ruled by men in mufti, but I am not a democracy.
I have no verve, no vote, no voice, please celebrate me.
My youth have no past, present nor future.
So my sons in the North have become street urchins;
and his brothers in the South have become kidnappers.
My nephews die of thirst in the Sahara and his cousins drown in the Mediterranean.
My daughters walk the streets of Lagos , Abuja and Port Harcourt;
while her sisters parade the streets of Rome and Amsterdam .
I am grief-stricken, please celebrate me.
Pen-wielding bandits have raided everything in my vaults.
They walk the land with haughty strides and fly the skies with private planes
They have looted the future of generations unborn;
and have money they cannot spend in several lifetimes,
but their brothers die of starvation. I want a kit of kindness, please celebrate me.
I can produce anything, but import everything.
So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in South Africa;
my salt is made in Ghana; my butter is made in Ireland;
my milk is made in Holland; my shoe is made in Italy;
my vegetable oil is made in Malaysia*** my biscuit is made in Indonesia;
my chocolate is made in Turkey and my table water made in France.
My taste is far-flung and foreign, please celebrate me.
My land is dead because all the trees have been cut down;
flooding kills thousands yearly because the drainages are clogged;
my fishes are dead because the oil companies dump waste in my rivers;
my communities are vanishing into the huge yawns of gully erosion, and nothing is being done.
My very existence is uncertain and I am in the deepest depths of despondence, please celebrate me.
I have genuine leather but choose to eat it.
So I spend billions of dollars to import fake leather.
I have four refineries, but prefer to import fuel,
so I waste more billions to import petrol. I have no security in my country,
but send troops to keep peace in another man’s land.
I have hundreds of dams, but no water.
So I drink ‘pure’ water that roils my innards.
I need a vision, please celebrate me.
I have a million candidates craving to enter universities,
but my dungeons can only accommodate a tenth.
I have no power, but choose to flare gas,
so my people have learnt to see in the dark and stare at the glare of Unclad flares.
I am shrouded by darkness, please celebrate me.
For my golden jubilee,
I shall spend 16 billion naira to bash around the bonfires of the banal.
So what if the majority gaze at my possessed, frenzied dance;
drenched in silent tears, as probity is enslaved in democracy’s empty cellars?
I am profligacy personified, please celebrate me.
Why can I not simply reflect and ponder?
Does my complexion cloud the colour of my character?
Does my location limit the lengths my liberty?
Does the spirit of my conviction shackle my soul
Does my mien maim the mine of my mind?
And is failure worth celebrating?

Copyright © Valentine Mbagu | Year Posted 2013

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Election Day

“Election Day” 
by:  Eric L. Boddie

By plane, train, bus, car or boat 

I’ll travel the Earth to win your vote 

I can’t say when I’ll finish, but I know when I’ll start 

From this day forward, I’ll be campaigning for your heart 

If elected, I’ll serve you well to the best of my ability 

I’ll deliver your heart to a state of tranquility 

There will be no new taxes on your emotions and things there of 

I’ll do everything within my power to erase your deficit of love 

I don’t have a foreign policy, you are my only concern 

Home always comes first, that’s what the other candidates must learn 

And in the event of war, you are mine to defend 

For your honor I will fight until the very end 

Healthcare will be provided, and your economy is sure to flourish 

I’ll work my fingers to the bone to ensure that you are well nourished 

Your soul will be educated through love, respect and dedication 

I’ll declare everyday a holiday for you to show my appreciation 

So when Election Day comes, just who will you choose 

I’m the best man for your heart, with me, you can’t lose 

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2015

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           I've given up my right to keep

           Active in Political Speak

           So I don't vote election day

            I just follow along the way

            Now, I lay me down as Sheep

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Election Day

This autumn morning with the birds waking up
and the leaves changing is Election Day. I meet
Jane Trichter on the downtown subway and discuss
Henry's upset. Her skin is soft especially her cheeks
and she is intelligent and sensitive. The subway riders
do not recognize their representative.

All day, at the office. I accomplish nothing substantive
but I keep the aides and interns working
and cheerful. On Tuesdays there is always a wave
of constituent complaints, by telephone. One woman's
Volkswagon is towed and the police break in
to get it out of gear. Do they have that right,
can they tow even though no sign said Tow Away Zone?

It is an interesting question but I try to avoid
answering it. The woman persists and succeeds
in committing me.

The people at the office want to bomb Iran. A few Americans
held hostage and therefore many innocent women and children
pay the postage. It may be good classical logic to hold responsible
the whole society for the acts of a few, however, then
I must begin to expect the bomb and the white cloud that waits.
Apocalyptic visions are popular again
but we are more likely to thrash the earth to within an inch of its life
than scorch it to charred rock.

Corner of Church and Chambers,
German tourist's language, accent repels me
although I wasn't alive 45 years ago
and many sweet, great Germans opposed the crazy Nazis
but lately I've read Primo Levi's If Not Now, When?,
seen William Holden in "The Counterfeit Traitor",
have followed the argument started by revisionists
who say the Nazi atrocities never happened.

War brought many shopkeepers, bookkeepers close to their earth,
weather, seasons, death.
I see daily life as low-intensity warfare
as my father, the World War II vet, did.
Off to work we go. What is war?
Population control, mother of invention, diversion
from the work of making life permanent.

Today is Election Day and because it's a day off
for most municipal employees, the City Hall area
has been quiet and easy to work in. Henry and Jane
hold a press conference on teenage alcoholism.
Leslie, the other aide, who I'd like to draw
the stockings and clothes off of and feel her whole body
with mine, goes home with her mother, leaving me
standing by my desk with my briefcase at the end
of Election Day.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2015

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At Doubt's Door

(I wrote this PRIOR to the election, but many of the same questions remain)

I cannot tell you where I stand,
I don't know what to think,
Our beloved country, USA
Is standing on the brink.

The candidates for POTUS
Are questionable, at best,
And I cringe to think what each might do
When they're finally put to test.

See, one is spreading vitriol,
The other lies at length,
And their affinity for bickering
Just saps our nation's strength.

They seem to have forgotten
They're supposed to be our "voice",
And the selfish aims they represent
Just further clouds our choice.

I've never been more worried
About the future that's in sight,
And what our votes may bring about,
Whether leaning left or right.

I'm beleaguered for my children,
And for my grandkids, too,
For this eventuate selection
Will impinge on all they do.

The problems that we're facing,
As a people and a land,
Have never been more critical
Than the issues now at hand.

Our economy and human rights
Are balancing on edge,
And terrorism spreads unchecked
As the caliphate is fed.

New racial tensions plague us,
Foreign policies are unclear,
Immigration needs attention,
Health insurance crises near.

Our defense systems are ailing,
Our penal system weak,
Our cyber systems vulnerable,
And crime has reached a peak.

Our preference is for party lines
Over unity, of late,
And it seems we've traded kindness
For animosity and hate.

Never in my memory
Has this country needed more,
A leader with true character
And integrity at their core.

Yet as we enter crunch time
The lesser evil seems the choice,
For our votes will have no confidence
As we lack a steadfast voice.

I wish our path was clearer
As election day draws close,
And I wish I could be hopeful
For the land I love the most.

So, I'm praying for a miracle
And a light to shine the way,
But I fear we're at dear mercy's sake,
For our beloved USA.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2016

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To the Leader of our Country

Dear Sir, what am I to do
to defend myself for trusting you
it hurts me to feel so betrayed
by someone i elected on election day

You were given everything you needed
and you squandered it all finally defeated
we begged and pleaded and you promised us change
but some how you only maanaged to get a bad name

perhaps you don't know the damage you've done
fighting important battles, having not won
you have failed your for fathers 
Fredrick Douglas, Martin Luther King, George Washington. John F. Kennedy

when as a President you imitated a weakling
and you wonder why your base was leaving
could it be,  they felt stabbed in the back
it's because you retreat in the face of attach

many things we fought for 
and hoped you that you'd make a stand
monuments of your failures
you played right into their hands

and i ,so ashamed almost to the point of tears
because i prayed that these would be better years
i don't care if you run again or not
i won't vote for you, for the treatment we got

 why this letter so promptly today
because our government is being given away
how rich will they make you i have'nt a clue
but one things for sure, i'm through with you

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2010

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Election, Schmalection!
It's not we who choose.
It's Congress that picks the one they will use.

It isn't the people,
Who vote the man in.
It's the Powers That Be who decides who will win.

It's the Politicos,
That are running the show.
You agree with their wishes or you just have to go.

The Mob is passe.
It's called Politics now;
But they're one and the same, just a bit more high brow.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2016

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holidays with a change in the weather

     Holidays with a change in the weather

      It starts with a chill in the air.  January the first day of the first month. A new thought of expectations, a new way, a plan to get in gear, a perfect way to start a new year.

      February the month we confess and show our love with a quote, some flowers, some chocolate , or even a love note. This month is for couples to show their love with snuggles. It's Valentine's Day the most affectionate month to let the other know we care. The only month with a leap year. 

     March the month where it is all about four cloves, leprechauns, pots of gold, and green beer. St Patrick's Day the greenest holiday of the year, it's the arrival of a new season saying bye to the snow and watching the start of new things to grow.

     April's first day of tricks and jokes on different folks.  Easter Sunday, children hunting eggs of color under rocks and tall grass hiding under cover.  Knowing April's showers help grow May flowers.

     Its the month we celebrate the first day of May, then onto the 5th Cinco de Mayo a Mexican holiday. Then we celebrate Mothers and Memorial Day, thank God for their wisdom and the men and women for our freedom.

     The red, white, and blue the flag with 
stars, stripes celebrated in the month of June. The month we pay tribute to our Fathers along with the first day of summer. It's time for the end of school and the start of playing in the pool.

       I pledge allegiance to the flag, when the Rockets set glare and bombs bursting in the air.  The 4th day of July a time for barbecues and bottle rockets to fly.  Thanks to our forefathers the time our Independence was signed. 

      August when it's the hottest month and it has National Watermelon and S'mores day. A month with out holidays. Summer is winding down and the start to school is coming around.  

     September's Labor Day, the working men and women's holiday, we give thanks to all you do. Then the most terrifying day when our men and women's lives were taken away, 911 the remembrance of our loved one's in a horrible way.  As summer sneaks away  autumn is on its way we celebrate grandparents and Native American day.

     October, Columbus found out the world wasn't flat but actually round. The leaves fall from the trees and cover the ground.  Halloween, tricker treat smell my feet witches and goblins on every street going neighbor to neighbor  collecting and filling their bags with sweet treats.  

     All Saints day a Christian holiday. The first day of November  Then on our way to election day. Then we stopped on the 11th to observe our veterans the men and women who gave us life, liberty, and the ultimate sacrifice. We set around the table eating turkey, Thanksgiving a day we are joined friends and family being together. Thanking God for the years blessing and endeavors. 

     December's with the shortest day and winter is here to stay with children sledding and snowman making and counting down to the 25 day Christmas is on its way. The day is here the children hope to hear Santa and his reindeer. It's now the last day its here and everybody cheers on a new year

Copyright © Rowdy Yates | Year Posted 2015

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For election day 2016

When I think about this year 
and all the stories that we hear
of Clinton's crimes, and Trump's remarks,
and how the media embarks

on efforts to distort the truth –
it makes me want to be the sleuth
who solves the crime, and coins the jest
that puts all questioning to rest.

But alas, it's not to be:
unscathed is the uncertainty
that rules our minds, afflicts our hearts –
yet deeper thoughtfulness imparts.

Perhaps it's how it's meant to be,
this dialectic that we see,
this thesis – anti-thesis dance
which in the end might just enhance

our understanding of our plight.
But is that real? Could it be right?
Could Trump and Clinton be the two
that make the dialectic true?

– on one side the establishment,
with all its ills and crimes,
and on the other Brexit Trump
whose monologue begrimes?

If I could well evaluate
the matter as it stands,
(and be quite sure the end result
was in the voters' hands,)

should I support one of these two?
Or vote for good Jill Stein?
Or maybe not to vote at all?
(I'd happily decline.)

There is no question that the worst
of all is HRC,
and that she must be stopped
(against all probability).

But to stop her, must I
compromise to such extent
that for the loony Donald Trump
my one vote must be spent?

If certainty is what we want,
it's there with Hillary.
Corruption is her certain trait,
and base dishonesty.

With Donald, it's the big unknown,
no telling what he'll do –
if his advisers aren't too bad,
might be a happy coup.

With Clinton it is clear she'll
sink us deeper in the slime.
With Trump, who knows? He might
surprise us in a little time.

So what is my conclusion
after all this pain and doubt?
To vote for Donald J. and
hope that he will bail us out?

I don't see an alternative,
though Jill Stein has my trust.
The reality's unfortunate:
It's Donald Duck or bust.

Copyright © J. Patrick | Year Posted 2016

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Come On Down To The Gilded Age

By Roy Merritt

Come on down to the Gilded Age 
We’ve crawled our way back
And we’re coming hard and heavy this time
So brace for the attack

Come on down to the Gilded Age
We got us a new status quo
Been wastin’ time for certain 
Steal it all now and go

And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Come on down to the Gilded Age
A new feller has made the scene
His appeal is rather uncanny 
And downright obscene

Come on down to the Gilded Age
They love him north, and south
The Rust Belt for his promises 
In Ole Dixie for his mouth

And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Come on down to the Gilded Age
We got a reality show dictator
Whose toughest when he’s tweeting out
A big bad bully third grader

Come on down to the Gilded Age
No troublesome Mark Twain 
To skewer us with his pen
The Fourth Estate is just inane

And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Come on down to the Gilded Age
Hear the crazy see the snakes
But they give me a fearful image
Of the future United States 

Come down to the Gilded Age
Your money or your life
We’ll be takin’ that money
The church be takin’ your wife

And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Come on down to the Gilded Age
No Roosevelt but a Trump
But FDR he cared about us
Ole Donald knows we are chumps 

Come on down to the Gilded Age
I hope you folks enjoy his games
As they’re about their looting
And settin’ us all up in flames

And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Come on down to the Gilded Age
Stand up and deliver
For almost fifty years now
They’ve sold us down the river

Come on down to the Gilded Age
In history they’ll take note
On election day in 2016
We voted to cut our throat 
And it won’t be long 
We’ll be takin’ your home
No it won’t be long
Before we take your home

Copyright © Roy Merritt | Year Posted 2016

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Sequel to A Girl was raped in a bus that night

It is time to grieve a cop has died
Son to a mother, darling father to a child
Leaving kin behind and many more
Claimed by the force to have been beaten to pulp by a mob seeking gore
An honest cop fell of which there are a few
But it wasn't the cop that the movement slew
The lie is contested by those present, who saw
The ugly face stands exposed of the upholders of law
They tried to twist facts to make a point
In our country even post mortem reports can be purloined
Claims made by the force are inconsistent so far
The cop wasn't battered but it was the chief’s attempt to tar
Civil society and a spontaneous movement by far

He succumbed to cardiac arrest and possibly the atrocities he witnessed that day
Taken care of by civil society who sought assistance for his medical care
Humanity grieves whenever a life is lost 
Foolish decisions by foolish men and look who’s paid the cost
There will be an inquiry, a routine government demand
But in this age of vendetta politics, the state will likely seek an innocent's remand
So vitiated is the administration’s vision today 	
For a cop’s death a political adversary will have to pay 
But in that ill fated time there was only one villain in the fray
The rest were civil society gathered near Raisina Hill that day  
Policemen on duty who had donned their uniform
Forgot the law and the oath they had sworn
Striking citizens in chilly December with water cannons and batons
They have to learn policing anew from more civilized nations
The collateral damage the chief spoke of like some Bollywood goon
Has exposed him for what he is – our national buffoon
Listen governments past and present
It is time the Augean stables were cleansed
If the freedom guaranteed by our founding fathers is not assured today
If the birthright of security that a woman needs is trivialized and frittered away
Lest ye forget the girl’s condition hasn't improved and remains critical
Time to introspect and delve into a mindset, still medieval 
A handy tool to cover misdemeanours and serving well your political ends
Who turn on their masters and subvert truths for your petty gains 
You in Government remember we are a billion or more 
Our votes count – come 2014 and election day, you’ll be shown the door

Copyright © Sumit Majumdar | Year Posted 2012

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November Eighth Election Day

November Eighth Election Day
By Franklin Price

November eighth election day
The end is finally here
To the dirtiest campaigning
Ever run for most the year

Both parties were ferocious
In pursuing president
If they could go a darker place
That's exactly where they went

No subject was verbotten
Whether truth or outright lie 
I was so much shocked and awed
Should I laugh or should I cry?

Those days are now behind us
The polls will open soon
With  voters waiting at the door
To cast the liar or buffoon

Hate to have to say it
But that is what they are
After you have cast your vote
I'll meet you at the bar

We'll drink the voting day away
We will have done  our civil right
Voted who we thought was best
Now we'll drink into the night

Watching TV's first returns
And the exit polling views
Broadcasting and predicting
We may believe it if choose

It is not over 'til it's over
'Til the final vote is cast
Don't let the  pundits keep you home
Go 'til the polls are closed at last

No matter who the winner is
The liar or buffoon
We voted, did our duty
The end results apparent soon

When the winner takes the office
And becomes our president
It will soon become quite evident
If our vote was rightly spent

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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Trump Can Change America

The most critical issue today is that
Trump is able to change America very soon;
although he may seem a bit pragmatic, 
too anxious and not that idealistic...
I have faith in him for an economic boom!

Some Americans threaten to leave the country,
they dislike his plan and oppose it as a wrong tact;
isn't safety on everybody's mind, isn't illegality
a crime that no other president has pointed out? 

Let's be hopeful that he will do exactly
what has promised Americans on Election Day
when he said, " I will be a president for all. "
End the violence and anger: it's insanity! 
How can a nation thrive without harmony?
Encourage unity, stop the rolling fireball!

Written on 11/14/2016


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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Election Day Footles



Unenrolled Voters


Last ditch pitch

Stand out
Hand out 

Crumpled and pitched



Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

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The market is up

The market is up, the market is down
Pundits speak of recession fear
Under-employed, we are sure it is here
Elections are near, common sense in short supply
The politicians swear they will fix it all; once again we hear that lie. 
Each promise more to procure your vote
Choice to make, will it be sink or float.
The country is broke, no cash to spend; so down the road we kick the can.
Spend ourselves wealthy, maybe that will work; but at the end it all will hit the fan.
The election is near, choice to make, will it be sink or swim.
Those results can or will be bright or very grim.  
The markets have their ups, the markets have their downs.
But once again we will re-elect many of the same simple minded clowns.
Current government policy is quickly breeding revolution.
Responsibility is ours to swiftly affect a solution
As you step in to that booth on Election Day, pray to your choice of deity.
Pray that somewhere in the darkness we may finally find some sanity.

Copyright © Donald J Bennett | Year Posted 2012

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dark horses, flashing wild eyes & lolling tongues
minions of masters blind secrets, colliding on
judgement day

the watchmen, pencils poised, stream data weighing
heavily on balance sheets, despite muffled screams
invisible ants regurgitate from force fed robo-calls

somewhere, below the border between heaven & hell
Jesse Ventura, head bobbing in disbelief, watches

concertina wire, growing quicker than phases of the moon
as freedom ebbs endlessly, no flow in sight

radio waves, linked directly to the message
flash headlines mocking our escape
in time, herds of cattle, single-file, cling, head-to-tail

a slow shuffle, over the abyss

                               .......on election day

© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2012

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Election Day

Day to choose between 
Multiple alternatives
Picking the less worst

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016