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A Long Loud Sigh

sometimes you are in its minimal spotted light...sometimes!
other times you just know you've been touched and you freeze,
moved but a stranger it moves in, does its work and leaves.

...maybe it's been a while since you two spoke...
when the dead sea still hosted life,
the hanging gardens of babylon grew in sinc with the breath of the planet,
before the tower of pisa started to lean or mayan buildings were in ruin.

so you write words...any words...they might at least soothe your hurt
hold your heart in a protective shield.
you know how crippling unrequited love can be.
do you still dream of its hug...genius?

life and love share more than a first letter
(like the first letter you wrote under the veil of inspiration).
they also share good and's a flip of the coin.
either way is fine with you. you'd bathe in holy water or sell your soul.
life, love...passion...somewhere in lives, genius.

all of nature a reflection through its transparent figure glows dark 
like the shadows live in the radiant illumination of evening rays.

so let me speak of us!
recently when i tried to hold you...
you were like a ghost in the bright of day,
a phantom out of its element...
there was nothing of you...i could embrace.
when i tried to enter you a freezing cold ran through me like a winter brook.
you exhaled me 
as if i were fog on a deserted country road invisible to absent eyes.
still you were my drug of choice.
addicted, i chased the

memories fill me...
days when we would paint words,
stitch in a metaphor or two,
weave in music, 
write instruments to fill in the spaces,
ordain a voice.

i remember...

you wanted to taste me
i was overwhelmed 
how you put your fingers on my lips 
how you licked

you were that giant pine i would climb in the dead of winter
(why do they say that "the dead of winter"? winter will die 
when hell freezes over. winter isn't death it's purgatory.)
the one with the needles that punctures human skin.

come to me again and touch me...
like the butterfly does the wind...barely but thoroughly.
(is it true that just a tiny flutter of their wings could be 
the start of a hurricane? are the icebergs melting?)
i didn't just write that out loud...did i...with you I'm shy...genius.


don't show yourself.
don't speak to me.

don't bother with rising the sun today.
forget those showers you create your magic arc with,
vacuum away all the plants.
lower your wall of blue.
i'm not interested anymore in those pillowy shapes i use to love so.

i've always known it is fire that cleanses, water that burns,
it is the moon that breaks the heart,
the stars that slaps the face...with...i don't know...reality.
i've always known by the time we see a star...
in real's already extinguished...already dead.

it is our friends that will use us...our heroes that will lie to our face...
our blood will betray our trust...our teachers will fail us...
our leaders treat us like just another job...
the devout that will exhibit hatred.

still i believe. no matter what else...the rose will always survive.
the petals deceiving. they will repel all that is unholy.
grab it by the neck and squeeze out its black ooze,
leaving a gentle soul there to admire its adversary.
don't even get me started on the orchid
or even the flowers all...alphabetically.

i dare confront the beauty of nature's art unframed...
canvas loose to admire...genius!

i miss you but i am out of tears.
do drop in though. 
i can offer you a cup of dry warmth...
soothing like burning logs that crackle with laughter.


take you to my secret place.
behind the camouflage of forests dense,
where vines grow through spiral staircases 
made of turtle shells and dressed in discarded snake skins.
green is the theme there. it is everywhere,
unabridged, unabated, unaffected, undisturbed 
with a fuming, burning, yearning to be touched.
so let's...let's grab...hold...squeeze..
feel free from the cheap paradigm offered.

i don't think you know, even while you sleep, i hold your hand, genius.

dream a full rainbow on a fingernail moon night,
feel february twenty ninth its absolute might,
taste fully the slight of a pheasant in flight,
yearn eternal life, wish a vampire's bite,
concoct rhymes nicely fluffed with built in sight.

on this sombre morning the sun is blinding.
damn my eyes.
there is a negative entity drapes our children's world.
shame on us...shame on you...i need you.
i am reduced to an objective observer.
life glides on the little wings of its carrier,
its final resting point in the hands of the wind.
another life carried away on a worker bee,
busy stealing nectar from a succulent bud.
a stowaway hangs on for dear life to the flyers leg.
gets off at the next flower.
meets up with a companion to create a new life.

everything changed when I met you.
was the sun rising or the mountain sinking.
was that an orange globe against a blue sky
or a lit round hole in a sad wisp of air.

i'll play a keyless piano if you'll paint me a horizon I can reach.
i'll sing you a ballad with a single note...

i walked into my life without consideration.
maybe crawled.
all the same...
when do I get a choice.
when will they stop holding death over my head.

if i could direct a few more plays with you as my guide...
my art, my life! genius i long for your influence...
even one last time to see your face, 
unite and give you one last kiss...goodnight.

April 1 2015
Maurice Yvonne
Sponsor: Linda
Contest Name:A Million Dollar Poem

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 4/25/2017 5:53:00 PM
A good piece .a nice work of art .its hard to get love once you loose . very well written. Kindly review my work also
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Date: 2/12/2017 7:07:00 PM
Do you know this is your top poem at Soup? Thanks for dropping by my silly poem today. I can't wait to see YOUR punishment of the prez!!
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Date: 10/1/2016 7:45:00 PM
Yep, I had already faved it!!! Good to know that! And I loved it then as I do now.
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Date: 8/30/2016 4:35:00 PM
We were talking about you today. Miss your friendly smiles and quick wit...don't be a stranger
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Date: 12/17/2015 4:06:00 AM
lines with curves of wisdom and landscapes of awe! My mind is in a park of joy to how I manage selecting this page. Keep on writing dear poet and as always, a wonderful 7 without a doubt!
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Date: 12/14/2015 1:29:00 PM
Another awesome masterpiece! Congratulations, Maurice!
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Date: 12/6/2015 7:50:00 PM
clicked on this other one you gave a link to. It was a big fave of mine too!
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Date: 12/4/2015 4:17:00 PM
Thank you for redirecting me to this excellent poem, Armand....a pleasure to be reading it again! ~ Regards // paul
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Date: 9/8/2015 5:24:00 PM
MAURICE.. Your fabulous write is featured this week on the Soup homepage.. Huge congrats and the tip of my hat! -LYRIC
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Date: 9/8/2015 2:07:00 PM
Helo Maurice, Congratulations on having your poem featured on the home page. **SKAT**
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Date: 7/18/2015 10:46:00 AM
Hi Maurice.. This is a beautifully written work that most definitely merits the winning recognition you received. I've been on the road and just now getting around to reading and enjoying these inspired lines.. A belated congrats to you dear friend!
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Date: 6/12/2015 10:00:00 PM
Maurice Congratulations, thank you for supporting my million dollar poem contest. luv --SKAT--
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Date: 5/30/2015 7:55:00 PM
Wow, this is genius! Congrats on an awesome write and win! Hugs
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Date: 5/16/2015 4:30:00 PM
GENIUS.....PLAIN AND SIMPLE...GENIUS Now if they'll only send you the check.
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Date: 5/10/2015 8:55:00 PM
Maurice.. Will you send me a signed copy when you publish, sir.. Congrats on your win!
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Date: 5/10/2015 9:55:00 AM
Beyond good, congratulations!
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Date: 5/9/2015 8:39:00 PM
Maurice, nice to see you on top, Congratulations ~LINDA~
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Date: 5/9/2015 5:20:00 PM
Congratulations, Maurice. Nice poem awesome win. SKAT
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Date: 5/8/2015 5:48:00 AM
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Date: 5/3/2015 5:17:00 PM
Very varied scenarios from you here Maurice, a rich piece of reflective observation, (well done)
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Date: 4/29/2015 3:27:00 PM
Maurice, that's a long one, woosh, lots of great writing there, 7, and best of luck in that contest, and thanks for visiting my poem nearly the same
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Date: 4/29/2015 4:18:00 AM
Wonderful my friend just amazing...Seren
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Date: 4/20/2015 7:40:00 PM
I do not think genius has left you, the verse is worth reading over and over. Light & Love
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Date: 4/19/2015 1:49:00 AM
Wonderful,you are a genius poet
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Date: 4/19/2015 1:41:00 AM
Wonderful,you are a genius poet.
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