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No Mans Land

A brand new development for you and me
A gated community you just have to see.
Situated on the plains of deep despair
A rocky road will lead you there.

Surrounded by lovely weeping willows
Beautiful vistas of the sea of sorrows.
So if you are feeling down and out
This community is what it's all about.

The school of hard knocks will teach you well
The Drown your Sorrows pub is really swell.
And should you crave some company
Why down the street lives Lady Misery.

Soliciting is certainly not allowed in here
Opportunity won't come knocking, have no fear.
Undesirable tenants were the ladies Luck and Hope
Fortunately for us they decided to elope.

The restaurants will only serve the bitter pill
Of humble pie and crow, you can have your fill.
For sport we do have plenty of space
Feel free to enjoy our weekly rat race.

So if you feel depressed and without hope
Why we offer bungi jumping without a rope.
We have taken great care as you can see
To offer our tenants every possible amenity.

So if life has turned its back on you
If you have nothing to lose and feeling blue.
Consider buying your very own stand
In this community called No Mans Land.

Copyright © Heidie Buys | Year Posted 2008

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Pain all Over

Though you're not there
You still leave a presence
Thinking of happiness gives you the chills
Like a kid opening christmas presents
At night you drown your sorrows
But tonight your sober
But yet that bottle numbs the "Pain all Over"

I know you don't say it
Your actions explains it all
All you want is someone
That right one
To catch you when you fall
It's definately hard to say
But you wish you were closer
Wishing he would hold you tight
Tell you it's alright
Just to ease that "Pain all Over"

I'm just on the outside looking in
Patiently waiting to be that man
That secures your heart
Speaks to your soul
Listens and understands
You can say there are no good men
It's time for a change over
I'm trying to compliment your intelligence
Carress your mind
Be a part of your surrounding essence
Be that drug that makes you wonder
Just to stop that "Pain all Over"

Copyright © Knowledge Hill | Year Posted 2014

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Love?  But he always hurt you.  

Can’t leave the punk?  But he is abusive.  

In too deep?  Just leave him! 

Alone?  Isn’t that the best way to be?  

Need someone to lean on?  But the world is crazy.  

Want to share your thoughts?  Just pray to the Lord!  

Joe you wrong.  The color woman was suppressed by the white man for too long.  And now you want to fight.  I dare you to strike me like that.  

Why do I trust?  Any man today is a wrongdoer!

Intimacy?  But you should want to be free.  

Need to be loved? But you just end a relationship with a no good thug.  

Want comfort?  Why not find you a support group!

Depressed?  Isn’t by yourself a way to think.  

Need someone to talk to?  But people are not true.  

Desire a best friend?  I am always here!  

Steven isn’t good for moral support.  He will seek you for sex and enjoyment.  You say you are depressed and stressed from to many bad relationships.  

Why do you want to trust without healing?  

Not yourself?  But that’s because of what you been through.  

Can’t find sense?  But that’s within reason of the pain you feel, Honey Boo.  

Colors?  You have suffered now it is time to heal.  

Want to go out?  That’s it!  Learn to help yourself.  The world can be deep.  In depth you become to the life you live.  No time to hide what you feel.  Maybe a day to cry and then go out and chill!  

Want a drink?  Not so fast.  

Want to drown your sorrows as usual?  No time for addiction or developing bad habits.  Trust your instincts and know things will get better!  It is a sad thing to see a friend become a substance abuser.  You know what is wrong but can’t do nothing at all but tell her to not drink to solve any issue.  If you find that they are strong, you know they have listened.  

Want to scream?  

Why not do that to let out the steam?  This will help you to cope and not make a mistake to trust before you know him.  

Want to smile?  Just smile!  You also seem to desire affection.  You say this would be just a simple friend that cannot go against you.  But you don’t state whether that is me.  I am best kept as it seems.  Let’s sing and sing.  Let’s enjoy the life we live.  

Must you trust your heart with somebody?  You don’t.  Just wait until the time has come.  You can be by yourself for a while.  If you need a smile, humor your mind.  Never letting anyone in and then before you know it you have met the prefect man. 

Why trust when you can be free?  

Why need anybody?  Love is true to those who define true meaning.  

Why trust when he is misleading?

User Name: Verlena
Psuedonym: Oblivion Dark Sunshine
Motif: Betrayal
Entry Date: February 26, 2014

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Politicians and Promises

Politicians and Promises
By Franklin Price

Politicians and promises 
Are quite synonymous
If they do not keep them
That is no surprise to us

Will tell us what we want to hear
Promise us most anything
Enthrall us with verbosity
On every word we'll cling

Promises you'll likely hear
 I'll try to paraphrase
If politicians ever kept them
It would make for better days
“A job I'll make for everyone
For all that want to work” 
(If you vote me in I've gotten mine
If you get yours it's just a perk)

“Vote me in and you will see
How much better off you are”
(You can drown your sorrows
At happy hour in the bar)

Listen closely when you're told
“All I do is just for you”
Look for the hidden mirror
The words reflect them right on cue

Each time we hope it's better
When polling rolls around
That the elected keep some promises
Not just another hollow sound

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2015

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Empty promises
Empty pill bottles
Drive fast, hit the throttle
You're an addict darling,
Let's face it.
It's the start
And you're not gonna make it.

Run from your problems
Run from your disease
Run from the things 
That make you weak

Run from the voices  
The demons in your mind
The ones you're so
Reluctant to hide.

Deny deny deny
That's your motto
Drown your sorrows and doubts
In your precious whiskey bottle

Cover up the pain
Cover up the strain
One more hit
Then you're good again

You find ways to distract yourself
From the pain
You overdose  
And get drunk again

Can only go so far
Before your body 
Fills up with tar

Your heart is black
Your soul is gone
But you don't care, you can't feel,
You just wanna have fun

Poor creature
Who hurt you so?
It doesn't matter
Just hurry up and go

Run from your problems
Run from your disease
Run from the things
That make you weak

Run from the voices
The demons in your mind
The ones you're so
Reluctant  to hide

Seek refuge
In that bottomless hole
Of despair
And never ending pain

You don't care
Cause you're floating on air
You got your fix
Poor thing, you're so sick

No one can help you now
You're too far gone
In fact, my dear
You'll be dead
By the end of this song

Run from your problems
Run from your disease
Run from the things
That make you weak

Run from the voices
The demons in your mind
Yes those voices,
Because, honey,
They refused to hide.

Empty promises
Empty pill bottles
You drove fast, you hit the throttle
You were an addict, darling
And let's face it.
It's the end, honey.
And you, well, you didn't make it.

Copyright © Lexi Thomas | Year Posted 2016

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World of Lies

Disclaimer: The quoted stanzas are not my words, I found them online and they inspired me to write this poem. The credit for the lines go to jdwate on DeviantArt.

"Slit your wrists and cut your thighs,"
"Wipe your tears and dry your eyes,"
Take a pill and practice a smile,
Drag yourself that final mile.

Forget your friends and drown your sorrows,
You will be lucky to see tomorrow,
In the end your all alone,
Nowhere you go will ever be home.

Pick up the gun and aim at your head,
Remember that you're better off dead,
Say your prayers, then end your life,
Look who finally gave up the fight.

Shed your tears of pain,
In this world nothing is left to gain,
Close your weary eyes,
Try and escape this world of lies.

Copyright © Thomas Christy | Year Posted 2015

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When I turned twenty, I started to drink
It made me feel like a man, I think
But I found out I was mistaken
Lost in a fog that may not be shaken

For years I lived in a twilight dream
With Johnny Walker, Jack Daniel and Jim Beam
In retrospect, my friends were few
But they were alcoholics too

Like the Prodigal Son, I came to my senses
I knew it was time to start mending fences
So I entered treatment to save a career
That was quickly beginning to disappear

On the eleventh of January 1982
I quickly learned what I must do
I needed to look life full in the face
And save myself from certain disgrace

Today I tell others who are beginning to fall
You can't drown your sorrows in alcohol
Rely on God, our sovereign Creator
And you won't have to miss out later

On eternal life where you will be
In total bliss for eternity
So heed the words of a man who knows
Alcohol abuse will fill you with woes

But once you trust Jesus Christ with your life
Your days will not be filled with strife
They will be filled with one thing for certain
You'll miss hell at your final curtain

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2017

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Everyone is a fake,
You are just your mother's stupid mistake.
No one loves you for who you are.
Just drown your sorrows in a bar.

Copyright © Louise Reilly | Year Posted 2007

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A Little Too Far South

Prevented by chains of numeric organization
Ready for more but only stuck in contemplation

Just like a soldier told “Stay at your station”
Liberty and justice, now that’s a sensation

Life is hard but they hardly know my situation
My brain reaches panic due to this unjust nation

No reason to give up just told to be at ease
Calmness soothes, but causes time to freeze

Action and reaction, time to break this chain
Analyze, critique, sit and watch in pain

Bleakness and some turmoil come eat at the soul
Trying to start but stuck already on hold

Why or how, are but just some of the inquiries
Is my life going to always be stuck in this misery?

Bide your time, they say patience is a virtue
But waiting only does so much, it may just hurt you

Sip softly come drown your sorrows
Might as well who knows if there even is a tomorrow

Thieving and lying answering the devil’s call
Open arms ready to catch you right when you fall

No papers or numbers considered insignificant
Ride this train called life and look you’re diligent

Endurance is without a doubt the key to success
You can keep going as long as you have that thump in your chest

3 2 1 time to come to an end
Maybe I will drop more stories some time again

Copyright © Jesus Manriquez | Year Posted 2011

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A constellation in my head

Gazing up into the sky
A falling star catches my eye
Surrounded by the brightest moon

A memory soon floods my head
Of all the things we left unsaid
Misalignment of the stars
Drown your sorrows in a bar

Lies, deception, I was weak 
But you are hopeless. Never speak 
What you seek you will not find
My heart was used but it's still kind

A constellation in my head
My feelings are just simply dead
Misaligned is all you'll be 
The word is published the world will see
The voices echo in my head
as I lay her on my bed
No longer gazing at the stars
Your memories have left some scars

Fall from sky and fall from grace
Don't ever want to see your face
You are rotten to the core
Your soul is far worse than any whore 

A galaxy of endless night
The stars some dead no longer bright
A shooting star blitzes by
Falls further from the sky 
Falling, tumbling, hurtling down
Blinking, thinking of this clown 
Gas, dust, dark matter
Like fools who bleat with endless chatter 

Copyright © Klio Tsitsikroni | Year Posted 2017

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My Brother's Keeper

My brother’s keeper, four glass walls
amber liquid in a bottle.
Drink after drink,
hear the glasses clink.
Words as bitter as the gin,
sometimes he lets the liquor win.
Drown your sorrows with every swallow,
until you feel nothing,
insides hallow.
Hear your heart pumping but its not pumping blood,
alcohol runs through your veins,
spreading with every pulse.
Words tumble out of your mouth,
True or false?
My brothers keeper has caught many before,
And oh how I know there will be many more.
If blood makes you human
then what is he?
Not the brother he used to be.
Lost in a sea of golden temptation,
each new bottle: his salvation.

Copyright © Anastasia Stewart | Year Posted 2017

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A poem.

In the early morning hours I sit and think of a time, a place, a moment it was 
almost twenty years ago,
In the distant I heard the gun shots ring out , 
soon I was standing where I last seen a friend
now pouring beer over the spot where he meet his end,
I walked further down the block listing to the sounds, 
the smell from the wet streets filled the air this was the street life I had found
A life were you can not fill, dream, hope, or care day to day is how you live, 
drown your sorrows and sedate your tears, those are for the dead that is,
Violated as a child, beaten as a kid all for a life I didn`t ask for,
forced to grow and walk like a man, 
men don`t cry, men can take death, dodge bullets and except their destiny at hand.
for my crimes and for my sins I walked that road and believed it was so 
that I was born  with a look in my eyes that was as if I had no soul,
there was no future for me I never seen my self any other way in any other life 
to me like the others this is were I`d take the last breath in me by a gun or knife
I lived this life pushed myself to the edge took all risks shot at, shot back  beaten, 
beat back I was to young and to bold.
this is were one might write then I found God, not me God was some one who 
turned away from me long ago this sinner knew it was so,
that night in a rage I came across words on a page telling a story of pain that was 
the same words that touched me and opened a door,
when I cried at night I thought I was the only one, no one knew I had dreams, hopes, that
I cared, I felt pain in my heart alone at night I fell to the floor
I found a way out, a way to escape, I found a poem, words that were put together 
to ease some ones pain, 
a poem that found my soul, a poem that helped me stay sane
see God didn`t turn his back on me this poem told me so,
he was there all along this I now know,
on paper I set my heart free my anger,remorse, all the hate in side of me,
pen to paper a poem I found one lonely night a poem that helped me see.


Copyright © michael romero | Year Posted 2006

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Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels friends with them all. Miller, Busch, Ballantine, Schimidt you held them close. So busy with your “friends” no time for baseball games, fishing, hunting, talking. No father-son adventures. Only bond in smoke thickened bars, playing at base of stool while another was poured to drown your sorrows. Salesmen sweating and trembling would come to the door, unsure if anger, threats would greet them. Only you and your “friends” knew. Crumbs, soups, toast, hot dogs, nothing nutritional. Wonder we didn’t starve. Dirty rags worn days at a time-kids can be cruel. Was seven when I watched Your back disappear for the last time. Was fifteen when died saving another boy. Lonely, cold Christmases, birthdays passed uncelebrated. Thanks for your legacy. You were a great father

Copyright © Oliver McKeithan | Year Posted 2018

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Morons Are Governing Again

Smoke drifts from the smokestacks
On dark and gloomy days
Just before the first rains of Summer
Crates are collected and stacked
And thrown onto the conveyor belt
So they may disappear into the fortress

A robot sings songs of yesteryear
And humans simply stand by and observe
Give these jeering men some credits
Lest they starve without work
With their blossoming bellies
But they sure love Conservatism

Starving mothers fling underweight babies
Into the jaws of an unforgiving sea
Because they can't take care of them
But neither could they spare them
Remember when a wise man once said
Elections have consequences

A tower is built slowly from the ground up
It starts off small but becomes massive over time
Just like petty rants from the bird's nest seem small
Until they collect over time and form dogma
An entire generation tainted by evil
And the devil himself is blushing

Alas drown your sorrows at the beach
And swim in a sea of glittering garbage
Because this great sea sure does flow
Where thriving cities once stood
But now they reside deep underwater
Entombed by science denial

And for every peace loving Christian
Is one who spreads dissension like disease
Who thrives on stapling gays to the cross
As if it were 1965 in the redneck south
And in truth every person who lets it happen
Is just as guilty as the transgressors 

When the good lord said love thy neighbor
Could he have known they'd cast the first stone
Upon all the liars and all the sinners
Just peel apart the jowls of the maiden sinner
And find the seven deadly sins cowering
From a man dressed in a burlap sack

Patience for appeasers is something I lack
And as I rip away the images of this distorted future
I look to the future in two years from now
And I just hope deep in my heart we've had enough
Because at first 2016 gave me a future to believe in
But now Morons Are Governing Again

Copyright © Christopher Goss | Year Posted 2018