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The Best Dont Go There Poems

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Please avoid that place

Please avoid that place

Forever stuck and no hope
NO escape with alcohol or dope

Screaming in torment and pain
NO hope that this will ever wane

Regrets that chances were thrown away
And instead was chosen the wide way

If you are reading this it's not too late
Repent, take God's gift, please don't wait

The Saviour gave his life for all
As He speaks don't deny His call

Hell is a painful hopeless forever place
Dont go there, take freely of God's grace

Even now my eyes are wet with tears
Don't reject with the jeers and sneers

Copyright © Ahmed Sheik Koya | Year Posted 2017

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Lighten Up

Hesitation gets you no where, beware dont go there
thats a violation  punishments annialiation
plant the seed and watch it grow just to get chopped down
 cant be stopped now, welcome ya'll to my pow wow
i make the gun go plow gun powder mouth, automatic, im an addict
and i dont know how to quit firing off rounds 
No mission is impossible disregard all obstacles 
cold popsicle, sicker than a hospital 
wheres the alcohol, cuz im addicted to the bars 
your greatest the rapper on earth, thats fine cuz im from mars
damn my covers blown, earthlings you arent alone
I was bluffin, thanks for nothin, thanks for stuffin 
my head full of lies and deceat, I guess no reason for me
to go to church no more, im done for
I might as well go shooot up a gun a store
no wait I think instead i'll go fight for iraq, 
tell em all the secerets then give bin laden a dap 
president bush snorin in his office takin a nap, 
reading the newspaper smiling and taking a crap
you might be hating this rap, but im never takin it back 
no receipt kapeeshe, you didnt pay for it jack 
99 problems and a ***** is one that i got
my girlfriends loose so i tied her up in a knot,
now she go cant go around hoppin from cock to cock,
thinkin shes Hot, spreadin every damn disease that she got
fuhck a G, this chic has an A-Z spot,
things so wide you could park diddy's yacht
when she cum's she sneezes out bugers and snot,
excuse my language im dangerous when im angry alot
picaso couldnt paint this master piece, after me, im happily 
crapping on rappers
im so complex in my simple text,
that you almost look forward to what comes next
it could be about any subject or topic just know you cant top it
the way that i say couldnt be said any better, every word every letter
a veteran at only nineteen, its frightneen and might seem unbelievable 
but u gotta believe it along as its readable,
and I cant speak so i let ink leak, 
onto the paper and into ur mind where its safer
cuz this stuff is lethal, the combo of my tounge and my teeth will
be sure to be heard by all people, its all equal, eminem retired now im the sequel
it'll beheath you to increase breathing and cut down on the speech, you reach a 
point where talkin 
will get you no where, 
i know its your freedom, but pleas dont be dumb
Im a lumber jack leave you stumped like a tree trunk...

Copyright © Charles Haben | Year Posted 2006