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Best Chickadee Poems

Below are the all-time best Chickadee poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of chickadee poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Shoe Store Bantering
She jiggled like pink jello into the store
with platinum blonde hair and red rouge on her face
the shoe clerk mumbled it must be 1950's day

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Categories: chickadee, funny love, silly,

Spring Easter Haiku
the chickadee tweets
I eat my breakfast
without an egg

wings flutter 
upon melting icicles
first glimpse of Spring

Grandma's garden
a missing rose lay
on her stone

Incense wafts
amongst the silent...

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Categories: chickadee, beauty,

Haiku 004 at the Spring farm
the chickadee tweets

i eat my breakfast

without an egg...

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Categories: chickadee, pets,

Premium Member Birds of Youth Released
My sweetest cravings, fledglings in a nest,
were held up high; into the air released
by eager hands of mine.  A world to test
was mine before...

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Categories: chickadee, nostalgia,

A Chickadee flies from tree to tree,
an eagle soars over big blue skies,
Oh to be a bird to fly so free,
Where another dips and then...

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Categories: chickadee, beauty, bird, creation, emotions,

Premium Member Soften Our Brutal World
early morning....

I watch a chickadee perch on my bay leaf tree,
dropping down to sip water from my birdbath

next to the tiny cherub angel, leg extended

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Categories: chickadee, life

Premium Member OVER FIELDS OF MARIGOLD - a sunset lullaby

Hush little baby, my little chickadee
Listen you’ll hear the symphony
As I gently rock my baby to sleep
Counting sheep with Little Bopeep

Singing you this lullaby my...

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Categories: chickadee, angel, baby, children, fantasy,

Alarm Bells
breaking the silence 
natures wake up call...

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Categories: chickadee, bird, morning,

Stand Here

I stand here
A chickadee at my feet
With the dogs content to sniff about
I stand here and I wait

One by one more of them come out

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Categories: chickadee, appreciation, beautiful, bird,

Premium Member Simple Again

The cold rain keeps on pouring day to day
I can only tolerate dismal views so long
Waiting for things to clear and sun to shine
Is it...

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Categories: chickadee, bird, time, weather,

The colorant of dawn, the cardinal sees,
intoning its hues with, “pretty...pretty...pretty.”

As I covet red feathers, in the teaberry tree,
the sunlit chickadee harmonizes, “hey sweetie.”

The woodpecker...

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Categories: chickadee, bird,

Premium Member Melancholy

I stand beside these tangled roots
of this ever changing clock-wood tree. 
Where streams of ink, like dander fluff,
cling to my pen in congealed thought.
I will...

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Categories: chickadee, confusion, death, depression, family,

Chickadee Symphony
Tiny winged creatures
flit from tree to tree
perch on tree branches
preening breast feathers
wee plump bodies

Fee fee-fee fee
delicate songs
bird orchestra
they serenade

Feathered friends
we listen

Fee fee
sweet song


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Categories: chickadee, animals, music, naturetree, tree,

A Seasonal Walk
It’s a pleasure to walk out on a Winter’s day,
When the cold air bites, and deep snow’s here to stay!
To hear the wind howling through...

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Categories: chickadee, humorous,

In the shade of the setting son
Not at once, but gradually at my feet
random leaves, brown and brittle
carpenters diligently march in 
leaving my bark somewhat non-committal

Furtively, up grow the undesirables
the weedy...

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Categories: chickadee, death, life, metaphor,

Chickadee Tag -Haiku-
Weave between branches
they're playing a game of tag
one by one, they're it.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

I was watching the chickadees outside a few days ago. This...

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Categories: chickadee, beautiful, beauty, bird, december,

Premium Member Mountain Birds
“SQUAWK, Squawk, squawk” ,the Bald Eagle’s song of Freedom, Liberty and Serenity

bird Houses, in my backyard are filled with baby Chickadees , Whining , is...

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Categories: chickadee, life, naturesong, song,

Chickadee -Airless Suburban Haiku-
Chickadee flies low
looking for food he buried
runs into a tree.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

I haven't penned one of these in a while....

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Categories: chickadee, bird, humorous, imagery, inspiration,

The Chickadee
Outside the house the chickadee
Is calling out to me
Flitting in and out of trees
Living life so free
God's creation for you and me
An example for us...

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Categories: chickadee, nature, religion,

Beautiful Birds
Hawk-like shrills blue jay foreshadowing majestic fierceness

As robins scurry to protect their young
flying frantically to and from the nest
The jays advancing while battle cries are...

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Categories: chickadee, animals, nature, beautiful, beautiful,

Chickadee tuxedo
Black, grey and white, polished
Vogue array
(    )

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Categories: chickadee, animals

Black Capped Chickadee -Quatrain-
Black capped chickadee 
sitting in my hand, 
come play with me 
across God's beautiful land. 

Copyright Cynthia Jones 

I wrote this about my youngest...

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Categories: chickadee, beautiful,

My three little birds
Dove Robin Chickadee
All are in the same species
All are dear to me...

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© Bobb Marly  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chickadee, beautiful, bird, friend, life,

Premium Member Black-capped Chickadees
Having not done the things I wanted to do
and the things I've done not being what I wanted to do
I sit here looking at lichen...

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Categories: chickadee, bird, family, health, joy,

grey branches shimmer
waving in blue sky breezes
chickadee lingers...

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Categories: chickadee, nature