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Best Baboon Poems

Below are the all-time best Baboon poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of baboon poems written by PoetrySoup members

Pink Skies

I desire a beautiful sky.
One to inhale with my big brown eyes.
Fly like a kite, 
under the midday light.
Join me...

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Categories: baboon, funny, me,

There was a baboon in my bed,
I thought it appeared to be dead,
So I turned out the light,
But it chattered all night
And swung off the...

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© jack horne  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baboon, animal,

Premium Member LOVE LETTER
My Dearest Bertha baboon

I’ve recently joined your baboon troop
and Bertha you’re the star of the group
I’ve watched you swinging in the trees
Your agility brings me...

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Categories: baboon, animal, cute love, humorous,

Premium Member I Wish That I Was
I wish that I was a baboon

to make all the lady apes swoon.

On my chest I would pound.

Then I’d strut all around,

drop my pants, and...

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Categories: baboon, animal,

Ka-thump-a-loon, my pet raccoon,
sings opera in the woods at noon;
I love so much to hear him croon.
At night he carols to the moon.

If you are...

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Categories: baboon, kids, nonsense, silly,

This ones for the gals
What gospels on sunday afternoon
Are four quarters male members tune
With flat screens on wall?
The chair-men want football
And shall yell like a wild baboon

Author's note: This...

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Categories: baboon, funny, satire, social, sports,

My Africa
A dusty street, commuters meet
A taxi crowded, a route decided
Street vendors sell, plastic from China
Fresh fruit, dead meat, flies from hell
A cellphone rings,...

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© John birch  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baboon, africa, earth, people, drug,

Premium Member Shootin' Pool On CD
At the local bar one friday night, we were shootin' pool and getting tight,
Just havin' fun in the neon light, yea, everything was cool, out...

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Categories: baboon, funnyme,

A Baboon With a Bassoon
I knew a baboon.
He had a bassoon.
The baboon tried to play the bassoon.
The baboon who tried to play the bassoon could not hold a tune.

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Categories: baboon, animals, children, june, moon,

Premium Member A Filthy Rich Baboon

At the drop of a hat, your life could change

If you win the big jackpot of ten million

You'd have all the things you've ever wished...

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Categories: baboon, happiness, money, perspective,

Miracles Happen To and In June
There once was a gal name of June.
Who wanted to kiss and to spoon.
  She made a big splatter
  falling off a tall...

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Categories: baboon, fantasy, funny, imagination, romance,

the Zany Zoo
The awakening of the dawn like a butterfly busting through the cocoon.
The rhino's thyroid condition was exacerbated as the cheetah conflict 
As I drank in...

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Categories: baboon, adventure, animal, cheer up,

Premium Member Brown Shoes

Do you ever feel like the world's a tuxedo
And you're a pair of brown shoes? 
Have you ever felt you had two left feet?
Or the...

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Categories: baboon, humorous, halloween,

The Namib
If your love was like the Namib;
Mountainous and bare,
Would you dig deep for water?
Would you scour the ridged crevasses there?
For something that moved,
Within and without,

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Categories: baboon, animals, loss, love, naturelove,

i've taken up drinking.
talking to a wall.
a wall of confusions.
in depth analyzation. 
the word 
of the day
of blight.
a worldly
she sits 

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© Amra Cau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baboon, art, self, slam,

Premium Member On a Black Day - Death Survives - Series 3
Another boring, Protestant Traditional, Sunday Family Dinner 1:00 pm sharp
This week it’s at Uncle David’s  house in Alford, Mass. I haven’t meant Him
Actually the...

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Categories: baboon, faith, family, father, life,

Premium Member Born With A Bent Silver Spoon

I'm in fine form on this sunny afternoon
Feel like frolicking like a silly baboon
What's strange about that
Quite normal for this brat
Brought into this world with...

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Categories: baboon, humorous,

Under my 8 year old Brothers Bed
Under my 8 year old brothers bed
lies my dog chewed Barbie, no sign of her head
a faded Snoopy cartoon, deflated yellow Birthday balloon
and one stuffed...

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Categories: baboon, brother, childhood, family, children,

A Comic Strip Cartoon
    One day in mid June, in far off Rangoon.
    The hand drawn baboon, a comic cartoon,

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Categories: baboon, adventure, moon,

A clever robot
He has created a clever robot
He orders it and it responds

“Write for me a poem”, it does
“Compose for me love letter”, it does
“Scribble for me...

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Categories: baboon, satire, science fiction,

Baabo and Baboon
Story of ancient
In lips of current
In a town of Baabo
The king was Baabo
In those times as vast as they can go
And as longest as they...

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Categories: baboon, discrimination, life, political, society,

Hospital Bed
Hospital Bed

You lay there on the hospital bed
Looks, begging at me
Shaved head, white face
Tubes with fluid from your brain

My first, my kindest, most verbal
Unable to...

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Categories: baboon, blessing,

Premium Member A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
The trip was all set in our hot-air balloon
Conditions were flight-perfect; 'twas the middle of June
Just needed a few shots of courage from a local...

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Categories: baboon, animal, funny, moon, silly,

Dear Miss Monkey Manners II
Dear Miss Monkey Manners, I hope that you can solve a problem for an old baboon,
I’ve said some things to a dear friend of mine...

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© Tony Lane  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: baboon, funny, friend, me, time,

Crazy Animals -Abecedarian-
A Baboon Cleans Dandruff 
Entirely From Gigantic 
Hairy Iguana Just Kicked Low 
Monkey Never Opened Pants 
Quickly Runs Sighting Trunks 
Under Vest Wearing 
Xylophone Yelling...

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Categories: baboon, art,