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- Au Revoir - Goodbye -

- 2016 -


A freezing cold evening

Where the stars shining bright

With frost blade flanks

From mouth and nose steam

In the clear silence

White untrodden snows

Nature's frozen pulse

Sleep like a little baby

One gracious moon

After the night the light is shattered into gold

At sunrise raise your heartbeat


The ground is chained in frozen iron
Snow crystals glued on pine cones
Overhangs embroideries of polished ice
The wind shakes and shatters them into millions of pieces

Slowly more brightness toward longer days
A new light is born across a white landscape
With its beauty and bliss a squirrel in a pine tree
Thoughts and reflections how beautiful it is


Kong winter resolve his power struggle to live a little longer
Cold soil protects wild modest tiny flowers
March deserve tribute by an dignified pen
A soothing voice whisper in dew wet morning sun
When Spring youthful glory revitalises

With blessed glow in brilliant charm
A soft mother breast for all to be born again
Nature pregnancies seeds of life
Spring unveiled with a colorful smile
We go brighter times ahead, wakes up from beauty sleep
Princess Spring I feel lucky and almighty


Spring marks the end of winter and start of summer
It is lovely with colorful contrasts
Norway is a long country with a lot of mountains and valleys
Wide variations in climate from south to north and from east to west

Migrant's return, and the first flower is coltsfoot
Both humans and animals awakened by hibernation with new energy
The sun is high, no snow falls and the birds singing
Small downy mouse ears to be leaves on birch tree

- MAY -

May show us how beautiful you are
A Spirea blooms like a beautiful and white cloud in the garden
Beautiful spring bride
Dressed with creation she herself had designed
A golden ring of eternal happiness
The veil thin and beautiful like cobwebs kisses her cheek

May is the month with wonderful contrasts
As sure as the sun rises each morning
When I turn my face toward the warm sun
I feel it gives me new energy

Seventeenth of May is Norway's National Day
We lift up the flag in red, white and blue
The sky is blue, as far as the eye can see
A celebration of sun, spring, life and eternal love

- JUNE -

The sun constantly light flickers through the air and brighten up long nights
The summer carnations were Gods flower for the Greeks
They bloom earlier than most other species
A delight to the eye throughout the summer

Midsummer night - Midsummer Celebration 23rd and 24th June
A dear child has many names it is said,
and Midsummer night is no exception
Across Norway celebrated it with large fires
Some placed a rag doll on top of the fire
The witches burnt this night

Dance, music, porridge and flower garlands with carnations
Barbeque, Norwegian strawberries and fireworks all night
If a young girl picks seven or nine various mode herbs that night,
and put them under the pillow, she would dream of her future husband

- JULY -

No doubt that July is a beautiful summer month
It is the year's best month is named after Julius Caesar himself

Summer raindrops pierced by sunbeams
Just think of how precious privilege it is to wake up to bird song

Columbines are still in full bloom, they are charming
Spices herbs for diversity and for flavor

Who would have anything against sitting in the garden all day
and let you tickle a bit of a grape plant in the neck

Flowers and plants are an important part of summer
Enjoy it all with family and good friends

Fair weather clouds that just gives a little variety in all the blue
July is synonymous with holidays for most

The temperature and enthusiasm rises
This summer we will swim in the ocean and eat lots of ice cream


Our receptive hearts have allready heard
The breeze reports August

The shadows fall when the day is done
Roving winds and rain are waiting

For every day that passes, the autumn is preparing
Goodbye butterfly, wondering where your journey ends

When that day comes, I will kiss you softly
The painting will change color and give the landscape a blush

We always seek, and new jewels will be found
It hurts to say it, but the summer has an end


Let autumn wind whisper its song
Summer sunshine rays from yesterday we remember
After a long and lovely summer,
it often feels like autumn kept going cold and gray
But the truth is that this is one of the most colorful month

Now comes the polar night and the storm's time is near
We celebrated Thanksgiving in connection with the harvest
Autumn is yellow, red and orange
This is perhaps the finest with the autumn
Take a hike and you will see how beautiful it is out there


The life light shimmers in the air
Love and delights

Death and pain
Drowsy in numbness

The leaves have never known
Embalmed darkness with grief

Cold winter is coming soon
Silver bells and white snow

Stardust, northern lights and moonlight
While wonder and guesses


Daylight change, and go to its winter rest
Night frost drips from the eaves

A cold wind rushed and shoveled his way
Caught your lungs with clear icy air

In this deep cold, it feels just right
Leave the door open to be a part of the season

Human rhythms always searching
The lunar takes its own bath in silver dust

November night will show you: The Milky Way
Keep your senses and soul awake, and enjoy it


Some say they can smell the spring
... Is it possible to smell December?
A scent of something can hit you
anytime and anywhere

The frost sneak up on the night
and color the landscape white
Northern Lights with its spectacular light
dancing in the sky
Beautiful music, has no borders
Creating a sense of meaning

So stop fighting against wind turbines
December is the month for reflection
Joy and peace ~ when darkness falls
  "A child is born in Bethlehem"

  ... ... Au Revoir ... ... Goodbye ... ... Adjø

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Maria Down Under

There’s endless miles of golden sandy beaches Sparkling aqua waters as far as the eye can see Gods and Goddesses frolic au naturel down under Here’s where Heaven shines her light down on me If you foolishly swim between the danger red line zones See a shark coming ‘HELP ME’! - You wildly scream Well worth the SAVE in those bronzed muscly arms Spunky Aussie life guards straight out of your dream Women glow and men become fit- lean and taut Any wonder that all thoughts get thrown asunder Rippling muscles flex- bronzed bodies like gods I come from the ‘green and gold land down under’ Spoiled for choice - Raw possibilities endless No need to lust silently pining after one Pick yourself up look around broken sparrow This must surely be Gods place in the sun Nothing comes close to the beer down under Accompanied by a vegemite sandwich or two Looking for something more gourmet and exotic? There’s crocodile and kangaroo to name but a few A land where every man resides like a King And women are fawned over - treated like Queens We don’t let sneezes and hay fever spoil things If you have the sniffles - Hey! there’s Claratyne This land where millionaires are made in a day If you push the limits to achieve lofty goals So don’t keep waiting to come on down under Where our worth is what defines our roles * ‘Living in a land Down Under Where women glow and men plunder Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder, You better run you better take cover’
Oops!! that verse sounds like it may be lines from the song 'Land Down Under' by 'Men at Work'. Might be seen as plagiarism. Sorry!! Couldn’t help myself!! Instrumental of ‘Men at Work’ - by Joh Ph Published on Jul 31, 2016 You Tube * Quoted reference and citation of original lyrics of above verse from 'Land Down Under' belongs to 'Men At Work' first released October 1981 - Songwriters: Colin James Hay / Ronald Graham Strykert.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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With Angels Wings

"With Angels Wings"

The whispering winds, a song they sing

A song of sorrow and of a heart so big 

Your love reaches as far as the eye can see

I believe in dreams because in my heart, you beat

Just as a gentle breeze shimmers every leaf

Your love, in every heart, plants a seed

Elegance, love and hope is what grows beneath

And this is your gift to us....

For safe keeping.

So...if you ever wonder why heaven sings

It's because now you fly...

      With Angels Wings

Copyright © Rob Schulteis | Year Posted 2014

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A Supreme Summer

Out doors a place of freedom where
prying eyes could not restrain the vibrancy. 
School’s out, summer sunshine, crisp morning light,
cuts through the fog of parental restraint.
Blue jeans, tee shirts, Keds and an orange and 
black striped bumble-bee bus of 
prepubescent girls off for their first day
of summer work, farm work.

Bagged and boxed lunches held tight, their
hands taped white to shield them from the
sticky yellow nicotine sap, the itch,
a rash of budding beauty among the 
burgeoning rows of new stalk green.
Tobacco as far as the eye can see
rises on cane-like stalks. The furrowed
fields are uncovered now in the July sun.

Gaggles of girls in candy colors, sweet and sour girls,
tall and short girls, rows of girls among the cane.
Poled lines spanned the rows above the rising canes.
Little twisters walked the gullies tying off each plant,
around the rising stem a hairy-brown twine was laced,
between the fan shaped leaves of dollar green.
Early summer passed, coloring cheeks pink,
and skin to golden brown.

The stalks rose like seeds from Jack. By the first of 
August, they’d topped the girls and the cheesecloth
shades were rolled above. Steamed in the August sun
deflowered-the children were watered and by 
State Law occasionally rested and retrieved if
the temp rose past one-hundred and five below the nets.
Any bit of uncovered skin was burnt or 
tarred black daily by then-harvest time.

Shooed into the darkened sheds Consolidated 
on the dirt floor the stringers stood, sewing 
machines with piles of slats beside them, one girl per machine
two hands, two leaves, in they went between the belted teeth
and the needle lanced. It also lanced tired fingers.
Piecework; I can’t remember the pay scale but
they called it piecework and it was too. [a fine piece of work]
It took bits of you away every day.

But in the dark, high up in the rafters, the darkies
hung the bounty, handsome black Jamaican boys
crews of boys with lilting tongues and they sang,
and we sang “Come See About me.”
We worked, and we sang “Baby Love”
It was a supreme summer. 
On our own, a bloomin’ summer
where all of life was ripe for the pickin’. 

*picking tobacco

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2014

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My best ever love poem

Laid on the cliff top looking out over the sea

Wild flowers surround me as far as the eye can see

I find myself day dreaming something I often do

Praying that my dreaming will one day come true.

For you are my forever friend 

My love for you can have no end 

Forever love lasts eternally 

and is given for all you mean to me.

It is my heart to you I give 

It is yours as long as we live 

My heart will keep you safe and warm

Provide shelter from the fiercest storm.

Forever love will take your hand 

Guide you through the life you've planned

When you cry it will dry your tears

and take away your darkest fears.

Forever love will help you win 

When life's door is locked. Love lets you in

It guides everything I say and do 

and all I am I share with you

Copyright © DARREN WATSON | Year Posted 2014

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The Misfit

The forest's morning sunlight tip-toes through the trees
casting puzzle pieces round, oh so, carelessly;
hiding all the corner bits scattered by the breeze.

The slighter boles of ash whisper endlessly
as their upright slash of gray teases 'tween the green
while their larger cousins stand, oh so, stoically.

And, the sky far over head blues the in between
back lighting, spruce and pine, as far as the eye can see.
Man intrudes like a child, man and his machines.  

Knocking down the squirrel's nest, disturbing the bee 
leaving waste along the path, muddying the stream
misplaced is his disregard in that we all agree. 

Oh so brashly, mankind walks through nature's domain 
a misfit son, a terror, crippling while he reigns.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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A Perfect Garden

Take me to the other side,
A place where I can run and hide
A magic place where dreams come true
A perfect garden with a view;
An ivy covered arch hovers above the gate
Then picture roses of various colors and shape
Weeping willows spread throughout
Connected by vines and moss, to keep heat out;
Flowers as far as the eye can see
Spread upon a sea of green,
And this isn’t just any shade of green
It’s the deepest green, you’ve ever seen,
Downy, white, clouds, way up high
Watch as they go floating by
Many shapes leave no doubt
This is surely art, disguised as clouds!
Over the horizon,
 Painted across the bright, blue sky
The most beautiful rainbow catches my eye
Red, green, yellow, purple, and, blue
Shades of these colors, so vibrant and true;
And if all of this sounds heavenly to you
Then wait until sunset, and enjoy the view
A view that is different from anywhere else
For this sun sets over land that’s been blessed…

Copyright © Christina Fell | Year Posted 2005

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Not a cloud in the sky , not a bird in  flight.
A sphere of serenity, a world of eternity.
Limitless  horizons  where  earth  meets  the  universe,
serrated only by  pine  trees  of tower  
A  peace so present reveals  nature’s  power 

As far  as the  eye  can  see, an  ocean  of beauty,
A carpet  so  white, a haven  for  angels,
Amid ‘s  a  background of vision,
a breathtaking beauty of passion. 

With rainbows in  contrast to colour the distant.
This picture so painted trans heaven the moment.

Copyright © Michael Bell | Year Posted 2017

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Spring Sensations

Spring awoke from her long Winter's dream, to a world of colors and warm sun beams. Birds are singing their heavenly refrains, the scent in the air of gentle sweet rain. The world alive with tomorrow's promise, Nature's bounty, its beauty a bonus. The trees are adorned in lovely green leaves, flowers filled with nectar, as busy as bees. The woodland creatures come out of their sleep, a brand new day they are anxious to meet. Fields fertile as far as the eye can see, ready to yield flora that grows wild and free. God smiles down on the scene he has painted, a garden, his gift for the one we have traded.
10/22/18 Contest : Seasonal or Unseasonal sponsor : Kim Rodrigues

Copyright © Wren Rushing | Year Posted 2018

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The Real Treasure

At the top of the mountain, is a beautiful fountain
You can see beauty for miles, brings forth actual smiles
As far as the eye can see, many a mountain and tree
The water so clear and cold, turns the young from old
So the legend has been told, somewhere there is a city of gold
With so much treasure, impossible to measure
An unfindable find, with pursuit you could lose your mind
Or could it be found, rewards abound
The real treasure is inside you, that my friend is the first clue
You must look deep within, that's how you begin
Try to see how others see, move towards how you really want to be
It's not easy at all, but you have the ball
Go ahead wait till tomorrow, bet on sorrow
That's not a guarantee, but wait and see
Don't believe me, your thoughts are free
Just trying to lend a hand, nowhere near a demand
Well I guess I'm done, have fun

Copyright © jay moore | Year Posted 2018

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To Wither and Die Not

Peace surrounds me on this day in May as I let destiny have it's own way I smile down on whom I am made grandly by all my yesterdays I will live again and all my hopes and dreams shall not shatter I am destiny's lost prodigal child, May has been a source of pain for me Seeming to harm me with it's innocent days hidden in coy smiles, yes it lied many times but not today, the day after yesterday beginning all my tomorrows We can not always live in the growing fields of flowers picking them and hanging them up to dry somehow in making something beautiful we forgot them and they did not dry, yet died We can not always hold onto our flowers some do not fare well to the process of living dry so today is not tomorrow nor yesterday but it will always be lost amongst some field of flowers No garden to train, yet sheer joy in what is natural for miles as far as the eye can see it is spring and I pat my body down, I lived through the night yes, I am alive, and did not die, as they live their destiny Yet, my flowers have no scent, and not many want them , but what glory can be found in the ordinary flower? the garden of no surprise with many needs to thrive, none, for there is nothing grander than a flower growing in fields wild Next year, it will spread it's seeds in the wind and prosper so much grander it will be each year there after, yes, growing wilder and my prayer is no one will cut them down or poison them ever-after yet someone will love the flowers growing wild tomorrow and the day after May they become a heart's desire, and glory will forever remain in those alive, and wild but never dried, or tamed, for how can we say nice things about something, we set aside to wither and die, in shame and pain, that should always be allowed to grow wilder, to wither and die not tomorrow or the day after
will edit when I get back home. SORRY GUYS!

Copyright © Danielle Wise Baxter | Year Posted 2012

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- MAY -

May show us how beautiful you are
A Spirea blooms like a beautiful and white cloud in the garden
Beautiful spring bride
Dressed with creation she herself had designed
A golden ring of eternal happiness
The veil thin and beautiful like cobwebs kisses her cheek

May is the month with wonderful contrasts
As sure as the sun rises each morning
When I turn my face toward the warm sun
I feel it gives me new energy

Seventeenth of May is Norway's National Day
We lift up the flag in red, white and blue
The sky is blue, as far as the eye can see
A celebration of sun, spring, life and eternal love

- Sun :) - Anne-Lise Andresen -
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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A Dewy View

Thousands of tiny moons have gathered one to each dewy blade of grass. With the brightness of the full moon upon this great earth its beauty cast. If only for awhile I could wander under these dewy blades of grass. To see the nightlight wonder that this beautiful moon has cast. For awhile these thoughts I ponder while other people dream. Hidden sights from sleeping minds such a joyous thing to be seen. Gazing at the grass out yonder with an amazement kind of like a dream. On each blade of grass lays a moon lit orb as far as the eye can see.
Danny Boy: 8/5/14

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2014

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Picnic On A Rainy Day

Lush stubby grass bends and sways
A perfect place to spend our day 
Forever, it is spread, beneath our feet
Green carpet as far as the eye can see 
Encompassing silence with its prickly touch
The sky so blue, with touch of gray 
Appears to enjoy a game it plays
Gathering clouds that tease the sun
Who darts, and hides between each one
He sends a yellow ship that sails, 
Upon a sea of flowering hills

We spread our blanket under the trees
And marvel at the fickle breeze
It takes a turn, from hot to warm
It soothes the brow, then cools us down,  
We lunch with wine, French bread and cheese
Big apples, grapes, of red and green
We nap among the shady groves
Awakenend by the scent of rain

A run for cover beneath a bridge
We laugh like children, once again
And like ripples on a silent stream..
Dripping songs, and unuttered words
Sweet music is played.... new memories are heard

For Carol Brown's contest "Picnic Time"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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Southwest Landscapes

Five in the morning
Orange and red glow in the east
A new day is born

A single rain drop
Looks to be the final straw
Now the flood begins

Albuquerque view
Volcanoes on the mesa
Since the age of time

Once green and growing
Now brown and brittle and free
A Tumbleweed's life

With long floppy ears
And kangaroo backleg kicks
It roams the mesa

Bone dry arroyo
But when the rains fall heavy
A river runs wild

Blackened pine tree trunks
Struggling to regain life
Only time will tell

Blistering sunlight
Sheltered cove of solid rock
A sliver of shade

Multicolored hues
Cliffs of reds, browns, blacks, and whites
Southwestern landscape

Red rock formations
As far as the eye can see
And way back in time

Rocks piled upon rocks
Balanced precariously
Thousands of years now

Upright arms of green
Prickly needle point barbs
anchored in the sand

A typical day
Arid heat of one-o-eight
No humidity

All along the ridge
Patiently waiting for years
Arms lifted towards God

Two thousand years back
These cliffs were inhabited
Why did they all leave

Striated hillsides
In the land of enchantment
Navajo glory

Six-sided hogans
Grandfather's ancient design
Still in use today

Cemetery stones
No tree to provide them shade
What a sad, sad sight

Knarly old pine tree roots
Wrapped around an ancient stone
Holding on for life 

Fluffy white mountains
Filling up an azure sky
Will it rain today?

Dancing dust devils
Whirling twirling to the sound
Of the wind's music

Shimmering mirage
The desert laughs at the lost
Nature's cruelty
A dry washboard road
Miles out through the desert
A crystal blue lake

Manmade lake at damn
Stopping mother nature's flow
Do we have the right?

Upturned leaves on tree
Frantically waving in wind
Soon the rains will come

He rattled his tail
Demanding respect from all
We complied as one

Sun rises, sun sets
Twenty four hours are over
Accomplish anything?

Not a sound was heard
Footprints only in our wake
The desert winds sleep

Not a sound is heard
Footprints only in our wake
The desert winds sleep

The crunch of gravel
Undeveloped housing roads
Early morning walks

The smell of wood smoke
Memories of the Southwest
Couldn't help but smile

Warming in the sun
Like a lizard on a rock
What a view I had

Morning wakeup call
Bacon wafting through the house
Even I got up

Pollution puddle
Reflecting rainbow colors
Do we call that art?

New Mexico winds
Neither unseen nor unheard
Constantly blowing

Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2015

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Milbank my home

Leaving my home in the city
Gray lonely,and faceless
When the sun did shine
We'd run to the corner of 166
By Moes candy store
And jump into our neighborhood pond
The local fire hydrant
We would Frolic as girls Jumped rope
and looked on with twinkles in their eyes
Sparsely green it was and downright cold
At times this was my home
When told I'd be leaving I cried
Asking mom why
I was sent away far away
My new world my new home
Milbank where I died
And where I was reborn
The metaphor apparent
The sun always shined at Milbank
A real home with a Pointy roof
A white picket fence
Corralling daffodils
There were ducks and frogs
Of all kinds 
and lurking poison ivy and sumac
Snakes and bats and more grass
But there was no hydrant
With empty cans of reingold
Beer abound
Only a brook,a lake,and two pools
There was grass galore and trees
And blue skies 
As far as the eye can see
This was my new home
A place where I belonged
Even the name Milbank sounded 
Homey pleasant and everlasting
When I finally left Milbank
We all sang in a lull
My friends cried I cried
Then I died
Never to be reborn 
As before.....

Copyright © Tonytocaa Camacho | Year Posted 2015

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Loves Disappointment


My braces are pinching me and I remove them but really I only want to get closer
The harder grasses prickling our arms but why does she complain so little

The sun beats down and the clagg is to swished away from exposed flesh
Her focus is love or lust or me for now at least

The wood wasp announces its arrival and stands still in the air and looks 
Too early for distraction he thinks and gone in a split second.

The summer sun beats down and hums as far as the eye can see
She arches her back a little and peels her long auburn hair behind her ear and smiles

Anticipation pent up amoungst the tall waving ears of meadow grass and poppy
She asks is this grass tall enough beside the river bank

The river chuckles and laps and quacks with ever notes of time going by
Again can anyone see us she says. Don't worry there's no one for miles.

She stiffens and recoils in a fractional notice and my torrent ebbs some what
I sit up on the tartan rug. Look there is no one my love and I stoke her ankle

I turned my head to the river bank opposite to an anxious man sitting up too
The tall waving grass as if supporting the lone head of this man this courting spoiler 

My torrent disappears down. A drive becomes my angered disappointment contained
My beauty in lace white and of steady eagerness then abates with my news

I told you. I told you. And her heart shows me no sad disappointment no loss
Gathering our selves and bits of grass dart away past cocks of meadowed hay   

Copyright © Ian Foley | Year Posted 2011

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My Honeymoon Vacation

Vacation Contest Sponsor: Lin Lane The sweet fragrance of tall palms swaying in the breeze, brought continuous harmony into our hearts, The smell of contentment spread as far as the eye can see, This was our anticipated honeymoon, we were never apart. We had been through way too much as a young adults. Our vows were made and we stepped off the plane quickly entering a world of tranquility and peace. Kauai was our paradise. This was our destination far away from the life we left behind. It was on the other side of the world. Our honeymoon was anticipated for months, and we were finally there. We couldn't unpack fast enough, for all we wanted to do was dip our toes in the soft sands of the Pacific ocean. It had streaks of cerulean and light green. I saw beauty in each pebble as the waters floated up amicably. The warm breeze showered a gentle mist through my body. I had never felt that way before. The tides gently flowed up to my knees tickling my legs.... sweet scents of palm trees tender mist sprays through my soul peaceful Kauai On a tour we drove around the massive volcano Mauna Loa. It has a peak reaching almost three miles high.They have been formed over the last seventy million years. To see the eruption of lava was an amazing sight for sore eyes. I witnessed the red flow of the volcano dripping down into a hole to the core of the earth. As we drove up to the cliff, my stomach dropped to the ground. The depth of the Waipoo Falls was entrancing. I was hypnotized feeling a sense of magical desperation longing to fly freely into the blue. I saw such tender beauty in Kauai. We deserved this honeymoon after all we had been through. There we were, on an island created only for love. The intimacy was delicate and our passion for each other drove my mortality crazy. volcano of love together in paradise honeymoon island Believing we can share such a deep desire for a vacation Engulfed into the magic an island can freely give Nature so beautiful, bringing natural elation Watching the warm waters is so seductive. ~Date Written: February 8, 2016~

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Vivaldi Winter

It’s a Vivaldi winter...snow as far as the eye can see, 
blankets the hardened from sub-zero and sleet.
I hear the violins and cello’s, groaning out forlorn winter notes.

Robins on a white roof are poufy with feathers thick; 
bellies swollen in gratitude for my suet cakes.  
Like many, I cannot leave them cold and hungry.  
Were it so, that I could invite them in for a 
hot chocolate and cornbread, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Sleet-covered, tree-sticks, lend a suggestion of fairyland; 
naked trees, frozen in time; a Vivaldi winter scene to trump, “Currier and Ives”.

My eyes trace the rabbit tracks, from icy, 
snow-laden shrubs to my naked fruit trees;  
rabbit finds no dinner there; 
perhaps a squirrel left an acorn or apple, buried nearby…
Mr. Rabbit will stake his claim.
I wish him luck; I know he has little ones beneath my garden shed floor.

Lethal ice cycles, grow from my gutters as Vivaldi winter notes, drone on; 
I sip cinnamon spice tea and whisper a prayer, for God’s other children.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2015

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A beautiful sky,so red

A beautiful sky, so red 
Scattered as far as the eye can see 
Words cannot be said 
A beautiful sky, 
for me 

I looked up, 
to a beautiful sky, so red 
To be a cloud 
Yet, I am down here instead 

The sun painted its' colour 
beautiful and red 
throughout the sky 

A beautiful sky, so red 
melted away 
Dark blue 
Some say... 
Transformed the day, 
to something new 

The sky darkened 
Night was here instead 
To steal the light.... 
of a beautiful sky,  so red 

I have become a night 
Lost in starlight 
Onwards I sped, 
to find a beautiful sky , so red

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2013

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There Goes Ethan

One day on the trampoline, my nephew, aiming for the tree,
overshot his leap and jumped as far as the eye can see.
If you squint hard enough
you'll see it in the buff;
a minuscule dot orbiting the galaxy!

NOTE: My nephew Ethan is one of those kids where it's not enough to say he's skinny (if he inhaled enough helium I wonder the possibilities of him floating away).

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013

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Lines Written in Albany

On white lines on Valiant wheels   
 I head north leavin' behind the City of Sails
with its humourless streets,
 its casino steel and glass Sky Tower
built of the rubble of a grander age 
 peopled by a grander pride!
In my rear-view the harbour's steel arch;
 a bridge to near and far -
monument to post-war industrialisation.
 And as far as the eye can see...
New Age pyramids of urban sprawl;

rows of suburban microwave towers;
 greenhouse chimneys; concrete bunkers...
behold the isle of Rangitoto 
 sits a jewel rock in the gulf crown!
And straight up State Highway 1 -
 land of my youth, where
the hills are alive with the sound of cowbells,
 ghosts of gumdiggers, flax millers,
outlaws, brigand sailors...
 the "dead end" of Schnapper Rock 
to Rosedale, Oteha Valley and beyond,

the fertile salad and fruit bowl
 orchard trees of Clemow and Airborne.
A land of milk and honey,
 fleece and beef, the strawberry fields,
where I once hard (ly) worked!
 Gone is the quaint village church hall,
last year's scythin' twister 
 went Old Testament in a rage!
But not the "Great War" Memorial 
 to twenty three of its sons!
Poetic irony that a mighty whirlwind,

an act of God, raze a holy
 edifice and smite the hallowed walls
on these Footrot Flats 
 in the house of woolshed fundamentalism!
Is it the work of a divine sly-grogger?
 Raze a church and spare 
the winepresses of the heathen pub?
 Indeed I know which I would spare...cheers!
Do tell by what grievance
 or sin or wrath is "thy will" done?
Yet the hillside graveyard remains intact;

well, you can't be killed twice
 so those deadbeat bastards are laughin'!
So too the boys after a long
 day in the trenches playin' "matches":
romancin' the giddy-up rodeo girls
 on a Saturday night
in their tight thigh slappin' spangled jeans,
 in their rootin' tootin' "shag me" boots
and their "bend me over and hogtie me" 
 eyes lookin' to bushwack 
some poor droolin' rope jockey

at the Wayside Inn waterin' hole 
 and saloon! Small lives in small towns
drinkin', shootin' - pool that is!
 Rednecks and cowboys off their wagons
till closin' time's last call. Hell,
 more than once I hitched my pony there -
days when my saddle bags
 carried lead, not gold;
when loathin' and loss filled my glass
 and there were no paths 
to glory - sadly, no happy trails!


Pictured is the Church and Wayside Inn pub.

              September 1996

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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You promised me a burger and a cup of tea But you broke you solemn promise to me No burger van as far as the eye can see My aching tum was in dire need you see Oh woe, oh woe, oh woe is me You promised me a burger for my tea Succulent meat, caramelised onions and fries Why oh why did I fall for those lies My mouth was watering at the very idea … No burger van, I cried many a bitter tear It’s grounds for divorce for you promised me A succulent burger and a cup of tea 1st June 2015 Background info – last week we went to a 2 day blues festival - my hubby had the most wonderful burger from a van. We were going back the next day – I said I would make a picnic so we could sit in the sun outside and listen to the music on the stage in the gardens – he said don't bother with the picnic we will have a burger and a cup of tea…. The van didn’t show up

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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A Tree in the Harbor


Waves crashing at me feet, noble tall as I stand.
The beauty I see beyond me, tides washing in the sand.

Bright sunny days, to mist in the mornings.
Cold winter chills, see the whales adjoining.

No other life but this ocean to imagine. 
Picture perfect memories, a life not meant for a cabin.

The years have slipped by, for even a friend I could not tell.
My roots have grown down deep, for my solitude suits me well.

To the east and the west, south as far as the eye can see. 
My territory I claim proudly, belonging to only me.

I could never miss a friendship, A love bringing me such glee.
Reminiscing shared tide risings, ship sailing mad at sea.

Ask me why I grew here, for that I could not tell. 
The wreckage from a past life, for a witch cast my spell.

A smile, I will smile; My best I will always be.
Enchanted for whatever reason, is perfectly fine by me.

In sight my green leaves flourish, growing taller by salty sea.
The world will know of my beauty, from the lighthouse tall like me.

Control casted light, during the storms jilted hour. 
A guide of protecting beams, illuminated star built tower.

A Chelsea between us, ships resting, white caps sighted.
If someone were to look here, off ports path, to be united.

My secrets buried treasure, moonlit travel, capsized martyr.
My worth to yet be known, a tree in the harbor.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

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Dare Listen

Dare Listen
            by Odin Roark

Time chooses to whisper,
Having endured shouting decades,
A species’ feigned listening,
Maelstrom's obsessive noise-making.

Still persistent
Is but a parade,
A just married tin can raucous
Tied to mankind's bumper.

How tenuous one’s duration.


Sitting inside time's tree house,
This place of early discoveries,
Where do and don't became but chaff-covered kernels
A slow growing wisdom first heard,
Through Daddy’s cheap wine curiosity
Slowly washing away innocence,
Introducing adult fantasies
Through the malaise of unknown tomorrows.

Synchronously, tiny sparrows
Nesting in branches above
Chirped their own hunger pangs,
Awaiting mother and worm.

Below, a squirrel foraging acorns paused,
Looked up and listened to the now of Nature’s family,
Savored sounds of his own way and means.


Time awaits the next moment.
As far as the eye can see,
Old roof tops recede,
Conifers hold firm their rightful place
Hosting fowl and predator alike,
Remaining ready to engage the next of reality’s misdeeds,
Endless out-of-control concussion of erosive man,
While Nature digs in for another encounter.

In duration’s not too distant future,
Man’s earth destroying roar
Will hopefully stumble and be swallowed
By the unsullied trees,
And life-consciousness,
Allowing the essence of Nature's inexhaustive patience
To be heard.

Dare listen…

Some will hear the desperate existence whisper
The harmonious nocturnes of everything that is,
Embracing the elusive nothingness of peace,
Even as attachment and resistance
Remains forever tone deaf.

Author Notes
Nature’s often abstract way of communicating may someday be all that’s left. (Image by M. Meir)

© Odin Roark. All rights reserved, 9 hours ago
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Copyright © Odin Roark | Year Posted 2015