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A is for Antenna 1
A is for Antenna A is for Antenna, the two-in-one, receiving in and transmitting away. B is for Broadband, to fire away on the high speed digital highway. C is for Current, what a beauty, it is all but free- electron- flow. D is for decibel, not the horrible, but a logarithmic unit and a ratio. E is for Electrons, the teeny weeny charged particles, so light F is for Fibre, or simply glass that passes streams of bits as light. G is for Gain, could also mean loss, a measure of what’s in and what’s out. H is for Harmonics, often unwanted multiples that are up and about. I is for Ionosphere, the upper reaches of appreciable ionization J is for Jitter, Who wants this unwanted, random fluctuation K is for Klystron, just a tube which, in the microwave range, oscillates L is for Limiter, thank God, the input to a system , it limits. M is for Modulation, a wave-on -wave super imposition N is for Noise, the hated disturbances due to heat’s action O is for Oscillators, they are from low to ultra high frequency P is for Pulse, not of the heartbeat, but a quick shot of energy. Q is for Quartz, the stabilizer that is piezo-electric R is for Regeneration, recuperating-the- sick- signal- trick. S is for Semiconductors, not semi-precious, but indispensable T is for Transmission, making communication finally possible, U is for Unlimited Plans, the veritable godsend for the customer V is for Voltage, the difference of potentials, one should remember. W is for Waves, electromagnetic waves not the ones in the ocean, X is for X-rays, against which the engineer should exercise caution Y is for Yagi, it’s only an antenna, not a yogi or a tribal totem Z is for Zirconium, hungry for neutrons in the context of atom. That puts in a nutshell the revolution Of electronics and communication. 02 Mar 2013 S.Jagathsimhan Nair For: Cyndi Macmillan’s “ Z is for Zaria-ABC poetry” contest.
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