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Beats Me Poems

Beats Me Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of beats me poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for beats me.

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Premium Member No

I am not for, 
I am not against, 
I live...
setting on the fence. 

I don't want to be involved, 
I don't want to take a side, 
I want to hide.
I want to be left alone, 
I am not a bone....Read More
Categories: beats me, america, anxiety, farewell, holocaust, humanity, identity, murder,
Form: Limerick

Anxiety’s inside of me
So, I try to beat, but society
Wants to be so unfree.
Anxieties secrets
Is to beat it, because you don’t need it
With your anxieties…
What will you do when your mind says die?
Are you thinking, about committing suicide?
Everywhere is the...Read More
Categories: beats me, anxiety,
Form: Lyric

I have done it again hoe would say
while he looks my way,
the tears began to fall,-
while he is screaming down the hall.

This agony I feel makes me ill,
They say love hurts-
But I say never like this!
He hits with his...Read More
Categories: beats me, abuse, age, angel, anger, dark, fear, writing,
Form: Epic
Premium Member for you still I'm none
frogs leaping 
a rhythm of heart 
beats me up 

the raining 
tones on your absent 
in courtship 

night jasmine 
with snaky red eyes 
greets illusion 

bright silver 
the moon full love dish 
in tasteless 

for the sun 
ah, for the...Read More
Categories: beats me, lonely, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Mountain Muse

The clamber beats me up --- lost my path.
I slide down a sheer ravine,
try to ignore the sweat of panic 
in socks and boots.

I hug a large rock.
(bear cross these high ridges.
There are sharp, hard to see, drop offs).

I let...Read More
Categories: beats me, poetry,
Form: Blank verse

Black and blue
The room is dark and my
 heart races with fear 
He has hurt me before
 beating me black & blue
I tried to escape him but
there is no escaping
I fear if I leave him 
He will kill me
I ran I ran...Read More
Categories: beats me, abuse, anger, anxiety, cry, fear, pain, poetry,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Shameful ex-Boyfriend
My soul urns for justice and it’s own freedom why is this sh** keep me awake and everything else continuously makes me break I am demonstrating my fake famous traits amazingly entertaining everyone around me they praise me by keeping...Read More
Categories: beats me, abuse, anger, anti bullying, boyfriend, break up,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Tribute Documentary Zimbabwes Forgotten Children
New draft Zimbabwe’s 

Tribute Documentary Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Mama will be left behind when I die
I’m too sick to survive
My education was put to an end
When papa had no more to spend
We walk over sewage water
And sell plastic bottles for cents
We...Read More
Categories: beats me, death, education, health, hope, leadership, poverty, tribute,
Form: Narrative
I am immune to the pain, the broken bones
He said he loves me
Yet he beats me
“Babes mi promise … mi nah guh hit yuh again…mi love yuh”…words with no meaning
I try to leave him but he finds me …I can’t...Read More
Categories: beats me, abuse, betrayal,
Form: Blank verse
Invisible scars
Thoughts in my head that no one can see
Monsters in my room, how did they come to be?
The lights are on, but for some reason it's still dark
no one can see my invisible scars

People can't see it so they don't...Read More
Categories: beats me, anxiety, dark, deep, depression, lonely, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Mend Me
 Oh, friend of mine
I am doing quite fine
I am sorry for being a burden
I am aware that I am still hurting

Fall into my arms 
Give me your charms
Betrayal beats me to the finish line
Yet, I remain to be feeling...Read More
Categories: beats me, angst, pain, peace,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Algebra Salgabra
It was ridiculous 
Maniculous, fradiculous, arithmodus, calcrickulous.

A form of math I had never seen.
A counting in a way quite mean
Not algebra, not palgebra.
Something weirdly salgabra.

The newest new new math the teacher bragged
It was so slimey and sneaky,
So algebra-creaky
So non-user friendly
It...Read More
Categories: beats me, math,
Form: Free verse

Take these words away,
Which that haunts my memory everyday 
Your promises to stay forever,
Has came to end today whatsoever 
How many times must I keep on tumbling,
When you laugh and watch me struggling 
How many time must I believe you
When...Read More
Categories: beats me, 8th grade, art, betrayal, butterfly, child abuse,
Form: Rhyme
her heart beat
me over

are resting
her heartbeat

her heart beats me
look up
my lines
out of alignment

....Read More
Categories: beats me, 9th grade, art,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Spiritual warfare begins
A sad state our government has become today 
in this awful news that just pushes the boat out further 

As our democracy for one protecting our children 
Why it is even under attack beats me up inside moral grounds 
this...Read More
Categories: beats me, 8th grade, conflict, emotions, faith, family, heart,
Form: Political Verse
The desert
The blazing sun beats me down
As the glare does its best to surround
The dirt is whipped by the dust devils
My world is a hell felt upheaval

The rationed water is all but gone
In the desert my life feels as its done
Until...Read More
Categories: beats me, environment, sun, water,
Form: Ballad
Deep relationship of love
You are in front of me in sleep,
You have started agonizing 
when you come in dreams.
Be made you heart beats me,
So you have started praying now.

Do not mind now whether
you talk about me.
You are the only one settled in my...Read More
Categories: beats me, abortion, absence, abuse, adventure, africa, age, allusion,
Form: ABC
Let the Lines Define
Established as the world beats me down 
Not going down without a fight 
I’m surviving these twelve rounds 
My passion’s what I’ve found 
You can hear it through every heart beat that sounds 
Swimming in thoughts by the pounds 
Attempts...Read More
Categories: beats me, art, dream, mountains,
Form: Rhyme
Black clouds
I'm being followed by a black cloud
The rain pours, the storm starts
I'm trying to share the fixed pieces of a torn heart
I'm just trying to escape these black clouds

Welcome to the mind of a bipolar psycho with a damaged heart
Depression...Read More
Categories: beats me, dark, deep, depression, discrimination, leaving, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
What's the Hurry
What’s the Hurry?

Why it’s called “Rush Hour” surely beats me
‘Cause there won ’t be any rushing for an hour or three
There’s a solid mass of steel from ramp to overpass
With thousands of vehicles wasting gallons of gas

We’re trapped like rats...Read More
Categories: beats me, funny, humorous, travel,
Form: Rhyme
I miss you my mom
A special poem for my friend, Hassan, who has recently lost his mother at the age of 15 ,may God gives him and his family the power to stand by it and lives his life happily

the eyes shed tears
my heart...Read More
Categories: beats me, addiction, children, death, emotions, miss you, mother
Form: Epic
I Swim with Sharks
What loosens the knot that keeps together
hair in a bun from falling asunder? Beats me but
the sea blows wind that sets me at ease,
I dip a toe in the water in reply to the tease,
on the edge, considering what benefit...Read More
Categories: beats me, allegory, angst, anxiety, beach, fear, moving on,
Form: Quatrain
Darkness Overcome
The accursed are brave in this place, 
where fear cannot arrest them. 
As for me, I stand exposed 
to the withering darkness that beats me down. 

In these darkened hollows
prayers to God are still offered 
within the diocese of this...Read More
Categories: beats me, dark, depression, life, light,
Form: Free verse
The Supernova of Emptiness
Pathetic, the word I just can't seem to outrun
it beats me to alley-way exits, creating dead to ends, enclosed places
Defeated, it might as well be the twin
The effects, they refuse to cease yet love to seize me
I've made so many...Read More
Categories: beats me, anger, depression,
Form: Free verse
My Apology
This is to the guy that I went out of my way to get noticed by
The one who I trusted, the one who told me lies
The one who made me feel like I was the only one
The one that was...Read More
Categories: beats me, self,
Form: Free verse