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Light on the Devil's Chord - Day 3

They say the one you think of last before sleep,
Is the one you care for the most— the one you wish to hold, admire, love…

The two of us…beings of bravery,
Had labored all the night, 
In harmonies livid, longing and bright…
In music so construed in golden blues…
A masterful melancholy in strange, light-stricken hues
He boldly slept, in heavy breath
As I dozed into the deafness of the demons’ wrath

I awoke, unaware of the time at hand, 
As he lay there close beside me, cradled in a beat…
I sensed morning’s marvel, thought the darkness crept
Leaving me in a sinking feeling as our Prince vainly slept

And there, with the drumming of his pulse, 
I began my morning song of Time,

“Oh, how alive she dares to smile,
In the crisp cradles of first thought
Time, with surging love for the dancing dial,
Melts our sleeper from the wars he fought

I tame her humbly in darkness doomed,
For I know the Lord shuns worry of loss
Unlimited life, craftily bloomed,
I dare paths to narrow, and I dare him to cross

Oh, how in sleep he refuses these dreams,
Of Time’s immense mercy and strength
How his eyes rest, in nightmarish filth it seems,
Tossing in pride, and I in faith

He lifts Time’s feathered mess
In an embrace he calls his own consolation
In his deranged, dreadful wilderness,
She waits in ardent resurrection…”

He began to groan in his sleep, 
Tossing and turning… 
His lids lifted, though his eyes were trapped
In a dream so unnerving and unwavering 
I could do nothing but sing again…

“Wake up in the comfort of company
As she gathers the feathers you lift,
I will see too that she is smiling
In the morning mist of bliss
Let the veils of night terror arise
So I may see the life in your eyes 
As the lizard on the rock bathes in warmth,
I suffer with you, saturating cold
Time offers space between, 
As the trees in winter soon return to green…”

He was awake, though grimacing 
Angered by my gentle push
Pissed that I sat there before him
No longer trapped in his soot…

“Time, time, time… 
You’ve bored me in your rhyme, rhyme, rhyme-
Witness wretched reality, sweetheart divine-
Then we can talk about the **** you call Time!

Bitching and raving how she has bludgeoned all these men, 
With the sweep of her arms, she crushes all condemned
She mocks me now, after screwing me naughty
Her feathers scattered across my body
I curse every morning I see her face
I love how she beats me, and then demands embrace
I hate her, woman, as I hate you
I lift her to throw her down,
As the cockcrows coo…

I am in Time, over Time, beyond Time
Cross in her spirit—frail in her rhyme
If your Lord has taken anxiety from your heart,
Have him take your innocence—now that is her art!”

He laughed, cackling loudly,
And the demons chiseled,
The soot on the ground grew hot and sizzled

My lips moistened with tears…
“I thought about how strangely you slept,
Even in your bitterness for dwindling Time…
In our last notes before drifting, 
I thought of you,
And all the days we have left
I want you to know my light is kind,
And we can all learn in the rhythm of Time
She is very sensitive, 
She weeps at every loss, 
Though secretly, though in day she boldly stands
At night she lets down her hair and grieves demands
For not everyone can she save,
Truth it be, she has saved no one
But has inspired men to the end…
No one knows Time better than God
And yes, you too must know her well, 
She labors as we sleep
Though she would be hesitant to tell…
She destroys…though inward she heals
She sees potential, though leaves the action
To the one who truly feels…”

“Stop singing in riddles and nonsense…” He sputtered
“If sleep is so important to you, 
Why do you force me awake?”

He sat up, quaking, his anger loud
I shuttered in his presence, looking down

“Just… sing with me…..”

And we sang…

“She is cruel, 
She is patient,
Living in darkness and in light, 
I rest her in my trust,
And I in my ceaseless bite
I lull her,
I seduce her,
She calls me, 
I answer:
Time, do not forsake me now…
Let our thoughts nestle in each other’s company
With the clocks that capture us…”

At the tipping of Death’s dark chimes,
The Devil’s mouth salivated in restful rage

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2015

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Hurled into the depths

cloaked in the dark waves of a Kachikau winter night;
the last faint gleam of hope glide,
scared out my wits, no one by my side,
who can i trust?
even my own shadow abandons me when i am in darkness!

My presumptuous heart deceived me!
hurled me into depths deeper than Sheol,
i have become psychologically lifeless
the path behind me is full of broken dreams.

death drenched my thoughts in red,
my soul is bald and filled with ashes of a mind burned to crisp,
the pain of my future has no cure!

a broken soul in pulsing pain,
the forces of selfishness and selflessness whip my conscience;
life beats me like a constant dream...
i have fallen prey of my own evil deeds.

where is the road to the home of light?
where is the road to the house of righteousness?
Lord you disciplined me...
and i have been disciplined like an untrained calf
i ask for your forgiveness...

Copyright © Mpho Leteng | Year Posted 2012

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Spiritual warfare begins

A sad state our government has become today 
in this awful news that just pushes the boat out further 

As our democracy for one protecting our children 
Why it is even under attack beats me up inside moral grounds 
this should not even be considered under the harshest circumstances 
because it's a humane act to love our little ones bless them with life 
not kill them shows savages craving suffering judgemental fools 

Tells me all that I need to know about corrupt politics 
under an non democratically elected leadership

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2018

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A House Is Not A Home

Another day passes yet here I stand
Home is somewhere that my heart can land
Open your eyes and you shall see
Unleash your spirit and learn to be free.

Sometimes the world just beats me down
Everything vanishes and no one’s around
I don’t understand why this happens to me
Seeing then understanding seems to be key.

Now that my heart knows where to go
Only one thing I shall need to know
Today will pass regardless of what I do
Another step closer to understanding what’s true.

Home is a place where your heart feels safe
One step closer to reaching this place
Many words are spoken yet few are heard
Everyone knows home is more than a word.

Copyright © Mark Russell | Year Posted 2011

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Lord, I Need You

On my knees, Lord, and with hands raised
I pray I need you, oh how I need you today.
My heart is broken, my strength is gone, 
I am desperate for love only you can provide,
and the song only you can sing to my soul.
I'm begging Lord fill my cup, make me whole.
This world tells me I'll never be enough,
the world beats me, breaks me, tears me down.
Without you, I lose the battle within;
I lose myself and the will to carry on.
I ask you, Lord, for the courage to rise above
with hope and a new perspective.
With you, all things are possible.
Your goodness and love follow me everyday. 
You are my fortress when I need protection,
my refuge when I need to feel safe.
All that I am and all that I have,
I lay at your feet. Please bring me peace...
You make all things work together
for my good because you love me.
Please, do not let me fall, give me new life.
On my knees, Lord, and with hands raised,
I pray I need you, oh how I need you today.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2014

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Cruel Hope

I lay here, unarmed, and vulnerable to the damage that has been done. I want to cry, I can cry and I will.
The feeling of it all, discomforts me, hypnotizes me, leaves me wondering; who have I got left? I think and the answer terrifies me, shakes me; how come? I have no one.
These breaths, they puzzle me, how do I breathe for nothing? No one? 
And yet so eagerly, I look up for better things, brighter beginnings, but the thought ends, will I truly be happy? Can something powerful enough in the days ahead of me give me comfort? Bring me peace? 
Yes I have been fooled, betrayed several times now. I have figured out my flaws; I trust too much, love too much, and forgive. I don’t know why but I seem to refuse giving up this false matter, false clinging to this object, idea, or spirit, named “Hope”. 
Yes it beats me up, yes I have been slain, slaughtered, and shattered; in the walls of denial, and query I was trapped, destined to taste suffer, with the eyes of mine I did see, moments, and events that slaughtered me like ice and fire, those eyes of mine, show me things I don’t wish to see, they slaughter me, although part of me, organs of my being, they still do. In the times where I thought I was strong, in times where I thought hope would save me, now it shatters me in the presence of all thy people, makes me its slave by clinging to it, begging for mercy, for chances, and for that I am weak. They all thought I was strong, unbreakable, but now everything proves them wrong; I do break..
These tears I thought will cleanse me, purify, and strengthen me, but now whenever I do cry; those tears are just like whips that drain out my strength, deteriorate my goals, and terrorize my dreams, and so I abandon them..

Copyright © louzana nubani | Year Posted 2012

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After All is Said and Done

I wrote this random rap song just yesterday! Have a blast, reading it! :D
"We shall all be like magnets,
Connecting to God's Laws in perfect symmetry 
We shall all shine as the sun,
Glorifying the son of God in perfection and ecstasy 
We shall all master the self,
Harvesting God's enlightenment, taking wing of our destiny" - a preacher poet once said...I'm afraid he's sleeping in his holy bed (hahaha sorry lame anger I should provoke) 

{INTRO} love isn't a game of cheats and greets 
Beats me that you treat me like leftover beets - How discreet like hidden chocolate neat treats 
You deserve a punch in the face with a trace of these sick beats played in repeat...tap your feet to my feats   
I wear a grimace on my face 
Cuz I've been face to face with the disgrace before me - that's me 
I can't keep pace with your rapid race
I just want you to abide by my side and subside from negativity 

{VERSE 1} Yes, you're going to go away 
You're going to go away
No, you're going to go away
You're going to run away 
Into the forest of lies...
Into the wilderness of goodbye's...
You were always on my mind like lullabies...
I got betrayed by you many times and you drifted away from the path of peace...boy, how time flies...
Now, I'm stand tall
I'm stand tall
Through it all...
I got through it all
Why so fixated on your free-fall?
You must stand your ground like a fearless wall 
I know you've been tossed to and fro like a ball 
You're my favorite, flawless masterpiece and a mighty tease - oh please 
You're too entitled to your frowned-upon stubborn opinion 
You're remarkable, but judgmental - please don't hurt me again and put my whole life at ease 
Peeling you until you're gone
Feeling me like a darksome sun

Oooooh ohhhhh 

{PRE-CHORUS} Lifted higher by your sheltering Sun-ray
Mmmhmm Ahhh ooh ohhh 
Fly away! Fly away, refrain from lingering around me...making me go insane 
Fear and hope rattles my bones this dismal day 
Ahhhh ohhhhh mmmhmm 
That moment! That moment between us was a sacred serenity - feeling a thousand tons of shame on my lamentable lane
You make me smile...
But, not in a million miles or so...oh oh...
Will I love you for awhile
All because I love you for eternity though 
Watchin' tv with my buddy
My companion, my champion like somebody 
I used to know long ago,
But forget it though - 
It's not important to the ears to hear
Just hold my hand a while, my dear

{DUET} Somethin' in me has died when I was on my bipolar ride so wide 
Cuz I'm missin' someone deep inside - I don't know why I cried 
The physical appearance can injure the soul in contrite 
We need to set our focus on the positive light, not in the negative night

{CHORUS} doo (x10)
Doo (x20) ...etc.
Fly away from the demons that say you're not good enough...
You didn't want my assistance - only my hesitance and my forgiveness 
After all is said and done, I gotta say that life has been so tough...on you and I and it hits us rough...
It's none of my concern that you were deserted and were in distress and you're an awful mess I must address 
Yes, you're going to go away 
You're going to go away
No, you're going to go away
You're going to run away 
I'll give you half of my success progress
So please don't weep, please don't leave in distress...
You're here to express, 
Not to impress 
I love you...
Yet, I don't too...
More or less...(x2)


{VERSE 2} This time, I've cried so many tears for so many years (I'm blind) 
Oh oh oh oh....
Yes, I tried to save you from the callous fears (in mind) 
Heal the scars, 
Countless like stars
Defeated by you 
You and your bewildering ways...
I let you go cuz I let you down when I went through those wretched days
Bye, bye...
I can't deny...
We'll see each other soon
In another maroon moon
Peel away the pain of your radiantless rain 
You're perfectly not in tuned with my heart and there's no happiness to gain, save the pain of losing you in my thought train 
Next subject...don't hate, appreciate DAMN - 
Don't reject, accept me for who I am 
There's no logical reason to turn back to the past
Let yourself look forward to the future so vast and oh so fast at last! 

Oooooh ohhhhh 



{CHORUS} doo (x10)
Doo (x20) ...etc.

Ahhhhh hmmmm
Ooooh ohhhhhh 
Ehhhh mmmmmm 

{BRIDGE} *whisper* It just doesn't make sense
I guess I'm gullible and dense...a rubbish, some kind of nonsense
Fenced in my guilt and snowed under my envy 
My heart is bruised, my brain is abused, and you're accusing me...
Of losing a grip on reality...
Biting the bullet of regret...
Thought upon the aftershocks of your heartless neglect...
I bet you don't understand why I'm upset
All because you won't listen and you stare vacantly at me as if I'm a worthless insect 
You affected me... 
You infected me...
You directed me...
In the wrong route that led to my fatality...
My priceless fantasy pursues useless reality 
My heart is shattered like a mirror... 
I was your loyal keeper of your dreams, originated from heart and soul...not of error... 
This truth I cannot bear...
This lie is treating us so unfair...
Shards scattered on the floor
As if he doesn't care anymore
Let my wings of flight soar - I longed for this revelation in store and it's opened to me like an opportunity door...
All along, I was wrong - you weren't that special someone that I adore; what was I waiting for? 
You departed from my arms...
Sorry, our love lost value like unlucky charms 

(OUTRO) You ruined my self-esteem 
When I was living the dream I dream within a dream - at least, in my daydream and my nightdream 
I was riding clouds of gleam and steam and we, like bulbs, do beam
I thought we were one supreme team...
I hate me sometimes, my baby
But I can change me, you see 
I love you - now it's time for me to shine
Because, even though I can't change the things you do, you are fortunately mine 

"The breeze whips my curtains 
Grief sends me on a field trip to the warped-up road
But there's no logical reason to turn back in the past 
Let yourself look forward to the future
Let the dawn awaken 
Shun out the sadness that hangs on to you 
And let yourself grow and never look back 
At the warped-up road ~~~~ sway like the breeze at ease please...don't be that tease you were back then or I won't be infected by your delightful disease" - J W Earnings

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Job Hunting

No matter where I look
No matter how hard I pray
No matter my urgency and its drive...
I cannot find a job...

I'm pained by the agony of suffering
for hope... faith beats me...
perseverance is growing winded
and despair is as familiar as a smile

And I continue on like this

as the seconds only bring me closer to more nothingness
and I sit in the chair of discouragement and rub my head for comfort

You see, I lie to myself and tell myself I'm happy and feel this lie
so I don't have to wade in depression of the truth of how low I am... 
by poverty and its constraints... and its consumption of my entirety...

and I beg God for help...I beg you now again God I can't go
on like this much longer...

(the next day I got a job!!!! Ha!)

Copyright © Richard Craig | Year Posted 2010

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The Inception: The Dark Side of Me

I’m broke without your love to repair me…

My young heart breaks into two and you push on the brakes…

Three strikez…you’re owt…. Get lost….that is my only plea

Our lives were at stake and we were taking way tooooo many risks…for my cat’s 9 sakes

We were 1…whatever happened to that?
Who release the rat? Was that you, cat?
We are 2…what’s wrong with you? 
Why did you lose your other shoe?
There it goes again…. ……… 

Let the pain I inflict upon you 
Internalize for a second or two
You filled my cup half empty…
You ran me over by words of deception
Why did I fall in love so easily? 
How come I fall victim to you?
Flames of uncertainty overwhelm my heart…
This is only the inception
Get up from the ground, you sheepish animal
Try your best to lift your head above the surface
Dead carcasses of negativity surround you now…
Your only hope is to grab the rope of hope,
But first let me grab it for you…
*we’re made as one…body….* said the voice in my head … …. …….. ……..
You need to rest on my shoulders for the meantime
Shocked out of the bloo…. Left without a clue
Don’t touch me…don’t lust over me…
I can see dirty secrets in your eyes of envious glee…
You knocked me out by your avalanching grace
Thought of you, drowning in the waters of woe…
You touched my heart in many ways…
You blew things into proportion…but it was “one of dose dayz”
You don’t even get the clues that I show you right in your face
I reveal to you my heart’s passion
You take over me…you haunt me…
I step forward and you step backward…
Breathe into me…let me borrow your eyes…
Let me view the world in your eyes…
I want to know something…
I’m curious of what lies behind your sea-whirling eyes
Love me…DO please me…
the abyss is kissing me…
the light is fading out…
i need u
i want u
s p a y s e d  o w t  a l l  o v e  d e h  s u h h d d i n
mY LiFe IS fUlL oF errors…it ees a mezzzzzz
*IT’S TIIIIIME TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT…………* said the voice in my head
I want to be feeling your heartbeat against my chest
I see the world beneath my feats…I’m above all…
Ill-um-i-nate me with syllabic pleajsher
My heart is skipping out on beats…I’m missing out and abandoned like an orphan, relying on a weeping widow…she bit me with denial…I was a flaw from the start….unfreeze this heart of mine…I’m as joyous as a swine, but as insidious as a serpent…but I’m feeeeeeeelin’ fiiiiiine…..ssssssssshhhh! Don’t tell nobody…d o  n o t  tell ahhhh sssssssssingle ssssssoul…don’t ma-a-a-ake a sound….you pushed me down to the ground s= s= embarrassed…I’m ready for anything right now…I’m lost, wearing an upside down frown and feel me…the pain that beats me and shreds me like paper….useless paper…I’m shattering like glass…after the kid’s ball hits through it…he’s in awe and he runs away…he hides the evidence of his foolish throwing skillz – this price is blooming bigger like a rose in the paws of the beast…you ssssspiral out of shhhhhight…I waited for you…alone….but I’m not on my own……….I’m not made as one – I’m two again…you inflict pain upon my tortured, tear-jerking soul…your veins become serpentine
To my own…we share each other’s blood
You WILL feel my pain, bud
the pressure of your gravity pulled me down callously
Distracts scar me…in a lightyear moment
Caught in a sugar-coated bliss of a dream
There’s No Medication To Heal This Hart-ake…
I ake…I crave cake…I bake in the oven…feelin’ like a flake…
I stand strong…brain damaged by your words of calculus-complicated definitions 
I fell harder…dig in my mind… 
((((( . ))))) push me in the margins why don’t you? I’m that dot in the middle of the brackets 
I want something more than what life gives me right now
I fought…I fought 
But, I’m not satisfied…
I’m loathed by many…
Maybe that’s what I feel like at times – LOATHED BY ALL
I’m unique…I’m an angry guy…
I wish I wouldn’t act like a fly…
I’m entitled to your love…
I can’t fly away like a happy-go-lucky dove
Death ove you stix to me like a leach in my mind…………
I need not man’s wizzdumb…no, not right now….
I need God’s KINGDOM and wisdom
God’s Kingdom + His wisdom = peace on Earth
It’s not dat complicated…
Do me a favor and indulge yourselves in the delicacies of sin
Listen listen listen not to the lies…listen listen listen to the heart that beats from deep within
My heart is sinking……
Patience is the key to living life to the fullest
Acceptance is the key to freedom … just try your best to pass this diff-eh-colt test
I deserve you and your gifts
Envying your talents…that’s juzz bramazing…
: ( sad to the core, 
but I don’t want to sadden you anymore
This revealed my crazyyyy side…
This darkness submitted to me and said its vows like a mesmerizing, yet spellbindingly evil bride…
I’m under your shpell……..
Change your mind….
Tear me apart and crawl inside of my cranium of titaniumb bliss….
Hardening by the minute…I crawl back into my comfort shell
Bring me to life and undo these lies in my head….
I’ve overheard you saying: “It’s hard for me to figure you out”
Dreams of demented, dangerous desire enrapture me…
Don’t choke me with your polluted nature of twisted reverie 

Have you changed your mind about me?
How do I look in the eyes of the thief?
Suck it up…I put my shoes on and I cut off the laces…I know – I’m doing this for stupid reasons, but I’m still the boy that’s bold
Thhhose laces remind me of you and I, separated forever in reality…cruel departure embraced us…we were the clouds, growing cold…
Your hugs don’t feel the same anymore, you see?
Here’s a heart/|\kerchief to wipe away your grief… … …
. .
. .
. .

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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women who drink and sex

Women who drink and sex 

It was in Livorno and it was a cold January night when I met her
in a bar- where else does one meet women, in the salvation army?
What she was doing in Livorno beats me as she was an American 
woman far from home, I was there waiting for my ship to come in.
We were both drinkers and felt empathy for one another and when 
the bar closed she came to my hotel. In the morning, I had a shower, 
she was still asleep  woke and asked what I was doing in her room
I told her it was my hotel room she cried; worked for the consulate. 
We had breakfast, but she needed a drink to feel normal. Saw her go
 into a taxi looking like an efficient functionary   going to work, I knew 
she could not keep it up the day of estimation was near, she left 
a hundred dollar bill on my pillow I was both offended and pleased, 
being a low paid seaman, my silence would be absolute. If she wrote
a book about this encounter I will somehow get the blame hinting 
darkly she had been abused by me. But this is not true what the lady
long for is not being able to make love with  abandonment  and blame
 it on the booze.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2015

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The Odium of Sodium

Like a Phoenix, I rise up from the ashes of my past 
Your beautiful tune mended the Earth with exquisite mirth 
Like a runner, I'm running forward to the finish line oh so fast 
You're a butterfly, wrapped in her're more than what you think you're worth 
I'll wait my turn to see what's on the other side 
I'll wait my turn to find a secluded cave to hide
Solitude is echoing my name in the mountains of majestic wonders
The attitude of gratitude, reject me not during tribulation and hardship, for my mind endlessly ponders 
What it's like after death when all the dead will rise
I heard life's a journey that has so much to offer according to the wise 

If we learned to forgive the past, 
The future will show us the path of painless happiness
Burn away our dismay, so we won't be downcast 
Still scattered on the floor like shards of shame...that leaves me with little to no success
Forgive the past and remember that you're not a waste of space
Forgive the future and let your regrets flee from your presence 
Forgive the present and embrace the passion of your heart that's overflowing with grace
Forgive the past, present and future, then you can seek repentance 

I heard a tap at my window...
I expected your face to appear when I opened it ajar
Instead, the wind of sorrow...
Decided to blow to and fro and I've been chilled to the bone so far
Don't turn the cold shoulder...
The gloomy room of doom becomes colder
No matter what, I will love you even when you grow older
I will keep you like a memory folder in my brain...I'll think more clearly and bolder

Don't make me wait my turn to receive rationality 
Don't make me wait my turn to grieve my long lost sanity
Get out of the way, stay away from the hideous, Yet beautiful lies in my heart...we're not on the same bumpy, rowdy bus

I haven't heard from you
Good morning to mourning...don't you see I'm blue?
Whatever I've done that meant you so much harm...
I'm sorry, but I tried and tried with the shedding of tears and a restless arm

Without anyone to lean on
Might as well be...gone...

Hello from the inside 
You subside from my side 
You light the way 
You're the dawn and the gray of today 
You're the imperfect storm inside and out 
You know what I'm talking about...don't make me childishly pout
My guilty passion 
Beats me with affection
Bombs going off like crazy
I'm feeling beautiful daisy...and feeling numb lazy

Opposites attract
To be exact
Please don't leave me this soon
You're my mesmerizing maroon moon 

You're bowing down to the devil of the dark
I'm singing sweetly like a lightingale or a lark
I find it hard to trust you with my heart
I find it easy to bust out in a dance from the start
Dart out of my racing heart before it breaks apart
You, my night sky of vibrant, whirling stars, are my work of art 

I won't let you break me...break me...
Don't let me break the highest degree
Consumed by the shadows of our lies
Bruised by the aftershocks of our g'byes 

I thought you would be accepting...
Respecting me no matter what I've done  
I thought I found the one, but it was deceiving 
You invaded my personal space, you disgrace that is the dim sun 

Believe me when I say this in a state so hopeless -
You are my vexing abstract abyss 
Determined to stand up for the rights of others, not only my own
I roll the dice and find myself a paradise when I sacrifice myself, a good blood to the bone 

Undo the silent wars in your mind,
Hypnotized by your symphony of sympathy so kind 

I walk the route of doubt and taste the odium of sodium 
You gave me a SPR so enlivening, so sudden...inticingly inviting, so exciting...making me no longer numb...drunk off your love above rum 

Your words, like gum, stick in my brain
Making my train of thought get off, sincerely, awfully...insane and such a pain

So, Lord of Accord, send me Your healing rain
You struck a chord in me, but I'm stuck in this pit of in vain...
Losing my darling sugar cane - you, alone, to be exact 
We are on the same darksome lane...and that's the fun fact of it all...backtracked 

A route id rather not step foot in...
Your hope and joy, sadly, but truthfully...paper thin...come again?

I arise from the ashes and the piles of dead dread 
Your melody buried in the chorus of a thousand men...silence sleeping in your bed...misled by lustful appearance instead 
The pages of my story left unread...
Not even written out yet...devoured like scrumptious bread
Nevermind what you say
I'm all ears for you another day
Let me hear my own tune 
It will be the afternoon soon....until then...I'll be whoever I want to be - a butterfly released from its cocoon

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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My Apology

This is to the guy that I went out of my way to get noticed by
The one who I trusted, the one who told me lies
The one who made me feel like I was the only one
The one that was through with me when the sex was done.
The one that made me feel like I was impossible to love
The one who called me over when he just wanted to bust
The one that made it clear I'm not the girl he wanted me to be 
I tried and I failed so this is my apology

This is to the one who gave me life the one that gave me birth
The one who complains and looks at me like I'm the worst thing on the earth.
The one who emotionally beats me down 
The one whose suppose to lift me up from the ground
The one whose suppose to bring to my face nothing but smiles and laughs
The one who brings everything that is the opposite of that
The one who constantly compares me to others 
The one who makes it so difficult to love her
The one who says I'm not the daughter she expected me to be.
I understand that and this is my apology

This is to the sick bastard that crept into my room
The one who gave me those thoughts of ending it soon.
The one who lied and said I was crazy in the head.
The one who had denied creeping into my bed
The one who left me scarred for life
The one who is responsible for my silent cries at night.
The one who says I've changed his life
Cause I've caused problems between him and his wife
The one who said I should have kept quiet, I should have just let things be.
He's right, nothing positive came from it, so this is my apology.

This is to my friends that say I do nothing but ***** and complain
The ones who left because they say I've changed
The ones who didn't stick around in my time of need
The ones who gave me more of a reason to grieve
I understand I'm not that girl I use to be
And for that this is my apology.

This is to the girl with the low self esteem
The girl who cries so terribly
The one with the forced and fake smile
The one who hasn't been happy for a while
The one whose afraid to trust any man
The one whose afraid to let any one in  
The one whose past up many chances at love
Because she finds people hard to trust
That one that was robed of her purity and self-esteem
This is to the girl I'm embarrassed to be
This is my apology, to me

Copyright © Autumn Bell | Year Posted 2016

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I miss you my mom

A special poem for my friend, Hassan, who has recently lost his mother at the age of 15 ,may God gives him and his family the power to stand by it and lives his life happily

the eyes shed tears
my heart is full of everytype of fear
I m totally alone without your presence 
I want you to be near

without you who s going to protect me 
who s going to give confidence to me
who s going to scold me

I wake up at night
waiting for your soft touch
which was once the medicine of my worse nightmare
the thought of you aren t near
fills my inside out with tears

I don t show it that way
but I care for you
I don t tell it that way
But I m afraid of dark
whenever dad beats me, shout loudly at me
I don t show it that way,I don t tell him
But my whole body got blenched
I wait for you to come and protect me
but you never arrived
I didn t let it come on my face, 
but I never stop dazing in my heart
I miss you everyday
you know everything
you know everything

your death has left me boundries of pain
my eyes leave tears like Srilankan heavy rain

don t leave me like this in a bunch of crowd
that I don t even able to find my way back to my house

don t send me too far
that I don t even seem to remember you
I m I that bad?,I m I that bad?

Copyright © Faraz Ajmal | Year Posted 2017

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My Dearest Daughter

My Dearest Daughter

Melanie, dear Melanie, I know that you know my thoughts
are always about you, my concerns are always for you,
my heartache weeps for you, this you know
for there are numerous pages in your possession
that make it clear, unfortunately though
there are none that express the opposing view,
the view where joy, pleasure, the peace
you bring into the life of this single parent.
As I read over a note I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago,

“ Melanie, I pray that things will come back to that space,
a place we go and get us back to a life of some normalcy,
or at least as normal as possible for you and I,
where you might give over your anger, your hostility,
your pain, your frustrations, your external as well as internal
self-destructive behaviour to a more peaceful, beautiful young woman
– my lovely Daughter -  I only see in glimpses, as fleeting shadows,
of you caressing the corners of my eyes as you slip by
– like a summer breeze on it’s way to rustle the leaves on my tree –
on your way to your room, where you hide from me
or from your room, in stealth mode, to wherever it is you go
- this Daughter I love, no matter where her emotions might lie,
no matter how many she beats me with them
or the methods she uses to beat me with them –.
Please be back soon !!!, please do not be angry with me ???
                               Dad . ”

I realize, Melanie, that every time I write something to you,
It is always about some negative experience we have encountered,
or you have encountered that has a negatively affected me
and that I have responded to in words – words written –
for seldom do my words penetrate the walls you have erected,
seldom do they have opportunity to form in my mouth, to move my lips,
for your ears, like you, are so very, very far away.
I do not understand, why Melanie ?, maybe it is your age ?,
maybe it is mine ?, - I should be your grandfather –
maybe it is because of your experiences ?, or maybe ?,
it is the experiences I have created for you these past ten years.
I just do not know Melanie, I can not say, I do not have the answers.

Anywhichway Melanie, I just want you to know how much I love you,
- more than all the space that fills the heavens themselves –
how much you mean to me
- more than all the heavenly bodies that inhabit all the universes,
all the galaxies, all the dimensions, all the planes our minds our eyes
will be able to see, to perceive -
and how much of a delight you are,
- like the sun at dawn, in the twilight hour, at high noon,
like all the suns in all the heavens
could possibly radiate down upon this old soul.

I truly enjoy you as a woman, the person I am watching blossoming,
brightening up the time we spent at that house warming party
and again at Linda’s fiftieth birthday party in Maple Ridge,
the days we spent on the road, to Vernon, the stay, and back.
You were a delight Melanie, everyone could see and feel that,
as you wandered through those great times with all of us.
You are a humorous and beautiful young woman Melanie,
and it is not just words from a prejudiced old father.

                                       Dad .

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

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Mad Mind

“Mad Mind”

I am seeing things that are not there; I hear my name whispered softly in the night air,
I feel a presence in this house, it follows me everywhere, 
I hear strange noises in the attic, do I dare?

I long for faith at my side, but have only fear, 
Hunted by an invisible beast, who hides with an evil glint in his red eyes,
I flee from the attic and run to the stairs, but I hear sinister laughing come from down there.

Why is the night so dark and the air so cold?
How I wish the lights would turn back on.

I feel the monster everywhere,
As if I am trapped in a treacherous house of mirrors,
But when I dare to stare, I find only me standing there.

Where did this darkness come from?
My only hope is to breathe this malignant air.

Sprinting from my house, I hide in the woods
But I can feel the breathing of creatures, and smell fire everywhere.

Onto a lonely old road I run, but my predator is waiting for me there.
Up ahead is an abandoned farm house, that was destroyed long ago by the fire in this air.
Across the open field, salvation awaits there,
A empty church with open doors, and a powerful cross that hangs there.

Now I see it is the Devil trying to beat me there,
The perverted Angel spreads its rotting wings and ascends into the night air,
It laughs, it roars, it screams, then it calls my name and say’s
“I am the one who has always been there.”

Into the church I run, surely
 God will protect me there.
But just outside these holy gates,
Hell itself awaits there.

Pounding, pounding at the gates I know he wants in here,
I hide in the chapel, but through an open window,
He can see me there.

The wind brings a chill, and then evil freezes the air,
I rush to close the window, but a strange demon beats me there,
With all my faith I stare him in the face, and shout
“You are not welcome here.”

Then the drumbeats begin, 
you can hear them everywhere.
The walls begin to burn, and the laughter once again
engulfs the night air.

I now know my fate, and the ending to this story draws near,
I now do the only thing left to do.

I clutch the mighty sword, and raise the heavy shield,
and storm out into the open night air.

But there is only me standing there.


Copyright © Richard Hovelsrud | Year Posted 2013

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My brother, Preston Jacob Simon. The one who played catch with me in the past, The guy who throws the ball extremely fast. My brother, The guy who graduated in 2006, Guess what college he goes ahead and picks. My brother, UNLV is where he has been, Although he graduated from there in 2010. My brother, The one who got engaged three days later, He says life in Seattle is so much greater. My brother, The guy who used to work at Panera Bread, His career there is officially dead. My brother, He stands tall at 6’3”, He was the GM of two restaurants with a criminal justice degree. My brother, In the restaurant business since age 16, He’s pretty close to rolling in the green. My brother, 2012 is his marriage year, When he first knelt down he was bursting with fear. My brother, The dude who told me it wasn’t too late, To pick up my grades in order to graduate. My brother, The guy I haven’t seen in so very long, The one that always beats me in a game of Ping Pong. My brother, He’s always been there and never let me down, I cry tears of joy when I know he’s in town. My brother, The guy who’s an Austin Bulldog at heart, Travis Tigers rule supreme, where do I even start. My brother, We’ve had our moments; we’ve had our days, We’ve had those times when all we could do is praise. My brother, Preston Jacob Simon

Copyright © Josh Whipple | Year Posted 2012

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Living Life

Living Life

Now I'm living life where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future 'cause my past tried to kill me.
Poetry, a strong part of my soul.
The story of my life, it's must be told.
I ain't no baby, I'm a woman well seasoned.
Let me whisper in your ear and I'll give you some reasons.
Sonya's been to hell, but now I'm back.
I only spit the real and that's a fact.
I ain't no rapper, I'm a Poet to the bone.
And I've been pregnant with this message for way too long.

I did the streets to the fullest, so I can't be caught.
The game became the hunter and I can't be bought.
It makes me wanna holla, it makes me wanna shout.
These are the things that I'm flowing about.
Relationships, heartaches, tears and pain.
The drinking, the drugging, the tripping in shame.
Babies Daddies, Babies Mama's Sugar Daddy, Sugar Mama.
The who's doing who and all the under cover drama.
They stab me in my back, while they smile in my face.
No respect, dignity, class or grace.

Jails, poverty, it's all so unsavory.
I ain't getting caught up in this modern day slavery.
I hope to start the healing, so feel my tone.
Or I'm just a copycat sister, all the way wrong.
I got dreams of making it big, and dreams of being rich.
And I know that ain't gonna stop nobody from calling me a.
Now I'm living life where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future, 'cause my past tried to kill me.

Is it the memory of the man from the 1980's.
He beats me, mistreats me, can you feel me ladies.
Or did he dress so well and look so fine.
You know the one on the down low the whole dam time.
Was it the man from the 90's who gave me the drugs.
Too blind with lust to see my grave being dug.
Or the good looking bad boy who turned my body out.
Was he chasing the paper, or trying to pimp a sister out.
Was it the wolf in sheep's clothing who promised me the world.
He's got five different kids with five different girls.

The bank account is gone and so is the man.
I'm all cried out, now I'm working my hand.
Been there, done that, I'm chipped not cracked.
What don't break a woman make a woman, I know this for a fact.
I ain't preaching, but I'm teaching through my eyes as I see it.
I was born to be the best, believe I'm gonna be it.
I'm free from his games, I'm no longer a slave.
Don't need no cage or a whip to teach me how to behave.
Now I'm living life, where life tried to live me.
I'm looking to my future, 'cause my past tried to kill me.

Written by:  Sonya "TheRealityPoet" Kyle
Copyright 2012

Copyright © Sonya Kyle | Year Posted 2014

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The Guilty Plague

As the feeling rises it is driven by a mere inner sense.
A feeling of uneasiness that makes me very tense,
Negativity has befallen me, and so have my emotional needs
I easily become worried by such unfaithful deeds.
Overcome by fear, I am slowly immobilized,
As all my emotions become totally paralyzed,
Threatened consequences journey in my mind,
My most worthy self I am not bound to find.
I do not deserve to be happy for I know what is right.
Slowly but surely within this unconscious mind,
The plague of guilt within me multiplies.
For greed and hatred has made me a delusion of my kind.
Guilt is that so called price I pay for such sinful acts.
A feeling of vengeance that beats me in the back,
As I sit and ponder what next to come.
I am overcome by guilt and all its wrongs.
Alone only I can take the blame.
My rationale was far too lame.
Sitting here provoked by all my deceit,
I wish this guilt of mine would retreat.
How could I let myself forget
The truth which I neglect?
I hope that this which haunts me still,
Can be overcome, this thing called guilt.


Copyright © Rashana King | Year Posted 2010

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born blind!!!

for no fault of mine, congenital blindness has been my lot
i never fail to wonder how i look
mum said i'm blond and beautiful
till date what blonde means still beats me
i can only imagine the meaning of beauty
i've learnt to endure the ridicule of people
who only add pain to an already wounded soul
it also hurts when i'm pitied
with my sister-in-law a constant culprit
the clergyman said my handicap is a blessing
that it's good i can’t see a world so sinful
but he failed to reply when i harmlessly asked
if he had ever prayed to lose his vision
my family even consider me a burden
complains and excuses trail my request for whom to guide me
to put an end to my inconsiderate disruption of their movies
they did me the favour of buying a guide dog
the sighted make much fuss over trivialities
can you imagine crying over a missed movie
or threatening suicide if not allowed access to the television
sometimes i itch to know the big deal about television
but television is strictly for those that are blessed with vision
so is tourism, movies and countless others 
i long to be a medical doctor
and also to get married and have my own children
but understandably, men refuse to look my way
i'm now used to the bitter truth
dreams and wishes are not for the sightless
my thumbs are always sore ‘cos i love to read
and it hurts too when my siblings yell excitedly
'bout the scenic sights they behold
oh, how i wish for a day of sight 
to behold the rainbow, flowers and mother
to see myself and my dear Stevie Wonder
music is therapeutic to my soul
oh, its the best gift to mankind
though the deaf will definitely disagree
have you ever wondered how life will be without hope
but i live without a hope of regaining my sight
while people sleep, i wish for death
but of course wishes are not for the blind
and unlike those cowards i'll never kill myself
i laugh when the sighted complain of penury
or when they make much fuss over needing a wheelchair
i'll gladly exchange conditions with them if given a choice
'cos the sun never rises in the world of the blind
the need for air differentiates the blind from a corpse
however i've got a few consolations
i'll never get to see an ugly sight or a dead man
i'll never see my husband cheat on me
sadly though, that's if i ever get one

Copyright © obinna ezeike | Year Posted 2007

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CHILD ABUSE(not about me)

my mother screams and shouts,
while i hide under my bed
she comes in my room and finds me, 
and angrily beats me in the head.
she says im always bad
and i never do my chores
and she says when im dead shell be glad
cause she wont have to worry about me anymore
i see the anger in her eyes
as she beats me, and tells me she wished i would die
when i think about all these bad memories
it only makes me cry
im always scared to talk to her
cause i know i will get hurt
but, i wasnt sure how...stab, hit, or burnt?
but, thankfully my teachers care,
and turned my mother in
so now my new life can begin.
sometimes i think my mother cared,
but then i wake up and realize that the love was never there.
now im all grown up
and i lived through it all.
but i still dont understand
why she put me through it all.

Copyright © amanda daum | Year Posted 2006

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You Were My Home

You were right there, just reach out. But now you're gone, just a puff of smoke... ...and another drop of vodka Helps me, treats me, kills me, beats me Into submission... Where must I fall back to Where must I go You were hard and tough and difficult But you were my home And if I know me, there's work to be done I just don't know how to begin... making the play, upping my game By being more...but a puff of smoke... ...and another drop of vodka Helps me, treats me, kills me, beats me Into submission...

Copyright © John Lipari | Year Posted 2012

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Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes
Because these things don't just happen on the news
Going hungry and getting hit
Soul wearing down bit by bit
Angry hands raining down
I take it all without a sound
He beats me senseless
Doesn't even care that I'm defenseless
He lets men have me for a price
Tells me to smile and act nice
Be a dutiful daughter
Never let your emotions falter
I finally escape
Try not to think about the rape
I search all around
But God's nowhere to be found
I look forward to death
The moment I draw my final breath
I don't care about everlasting peace
I just want that final release

Copyright © Grace Faolian | Year Posted 2010

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My 2 hands are not strong 
enough to bring you on the 1st 
flight back to what we had. 
I can feel the past tense 
pretending to beat down on my 
head with your own fists, 
stopping at the last inch each 
time, and making my body 
flinch and tense up. 
The meaning of a martyr, I've 
looked up 12 times already, 
hoping that on the twelfth time, 
what you say and what you do 
match together so that words 
will become my Judas no 
but I would still die for that 
betraying kiss. 
I hate worrying over things 
I have no control over. 
You would never think it would 
take such physicality 
to keep my spirituality when 
born in a world full of demons.
It's rough, living this way; you 
can't have one without the 
other in this life.
My hands are not strong 
to save a single soul. 
No nail iron driven openings in 
my wrists to assure anyone 
"It is finished." 
His spirit may live inside me, 
but I cannot be someone else's 
These hands were still created 
to do marvelous things
writing love letters on the first 
of October
and, massaging your mind with 
aspirations you hadn't even 
dreamed about yet.
Though the fact of you being 
far away beats me with a heavy 
leather belt of unfairness,
a martyr 
is only a martyr 
if he's dead, 
and I am not.
And even though sometimes it 
may seem that I'm playing 
tug-o-war with a freight train, 
I'll keep my grip secure as 
the strongest definition for the 
word 'tight' will allow.

I will bandage my bruised 
fingers in circles 1 by 1
because a circle will only stop 
roll once you've told it to.
But even then,
when I look back and see the 
10 chances that never let you 
I'll recollect the 1 kiss you 
could've given me.
I'll remember the 12 definitions 
that shout with the same 
"You are worth it!"
I'll look straight down straight 
up straight slanted & keep my 
eyes straight forward at the 
beautiful person in the front 
seat of my heart.
My 2 hands aren't strong 
enough to board you on the 1st 
plane back as soon as I'd like to 
but I will pick you up 
when you need me.
You've got yourself a first class 

Copyright © Spenser Jones | Year Posted 2012

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Terrible Sound

Beating me
Down beyond knowing
I reach a realm of confusion
I don’t understand the pain I have endured today
The sound beats me up every second with her terrible voice penetrating me

Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2012

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What's the Hurry

What’s the Hurry?

Why it’s called “Rush Hour” surely beats me
‘Cause there won ’t be any rushing for an hour or three
There’s a solid mass of steel from ramp to overpass
With thousands of vehicles wasting gallons of gas

We’re trapped like rats in our metal cocoons
Moving ten feet since half past noon
My mood varies when I’m forced to idle 
From clinical depression to suicidal

In front of me there’s a truck loaded with cattle
Going who knows where, perhaps to Seattle
In all this hot air, by the time they get there
Those cows are likely to be medium rare

To my left, there’s a truck from United Van Lines
Moving someone’s furniture, brand new and fine
Across the country over deserts and peaks
By the time of arrival, they’ll be antiques

To my right is a hearse carrying a coffin
The driver is blowing his horn quite often
Hard to figure why he needs to worry
‘Cause his passenger isn’t in much of a hurry

Through my real view mirror, there’s an armored truck
The driver no doubt hauling millions of bucks
If he doesn’t reach the bank while he’s still alive
It’s likely those tens will be worth only five

So what do you do if you want to make time?
While you’re still a young person in your prime
All you must do is exit your garage door
On a Sunday morning between three and four

Copyright © alan balter | Year Posted 2017