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Ball And Chain Poems

Ball And Chain Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of ball and chain poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for ball and chain.

New Poems

Premium Member Ode to Janis Joplin
All is Loneliness
Song title that tells the truth
About your life, Janis

Born in Texas, 
You seemed more at home in San Francisco
Or Portland with your rock and your blues

Your mezzo soprano vocals
Lit up the stage
You were electric!

Full Tilt Boogie Band
Kozmic Blues...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, music,
Form: Free verse

All I Know
He said…
Other guys go out to play cards
 Other guys go out to the bars

I tried to say no
Without starting a fight

 He wanted to feel like he could go anywhere
He said I was his ball and chain as he...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, anger, break up,
Form: Free verse
by Michael R. Burch
after William Blake

Many a sun
and many a moon
I walked the earth
and whistled a tune.
I did not whistle
as I worked:
the whistle was my work.
I shirked
nothing I saw
and made a rhyme
to children at play
and hard time.
...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, romantic, song, symbolism, uplifting, visionary, words, writing,
Form: Verse
You left me without a reason why
You said you loved me, it was a lie
Now I sit in the dark and just cry
Folk notice my demeanor and pry
I shut them out tell the goodbye
I just want to heal,but hurt is...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, heartbreak, hurt, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Please Stay With Me for Just Awhile
Please come to me in morning light,
      and show to me your sunshine smile.
   Remove from me the dark of night;
         please stay with me...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, loneliness, longing,
Form: Rhyme

Your past should
Your past should be a reminder,
Of how far you have come.
Your past should be the key to the present,
Not to a ball and chain.

Your past should be a line in the sand,
That you never step back over.
Your past should be...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, appreciation, beauty, birthday, blessing, education, hope, love,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Bernie and the Hee-Haws
I get my mass shootings mixed up
every day-another one-
makes you somewhat numb
the killers are all much the same
life time losers-twisted agenda
so quick to place the blame-

They can plan and finance their mayhem
then claim that they're insane
spared the sparky chair and...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, career,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Where have all the Gurls gone
Where have all the Gurls gone.

Where have all the Gurls gone
I see the cuties everyday out with Gorilla’s
But I can’t even find one
Who’s sane
It’s not that I can’t pull them
When they've been lazooed
The only way I can keep them
Is with...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, confusion,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Ball And Chain
Hassan harbours hard-worn hardship in his heavy homeless heart

Drones dereliction devastation and dire disintegration of daring dreams

Dear daughter dead at dawn Delisiha demised dismembered decapitated 

Harbingers of hell in heaven heaving with helter-skelter and hatred

Skinny skull surreal surrender to salvation...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, war,
Form: Alliteration
Sixteen Days
days that brought me to worship
sounds of deity echoing through my room
music that deftly captured my ears and dreams

all we needed to release the discomfort 
of war and plastic cages
was the experience of his Fender Strat
the feedback from that Marshall...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Straight Ghetto

Poverty chained to a flagpole — 
I was ivory told,
my ebony soul
got set free by a publican vote

A historic hot mess
was cleaned up
with a profitable confess
Anthem chimes tolled cold data technology
halted the reptilian ingress

Crooked logic
delivered straight ghetto
A rich lie always...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, allegory, philosophy, truth, wisdom,
Form: Bio
I have been touched 
Impressed, by you 
Have emotions spoken over my logic?
Harsh in tone and impulsive in decision
Never have I known this much confusion
Of matters of the heart, 
Let my mind speak before my heart, 
Otherwise my eyes will...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Invertebrate Indecision

When Miss Doubtfire moved in
to their heart,
she entered dragon tail swinging
Plastered smiling walls of bachelor resistance
got knocked down
at every single candlelight date demolition

And as the henpeck frowns
rose from the rubble,
an arthropodic shell of a man
was kinda ready 
to take a...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, humorous, metaphor, relationship, satire,
Form: Burlesque
On this very special day
So began the rest of your life.
One of you became a Husband
The other became a Wife.
Some say marriage is an institution;
But really it is an art,
It began this day with the vows you made
Not just spoken...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, dedication, love, marriage,
Form: Verse
a giant eyeball flashes 'cross the sky
I fly to it's retina
it blinks
I'm trapped
my bed is soaking wet
my libido dies
I stand
I fall to my knees
dragging ball and chain
gazing at my oppressor as
a giant eyeball flashes 'cross the sky...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, drug, teen,
Form: Free verse
Self Portrait
My hand hangs from the stirring wheel, 
Insensible, to the mind noosed reasoning work
and nature’s clock repressing the other wrist of a confined ideal
My eyes declare thru the windshield an undemonstrative lurk
and conscience waterboarded by a stimulant
The faded, light and...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, art, creation, freedom, passion, work, write,
Form: Rhyme
They sea me without
They sea me without.

I carry a raven upon my shoulder,
A sundial on my back.
The hat I wear is made of ash;
Sunlight is what I lack.

I drag my feet behind me on sandy beaches.
The ball and chain my ankle bracelet bling.
‘If...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, beach, dark, desire, imagery, lost, music, sea,
Form: Bio
Magpies Have Secrets, Men Lie
Let me tell you 
the story of a girl and a boy 
just your typical average joe
and a girl who didn’t know 
she thought he could move the earth and the skies 
but he just stole the glimmer from her eyes

one magpie on a...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, absence, animal, heart, lost love, love hurts,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Nomads of the Rising Sun
Nomads of the Rising Sun

~~a homeless home invasion~~

We are nomads of this earthly plain, dining with dust and riveting rain
Dancing with demons dictating pain, making stronger our ball and chain
Under siege upon night, undercover and cold, a blvd sign in...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, depression, poverty, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Camping and fishing
Covered in muck, dust, dirt and filth,
The rods were pulled from the shed,
Brought inside, through the kitchen,
And laid all over the bed.

And the tackle box was emptied of hooks and sinkers, 
Old lures, old bobs, and line,
Then the esky got...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, freedom, humorous,
Form: Quatrain
Don't Sink Me
Why did you, friend, tell me your secret?
I mean you know I can keep it,
but are you trying to break me?
Don’t you see the broken girl I see?
I can’t handle any more problems
since I already hit rock bottom,
but you want...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, anxiety, best friend, conflict, how i feel,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member Family Gardeners
I've noticed
since early years on the family farm
with large matriarchally planted and harvested gardens,
that food,
for moms,
is a natural,
and yet also spiritual,
communion relationship.

Nutrition evolves from and for communal relatives
of which we are ourselves made
and nurtured into healthy interdependent maturity.

By remarkably disappointing...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, caregiving, earth, garden, gender, health, humor, nature,
Form: Political Verse
My Name Is

Anonymity is my name
Alcohol was the beast 
I couldn’t tame
At another Double A meeting
get to hear some more shame
warmed over war stories,
they all sound the same
Now, it’s my turn
to go to the center of the room
Announce my name is...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, addiction, drug, identity, truth,
Form: Rhyme
the fool
Bleeding for you without knowing why 
Looking at you with jewled eyes crossed
What is this voilatal vital need 
I cant sleep
This craving kills 
As i am being slowly dug out of the ground
All that healing gambled with
No wonder the mirror...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, addiction, america, love,
Form: Free verse

The sands of time have fallen away;
No longer drifting through the space in-between yesterday and today.
No egg timer tomorrow can turn this fate upon its head.
Limited reality; no fiction left.

Tomorrow is lost to never be seen again;
No words left to...Read More
Categories: ball and chain, dark, death, fate, grave, life, solitude, time,
Form: I do not know?