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Animosity Poems

Animosity Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of animosity poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for animosity.

New Poems

Viscosity and Velocity of Animosity
Viscosity and Velocity of Animosity

We wondered how thick would be viscosity,
As well as the speed determined by velocity;
Breath took away,
Every day;
May have been involved with much animosity.

Jim Horn
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Categories: animosity, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Lesson Learned
I truly cared about you
And this makes me very, very sad
Friendship, to you, seems a rather unimportant thing
To be tossed to the wind whenever any small thing
Doesn't fit your clock or requirements
I have been through hell of late
Not in a...Read More
Categories: animosity, forgiveness, friendship, sad, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MY MIND IS- - -
My mind is...
all in my mind is
the flesh binds electrolytes
cryptographic generated views
spreads mist animosity
guided by choices
bad or good!

written by James Edward Lee Sr.
SEPTET Poetry Form...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, anxiety, how i feel, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Lady Disharmony
Lady Disharmony

Twas! once a lady-damsel name Disharmony
Her ways were quite alarming, constantly
While she never say
she often kept suitors at bay
Opportunities to spread discord and animosity

written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019

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Categories: animosity, 4th grade, abuse, adventure, analogy, corruption, engagement,
Form: Limerick
" Hello world to those whom will read this and listen
I sense Tomorrow is the Future...

Best that is to come

Alas, I sense within my sight… devastation among the right
I sense tomorrow an Antichrist shall come, submerse and trick us all
I...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, appreciation, encouraging, inspirational,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member His Approval CA
Abandon your feelings of anguish
Abate your thoughts of appetency
Allure your beliefs in the apostles
Assuage your spirits of animosity
Absolve your heart’s solid armor
Awry are your moods of aversion
Auras of your judgements atrocious
Alive are your dreams so auspicious
Awakening your views on attrition
Attempting...Read More
Categories: animosity, blessing, christian, faith, god, inspirational, jesus, love,
Form: Free verse
i stole from Maureen McGreavy
it wasn't done
with hostility
or animosity
simply please
empty your

your purse
and wallet
and take
off your

shake them
out so if
tried to
hide any

where I'd
look but
you don't
have to

only here
for the poetry
and the last
place i need
to ask you
to recite

any new
ones you
knew you
we're going
to write so let
me write this...Read More
Categories: animosity, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member PURE FANTASY EPISODE 2 A visit from Mars
Please read Episode 1 of PURE FANTASY to follow throu

On a friendly mission we arrived
Willing and ready to extend,
Our hand to the people of earth
I came to this planet as a friend 
From my home which is Planet Mars,
President and...Read More
Categories: animosity, planet,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Songbird
Listen closely to the songbird
serenading tenderly
while perched gently on the top branch
of a burned-out hollow tree

Feel the breeze caress your hair
as sunlight bleeds through shadows everywhere
Let bright eyes focus beyond shades of worry
past retreating phantoms now turning blurry
Cast off your...Read More
Categories: animosity, depression, forgiveness, heaven, hope, nature, spring, winter,
Form: Lyric
Will you?
Snub away my breath?
With one stroke of the blade
Shade my blood?
Soaking the earth
On which we stood
Upon proclamation of our love
The earth that witnessed our first kiss

Will you?
Look at me with cold eyes?
Gaze at me with hatred?
Send me to an...Read More
Categories: animosity, abuse, betrayal, evil, fear, love hurts,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Conundrum
Nothing like a child's curiosity
It seems to regurgitate out of them
With everything let loose and set free
To seek and hide and capture without any animosity
All we have to do is to let them be

And yet we curb and strangle their...Read More
Categories: animosity, children,
Form: Verse
Premium Member WE SIN FORGIVE ME
It's through our wrong choices
And hearts miss desires
We don't talk right, we sin
We won't eat right, we sin
We don't love right we're lusting we sin
And we're disobedient to our parents and elder kin
We just dirty
We're unworthy
wrong choices
miss desires
We sin
forgive me,...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, appreciation, blessing, forgiveness,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Virtual Insanity
So obviously,painful to this poetess!
That we earthlings need divine intervention.
Yet~wanting none of God's attention?
Oh, indeed some will scoff and pay no heed.

Get real, my friends!
How many more bodies do you need?
El Paso, Dayton, and Chicago where streets 
run weekend-red!
Say what?
That...Read More
Categories: animosity, america, angst, patriotic, peace,
Form: Free verse
Faces to my disorder
Grace is a forgotten sensation from the depths of green.
All I have is this cracked mirror, painted with sunflowers.
Calamity, my only friend, and yet I am the only one painted yellow.
Often the prayer of the ignorant outmatches the fool, but...Read More
Categories: animosity, angel, betrayal, bullying, cancer, destiny,
Form: Free verse
Crows Abscence
Was the purpose of your absence an attempt at causing me pain? 
That crippling feeling, a spider spinning its web inside my mind. 
That arachnid, poisonous, jeers the word space like a handicap. 
That parasitic relationship forms a cloud covering...Read More
Categories: animosity, abuse, allusion, anger, anxiety, art, beauty, betrayal,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member WINGS of THE LAMB--
Freedom of space in time 
Left with only sadness
I only have vibes for gladness
trapped in the world of madness
slavery got me behind
the wings of the lamb
if I helped you along 
don't thank me for my kindness
just join me in this...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, appreciation, i love you,
Form: Lyric
The Golden Ladder
Songbird, play me a tune.
What would you like to hear?
Tell me how you grace a worm.

Well, seeing as you have no fun,
in that which you do not run from;
afraid to leave a job undone,
leaving without supervision:
You're melancholy, so to speak:
from...Read More
Categories: animosity, animal, bird, child, dream, nature, sky, trust,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member UNIQUE
I do not like the word different…it cuts too much like a knife
It adds to the trouble in our world…it causes so much strife.

When we see someone as different fear seeps into our minds
and where there’s fear…animosity and prejudice are...Read More
Categories: animosity, inspiration,
Form: Verse
Into The Deep Blue
I made a lake filled with hate
And kept it clogging up,
It was bulking, bulking, till it broke
Thro' emptying its animosity.

And when it could no longer hold
Its propaganda of repugnance,
It was bleeding, bleeding, till I saw
Some ugsome fear burning cold-

Where then...Read More
Categories: animosity, dark, metaphor,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member So unfaithful and disrespectful you say I MUST FORGIVE YOU Always-
Oh!, I do love you my darling 
But alas all this animosity makes way
For you're so lost and your mind railing
So unfaithful and disrespectful you sway
You share your body and soul with others
Coming out stop turn yourself around we alone...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, anxiety, betrayal, character, conflict, forgiveness, heartbreak,
Form: Vaasokht
I've found someone to be with 
Not knowing much about her desire
My retina and lens get weak when I saw her

I'm distracted when she's staring at me 
Her voice defeats my utricus 
I always feel loved at her smile

I uttered...Read More
Categories: animosity, 1st grade, africa, art, blessing, confidence, desire,
Form: Free verse
The Promise
The promise

And so he set about diligently arranging , rearranging, painting, putting in new drapes, new sheets, not that she was a perfectionist, he knew her taste , he placed everything meticulously , though the chances of this room her...Read More
Categories: animosity, blue, feelings, heartbroken, relationship, romantic love,
Form: Ode
I've been single since 
Not expecting to have thou
My life goes the way it is 
I'm enjoying it much better

I found you as a partner
We had the best of life Together
And became friends of each

We all promise to each other...Read More
Categories: animosity, anger, baby, best friend, black love, confusion,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Virgin soil
Virgin soil

Seeds of animosity   are planted

In virgin soil of the innocent mind

Seedlings should not be taken for granted

inseminating hate's a complex crime.

For Greg Barden's contest
Arbitrium divisa- 2

Taken from my sonnet
Colour of my heart-2.
November 28,2018...Read More
Categories: animosity, child, discrimination, growing up, hate,
Form: Quatrain
Dying death bloody eyes 
Dearly departed
You once promised me forever 
there is only belligerence 
there is only animosity 
yet we sin, there is only loss 
And at what cost
Dying death bloody eyes 

Dearly departed
Forgiveness, liken a child, 
to forever meander...Read More
Categories: animosity, analogy, anxiety, appreciation, bereavement, death, dedication, deep,
Form: Free verse