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Aloysius Poems

Aloysius Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aloysius poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aloysius.

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Premium Member Aloysius Wishes
Alousius was a most auspicious bird
He was also a bit daffy and wacky
And constantly went awry and absurd
As a bird one might say he was absolutely atrocious
And his appetency of eating rotten week old berries
Gave him the worst possible case...Read More
Categories: aloysius, bird, crazy,
Form: Rhyme

One silly Truth
TITLE : one silly truth 

I never knew I never knew 
that the truth  
That give birth to life hurts 
That promises sleeps with conditions
That the repented heart 
Must avoid restitution
That forgiveness and love 
Works narrowly 
But may never...Read More
Categories: aloysius, anxiety,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Gigglicious Aloysius
There once was a chap named Aloysius
Who penned poems oh-so-gigglicious--
   So sharp was his wit
   His readers' sides split--
Yet his fine points were just meretricious...Read More
Categories: aloysius, humorous, poems, poets, truth, word play,
Form: Limerick
Scenes at a child's birthday party
Dad had left on urgent business,
something to do with a workers' dispute,
and Mum was at the next-door neighbour's
on one of her 'brief' visits.
Mary, the birthday boy's elder sister,
had just dished out the junkets.
Martin, known for his irascible fits, arrived late.
He...Read More
Categories: aloysius, birthday, childhood, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Aloysius Bamblebee
I see him lounge beneath the pecan tree, 
nursing his alcohol as he hides from his young cousins. 
They want to play army men with him some more,
but he has already been losing for hours. 
Poor boy! He thinks he...Read More
Categories: aloysius, boy, life, memory, riddle, sunset,
Form: Dramatic monologue

Can you see it in my eyes
you don't know
how I'm feeling you
i have yet 
to vocalize
desire deep within me
i shiver when
i'm near you
you don’t know
how much i want
and need you?
i long to say
"i love you"
but am terrified of
your reply
horrified like a child
i've become
hidden emotions
lead to pain
and...Read More
Categories: aloysius, love,
Form: Blank verse
Show me the way
Show me the way to
Go back for
We are about to apart

Though we conquered
Hundreds of thousands of miles 
Together frankly
It’s a hard journey
A hard journey for sure 

Why you loved me
Why I loved you
Is all about a hallucination 

I fell in...Read More
Categories: aloysius, feelings, lost love,
Form: Blank verse
Meet me in an ecstasy
See me where
the palms scrape the skies,
where the exquisiteness of life 
cannot be deprived of
Sense me between 
the sheet s of dampness
Love & adore me in the
hot waves of 
a midsummer gust
I want you around
I want you here & there
meet...Read More
Categories: aloysius, anxiety, august, baby, beauty, feelings, first love,
Form: Free verse
Forgotten with Ease
Hours seem
Like days since
The day you
Left me
All I do
Is looking skyward
With my tearful
Eyes and
A heavy heart
You don’t answer
When I phone
As you used to
Guess want to
Be left alone
In her heart
Hard to be alone
But if it’s my...Read More
Categories: aloysius, break up,
Form: Free verse
JUST A FACT- Saumya Aloysius

as long as we're
region ‘not an issue
at all
it ‘just a fact we can
as we've conquered
the rest

making love' just not
a matter
of place, yet it' all about
togetherness love 
and care

whether it' East or West 
my place of living'
your...Read More
Categories: aloysius, appreciation, august,
Form: Free verse
for her DREAM would be you
If you do love 
A lass let her know 
And feel it
Otherwise you’d be
In vein 

Once you give
Her heaps of hopes
Break them not

For hers would 
Get wounded
No treatment 
Could cure hers

Give her no tears
And fears
Assure your love 
To her in...Read More
Categories: aloysius, blessing,
Form: Light Verse
You left
You left 
You left
Giving me
Pains, aches…
My heartbeat
Stopped for
A while
I was shocked
My tears
Rolled down
Along my
There for
My consolation
You gave
Me the heart
And slept
On my lap
In the drizzle
Late at night
You said
‘I love you’
Walking along
The bridge
But now
You’ve departed
With another
Love’s over
I am lost
Still the Dream
Amongst the
Agony...Read More
Categories: aloysius, beauty,
Form: Free verse
She walks in beauty
She walks in beauty
she walks in beauty
at night breaking
the aloofness

men hunger of lust
demand her
splendor and
beauty for
pence or two

having no Choices
to throw away
she obeys theirs
even if her tomorrow
would be darker

Saumya Aloysius...Read More
Categories: aloysius, absence, bird,
Form: Free verse
A request
Let us walk slowly
Along the beach
Even the sun
Setting down
Making us loners
In the pinky evening
Come closure
You’re the
Soul and
Everything of mine
Don’t leave me
Keeping just your
Fragrance with me
You’re the light
Of mine
Not the stars
Or the moon
Come, the rainbow
Is awaiting us
Let us go
And pray for
Our...Read More
Categories: aloysius, love,
Form: I do not know?
Though we’ve got
To say 'Good bye'
in a second of time
I want to say
How much 
I love you

Emptiness won't
Rule you at all
As long as
My love' 
With you

Till my arrival
You’ve my
Warmth and

We depart 
Not for ever
But for a moment
True you miss
Me a...Read More
Categories: aloysius, beauty, blessing,
Form: I do not know?
You recognized
Amongst the thousands
My aspirations went
Mine fell
In love
With yours
In a flash
You vanished
Breaking the
Blissfulness of mine
Keeping just
The fragrance
I keep singing
For you

Saumya Aloysius...Read More
Categories: aloysius, angel, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
I've forgotten you
Even if
The memories
Keep haunting
I’ve forgotten
You at all

You’re no more the 
Dream of mine

You’re no more 
The light of mine

You’re no more the
The strength of mine

We’ve cheated
One another 
In lieu of 
loving and caring
Each other

Thence in our day
We’re two unknowns 
Even...Read More
Categories: aloysius, boyfriend, break up,
Form: I do not know?
August Wind
You blow
Sweeping away
The dead leaves
Sweet and bitter,
Making both
Nature and I
The Sunlight
To soak up
The wet
The land
A wasteland
Beasts running
Behind mirage
In quest of
Water until
No more
Rainy clouds, buds
And bees
No happiness
The barrenness

Saumya Aloysius
...Read More
Categories: aloysius, anxiety, art, august, break up,
Form: I do not know?
Cartoon Network

These dudes funny like "Nickelodeon"
I see how these "Cartoons Network"
Come in "Dexters Laboratory " I'm Writing "Explosives" 
Blues Clues "Cues" in my "Excerpts"
Mandark hating thinking "Quotients"
 Mad cuz I'm Hot like "Petroleum"
 Writing Science like I'm follower of "Newtonian" 
Dexter...Read More
Categories: aloysius, humorous, imagery, nursery rhyme, poems, science, truth,
Form: Free verse
Aloysius Vicious
Sister Aloysius rings the bell
iron-railing straight she stands 
habit flapping blackly
her triple-bolted thin-lipped smile
pursed against assault, or love,
while children shuffle past
their tulip heads averted
from her scything gaze

Jimmy from the Chinese 
chip shop, smiling, filing past
What is so amusing? 
children freeze,...Read More
Categories: aloysius, childhood, education, nostalgia,
Form: Free verse