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Star Alliteration Poems

These Star Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Star. These are the best examples of Alliteration Star poems written by international poets.

For A Deep Down Debted Chat
Out there alone in the deep wide sea,
Catching some fish I sat,
Came around me this busy bee,
For a deep down debted chat.

Among ~dasvidanyas~ and ~privets~...

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Categories: anxiety, best friend, depression,

Never let me go
As I wait woefully for my love to come,
The shimmering sun sinks sullenly
and a wild wind washes the weary shore,
The knights of the night descended...

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Categories: lonely, longing, lost,

By the water edge
By the water‘s edge 
I sit
Amongst the little white waves
And the whispering winds
Waiting wishing 
You would be back 

We parted ways 
The greener grass doesn’t...

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Categories: beach,

Premium Member By The Water's Edge

As a sanguine sun slowly starts to sink
rubicund ribbons render ripples pink.
And where a Midas moon mirrors its face 
bobbing bronze beams begin to take...

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Categories: 10th grade, beach, beautiful,

Color Green
Green crystalline neon green that glitters glistens gleems glams and glims in the dark like glow in the dark stars....

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Categories: assonance, color, green, stars,

Premium Member Cherub's Jubilee

When the ninth hour of night is cloaked in velvet
And small star kisses sprinkle the Junie-moon sky
The ambling amber moon glides with Glen Miller...

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Categories: celebration, dream, love, romantic

Premium Member Star Lace
Scintillating seeds interweave with silk of saturating sky.
Stars quiver as climatic clouds of every evening.
Each as singing fairies as the frost of dusk rises.
As mother...

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Categories: appreciation, fairy, moon, poetry,

Premium Member Ethereal Mermaid Goddess
Glimmering in glittering gemstone swirling seas,
shadows of shimmering shades of emerald and azure are
highlighted by setting coral and amber sunset while
singing seagulls sway through settling...

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Categories: adventure, color, moon, muse,

Premium Member Curtain Call

		Maple trees on both sides of Nineteenth Street
		closed down the evening sky.
		In a slight uncovered slice a single star
		was made to burn the brighter
		by this...

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Categories: assonance, metaphor, star, symbolism,

Premium Member Midnight Valentine
In mortibus corde
Latin In Death’s Heart

You breathe in the blood of the reaper
The seeker of all our sullen souls 
My diamond tears frost my ruby...

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Categories: death, feelings, heartbroken, perspective,

A Frayed Soul Tie
Synchronized spirits sewn together by silver star strings
Like tethered twin flame torches touching, tinting
Beautifully braided bands of boundless bliss
Sensually seducing sacred sunlight, shining
Delicately dancing around...

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Categories: betrayal, confusion, longing, love,

Graceful Galaxy
Graceful Galaxy

Like strobing specters she shimmied
Gracefully gliding, sharing her shine
Heavens light lingering, laughing
Star light, star bright

Like peaceful poetry she perched
Luminescently looming, manifesting mystery
Soulful glow...

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Categories: beauty, moon, planet, spiritual,

In my night journey

 I travel in my imagination to talk to the sky about the sound from crying 
 Mum, the coastal area erosion my interest to...

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Categories: blessing, loneliness, love, ,

Platinum dawn
The ambiance I feel
You coming on
There you are.

I'm never wrong
Fingernails scratching me
Awake from a daydream
As platinum dawn slyly slides

Across the rosy sky
I'm lost by...

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Categories: dark, night, sky,

My Head Full of Stars
Lost in a dream I was 
The only way you want me too 
By far the best thing ever is 
Me waking up to a...

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Categories: addiction, age, analogy, anxiety,

Premium Member Loves The Only

She, Siren, Sent
Feelings, Felt, Found
Head, Heart, Hitting

Which, Way, We 
Star, Souls, Seed
Uniting, Universal, Umbrella

Foes, Friends, Family
Everyone, Eternally, Each
Anima, Add, Animus

Omni, Omnipotent, Omni-verse
Sent, Space, Signal
Luxuriously, Lavish,...

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Categories: appreciation, destiny, devotion, inspiration,

Premium Member Fallen Flower Flame
I painted the pests of parasites onto my own petals, blossoms and buds.
Wilted and weak, I remained bleak from all the blackouts.
Nauseous from ignoring mother...

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Categories: addiction, birth, books, metaphor,

Sun soaks  us all in first fresh fun.
It keeps us all ALIVE WE THRIVE.
Making MERCURY more mistifying.
Meanwhile,  victorious VENUS  vears very 

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Categories: cool, earth, july, planet,

five senses
From him has put the game of switch
I get wet in the water of the lake 
included in the mouth tablets of headache stop

Take rinse...

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Categories: bird,

United and Free
Past the earth, past the sun
Past the Milky Way and mars
In the galaxy of Rhun
Are the people of the stars

Little do these people care
Of us...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy,