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Senses Alliteration Poems

These Senses Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Senses. These are the best examples of Alliteration Senses poems written by international poets.

So intriguing
You're  appealing
To much beauty  in 
One so seductive  aah yes
A loveliness tie me
With lovely laces like you do.
I am over flowing...

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Categories: beauty, love,

Premium Member Never Let Me Go
Saturate me sweetheart, sweet smiles shall be seen-
Skin to skin sated in slow songs sung with safety. Show shores of sand sparing storms from smoke,...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: love,

between new nightmares
and day dreams
of a better life
lay reality resurfaced
tight with taut brutality
unspeakable thoughts drift
down through time's flash
triggered not there
not then
but now and here
her mind...

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Categories: conflict, courage, dark, hope,

an atomical labour
tight thoughts toil,
as threads in head uncoil
ideas plaited, intent's tug
escort through dilate pupils.
umbrella lashes shady look
was all it took-
inception outspooked
at artful spirit's raid, 
inkling's snapline...

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Categories: introspection, life, work,

72 Realms of Dopple Gangers
Then again, was a realm in tandem with another realm. There's no way to judge the distance as each one has a value of its...

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Categories: art, poetry,

Premium Member Whereas
Savvy scientists scoff at the soul:
Can't poke it, prod it, pinch it, probe it
  ~ and clearly can't claim to contemplate...

an empirical, egg-headed, experimental

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Categories: emotions, self, senses, sensual,

Premium Member WEARY SENSES

Weary works wade
Touch trickles trade

Mind message moots
Raw rapture roots

Sleepy sense stalks
Tease tricks taut talk

Clumsy comes clear
Face feeble fear

Spread senseless spoils
Taste troubling toil

Worn weary words
Hurry hounds...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member Sacred Sensing
I open my eyes to colour and light:
blooms, feathers, leaves and patterns in trees 
gossamer webs and intricate insects
on the move, ants scurry as people...

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Categories: beauty, environment, jesus, senses,

Premium Member THE LAST WORD

Mellow moments move
Gather gracious grooves

Wordy winding way
Profound puzzle play

Lavish laughter leaps
Succinct senses slip

Dazzle dreamy day
Sensuous setting say

Nothing naughty now
Hurling happy how

Seeing something sweet
Fortune flavours feat


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Categories: allusion,

Soft Silk Skin
soft silk skin… smoothness

stimulating... serious...

sexual senses

Haiku format...

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Categories: sensual,

Sixth Sense
Progressive penetrative phenomenon 
Pertaining to particular peculiar powers of perception 
Psychological prosaic persuasive predictions
Probing probable peripheral presentiment

- - - - - - - - -...

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Categories: psychological, senses,

Premium Member Singing in Solitude
Sensual sounds of a Seraphim swaying soft sentiments of stars swinging,
she still senses and sees the stardust from the sorrowful songs she was singing-
in solitude,...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: angel, sad,

Flatulent Franco from France frequently farts
Fetid foul fetor fumes fill French foyers
Francophile females feign fainting
Fanning flatus from frowning faces!

Alliteration Contest
Sponsored by Barry Stebbings 


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Categories: body, humorous, senses, wind,

Premium Member AMBIENCE

Airy ambience aptly
Moody moments misty

Laughing lovers leaping
Swirling story slipping

Dancing drowsy dreaming
Streaming senses surging

Moments mellow misty
Gushing glamour glitzy

Dazzling distance dizzy 
Curling chances crazy

Courting clueless crafting
Weeping willow...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member HAPPY JOY

Quiz query queer
Craft charming cheer

Niche nature near
Hurl happy here

Juice jumpy joy
Prize poignant ploy

Love lingers long
Sense sanguine strong

Faith filters fear
Dazzle dream dear

Wise wealth works wit
Feel funny...

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Categories: allusion,

Premium Member FEELINGS

Seed sunny style
See sensuous smiles

Feed funny face
Glimpse gifted grace

Niche nice nature
Reap real rapture

Sweet senses sight
Love lively light

Ripe rich realms risk
Bright blessings brisk

Leon Enriquez
16 August 2017

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Categories: beauty,

A Mountain Breeze was Flowing
A mountain breeze was flowing,
as I sat by a stream along a road,
feeling the gentle coolness
against my sun-kissed face,
getting relief from my resting spot. 


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Categories: mountains,


O saffron sun of summer, come melt my anxiety,
sneak the sparkle back into my hazel eyes.

Slowly, sans sandals, I breathe essential lavender.

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Categories: anxiety, peace, senses,

Fallacy of Personal Space
Personal Space Cannot Exist
There are chances or collisions
One never plans, never truly possesses
Alone, but with quarks and protons …
What matters then our private spaces?

Private alone...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: emotions, independence day, jealousy,

Premium Member FANCY

Feel fickle fancy
Set senses sticky

Wear winsome wonder
Prize precious plunder

Treat troubles tricky
Dazzle dance dreary

Boost big bright blooms
Rest retires rude room

Set simple swift sounds
Ply piquant pitch...

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Categories: change,