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Missing Alliteration Poems

These Missing Alliteration poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Missing. These are the best examples of Alliteration Missing poems written by international poets.

watch my eyes

unknown missing here
hearts got used to absence
loneliness provision takes in souls

listen my heart

desolation dominant here
roads returned to the desert
mirages seen far away

notice my...

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Categories: allegory,

I watched one-man shows
it was telling us all
I heard secrets hidden in the desolate
with the screaming ones came out
I met waves that beat the shore

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Categories: allegory,

Premium Member AMBIENCE

Airy ambience aptly
Moody moments misty

Laughing lovers leaping
Swirling story slipping

Dancing drowsy dreaming
Streaming senses surging

Moments mellow misty
Gushing glamour glitzy

Dazzling distance dizzy 
Curling chances crazy

Courting clueless crafting
Weeping willow...

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Categories: allusion,

Fate of a Berk
Once in a time a story begins
So many believe and some repent
People do live in a kind of teases
But a few of them do live...

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Categories: addiction, africa, analogy, art,

Bluebird's Gone
 Springtime put a spring in my step
Bluebird brought bright bars of music next
I saw her sip at the faithful fountain; sing soulfully
As I prayed:...

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Categories: absence, best friend, bible,

Civil Lies in Civil Eyes
We have murdered morality and raped reality.
Every chicken wants to crow before they grow.
Our boys are hunters and our girls flaunters. 
The future is forgotten...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal,

She's exceptional
You seem smart, you look special,
You are unique, you are beautiful!
For the first time I am impressed,
For the first time I got influenced.

I could conceal...

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Categories: confusion, cute love, lost

Premium Member Grace of the Glove
The masked palms pondered and perceived
many moments marked by life's ladders.
Yesterday, lilac extensions flourished 
around the charm of a child's careful
contemplation by the cardinal's song.

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Categories: death, dedication, grief, missing

Premium Member Spirit of the Storm
I mournfully mark time during the steamy storm,
among the towering torrents of rash ripping rain.
I witness the wanton ways of latching lighting.
Broken branches sway and...

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Categories: death, grief, heartbroken, missing


Set sure sightings sensing stray say,
Mind moans missing mad mulling may.

Late laughter lulls sleep sad sounds,
Moody moves mull greasing gripe grounds.

Be beyond blame when worry...

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Categories: allusion,

Time Passing Burning Daylight
Scattering time that does not get used
Clicking clicking away sounds of shoes
Ticking ticking with the rhythm 
Pencil tapping tapping while thinking
Warm feeling of relief time...

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Categories: conflict, crazy, emotions, history,

The Watcher
Here comes the Watcher heading toward the hemlock
 Watching the world, becomes his wealth,
toward which he tails around you, to every place, today and tomorrow.

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Categories: confusion, dark, inspiration, metaphor,

Premium Member CRAZY PROFOUND 6
Slant squanders seer
Quaint quarrels queer
Needs nimble near

Nice names need norms
Feed flowing form
Pitch proper prompt

Sensuous storms sow
Grow gracious glow
Blooming buzz blows

Release rich roar
Surging storms soar
Bear bounty's...

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Categories: conflict,

The Icy Remembrance Of The Northern Hills
I’m still in the memories of the frost of twelve
I always think how amazing your ideas are
With your wonderful smile 
you can heal all my...

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Categories: baby, cute love, first

the man within me  makes me who i am

he is the source of my being

And he controls my life and feelings

Spirit mixed with emotions...

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Categories: missing, nature,

Nigeria At 53
There came a time in the history of Nigeria when she dreamed for independence,
There came a moment in the history of Nigeria when she groaned...

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Categories: freedom,

Pains Of Love
It hurts to love and not 
be loved in return.
lt hurts more to love and 
never find the courage to 
express your feelings.
Love hurts when...

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Categories: betrayal, pain,

Treasure Of Love
Nothing is found, except 
it is hidden,
Nothing is hidden, except 
it is a secret;
Nothing is a secret except 
it is a treasure.
you are a secret...

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Categories: desire, love,

Salvation for a Stranger
The streets are busy with silence,
And Sammy is in his own little world,
Focused on his own private route.
His own secret place,
Private, it’s a funny word,

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Categories: people, spiritual, friend, funny,

singular glutton
Save your energy...
I've found my center a place to sit amongst the absent.
My mother-my best thought; says she made this all just for us.
Love your...

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Categories: allegory, confusion, father, hate,