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Afforded Poems

Afforded Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of afforded poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for afforded.

New Poems

What matters
By place and parentage of birth ‘ whether we are denied or afforded privilege,
It matters not .

If station in life is a given or denied to us through class or society’s perception of us ‘This is of no importance or...Read More
Categories: afforded, angel, birth, blessing,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member No Country
tap, tap, tap ...

       fingers rapping on matter, gray

           spun, (like wool to tapestry)

          ...Read More
Categories: afforded, betrayal, conflict, corruption, extended metaphor, judgement, violence,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Until The Sandman Comes
* For my dearest children, who now have children of their own *

                           ...Read More
Categories: afforded, children, father, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A World Without Pity Part II
I will begin my story with this concise summary,
Of the amazing things that have happened to me;

After I had lost a home, where I'd lived my life long,
So they could build a highway, for the busy throng!

The city had emminent...Read More
Categories: afforded, adventure, earth, fantasy, love, nature, peace, science
Form: Couplet
Convenience afforded microwave
Especially one courteously wrapped ably
anonymously gifted to
an aspiring gourmet Chef Boyardee
i.e. not surprisingly... revealing mystery
person none other than...
yepper namely me.

Moost anyone can show
off culinary karate chop
suey, whether schooled among
fishy creatures either
from black lagoon,
or privately tutored,

(this haint no canibal)
courtesy mythological Cyclop,
somewhat...Read More
Categories: afforded, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse

Orange Blonde
Tech references aligned with the toetapping movements
Who is the secret gabber she pines to hear more from
Who crinkles the toes
Pasty white except for the summer's flush of pink and wear
A city oblivious
And she as well
Making this hush cellular moment special...Read More
Categories: afforded, adventure, beauty, fantasy, girl, new york, technology,
Form: Free verse
Twas december twenty second 1996
Twas december twenty second 1996...
(when all thru house in 1148 Penn Valley
thee eldest scheming to sally
forth unlike her papa hood dilly dally
nothing to chauffeur himself 'cept tally
sheet scored with failure.)

Twenty three years ago
most significant event
within mein kampf,
father time thankfully lent
biologically...Read More
Categories: afforded, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Persistence
Written: by Miracle Man

The memory of bad things have been made easier to endure,
When I’ve recognized that due to them some good was often born.
 The character that I’ve demonstrated in coping,
was directly linked to my actions, not idly wishing.
Whatever...Read More
Categories: afforded, confidence, memory, success,
Form: Free verse
Take Me Home 2

After many years, I sat in a church service filled with culture, custom, ritual, and tradition.  The experience took me back and reminded me of the early years of my childhood.  The religious and worship experience of my...Read More
Categories: afforded, america, change, christian,
Form: Narrative
Buzzfeeding sustenance eating drinking beyond point of satiation
Buzzfeeding sustenance (eating/drinking) beyond point of satiation

Bloated swollen cheeks
analogous to first Chinese Brother,
who swallowed the sea,
now non sequitur 
off beaten track i.e.
less apropos re: guarding
par for race course as if

ace driver won Grand Prix
latter referencing international
horse race for three-year-olds,
founded in...Read More
Categories: afforded, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

This For That
If you don’t speak pig Latin,
that’s all muddy okay
Ignorant bliss slop chatting,
this be the swine way

Quid pro quo
is a pig tell only 
when you Latin show 
need to know  know

This Seller conversation bee busy e-Bay
That Buyer rhetoric reply is...Read More
Categories: afforded, fun, humorous, political, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Doctors particularly biomedical engineers
Doctors (particularly biomedical engineers)...
really trolley train hard to keep track of patients

Eye tell ya we (spuds)
pulled up stakes after four yar
and zero scores ago living in Bryn Mawr
salutary heart and lungs figurative
storied Main Line Health medical network
latter part of June...Read More
Categories: afforded, 11th grade, 12th grade, appreciation, drug, leadership,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Tale Of Death's Challenge

So when the webbed-tide snares the lunars nether recesses in its glow casting shadows that arise among the craggs wedged beside some cliffs of common confirmed debris of the unnamed fallen heaps of mucked mired forgottned decay of worthless grime...Read More
Categories: afforded, dark, death,
Form: Metrical Tale
River Washing
River Washing

Dancing by the river
River song
River dance 
Flowing by the river 
Hula song 
Hula dance 

Washing by the river
Clothes of second hand
Cleaning by the river 
What’s afforded of my hands 

Soapy water and bleach  -washing solution 
Bucket full of...Read More
Categories: afforded, blessing, christian, creation, faith, imagery, nature, river,
Form: Free verse
Momma was a rollin stone
Chapter 1;

They say that demons can be generational, that they can attach themselves to a family for decades with such a stronghold, that the individuals are blissfully ignorant to the forces that are working...Read More
Categories: afforded, family,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member First Man In Space

As much fame for Yuri Gagarin was never afforded
First man in space in 1961, was Yuri who completed one orbit
A Soviet Air Forces pilot
The acclaim was more quiet
A gigantic achievement but the acclaim was more biased

...Read More
Categories: afforded, space,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member To the Heavens For Hope

Back again ...

Her daily hour of hope ...
She came every evening to The Hem ...
Just a big hole in the earth, really, a barren canyon of dust,
Perched on the south edge of the Congo, near the Zambezi River source.

About seven...Read More
Categories: afforded, absence, adventure, africa, animal, longing, science, science
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Hunger Pangs
The sign actually said ‘Universal Disposal’ but the haggard squalid creature 

Had no time for such ephemeral discourse he could just about spell his name

Kanja meaning water born and his parents had hoped he would reach the Source

They had died...Read More
Categories: afforded, poverty,
Form: Free verse

A man of much age sits on a tattered recliner in a halcyon
room that bears the wealth of well earned years, reminiscing
when there was never ample opportunity to having his daily
task done. Caught in traffic, continuously late to work,
consecutively late...Read More
Categories: afforded, character, dedication, i am, inspiration, meaningful, memory,
Form: Prose

Owner of a fig

tree, tells the carer to cut

it down for been a fruitless

failure for three years,

carer says it will be cared

and yield or it will be cut.

As scripted.
All is given ample time to grow and bare fruit, if they...Read More
Categories: afforded, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Sedoka
Daily Bread Community Food Pantry
No more bare cupboards,
fridge, and deep freezer
since returning with more than
our share of daily bread
referring to this mister, who

frightfully squawks like an old geezer,
plus the missus
also ain't no spring chicken,
being locked within crosshairs
elderly stage, she doth dread

ample carload for us,
alleviating...Read More
Categories: afforded, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, appreciation,
Form: Free verse
Of course I was scarred
by the sickly events
           I was young.
          ...Read More
Categories: afforded, abuse, betrayal, giving, trust,
Form: Free verse
Highland Manor Coveted Hideaway
Temporary salient sunny solitary sight
does dole divine delight,
asper this dada to imbibe
delicious draught when uptight
fraught, viz sunkist radiant photons

packets of energy with
life giving hefty might
to warm formerly frost bitten cockles,
which secluded niche bracketed by slight
recess, where perpendicular brick walls

converge, forming...Read More
Categories: afforded, april, beautiful, body, husband, kiss, paradise, sunshine,
Form: Free verse
As If By Resurrection
And…. Here they come.

No matter how hard I try to get rid of these… 

past memories. Winkles in the fabric of…

Silky time and space

Earth and a place of…

You know what I mean?

My mother told me I got to choose.

My arrival?

Who...Read More
Categories: afforded, psychological,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Of Captains and Cradles

Oh, My Dear Walter, how your words have slayed
          Humbled me, broken me, molded, remade

To taste of your world, see above or below it
       ...Read More
Categories: afforded, appreciation, history, poetry, poets, tribute,
Form: Couplet